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09 August 2014



Well now.. My Grand kids should get protected minority status, and all the goods that go with it.


Bonnie McGuire

Hope so Walt, but have you noticed the double standard wherever you look? Say one thing...then do the opposite?


All the time Bonnie,,, all the time..

Account Deleted

IBM has a new chip that challenges human intelligence. Wouldn't this be a swell time for the humans to evolve a better brain to stay ahead of the robots. What say you, Darwinists? It's worked perfectly up till now.
Uh Oh. Looks like it doesn't really work that way. Oh well.

Bill Tozer

Well Dr. Rebane, Common Core is not the only jumbo sized Community Kool Aid being served up to us Kaliforneeians:

Michael F. Haverluck (OneNewsNow.com) Saturday, August 09, 2014 - See more at: http://www.onenewsnow.com/politics-govt/2014/08/09/conservatives-pinching-their-nose-over-calif-diaper-bill#.U-biVGK9KK0

Mr. Walt and Miss Bonnie; Did you hear about the high school that had a grand time promoting self esteem in the Northern Midwest? The public high school encouraged America's future (aka, the pupils) to celebrate their heritage, color, ethnicity, and sexual bents. Students wore Brown Pride tee shirts and buttons as well as Black Pride and Gay Pride attire and stickers. When a white student (now a conservative) asked if he could wear a White Pride tee shirt to join in the celebration, he was told if he did he would be suspended if not expelled. No double standard here, no sireee.

Didn't know that public schools teach that some people are not allowed to join in the fun or should be excluded or perhaps even be ashamed of the way they were born or color of their white skin and race. Most perplexing what they teach by encouragement on one hand with the hammer in the other hand.

George Rebane

BillT 831pm - Mr Tozer, if true then the Great Divide is not all that far off. The new underclass has been already been defined in our schools, colleges, media, literature, and the arts.

Account Deleted

Human and proud - is that still allowed? Will robots be the next protected minority?


By the time 'data science' can be taught, the value of a data scientist will have fallen back to Earth. Companies with big data to be mined are in a gold rush and their panic will be short lived, but for now, they are scrambling for people who have done the job or something just like it because growing the expertise takes time and that time means loss of market share. So the value of the labor soars ...for a time.


Mitt Romney.....no thanks...... he's Obama Lite with more business acumen! This is why the Republican Party is going the way of the Whigs.

I'd rather vote for Hillary.....for the entertainment value if nothing else!

Russ Steele

I would prefer someone other than Romney. Before running for President he was a global warmer and then while running for president he professed to follow the science accepting the proposition it may be a natural cycle. After he lost, he went back to being an anthropogenic global warmer. We have a president now who thinks that humans can change the global temperature by modifying our US lifestyle. One science light president in the WH is enough we do not need another one.

George Rebane

As an alternative view to Gregory's 748am, I believe that the ability to deal with 'big data' is here to stay and will remain valuable as more and more of the world's measurables get stored and wait to be mined or lay fallow. Most know that there are countless valuable information sets that can be generated from any given dataset, and that becomes even more so as datasets grow in size and new interrelationships are discovered between man's activities as impacted by the natural world.

The current data mining 'gold rush' is anything but short-lived - in my experience it started almost 20 years ago when we already had a hard time finding qualified people and paid dearly for them. It has been growing ever since, and will continue to do so at least until the Singularity, as intelligent machines (e.g. IBM's new chip) are taught to learn from ever more massive and cleverly structured (and algorized) datasets. The recent report of the $300K dataminers indicates that this phenomenon is just coming to the attention of people not in the field (e.g. media).


"As an alternative view to Gregory's 748am, I believe that the ability to deal with 'big data' is here to stay and will remain valuable as more and more of the world's measurables get stored and wait to be mined or lay fallow."

Of course big data will remain valuable, but the value of individual practitioners will decrease as their numbers increase and business plans settle down. George, this has happened with every technology wave, from the beginning of time.

Russ Steele

New York Common Core Test Quizzes Kids On Global Warming

From the Daily Caller:

Following repeated requests from parents, the state of New York released the text of half the questions used in its new Common Core-aligned standardized tests. The test questions, used in tests for grades 3 through 8, include one question that encouraged students to cite evidence in favor of global warming.

The eighth grade English test included several short written pieces that students had to read and respond to in order to demonstrate English mastery. One such piece was an article originally published on NASA’s website, “The Summer of 2012 –Too Hot To Handle?” The article discusses the high temperatures and drought during the summer of 2012 and looks at whether ordinary weather fluctuations or CO2-driven global warming are to blame.

After reading the article, students were asked to cite the article to describe the overall effect of increased CO2 emissions on the planet’s atmosphere. While the article included input from climate scientists John Christy, a climate change skeptic, the students’ answers were directed to focus exclusively on claims in favor of CO2-driven climate change.

“A response receiving full credit will describe the effect of increased CO2 emissions by explaining the relationship between higher temperatures and increased CO2 in the atmosphere,” says an annotation provided for teachers afterwards. Several sample answers were included, with top-scoring answers describing CO2′s effects as including rising sea levels and higher surface temperatures. [My Emphasis Added.]

“The effect of increased CO2 emissions is that the atmosphere becomes a heat source itself… Also the average surface temperature of the entire Earth increases,” reads one answer that was awarded a perfect score.

Common Core standards cover only math and English, and do not concern science standards. Nevertheless, critics of the standards have frequently asserted that the standards will be used to push liberal political causes, and questions like that on the New York exam are unlikely to appease them.

This is how Greg's idiomatic stupidity happens, by design the progressives are promoting bad science. It was not an accident this was on the test, it was by design!! Temperatures are not rising, sea level rises are not accelerating. Common Core is teaching the liberal's religion of anthropogenic global warming.


Where are the "separation of church and state" fanatics on that Russ?
AGW is just that.. A religion. Yet the good book known as The Holy Bible has been proven to be more correct, historically than what the unholy church of East Anglia U
has been spewing.
But the ECO worshipers continue to fatten the pockets of ECOvangilist Rev. Gore.


A Great day for geocaching, and getting the Shepard pup some truck time.
Let the hunt begin..

Russ Steele

Quote of the Day:

Thanks to their religion of global warming, Democrat politicians will cause gas prices in California to rise as much as $0.70 a gallon next year.

Account Deleted

There are a lot of California Dem Pols that thought AB32 was such a good idea as long as it never really kicked in. Now they're getting very nervous. Once the proles start paying a big tax directly at the pump and there aren't the big flood of promised jobs, it's going to be harder to explain.

George Rebane

ScottO 311pm - Not a problem Scott, the 'proles' don't do well in identifying the dots, let alone connecting the right ones. Look at the bullshit they happily swallow before entering the voting booths to give us the glory of California's state government.

Bill Tozer

Well, the best we can hope for is the pain will be shared equally. Opps, strike that. I still have the company gas card. Sucks to be you. Opps, strike that also. It is not wise to say "nananananananah".
Sucks to be a young working family and get hit with this, welfare or no welfare, food stamps or no food stamps. Now, because of the direct result of the shit for brains theorists in Sad Sac Sacramento, people will have to work 3 jobs. One job is the day job, the second job is scrounging/ hunting for food, and the third job is to figure out how to get to the first 2 jobs.


Well Bill,, someone in NSJ solved their water problem. They stole it from the fire dept. Gas theft from cars parked in their own driveways is a daily (or nightly) issue too.

Don Bessee

HI Walt, We all know full well the water from the Schools thefts and the Fire Dept. Emergency reserve theft went to the cultivation of medicine. It was so obvious that the propaganda ministry for the growers ( aka the ASA ) recognized the threat to Measure S and offered a reward for the conviction of the perp. How can we possibly bring back unrestricted commercial pot grows when the State just told NID that we do not get to keep any El Nino bounty and have to let the water pass on to Sac. I have no problem with personal grows or therapeutic use. My problem is that as was testified to in the Board of Supervisors Oaksderdam University (massive Costco of pot) is saying they need our medicine at the same time having other testimony that our poor patients cant get enough of the medicine strains for their need. If that's actually the case, a big if then I say its our water and we should keep our medicine here to meet the needs of our patients. That is, if it is in fact about the patients and the not profits.


Right now the jury is still out (in my opinion)of who pilfered the water, and for what use. Going and blaming a convenient target without a shred of real evidence. At least none that I have heard of. Some of those "organic" farmers may be just as unscrupulous, and just as out of water.
I have no issue with MMJ what so ever.

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