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19 September 2014



Well put Doc, yet those that call themselves "American loving" Democrats will vote for for more of the same. Until Dirty Harry, the current"Price of Darkness" who controls the Senate lemmings, and Nancy P. " Queen of the damned", finally get voted away or lose their control, The good ol' US will continue down the sewer.
"O"'s actions ( or lack there of) speak louder than words. He has no real interest
in our defense. The next golf course is the priority.
I do believe he has issues with "attacking" the religion of his birth.
Good old Rev. Write spilled the beans on that.


Don't fence me in, Bro!



Yesterday the Scots decided by a considerable margin to remain part of the United Kingdom.

Old and on the dole vs. Young who see themselves as being on the hook for said government largesse.

(Readers may recall that I am a supporter of the SoJ efforts for reasons stated here.)

I still maintain that there is no need to pursue this matter further. The SOJ people have made their statement. They only need wait until the coming natural fractures occur when D.C. runs out of credit card.


Now this is my kind of progressive/democrat!

One who doesn't just let the "happy face let's all hold hands together mask proggie mask" slip, but who takes it off all together all leaves it on display for everyone to see for a while.



"mask proggie mask"

Well clearly that's not right!


LIBS love to blame the Right for the failings of the Senate, when it's Dirty Harry who won't allow anything of meaning to come before a vote, let alone ANY amendments by the Right. He loves to change the rules to fit the LIBs needs.
This election LIBS who are running for office are running under 'Independent" to try and save face. But will surely vote to keep Dirty harry right where he is if elected.


Then this shows up...

Bill Tozer

Read a poll yesterday that said one in four people in THIS COUNTRY would like their own state to succeed from The Union. What surprised me the most was this was across all party lines, very widespread, coast to coast, not just a western thang. Good to hear we are not alone in disenchantment.
Can't be good for the Obama legacy or the food/micromanage/thought police.

Bill Tozer

Threw the above comment out just in case somebody skimmed over Dr. Rebane 's addendum and went straight to Mr. Crabb's cartoon....er.....RL Crabb's current event drawing, not be be confused with the cartoon character Mr. Crab of Crabbypatties fame, an employer of SpongeBob Squarepants. RL may be many things, but nobody ever has accused him of being square.

Paul Emery

Nice job of whining George. Do you think things would be significantly better if the Repubs ran it all? I say dump the Republicrats and start over with independent electoids thatt are not bought out by special interests.


One word Paul,,YES!!!

George Rebane

PaulE 422pm - I think you missed the post's point which is about our main street being unaware of all the significant goings on in the world, and remaining focused close to home oblivious to what's really affecting their lives. The easiest way to create an entertaining TV segment is to take a mike and camera out on a city sidewalk and ask a passerby a simple question. (Outlining the realities of today's world is "whining"??)

And do I think that the not-so-perfect Repubs would do significantly better than the socialist Dems? You bet your sweet bippy (now that dates me, please see Walt's 430pm for a translation).

Bill Tozer

Paul , Don't think either Bush or a Romney type would ever ever host the Mooooooslum Brotherhood over in the White House for dinner like Obama did. Obama bent over and said "Here my fellow Arabs and friends of my father, please frack me in the ass good and hard. You are the moderates we can deal with and, of course, I have shown more contempt and anger at Israel the Zionists and other allies than I will ever show to you, my brothers. Let's eat, drink, and be merry."

Yep, it's all the republicans fault. Strike that. It's all Bush's fault.


Now does "O" have the balls to finish the job? This is his kin we are giving a new thumping.

Bill Tozer

Walt, to answer your question, Zerobama was playing golf while Rome burned and a squirrel ran up his pants leg. Poor squirrel starved to death.

Brad C.

Scotland is not the only other place considering sessessionism. "Catalans in Spain, the Flemish in Belgium, Breton independence movement, and Padania in northern Italy are also condsidering the idea."


The difference is that these cultural regions are many centuries old. Silicon valley is, what, 50 years old? The cowboys and ranchers of "Jeffferson country" invaded Indian land and superimposed their culture and laws on the local inhabitants. If you want to compare the Scotland/Great Britian sessession movement, Native Americans should secede from the USA - not rancher/cowboys, or computer nerd entrepreneurs from California.

George Rebane

BradC 714am - Interesting argumentation, but you are again confused. Creating the State of Jefferson out of northern California counties is not secession from the US, but merely a process of dividing jurisdictions recognized by our constitutions. The only thing common between the European secessionists and what's going on in America is that people here also want to be represented in their legislatures, and live with those who are more culturally compatible.

(The Indians are a long-conquered people who admittedly were screwed in the process of stabilizing their new lands in the west. They probably have the best deal they can get with their semi-autonomous reservations, casinos damn near everywhere, and the ability to join the American mainstream any time they want to. Have no idea where your Silicon Valley observation enters here and what point it serves.)

Don't misunderstand me Brad, I welcome and enjoy your comments. But the disjointedness of your progressive logic (much covered in these pages) at times borders on humor, but I'm sure that you didn't mean to inject any in the present comment. I hope you understood my logic.

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