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11 September 2014



Another pot convert. I don't think the thought this through.

Don Bessee

It seems Pattie and the pot heads were quivered by the ASPOA member poll on measure S today. Right after we sent out a special email specific modern online poll they had a THC fit. How else can we explain them sending out mass emails to their whole list with an old ASPOA list mixed in. In their purple haze they forgot the difference between bcc and cc!!!!! They stuck an interesting address in all of them; medicalcond@unable. Interesting time zone they originated in too. Profits, Profits, Profits and not in a biblical way my friends. The primary email on them all is citizens for good laws, patties that is, her phone number don't you know and no FPPC status and how much money have they spent without paperwork? Perhaps there is a shortage of zig zags and they use all that pesky paper work for rolling papers? Pray for the patients and reject those who use them for profits. There is no shortage of medicine. Just profiteers manipulating. Does anyone think this newest smoke cloud may be because they failed to get that TRO last Friday which failed to appear in any of the local media?

Brad C.

The ASA facebookk site is still saying tonight at the Nevada Theater. It will be televised on NCTV channel 11 (Comcast) ch.16 (Suddenlink) and live on the internet.



Don't smoke dope and race cars.

Don Nelson

Nevada County Association of Realtors debating a position on Measure S

A local realtor friend just forwarded me some kind of newsletter saying the Realtors may take a position on this issue (Sheriff's wife is a Realtor).

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