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29 August 2014



Hey....all you closet Romney fans.....why should I get off my fat ass and vote republican instead of waiting for Hillary and the end?

George Rebane

While the Repubs have trouble bringing up the 'i-word', I am not so encumbered. In an ongoing exchange with correspondents on the unbelievable utterances coming out of the White House, yesterday's hubristic announcement by Obama was brought up (how in hell could you keep it down?). I replied to a question of whether we had seen it - "No, we saw Obama's proud pronouncement yesterday that 1) he had no Mideast strategy, and 2) that it was "too early" to develop one. We went slack-jawed. I think that such a statement in time of a national security crisis is an impeachable act, if for nothing else, then prima facie evidence of clinical incompetency.

And to add insult to injury, this administration's fetish with attempting to pass more crippling climate change legislation was highlighted by John Barrasso's 'Six Threats Bigger Than Climate Change' this morning in the 29aug13 WSJ.


They won't. Not with statesman like the honorable Orange Julius, R-Ohio. The rest of them aren't any better!

I'd leave president empty suit just where he is. Each day he tarnishes Team Proglodyte further...and there's much to be said for the Menckenesque "...the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.

Here's a Sandbox dropping for young lurker Ben Emery.

‘I didn’t want to appear racist’ is the ‘I was only obeying orders’ of our age...

Because not appearing racist trumps even protecting the innocent. Proggie logic in a sentence.


OK , back in my designated corner...
Fish just had to go spell'n police on me. ( blame it on my outcome based edumication, courtesy of LIB school'n)

In other news, since the definition of marriage was rewritten by the LIBS, polygamy laws have just been shot down in Utah.
How many wife's can you afford? ( Watch the fun when a woman wants more than one hubby.)
Now didn't some judge go off the deep end and say incest laws should be scrapped as well?
The domino effect has begun.

Keen Observer


Obama's reply to the Mideast is beyond ridiculous, and 100 years from now, archaeologists viewing footage of this interview will have no choice but to assume they are watching archives of Saturday Night Live. His response was so elementary, its hard to even believe that anyone out there (short of the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz) still has faith in the man. Incompetence can no longer be the answer to such ineptitude, it must be an ulterior agenda to further undercut the pedestal built for America on the backs of previous generations. I am sure our lack of leadership will benefit us in future calamities, as evidenced today by the bold statements issued by Putin:

Fish, good "catch" (sorry, terrible pun) on the UK scandal that clearly shows the hidden benefits of being politically correct. PC speech is a form of censorship.


Sept 11 is in two weeks. Good day to stay home.

George Rebane

fish 1112am - Well, as the astute reader can quickly figure out, I'm not a "closet Romney fan", and I can advise you to vote for him if he runs again just for the reason you outline - to avoid "waiting for Hillary and the end." But I'm most interested in hearing your vision of the end that Hillary's reign would usher in.


I think that a Hillary administration would double down on Obamacare....with the slogan.....with your help we can make it work for all Americans...or something similarly empty and nonsensical! I also think that a Hillary administration would be more bellicose than president empty suits admin has been.

I don't really think it matters if Romney is elected. The glideslope that the nation is on might flatten out a bit but in either case the end result is the same. At some point you auger in (sovereign insolvency, with all the associated unpleasantness).

I dropped the Romney topic because he seems to be back in the news these days. I'm wondering if the republicans are thinking of offering him up as a sacrificial lamb again in 2016.


That famed non-partisan, El Jefe, is carrying water for Jim Firth again, repeating Firth's campaign call for local governments to come together to build a high class destination resort.

"Firth believes the planning concept is too big for any one entity to undertake and said it will require a joint effort involving engineers, contractors, financial consultants, chambers of commerce, government representatives and others. Firth said the expertise for planning and designing such a facility is available locally and that people will volunteer to help if asked."

Isn't that special? Nowhere in Firth's (or Pelline's) words is there a mention of actually trying to get a company that knows the resort business to be involved. Maybe even develop and operate.

"If elected on November 4, Firth said he would introduce an item under New Business at his first meeting aimed at getting the planning process started."

Ah, the chuzpah of central planners. They do think they know better.

George Boardman

I always thought Nevada City wanted to be the center of our little universe (who cares if the courthouse is inconvenient to everybody else?), but apparently Firth wants Grass Valley to seize the title.

But Gregory is right: Firth's just spinning wheels and wasting time until a big bucks developer steps up. (How about the Donald? That would get everybody excited.)

As far as Obama playing golf while the Middle East burns, every president has this image problem (the trendy term today is optics.)

Bush II took a lot of heat for flying around in Air Force 1 after the 9/11 attack, and Cheney dropped a few rungs on the macho scale by going into hiding. Then there was Bush bypassing New Orleans while Katrina was drowning the place.

Of course, sitting in the White House wouldn't have changed any of these outcomes, but that doesn't matter. People need to perceive that you're taking your responsibilities seriously.


Gregory. They may be actually on to something. A resort? Usually those are built on the local history. How about a resort that gives the "mining experience". People pay big bucks to play "miner" for up to a week or so. free labor in disguise, plus, they PAY to do it!
A win win concept. And do it old school. Picks, shovels, ore carts they have to push.
Even the meals will be of the period. Beans and bread, with the famous pasties for that high class dinner. No power, just oil lamps.
There is a gold prospectors association that does the same thing, and draws a good crowd.
People even go to Nome Alaska for the "experience".

hey can always pitch the joint as " see and do the evil,dirty job we had the courage to exterminate".
There are plenty of city suckers that would sign up.


George B. As I recall, Those guys and their ilk, have always bitched about those nasty get rich quick,, DEVELOPERS... Now they "look" for one?

George Rebane

Didn't our recent attempt to open up a level of the Empire Mine to tourists for the 'mining experience' fail because of some lawyer related factor?


If developers wanted to build a resort here, they'd be knocking on the doors.

Real manufacturing is slowly hemorrhaging out of Nevada County to elsewhere, and that's how wealth and steady income is generated; build stuff that goes out on trucks, and money is wired back in return. With that money, you can ship food and merchandise (like medicine, fuel, cars, appliances, paint... you know, all that stuff we don't make here as efficiently as people do elsewhere) back in. An amazing concept.

A resort provides a few real jobs while it is built, then a bunch of low paying service jobs, which, I have to admit, to which most of the local schools are targeting their curriculums to, as science, math and engineering aren't beckoning many local grads.

Sixth grade girls in Nevada County... how do you think their math scores compare to girls in the Los Angeles Unified School District, a typical poster child for all that is wrong with education? That's when the arithmetic of fractions tends to have been solidified, the main precursor to algebra readiness. "STEM" readiness, if you will. Any guesses?

Don Bessee

Did anyone see the Judicial Watch terror threat report today? They are saying they have multiple senior officials confirming that ISIS in in Juarez Mexico from electronic intercepts. Word is the Army Base in El Paso is prepping. All Law Enforcement along the border has been warned of potential car bombs and vehicle borne improvised explosive devices based on the ISIS chatter. At least the Brits ramped up their threat level while the obamanation says he has no strategy and is not raising the threat level as we approach 9/11. This all backs up the prior CIA reports of jihaddies and the cartels coordinating something. You have to wonder if they will fill a car or truck with a bunch of 17 year old gang bangers who 'are fleeing the violence in their home country seeking asylum'. Well maybe Gov moonbeam will welcome them at the border. Starting to really feel like the lefty inmates are running the asylum in the democrat asylum in DC. We already know they are in the State Capitol.


Yes,, I read that Don. But don't count on "O" and Co. to heed that warning. ( They sure didn't in Benghazi, and still deny it was terror related,) "O" even said when elected the first time that " some attacks we will just have to absorb" . LIBS are in denial that attacks will happen, or believe that " we deserve it, and have it coming." 9/11 has become
thump on the U.S. day, and "go for it. They won't do anything about it!". See my Benghazi
statement above.

The thing is, (in my opinion) the next attack may be in "small town" USA. Be it Ca. AZ. NV. TX. Just a few hundred miles from the boarder, where "everyone" feels immune from such atrocities.( Nope,, it can NEVER happen here.) That's where they would want to hit next. Right where we feel safest.

Then of course it would never be labeled a terror attack. ( not on "O"'s watch)
Then watch the apologist in action once again.


Posted by: Don Bessee | 29 August 2014 at 04:36 PM

I find you incredibly myopic Don....discussing this when Jim Firth is working on bringing a "destination resort" to your area.

Not just a resort....a destination resort!

Don Bessee

Walt, your second paragraph nails it. Hit the soft targets like the substation in Silicon Valley that just got hit for the second time. PG & E reacted fast to prevent a power disruption to production facilities. These are the exact circumstances why there is a program to distribute surplus protective vehicles to law enforcement. I recall the opposition to cops in SF,LA,NY over the years about having larger cal. guns, SWAT teams and now protective vehicles that we already paid for. Remember the power of the Boston IED's, consider them being set up to deny access to an area in layers as in Iraq. How about the setting is a chem. plant, refinery, reactor facility and so on. Our best and bravest from local jurisdictions would be the first to respond. They should not have to go into that in soft skinned vehicles. As a victims advocate I am fine with them being used to root out a wife beater with a big cal. gun who is barricaded with his victim and is too smart to expose himself to a head shot.

Michael R. Kesti

Concerning the spelling police.

1) It's never as much fun when your [sic] on the receiving end.

2) Blaming one's educators for one's poor spelling boarders [sic] on liberal characteristics.

With my compliments although others and their wife's [sic] may not concur.



Posted by: George Rebane | 29 August 2014 at 01:21 PM

I am interested in hearing yours as well.


As an occasional spelling vigilante, I try to keep it to a minimum because, Zarquon be praised, most of us are human and I have made my share of typos. But sometimes, after the n-th misspelling or grammatic gaffe in the same post... well, everyone has a breaking point.

Currantly, the one that gets my groat the most is "loose" instead of "lose", but I realize there is no raisin to get upset and hope a word to the wise is efficient.

Todd Juvinall

Walt misspells bt design to smoke out the anal types. He has done this for years. I have been chastised for spelling and it usually means the chastiser has no answers to the comment itself. Too funny!


Currantly, the one that gets my groat the most is "loose" instead of "lose", but I realize there is no raisin to get upset and hope a word to the wise is efficient.

You are a funny man......

RL Crabb

Well, we know who didn't win any spelling bees in grade school.

Todd Juvinall

I actually hit the enter key before my spelling brain does a double take. I actually was a good speeler in screwl.

Walt B

Not this time Todd, I got caught fair and square.
That's OK,,, "someone" will have an episode of digital dyslexia soon enough.
I got my ruler at the ready this time.

RL,, is that aimed in my direction? If so,, you know why I got into the dirt business. Guilty as charged.

Michael R. Kesti

It would appear, Walt, that you also learned punctuation at the hands of liberals. Please accept my compliments, none the less, on your gentlemanly admission.

Oh, and your mild threat should have begun, "I have my ruler..."

Walt B

Yup,,, close is good nuff. Grammatically challenged. Is there a government check I can get for that?

Walt B

Seems Iceland isn't alone with "acid reflux". Many "dormant" volcanos that haven't shown signs of activity for eons are awakening around the globe. Now the Cannery Islands are rumbling.
Just how ugly can things get?


"Grammatically challenged. Is there a government check I can get for that?"

All of them fit that bill.

Bill Tozer

Concerning 0bama (that's zero bama for the spelling pulice) and this kissing up and bending over and taking it where the sun don't shine by camel dongs with ragheads riding on the hump , why o why don 't people get it? 0bama ain't friggin black and nothing under the sun will ever change that. His pappy was Arab, his mommie was a full blown cracker, and that makes him about 7% black, and the lion's share white Ahab.

Didn't you ever wonder why 0bama had the head of NASA spend our dollars figuring out ways to make the Ahabs feel good about themselves and their numerous pioneering scientific discoveries and contributions to the wonderful world of STEM? One of the first things he did. Shoot howdy, they have the crescent moon on their Muslum flag, what more can we do?

Fast forward to 3 days ago when the FBI released its report on domestic terrorism and threats and every friggin raghead group was omitted. What does that tell ya?

Too many recently converted Islums in the cabinet and National Security team. Heck, they used to say commies have infiltrated the government and now Islums have infiltrated the government and the friggen Oral Office. Makes me long for the simpler less threatening days where interns were gobbling the goop. Can't even utter the phrase Islumic terriorists or friggin radical Islums if you work for 0.

Big Zero puts his heritage of Ahabhood first and foremost and serving the best interests of us Gun clinging Bible thumpers way down the list. Vets, gun owners, Christians, and Tea Party types are called Terriorists by Big Zero's directives and friggin baby killing women stoning Ragheads are not called terrorists.

I'd fly 10,000 miles to smoke a camel and it's jockey. Meanwhile, Big Zero walks around with a camel dongs hanging from his poop shute. Sad times, bro-in-laws.

Todd Juvinall

No plastic bags tonight? Anyone hear if Moonbeam signed the stupid law?


Bill. That's why ALL his records were sealed, and anyone who questioned his past was marginalized.
We are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis.
When "O" is gone, and real investigators dig up the facts that his birth cert. was a fake, or actually non existent,, count on the LIBS to say " What the Hell DIFF. does it make now? We pulled one over on you... Get over it."

I'm sure "O" has a prayer rug neatly roled up in the bottom left hand drawer of the desk.


Time to save the Polar bears again. There is just TOO much sea ice. They will starve because it's so thick.


"People need to debate the issues, not resort to personal attacks."
-Jeff Pelline

I stand corrected... Pelline does have a fine sense of humor. According to Jeff, the new Publisher of The Union is a, a... a conservative. I think the conservatives in town aren't buying that howler. From what I can see, I can't tell for sure what his politics are, which probably means he's doing his job and pissing everyone off.

Backatcha Jeff, one of your brilliant ad hominems of the past...what a boob.

Todd Juvinall

Hey George, here is the latest from Michael Anderson on you. Those Burning Man people sure are nutty.

Michael Anderson says:
August 31, 2014 at 12:27 pm

George Rebane refuses to moderate his blog. He says his no-moderation policy is due to his reverence for the First Amendment, but that is a lie. Rebane is a neo-fascist, and uses his blog to libel and demean people who don’t kow-tow to his sick, sociopathic belief system. I am at a loss as to why an organization like Rotary allows him continue as a member. It’s a local scandal.

George Rebane

ToddJ 1248pm - "neo-fascist", "libel and demean people", "sociopathic belief system" ?? Wow! Perhaps these accusations would deserve some attention were it the case that Mr Anderson ever understood anything that has been posted on RR. Since there is no evidence of that, we will have to leave it there.

Re my Rotary involvement, perhaps Mr Anderson could take up the matter with Ms Robin Milam, the current president of the Nevada City Rotary Club. Thanks Todd.


Wow... If George had "moderated" what Marxist Mike posted, he would be the first to whine about censorship.


Wow, it looks like Jeffie let one of his Lickspittles get out of hand at 12:27.


Just took a look at Jeffy's cesspool of BS. From so-called "racism in the county" ( ya,,, sure thing.. don't buy it one bit.) to bitching about Ackerman.( again.)
Off to the showers to hose off the stench of that outhouse hole of a blog.
( speaking of moderation,,) how that site is allowed to stay on the net is beyond me.( Using LIB logic)

Todd Juvinall

Lickspittle! Too funny. The Michael Anderson's of the world have just had too much fun with the "substances" and the "debauchery" of the alternative lifestyles. They are so out there that we should have had them be out Mars astronauts. Anyway, MA to my knowledge has never served the military needs of his fellow countryment so he deserves simply a big fat turd for lunch. That might be too good for the ingrate **itc!


"George Rebane refuses to moderate his blog. He says his no-moderation policy is due to his reverence for the First Amendment, but that is a lie. Rebane is a neo-fascist, and uses his blog to libel and demean people who don’t kow-tow to his sick, sociopathic belief system. I am at a loss as to why an organization like Rotary allows him continue as a member. It’s a local scandal."-Michael P. Anderson, owner of Clientworks of Nevada City.

Personally, I'm at a loss why an organization like the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce would let Mike continue as a member. Mike has been pulling crap like the above for years, and I write that as the "climate brownshirt" he was threatening at the old TheUnion blog.


George Rebane refuses to moderate his blog. He says his no-moderation policy is due to his reverence for the First Amendment, but that is a lie. Rebane is a neo-fascist, and uses his blog to libel and demean people who don’t kow-tow to his sick, sociopathic belief system. I am at a loss as to why an organization like Rotary allows him continue as a member. It’s a local scandal.

Oh Michael.....I thought you knew....the brown acid is bad!

Thought a veteran burner like yourself would have known better!


Regarding the charge of "racism" at Edwards crossing,, that's the "all inclusive" North San Juan LIB territory. Only the "ridge rats" infest that part of the river.
Dose "he who shall not be named" know that?


"People need to debate the issues, not resort to personal attacks."
-Jeff Pelline

Checking, the ugly and defamatory personal attack by Michael Anderson of Clientworks on Rebane is still on Pelline's blog. Cue the Final Jeopardy theme while we wait to see if Jeff gets around to scooping his own sandbox.


By definition....if manboobs can't be defamatory.

Bill Tozer

Now you all listen up. Mr. Anderson is my BFF, until he got sweet on Fish for awhile which saddened the cockles of me weary heart. Then he told Fish that he hadn't chosen between the two which of us is truly his BFF. What a harlot.
Fish, I may not be the smartest dude on these here pages, but I have an inkling that your recent comments may have sunk your chances for being his BFF. However I may be loose but I ain't easy. Hell hath no fury like a mangina scorned.
I will take into consideration the chain of unfortunate events that led to the delay of Burning Manboobs and it's devasting physcological effect it had on Sky Piolet. Caused him to play lose with his anger and almost loose it. (That last sentence was for Mr. Gregory).

Oh, manboobs is recylcling the old Racis

Bill Tozer

Manboobs has a Nightstalker! Proof that he has found one adorning fan. Or has he? Most likely it was one of his sock puppets that emerged from his Multiple Personality Disorder and is stalking Manboobs in the wee hours after the sun goes down. Manboobs needs a large areola to house so many evil spirits. That last sentence was for Mr. Walt.

Hmmmm, let's look under the hood, shall we? Burning Man gets delayed and Nightstalker emerges on the scene. Coincidence?


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 31 August 2014 at 04:33 PM

While I eagerly await Michaels decision as to whom the rose will be offered I was interested to know what pricked up his ears this afternoon. Scoopy must have sprinkled something in his "Lefty Chow".


Fish. That would be "scoopy snacks".


Posted by: Walt | 31 August 2014 at 06:13 PM

Tonight Walt wins the internet.....

Oh...I haven't inquired for a goes the recovery?


Well on the mend. Now to get off my sorry butt and exercise to get in some sort of shape. There may be a job to be had in the near future. ( The kind the ECO gang have nightmares about.) There be a mine ah' open'n!!
Had to put away the "green" medication, because there is a "test" I probably need to "study" for. That just means I have to take more of the prescribed stuff. But that's what it takes to make an honest buck. ( No LIBS,, still haven't taken a dime of "dole" money)
No guarantees on the job, there never are. It will be like going home. I worked in that same place 22 years ago, before it closed the last time.

It may be time to call in some favors. I may need some references. ( Heck,, maybe some of the "crew" here know the guys opening the digs)

It's going to boil down to " who do I need to screw to land this job?"
But this is no time to get my hopes up.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt, go ahead and get your hopes up, it won't be the first time we have had them crushed. Or, take the cautiously optimistic route. Trust but verify.

Mr. Fish, who knows what rang Michael's bell. We can only speculate something with Burning Manboob to something simple like eating a can of bad chili. Another great mystery and the timing is a wee bit odd. Perhaps he does not like September. I don't care for mid January myself, and yes, it's all about me. Guess this means he didn't get a room, again speculating.


Here is a thought Bill, all the folks here can petition the prospective employer and demand my immediate employment just to get rid of me during daylight hours.

Bill Tozer

Well, Mr. Walt, not all of us good upstanding citizens here would be consider good references. When was the last time you shined up the brain bucket? I realize it would be a major sacrifice to swap the safari bushman hat for the old helmet, but it might be worth it. The Dirtmover without his red white and blue head covering would be as inappropriate as a woody in a nudist colony. Best wishes, good luck, and all them words which cannot be expressed.

Hey, why not don one of my flowered print dresses and sue the bastards if not hired for transgender discrimination. A couple hundred grand tax free would allow you to stay abreast ( pardon the pun) during the daylight hours. I do forgive ya for the oil stains on the yellow chiffon dress you "borrowed".

Account Deleted

That's not the acid - that's pure, straight, unadulterated M Anderson. He really believes that George is a snake tongued devil. George actually allowed Anderson to just blather away anytime he wanted.
Remember Groucho's line about never wanting to be a part of any organization that would allow a person of his sort to be a member?
Poor Anderson is pleading with society to stop him before he is himself any longer.
It's called projection. Anderson actually is what he accuses George of being. And he doesn't like it, but he can't control himself. Does everyone understand now why we had (and will have) folks like Stalin and Mao?


Well it's clear now that Nancy Pelosi was right....there is noting....nothing...left to cut in the federal budget. When I think of all the Obamaphones and refugee soccer balls that could have been purchased with this money!

(fish slinks away weeping softly)


Bill my friend.
Yellow??? That couldn't have been me. That's not my color. It clashes with the white stripes of my facial hair.
I may save your idea as plan "B"...


I guess Joe Biden has a clause in his contract that says he gets to embarrass the administration on two separate occasions each calendar.

I can't believe you leftys were so incensed over Dan Quayles perceived ineptitude but give Shotgun Joe a pass.....

Russ Steele

Here are some photos of Burning Man 2014, this is what we all missed. Huh?

Bill Tozer

Walt, sorry for thinking of you first and foremost when I discovered the missing item returned tied to a rock and thrown thru the front window. Perhaps it was the dude on the grassy knoll with his filthy oily hands. Men are such beasts.

Mr. Fish, your link above puzzles me. Why in tarnation are 75% of lesbians obese? Makes no senses. Should be 50%, give or take. Half of a lesbian couple has them large sports fanatic male personalities which would explain 50%. The other half are the dainty feminine Princesses, thus constituting the dynamic duo. Can't fathom 75%, so in this case a study is warranted. Heaven knows us cross dressers have more than our share of obesity which is why we favor gowns and moo-moos, but I digress.

Did read a study last week that depression and general unhappiness is more likely and higher among lesbian couples than gay male couples or the general population. Maybe it is because 75% of them ladies are obese. We as a nation must do something to make them feel better about themselves. That head of NASA dude that was assigned the task of making camel jockeys feel better about themselves was quite successful.
Just look how the Ahabs are flexing their muscles now and galloping across the old empire toppling heads of states as they feel so so much better about themselves. Yep, that NASA dude has a proven track record and should be called upon to serve his nation again in the lesbians' hour of need.
More money will solve this obesity epidemic and this new fangled depression crisis growing unchecked amidst our sisters.

This is America and there is no time for No Drama Obama to go cautious on us. Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead.


Why in tarnation are 75% of lesbians obese? Makes no senses. Should be 50%, give or take.

Not having participated in the research I can't say definitively.

I offer this as a factor.....but I warn you....what follows is not for the faint of heart.

All of these possibilities will pale compared with the corporeal depravity I’m about to describe—a radical self-pleasuring act that may well represent the true frontier of female liberation. Which is to say I speak to you candidly now about some lesbians I know, two lesbians. They live in a suburb of Los Angeles. They’re both a hair north of forty. One is a computer technician; the other, a hospital administrator. Physically, they are much as you might picture them. For the past twelve years, Teri and Pat have had a special Monday-night ritual. They order an extra-large cheese pizza (sixteen slices). While waiting—and I am not making this up—they settle in on the couch with large twin bags of Doritos. Each chip is dipped first in Philadelphia cream cheese and then in salsa. Cream cheese, salsa. Cream cheese, salsa. Cream cheese, salsa. The Doritos are finished to the last crumb, and then, upon arrival, the pizza as well. For Teri and Pat, this night of a million carbs is, by special agreement, guilt-free. Both feel that it is better than sex.

Of course...there are some in "our community"™...who might find find this sort of bacchanal intriguing.

Bill Tozer

Very informative link, Mr. Fish. The Atlantic does thorough research no doubt. Suppose that is why a single woman comes home, checks out what is in the refrigerator and goes to bed, while a married woman comes home, checks out what is in her bed and goes to the refrigerator.


......while a married woman comes home, checks out what is in her bed and goes to the refrigerator.

So you've been chatting with my wife then?

Bill Tozer

Chatting? No, just pretending I actually am listening......


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 01 September 2014 at 11:11 AM

I should try this......


"People need to debate the issues, not resort to personal attacks."
-Jeff Pelline

And the winner of the hypocrite of the week award is, may I have the envelope, please....

Yes, dear friends, El Jefe chimed in and approved of the defamation posted on his blog.

Todd Juvinall

Gregory, you nailed it. He whines about things when he is being parodied yet leaves Michael Anderson's defamation against George on his site. And leaves Curtis Whoever's comments that white must die (meaning local whites).


Yes, dear friends, El Jefe chimed in and approved of the defamation posted on his blog.

Could you narrow it down a bit?


"Could you narrow it down a bit?"

I'd suggest a low carb diet.


Posted by: Gregory | 01 September 2014 at 12:33 PM

Man....every time I see that photo I'm tempted to feel a small measure of pity for "Lord Gorgeman, Scold of the Sierra Foothills"....and then it passes.



Jeffy tried to make hay out of that pilfered piece from the Union. ( racism)
That part of the river is LIB country. From 49 on up. If your not a local ridge rat your not welcome in them thar parts.
Once again the Lefty's show their true colors.


"If you get upset when conservatives complain about Obama’s socialized healthcare, just remind them that Reagan socialized cheese. "
Government cheese,,, that is,,,

Speaking of which, I'm looking for a brick of said product. Any clues?
I have a family Lefty to pizz off.

Bill Tozer

I feel so much sorrow and pity for the Bubba Bubba in the pic. Tragic that some people have to go through life carrying such a heavy burden. It's almost as if nature is playing some sort of cruel joke on Bubba Bubba. If what you sow is what you reap, then Bubba Bubba has planted some real nasty thistle seeds during his shortened days. Truly saddens the cockles of me weary heart. So heartbreaking. A sad, sad tale and ominous warning to fellow travelers.

Perhaps he can find relief from the load he carries in the next life. Until that blessed time, Lord Bubba Bubba should use extra caution when gripping the farting post. One little dropper can ruin a couple of hours of precious time. Plus, when you consider what his water bill must be after washing a pair of his shorts, nature indeed has a cruel sense of humor. Alas, Lord Bubba Bubba takes the road less traveled.

I wish him only the best next time he grips the farting post.

Michael Anderson

Nice blog you have here, George. You must be proud.

I'll be speaking with Robin Milam about all of this tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Bill Tozer

Todd, I certainly hope Curtis Whatshisname is not a local white guy. If so, then the irony is as rich as it gets. Be careful what you wish for, local crackers.


Mr. Walt, I was going to suggest going behind the vets building when they have the free cheese giveaway day and buy a brick from one of the local recipients. But, that is not a wise suggestion. The people arrive there speeding through the parking lot (behind a grammar school no less) and cut each other off and fight for a parking space and disregard no parking signs and other signs in a frenzied state of mind. There is pushing and shoveling and rudeness and honking and that is before they even get our of there vehicles. Imagine 30-40 vehicles with handicap plates and only 6 handicap parking spots on free cheese day. It ain't pretty I tell ya, nor safe. Don't think by the look in their wild eyes that they would be in the mood to part with the brick of cheese for ten bucks.

Perhaps Grocery Outlet would have a hunk of Velveta for a reasonable price.


They still have the "giveaway"? ( didn't have a clue.)
Yes, Velveeta is the same crap, but it the box it comes in with all the government labeling that's the real prize. ( and screw turner)
I was also told I could find it in the gourmet section in any given Chico
food outlet near the collage. ( not going to make that trip)


stevefrisch says:

September 1, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Nice job Michael, you threw a little gasoline over on the fire without even posting at the right wing blogs and they stayed home all day and toasted their reputations. To do that from Burning Man is true performance art!



Stop the presses!

Scoopy (aka El Hefty) just broke the story that Las Katerinas, the Mexican eatery on upper Broad St. in NC, is closing.

Checking my phone text records, I sent that news to my wife when I heard it on Aug 4... perhaps Jeff didn't get the message until they didn't renew their ad in the glossy advertiser. I didn't raise an alarm because a restaurant closing in NC just isn't big news.

George Rebane

re Gregory 1059pm - The man is a purveyor of 'news' that to him are things of moment. All things considered about the breadth of the blog world, someone must do that - he fills a niche.

BTW, I have been a regular at Katerinas for years, and we learned about two months ago that the restaurant was going to be closing toward the end of summer. And the news kept changing weekly as different considerations, potential buyers, etc came and went. The town will sorely miss that little eatery.

Bill Tozer

Velveta in the gourmet food section of a market, Walt? Surely you jest. Velveeta ain't nothing but fresh water fish bait, at least it was during my live creature killing days. Oh, the sins of my past are numerous and ghastly. Many anglers keep some Vienna Sausage and Velveeta in the bottom of the tackle box in case they run out of bait. Didn't realize the flatlanders actually consumed that brand of cheeze.
Velveeta in the gourmet food section??!! Now I have heard everything and can leave this world in peace.


Yes Bill, And right next to it can be found Mad Dog 20/20.
These are LIB collage kids. What did you expect?
Nothing but the best...

Bill Tozer

Mad Dog 20/20! I haven't had the opportunity to puke that fine beverage up in decades. Glad to hear the tradition is being carried on by our new crop of America's future. Suck it up bro, it's Thursday night and the weekend has started!


George, I must say that Katerinas is one of the the better Mexican restaurants in the area but it never struck me as a great value. I can't remember the last time I had a meal there, last Fall, perhaps.

"Scoopy" is forever blowing his own horn.


i>jeffpelline says:

September 2, 2014 at 6:39 am

Another gem of a letter in The Union this week:


From said letter……

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sure you’re aware by now that our borders are less than secure and that a goodly amount of the invaders from the south are not small children.

Many of those coming across are members of the MS13 gang, which is touted to be one of the most dangerous gangs in the world.

In addition, Muslim prayer blankets have been reportedly found at the border indicating that in all likelihood we may have Muslim extremists entering as well, though we all know full well that some have been here for some time.
maybe O’Keefe dropped it when he crossed in his Osama costume…

There are many who feel that the time is coming soon when the American way of life will be in great jeopardy and we will be in for the fight of our lives on several fronts for our very survival. Sadly, our survival is being threatened by the very government we the people elected to protect us. The state of California appears to being doing nothing to stem the tide of the illegal immigrants entering but actually seems to be encouraging more to enter.

While many may be genuinely interested in making a better life you can be assured that there are some who want only to cause death and destruction. I would also point out that legislators and their families will likely not be immune to this and in fact will probably be prime targets for these savages. This is a time when all American people should be building a defense arsenal and preparing for the storm we all know is coming. It seems, though, that the California government is more intent on disarming its people and limiting our access to weapons and ammunition.
My question ladies and gentlemen — whose side are you on?

Terry Ehlers

Grass Valley

…and of course gun control measures continue apace in California.

So other than the tone of the letter offending your delicate and patrician sensibilities where has the author made any factual errors? And Mr. Ehlers is posing important and relevant questions. Most of the weekend your lead article....shocking...had to do with food.

Popular Burrito place closing, Local Man Devastated!

So Scoopy, what’s your beef with a local citizen writing a letter to the editor about his/her concerns?

Todd Juvinall

Perhaps those gang members will camp out in Nevada City and provide him with first hand information on how they are sad he is the FUE. Or maybe not.


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 02 September 2014 at 10:57 AM

It's not that Todd. Scoopy claims that the local population "really needs to pay attention/get involved/reflect on things/be more inclusive/learn from each experience and become more tolerant/etc. etc. etc. and then when they do he ridicules them. Pelline doesn't have to agree with the sentiments but Mr. Ehlers has his concerns and his letter is factually more accurate than most of Lord Gorgedmans crap!

jeffy you are mind numbingly hypocritical ("People need to debate the issues, not resort to personal attacks." - Jeff Pelline) and the sad part is that you don't even recognize it.

Mr. Ehlers wants to discuss issues and you ridicule him.

OMG....and of course, as always LOL!

Todd Juvinall

As a compassionate an understanding man, the FUE should re-up his offer from a couple of wintrs ago and invite some MS-13 fellows to live on his boat in his driveway. Perhaps he would better understand their plight in this racist bigoted country. Or maybe not.


This is a sight to see! Iceland on fire.


"O" and Co. sticks it to a business because they want to hire LEGAL workers.

Remember when LIBS wanted to hold employers accountable for HIREING ILLEGALS????

fish something interesting is afoot!

It would seem that jeffy has successfully "outed" me! And in just a hair over 16're a real CSI Team member jeff.

Interesting move but played way too early!

...and jeffy....if you think I can be unpleasant are really in for a treat IRL.

...and as always LOL!

George Rebane

fish 121pm - OK Mr fish, then let the rest of your brothers and sisters in productive dialogue in on such an 'outing' - the envelope please.


You already know my real name! I waiting to see if jeffy raises before I call.


...and on cue!

jeffpelline says:

September 2, 2014 at 7:28 pm

BTW, speaking of our friend “fish,” this appeared on Rebane’s blog today:

“Well… something interesting is afoot! It would seem that jeffy has successfully ‘outed’ me! And in just a hair over 16 months…’re a real CSI Team member jeff.

Interesting move but played way too early! …and jeffy….if you think I can be unpleasant online….you are really in for a treat IRL.

…and as always LOL!

Posted by: fish | 02 September 2014 at 01:21 PM

“fish 121pm – OK Mr fish, then let the rest of your brothers and sisters in productive dialogue in on such an ‘outing’ – the envelope please.
Posted by: George Rebane | 02 September 2014 at 02:14 PM

“You already know my real name! I waiting to see if jeffy raises before I call.

Posted by: fish | 02 September 2014 at 03:17 PM”

OK. Good to know.

Followed by a post from jeffys Rat Terrier...

Michael Anderson says:

September 2, 2014 at 7:43 pm

Talk about painting yourself into a corner.

This anonymous fish person threatens that he will be an even bigger pain in the neck once we all know his true identity. Not sure how that’s possible. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

and my reply...

I guess we will Michael....and you oughta know about painting oneself into corners Mr. Internet Tuff Gai and local threat maker. It's interesting who jeffy lets post at his cheats, a guy like you who feels perfectly comfortable threatening a woman, etc. as long as they are aligned with jeffy politically....well it's all good!

And of course our friend Scoopy never......and I mean never disappoints. Less than a week after whining about being "cyberstalked" goes and indulges in the exact same behavior himself.

Well know my name, you've got my e-mail....guess I get to post here directly instead of volleying issues back and forth at Georges. Whatcha say media gatekeeper....wanna play in your sandbox for a while? C'mon please jeffy....I want you moderate me but good!

Cross posted at Scoopys!

Hey George....I'd like to thank you for indulging me these many months but I think I'm going to hang out at jeffys for a while!

Barry Pruett

Let's change the subject to something important. No offense fish. Why is it not on the front page of every paper that a dozen airliners have been stolen in Libya? That is kind of spooky only three weeks before the anniversary of 9/11...

That and Obama has been getting detailed briefings on ISIS for a year but yet has no strategy. WTH?

George Rebane

BarryP 1008pm - Excellent question; does that prove that the lamestream is in the tank for Obama?

Todd Juvinall

Here is the link to the story on the stolen airliners.

Barry Pruett

The guy is just disengaged. I mean the guy gets a briefing daily, he does not ask questions, and does not giving tasking assignments to the military. If I was Vladimir Putin, I would be running all over Obama too. Obama must realize that this is the real world. This is not a classroom or an intellectual exercise. What he does not do risk lives both here and abroad. I am starting to get a little nervous about a terrorist attack. Not feeling very safe. With the border pourous...the convergence of all things is like a ticking time bomb. "Sum of All Fears" kind of stuff.

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