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01 August 2014


George Rebane

I have long rued the way of liberal logic and the way most of them debate. Last night at my Rotary club's pre-fair dinner - we sell pulled pork sandwiches on Treat Street, y'all come next week - I had an encounter with a fellow Rotarian who is long on his Left, and he, of course, knew where my biases lay. Someone had put a burr under his blanket about the transgressions of our Chief Liar, and he was looking for retribution and redress, ..., and I was it. So he opens with the well known charge that VP Cheney was single handedly responsible for the Iraq war by bamboozling the whole world with all kinds of lies. Weren't for ol' Dick, Saddam would still be happily slaughtering his people instead of moldering in his grave while Iraqis slaughter each other. OK, so I gave a couple of counters that spread the blame way beyond Cheney. No matter, he immediately countered with challenging my endorsement of the Iraq war which endorsement in no way had escaped my lips ('we know what they really mean'). So I asked whether the topic had changed. Indeed it had, for now the man was asking how I would like it if any of my kids had been killed in that futile war. Attempting to follow this Cheshire cat debating style popping up hither and yon, for there were several more leaps of some magnitude, I finally had to retreat with the admission that as a debater I was not anywhere close to his league. We left it at that.

But this experience is such a common one with the Left. Attempting to discuss something with one of them is kind of like trying to juggle a bowl of jello, without the benefit of a bowl. It may explain away the ways of Congress and similar august bodies across our land.


Hey I thought all the demagogues hung out on the "right" side of town......I mean that's what we're constantly told! Constantly whipping up the slow witted dullards who vote republican.


Hey jeffy...Gutierrez stole your trademarked catch phrase...."our community"™!

You should sue!


jeffpelline says:

August 2, 2014 at 9:42 pm

It’s hard to imagine Todd Juvinall was an elected county supervisor when you read the comments that appear unmoderated on his blog.


It's hard to imagine that Herb Cain let a dunderhead like you fetch his coffee and Danish for him out of fear that your stupid is catching.

You do realize that you've made 2nd order satire directed at you over at Todds the centerpiece of what you had hoped to be a serious post.

Hey Cletus....are you sure that you weren't let go from the Union because you were/are stupid and not a jerk as commonly thought?


Wow... allowing the uncensored thoughts to be posted for all to see... What a concept.
Maybe that's why Todd's page get WAY more activity that Jeffy's tomb.

Todd Juvinall

I think the bigboy is just jealous. I guess when the revered local paper has no use for you and sends yu packing you end up bitter and mad like he is. LOL!

At least the voters proved the bigboy wrong in regards to me. And I thank them. Too funny!

George Rebane

Has anyone kept track of the brouhaha that followed Newsweek columnist Matt Patterson's article that exposes Obama as our Section 8 president? People from both sides have leaped into the breech to congratulate or condemn the historically liberal publication for finally laying it all out. Here's Patterson's piece -


Haven't heard anything about it. Another brouhaha surrounding President Empty Suit.....well....who could conceive of such a thing.

Todd Juvinall

I watched a panel on CSPAN yesterday at the ASPEN Institute. A CNN guy and Charles (I kiss Obama's Ass daily, Ogeltree, and Miguel Estrada were the panel. All should watch this and you will see the brilliance of Estrada and the idiocy of Ogeltree.


Estrada was filibustered seven times by the democrats when Bush nominated him for the bench. Ogeltree is unfortunately teaching our youth (brainwashing lefty crap) at Harvard. Watch it and you will see the stark difference of the left and right in America


And to think that article is three years old. Yet still right on the mark today.

We would all be goose stepping today if Patton had "led from behind".
"O" has handled world issues like a Chicago gangland street thug, doing "drive bys".
Starts some crap, the runs, yet never sticks around to finish the job, yet leaves the mess for others to clean up. ( or a rival gang to take over...ISIS)

Even Israel wants "O" and Co. to keep their nose out of things. Ol' horse face Kerry loused things up, and took Hamas's side... BAD move... The bigger the body count, the better Hamas likes it.
Even most (but not all) LIBS are in the Hamas corner. Just what BS are the swallowing?
Ero news is a little peeved that their reporting of a fact ( rockets fired from the hospital)are being publically shared!

George Rebane

Walt 952am - It would be most interesting to see updates to that assessment now that three more years of corroborative data are part of the man's record (and, unfortunately, part of our country's history).

Michael R. Kesti

*** 03Aug14 comment moderated on Jeff Pelline's Sierra Foothills Report ***

"Tod Juvenall did originally misspell the title of his blog but it has been months, perhaps years, since he corrected it. Your use of this inconsequential error in an attempt to insult demonstrates just how childish and petty you are, Jeff."

Full disclosure: My comment was not actually moderated as I have long been banned from Jeff Pelline's blog comments. I was never profane, did not engaged in name calling, and I certainly never referenced anybody's physique. Instead, my transgressions included pointing out Jeff Pelline's hypocrisies, vendetta, and petty childishness.

He dishes it out well enough that you might think he could take it just a bit better.

George Rebane

SoJ townhall update. After attending yesterday's event I have updated my recent SoJ post. Russ Steele gives a complete report on the affair here.


Doc. As far as LIB news goes,, they are starting to see their "superman" sucks.
"They" are even questioning the "impeachment" rhetoric from "O" and Co.,, with statements
like " The only ones talking about impeachment, are LIBS.. What gives?"

Damning facts sure got under Nancy P.'s Botox job, and got her scurrying across the House floor waggling her boney finger.. Yup,, truth hurts.
That Crone has no clue how the flood of illegals is their own handiwork and a danger to the U.S. of A.
Funny how we haven't heard a peep out of our "open boarder" crew since the "Brown tide" has hit the Southern beach.


Posted by: Michael R. Kesti | 03 August 2014 at 10:31 AM

Isn't it a requirement, in order to not look like a complete idiot, to be able to "take it", if you want to engage in hypocrisy, vendetta, and childishness?

Todd Juvinall

I get a kick out of the bigboy's use of the domain name for my blog which ends in an "e:. The blog's title doesn't have the "e" and it is the official name of my blog. Kesti is correct that the bigboy and also Frisch use the address bar name to make some kind of dig. But it doesn't bother me. I want to apologize to Mr. Kesti for offending him a few years ago. I am sorry.

Anyway, we are all moderated off bigboy's blog and we all accept that as his intolerance to dissent. A trait fascist's use.


"I was never profane, did not engaged in name calling, and I certainly never referenced anybody's physique. Instead, my transgressions included pointing out Jeff Pelline's hypocrisies, vendetta, and petty childishness."

Kesti, that was my case also; I didn't start pointing out El Jefe's heftiness until he decided lying about me was OK (long after I was banished from his sandbox for winning arguments, that supposed "temper tantrum" at a parade that no one saw because it never happened). Hearing that he was pissed at the Crabman for using a fat character, Cartman, to portray him sealed that deal.

Jeff, this is for you:

Barry Pruett

Todd: Kim and I watched Toobin and Estrada discuss the Constitution and Ogletree was there for an Obama pep rally. We were astonished that he could be a professor at Harvard. He truly had no idea about the Constitution. He was just cheerleader. It was disappointing, as Estrada proved that he should be on the Supreme Court. Except the Dems filibustered him 7 times because he represented Bush in Bush v. Gore. Not policy reasons...purely political.

Barry Pruett

And yes. Kim and I are nerds and watched CSPAN on Friday night...


BTW, we are returning to the farm-to-table banquet in NC next weekend that Reinette has organized. It is sold out. The dinner table talk is not about politics; we enjoy visiting with our neighbors, who are of all political stripes.

Well of course you are.

I imagine that it would be difficult for even a disingenuous nitwit like yourself to remain pretentious and annoying while jamming your hole full of Kale and Dandelion salad topped with artisanal dressing.


....and fresh from his sick bed, ol soft headed Ben Emery offers a contribution.


Once again Todd and his anonymous crew are showing how limited their ability to see the big picture on such things. He cannot or refuses to see how the old guard stifles innovation and competition, which are both things conservatives like preach about as being their values. It is way to funny how pure partisans tie like Todd themselves into knots with hypocrisy.

What "Big Picture" would that be O se'er of pictures large?

Do elaborate on the stifling of innovation and competition.

....tie like Todd themselves.....???? Epic sentence structure there Ben....I was refraining from giving people crap about typos but that's epic.

What's the matter Ben....no opportunity recently to staple a CORPORATIST/AUTHORITARIAN/FASCIST sign to a broom handle, stake out a spot in front of your bedroom door and picket in your jammies?

Todd Juvinall

Barry, watching CSPAN is a gift but only a few watch it like us on Friday nights. LOL!

Also, yesterday I watched a western Kentucky town's annual whatever and they had Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul and a host of State candidates speak. The broad Grimes, who is running against Mitch is a piece pf work. I listened and cringed as she attacked him in such nasty personal language. She is a disgrace but she does represent the left. Nasty, no manners, and whiners when they get it back. Mitch was kind.


Todd Juvinall

So fish, you say Der Ben Emery is back? I thought he would go away after being defeated so mnay times in debate.


We had established an informal truce of sorts that both sides have honored for the most part.

And then this morning.......more of his usual silliness!.

A truce, like a young woman, lasts while she lasts.


Stop the presses!

"The real problem is people like Pruett, Juvinall and the anonymous commenters on the hard-right blogs, not me. I have voted for Republicans and Democrats over the years. I am middle of the road."- Jeff Pelline

Middle of the road... from the point of view of The Chronicle, perhaps. From the center of Nevada County, Jeff, From punitive gun laws to climate, you're standing firmly on the partisan Democratic Party side, time after time after time.

Not to mention the name calling... you are incapable of writing "right" without a "Hard-" preface, and worse, as far as I am personally concerned, you tar me with your broad "hard-right" brush despite my never being conservative, never being Republican, never being Tea Party, never being... right wing at all, except that I am loudly anti-"Progressive".

Perhaps if you'd share a major office, President, Senator, Representative, Governor, for whom you have publicly supported someone other than a Democrat... how about it, Jeff?


"I am middle of the road."......

and two thirds of both lanes in either direction.......

Bill Tozer

But, Mr. Fish, a fine pair of hand crafted cowboy boots is like a classy lady. You only reveal only a little bit at a time as you slowly lift the Levi boot cut up a few inches and leave the rest for one's imagination.

Don't know why you all get stirred up over a simple disgusting tub of lard. Tubbie the Tuba comes into the playground, kicks up some sand and when the boys come out to play, Tubbie the Tuba runs away. It's the disguising tub of Lardo's MO and we fall for it every time. I used to think Tubbie the Tuba was intellectually lazy and intellectually quite dishonest, but now my belief is the disguising person is just plain stupid as a bag of hammers.

Think I will cut the most disguising grotesque tub of human debris some slack now that it has become clear beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt that the grotesque one is BOTH physically and mentally impaired. I will try to be nicer to the horrid one realizing we should treat the slow, lame, and feeble with some kindness, just as you would treat a senile relative blabbing and drooling all over himself at the Thanksgiving dinner table.


Oh Wiliiam....if jeffy had just stayed out of my local paper he and I wouldn't have been conscious of each others existence. Since this twist of fate did indeed occur I have decided to make him my special project....until he bails or I get bored.


Think I will cut the most disguising grotesque tub of human debris some slack now that it has become clear beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt that the grotesque one is BOTH physically and mentally impaired.

Well you're the better man William!

Every time I have a notion that I've misjudged jeffy he goes and posts something either monumentally stupid or ham-fistedly self serving and the moment....thankfully..... passes!

Michael R. Kesti

fish 0212 - ...I have decided to make him my special project....until he bails or I get bored.

I have all of the respect for that as I have for the special project he has made of The Union.


Posted by: Michael R. Kesti | 03 August 2014 at 02:26 PM

C'mon Michael...everyone needs a hobby.


Jeffy is turning into a real piece of work. He even turns on his own.
Seems he tries to punish anyone who posts off his "plantation".
" What?? a post I don't agree with on George's or Todd's free range?
How DARE you say something on an moderated site without consulting ME first!
I will show YOU... Anything you say HERE, might get posted when I'm damned good and ready, and after I made the necessary changes. I have EDITOR experience!"

Safe yourself some grief people and let Jeffy wallow by himself in his own private little kingdom. Say your piece here and on Todd's pages. Yes, you may catch some ribbing and a little flack, but without any worry if what you say will get through or not.

Jeffy is the poster boy for everything LIBS what to do the everyone. The 1ST. Amendment is their most hated right. ( unless it's message THEY want out.)
Truth is the next enemy on the list.

I remember well when RL penned our version of Cartman. OH what a day that was. Yet as true as the Sun comes up in the East.

" Cartman's" club house seems to be losing "members" day by day.


Who did he decide to make an example of this afternoon Walt?


Now THAT I couldn't tell ya' Mr. Fish.
But look at all the gripes from the last few weeks from those who have got a taste of his wrath.
I gave up a LONG time ago getting anything past "moderation". And I thought The Union was bad when it went Marxist with it's moderating.

Speaking of moderation of comments,, been to The Bee lately? That went "post by invitation only" a long time ago. I have yet to see ANY!

I will admit I got tossed from S.F. Gate... I used the word "Liberal",,,, TOO liberally.
They didn't like it. But at least they still let some Conservative opinions though.

You can still find good ol' " DM " lurking on any given story that uses the" Disqus " post board. There I bag my limit when on a LIB safari. I bury may a troll late at night.


Ah...my mistake....from the tone of your post it sounded like the axe fell on one of his regulars today.


This is NOT good news. Ebola has made it to England.
It is just a plane ride away from showing up on our shores.
Yet the "experts" have been downplaying the virus, and it's spread ability.


Everyone on that plane should have been quarantined. No mention in the story if they did.

Bill Tozer

Holy Todelo drinking water! The US doctor with the elbola is in Atlanta. Hope he is enjoying his private room doing the Bubble Boy thang. Just like a test tube baby that has a womb with a view.

Glad to hear that the one and only DM is alive and kicking and gunning for bear on those late night search and destroy missions. Give 'em their own little taste of shock and awe. Been missing the DM lately, but I will have to settle for DM's kinder gentler version that frequents these pages.

Bill Tozer


Looks like Todd was right. Lib holiest is a mental disease

Bill Tozer

Shucks, meant to post a link about something good coming out of Hollywood.

Actor James Woods: Nancy Pelosi 'may actually be mentally ill'

Oh well, this darn pad gizmo don't show URLs. No more sharing pics either.

Pelosi says that we should treat children like Baby Jesus. Does that mean through the eyes of our elitist progressive/liberal/Marxist/ Save the Whales crowd that Baby Jesus should have been aborted?

Is Hamas truly really really really an humanitarian organization as Nanny Pelosi just stated. Call me a radical, but it's hard to find any other humanitarian group who has in its charter the sole goal of the complete destruction and eradication of a country named Israel. What do they serve for dessert?

I confess I was dumbfounded when Nanny the budget balancer stated with a straight face that her proudest accomplishment of the 43(?) Congress was passing Pay-Go. The first time in America history we have had a female Speaker of the House and she is proudest of Pay-Go. Hmmmm.

When the San Francisco chapter of Code Pink demonstrated outside her gated mansion, Nanny approached them and yelled "You are not my constituents." Now Ms. Nanny calls all the little children of the world "her constituents."

Yep, there is no other explanation other than Ms Pelosi is mentally ill. She has to nuts to actually believe her own bully pucky, not to mention defend it.

Knew a guy once that was locked up in the nut house. He told the other inmates...er......patients that he was not really crazy, it was just a cover cause he is working for the CIA and placed there on a mission, top secret of course. He told me that the inmates were really really crazy nuts cause they actually believed him.

Queen Nancy is suffering from severe mental illness. The evidence is she actually believes what comes out of her Botoxed lips.


Hypoxia in the Emery home.....tragic.

Ben Emery says:

August 4, 2014 at 7:12 am


Good for you, embrace being a progressive because it has been progressives that have created what is great about our nation. In fact those on the right wing blogs still don’t realize that being progressive basically means “reform” to inequality and injustices.....

It's adorable that you believe this.....sad but adorable.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fish: I found Mr. Ben's sentiments rather cute and endearing myself.

Now we have our Justice Department's push to ALL high schools about inadvertent racism going around that must be stopped. Too much inadvertent racism is happening right under our noses!

Not new news, but dovetails nicely with Brother BM's rallying cry of "reform"
to nasty inequality and vulgar injustice.
Seems it is happening in our schools on a daily basis. Take the percentage of bad white students who get discipled, suspended, or expelled from public schools as the norm. The troublemakers if you will.

Asian students here in The Land of the Free are disciplined at a lower percentage rate than white students. Latino students are discipled at at much higher rate than white students. Black students are disciplined at a rate higher than Latino students.
So, what is the solution laid forth by the Justice Department for this shocking injustice and inequality? Why, that is too easy, like shooting fish in a barrel. Simply send all the schools nasty grams telling them their discipline policies are racist and to discipline students of color less, much less. That makes it all fair now, does it not? Just take the troublemakers and wave a wand and turn them into non-troublemakers. Nothing to see here, move on. Don't think this is what the Civil Rights Movement had in mind, but what do I know concerning such matters.


As I recall,, it wasn't the "Progressives" that freed the slaves. But "Progressives" have made plenty of "slaves" beholden to government. " Free enterprise" is now a thing of the past. That must be the "reform" Ben is crowing about.


Yes....I remember an exchange with Ben where his statement regarding "Progressivism" was essentially....."...all progressives want is just compensation for honest labor" (I'm paraphrasing). Then the Hobby Lobby decision came down and it was "bullshit" that the court allowed that position because Hobby Lobby was just trying to screw women out of what they were entitled. And so it became..."...all progressives want is just compensation for honest labor". and ....birth control/abortifacients for women. Tomorrow "all progressives want" will be something else.

It always is.

Bill Tozer

Fish, glad you hit on the progressive/nanny state's insatiable appetite. Big Brother is never satisfied and always in need to consume more. And ironically, them institution worshipers warn us about the slippery slope. Like fire, it can never be satisfied as it consumes more and more in wanton abandon.

A wise Lebanese man once penned "the man who worries about his well running dry draws water than can never quench his thirst."

Oh, the constant turmoil that dwells within the Progressive cranium. Evidence that once again there is no rest for the wicked control freaks.


Interesting topic at Todds.....seems "regular guy" Jim Firth was Leland Yee's Chief of Staff?

You have to be fucking kidding me?!?!

I'm a "regular guy"...perhaps working with gun runners is something I should look into?

Ben is this the progressivism of which you are so proud?

.... In fact those on the right wing blogs still don’t realize that being progressive basically means “reform” to inequality and injustices.....and guns....lots and lots of illegal guns.

Bill Tozer

Oh my o my. The local life long Democrat operative is running for the GV council? No worries as what harm can he do in such a lowly position beneath his qualifications? Besides, being unemployed is no fun and he needs to help the wife out with contributing to the family cookie jar. Nothing wrong with hiring the idle......except he is too extremist (not purple enough) for one of our beloved stalkers out there in cyberspace.

Too hard core for purple Grass Valley I tell ya.


Just got a fresh dose of old school Dem. drug induced logic.
the movie "Hair" got dug up and viewed. How come I get the feeling one or two of the resident LIBS here played parts in the movie?


Man.....I was looking forward to a quiet sick day today!

jeffpelline says:

August 4, 2014 at 12:33 pm

It’s shameful how conservatives have addressed gun-control legislation since this episode. Now we have politicos and activists such as Tim Donnelly, Tom McClintock and Mark Meckler:

LOOK! Something else that scares jeffy!

Run fat boy.....run!


Jeff hasn't figured it out yet. Being anti gun, hasn't worked in LIB'S favor one bit.
But it sure has cost them a few elected seats. LIBS are well known for "do as I say, not as I do." Many an anti gunner packs, or is surrounded by those that do. ( I know,,, that's different) From Nancy the krone, to Nanny Bloomersburg.
I am seriously considering getting that bane to LIBS. The dreaded CWP. ( One more armed "good guy") Since "O" and Co. along with Gov. Moonbeam have given illegals free run, and criminals now fall under the purview of Fish and Game,( catch and release only)
the likelihood of those same people looking to do harm are greater than ever.

Sorry to hear your under the weather Fish, now get well soon. Feeling crappy really sucks.

BTW,, It's scarry when I might be right on some matters. Now N.Y. just might have an Ebola case on their hands. Like I said. Just a plane ride away.


I'm surprised THIS didn't show up in Nevada Co. first. We know how "cutting edge" our ECO clan is.

Just wait till you see the pictures! Sure... Have those containers around on our nice sunny days..


Just wait till you see the pictures! Sure... Have those containers around on our nice sunny days..

Yeah but it makes recycling so much more exciting! All those trucker bombs along the interstate....liquid gold.

Speaking of illness.....how you doin these days?


Much better Fish,, It nice to eat solid chow again. But it takes a while to fully recover from this malady. It's one of those "once you got it, your stuck with it" type things.
And no,, it's not herpes.

See the video of Nancy Pelosi nutting up on the house floor? Someone needs to take her gun away.


See the video of Nancy Pelosi nutting up on the house floor?

Missed it....I'll catch it in October when, The Walking Dead is back on the air.

Bill Tozer

And no,, it's not herpes

Sure, anything you say. It's just a cold sore. BTW, what ever happened to the Herpes Epidemic that sweep our nation? It was on all the news with special reports and gaining momentum. Then AIDS came along and kicked herpes off the evening news and to the back of the line, never again to be in the national spotlight. The only constant in life is change.

Bill Tozer

Now this Eboia flavor of the month has kicked AID's butt off the news and is getting all the national attention and hysterics it deserves. In this snapshot of time, Eboia rules the day. Even beats out ADD and all the disorders including liberalism. Even knocked Queen Nancy's yawner of a meltdown all the way to the dust bin of history.
Gotta go with the flow or be left behind.


Here we go!!, You can bet someone is dreaming up a law to curb our water well pumping.
A new excuse to tax the crap out of anyone with a well.


Let the fear mongering begin!


Walt, Steven Frisch, Nevada County's six figure rent seeking CEO of the wretchedly misnamed Sierra Business Council, refused to answer when asked if he thought all home wells should be metered.

Bill Tozer

I almost told ya they will be coming after well water....way before the drought was on the radar. Convenient to have a drought. Strike while the iron is hot. Almost said I told ya so, but that would soooo obnoxious if ever uttered.


Attention The Pharaoh of the Phoothills has issued a decree……

The Union forced offline due to power outage

Posted on August 5, 2014 by jeffpelline

“1:03 p.m. update:

The Union’s backup generator has a problem, and we have to go offline. It may be a while before we’re able to provide further updates on the power outage.”

In this digital era, not to mention radio, The Union has got to come up with a better plan to deal with power outages. It’s outdated.

So let it be written….so let it be done!


Bill Tozer

Breaking news!

Hamas announced a permanent cease fire after one of the virgins sent a selfy.

George Rebane

I knew it; I just knew it! All we needed was some photographic evidence of what awaits the ragheads and they start working on a Plan B.


Jeffy In DRAG? Now don't get TOO excited Mr. Bill. See? It wasn't me rooting through your secret closet.

Look what Hamas has said!!

“Their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air, said a terrorist,” was the headline in the July 18 edition of the Jewish Telegraph.

It was a partial quote from Barbara Ordman, who lives in Ma’ale Adumim on the West Bank.

Her exact quotation was: “As one of the terrorists from Gaza was reported to say when asked why they couldn’t aim their rockets more effectively: “We do aim them, but their God changes their path in mid-air.”

Bill Tozer

Walt, there was a big stir at the benefits office today. They were scrambling to find an interpreter as someone came walking in speaking English.

Russ Steele


This is currently the most-read story on the Minneapolis Star Tribune’s web site: “Stillwater cafe faces heat for adding ‘minimum wage fee’ to tab.” Minnesota’s Democratic legislature recently voted to raise the state’s minimum wage to $8 an hour, 75 cents more than the federal level. Naturally, that increase is leading to higher prices:

A small cafe in Stillwater has thrown itself into the big battle over Minnesota’s minimum wage increases, inundating the cafe with dozens of phone calls and online comments this week after it tacked on a 35-cent fee to meal tabs.

Oasis Cafe owner Craig Beemer said the fee is needed to offset the 75-cent wage hike that took effect Aug. 1, the first time Minnesota’s minimum wage has increased in a decade. Even with only half a dozen servers, Beemer says it will cost him $10,000 more a year to pay servers $8 an hour instead of the federal rate of $7.25 an hour.

What is unique about the Oasis is that the cafe wants its patrons to know where the higher prices are coming from and put the fee on the bill.

In the Democratic Party, where magical thinking reigns, this is regarded as dirty pool:

“We believe that the industry is overreacting,” Wade Luneburg of the MN State Council of UNITE HERE Unions told the Star Tribune this week. “Putting [minimum wage] fees on tickets and passing the cost on to consumers directly is strange at best, and creates an ‘us against them’ mentality while ordering dinner.”

It is “strange” for businesses to pass costs on to their customers? Who, exactly, does Mr. Luneburg think pays those costs? No doubt he has no clue why low-wage workers are being laid off in Minnesota, either. That’s what happens when costs can’t be passed on. Every now and then, it is good to be reminded how dumb liberalism is.

Should be done here as well.

George Rebane

RussS 954pm - Thanks for this important comment Russ. It is critical that customers are reminded what part of their bill is due to government diktat, especially mandates that go beyond the bounds of employer-employee relationships. And especially important to highlight the butt stupid mentality of liberals that taxes and fees and mandated add-ons should be quietly absorbed by the risk taking business owners.

Russ Steele

Quote of the Day:

“Data from observation says global cooling. The physical model says it has to be warming.”

George Rebane

RussS 345pm - Paraphrasing the immortal Richard Pryor, 'Which are you going to believe, my general circulation model or that lying data?'

Russ Steele

Rep La Malfa Community Meeting, Friday August 15th, 10-11:30 Grass Valley City Hall

Details HERE: http://wp.me/p3RtiD-hP including my list of concerns.

What are your concerns?

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