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23 September 2014



“Bessee and Keith and Jim, ‘oh my”

Regardless of your position on the Marijuana matter it's interesting to me that a certain local gadfly plays the "Wizard of Oz" card more than any straight guy I've ever known.

Something you want to get off your chest jeffy?


I can't wait to hear the claims of victory from stoned aged.
Then there will be the accusations of undercover cops infiltrating the drum circle
and photographing the paranoid, and squinty eyed attendees.
Sorry, no sanctuary status there. Maybe that new war buggy can be put to good use.
Snag those on the county's most wanted list, and fill it up. Just back it up to the back door. Our new paddy wagon.
Heck.. It might be worth treading into enemy territory ( Nevada City proper) just to view from a distance. No need to even set foot inside...

At least one can see just who is is who. Besides. anyone who shows up at the Yes event and is in the NO section will be shouted down before the question is finished. ( seen it before)

Bill Tozer

Seems to me that a debate on a county ordinance or proposition should be at a county owned building. Sure, this might inconvenience Mr. Paul and his plans to walk 30 steps to the back of the Nevada Theater. It's not like driving all those many many miles to go to the Vets Building in GV. Hey, why not have the fireworks in a neutral setting such as Western Gateway Park or the parking lot of the new firehouse in The Republic of Rough and Ready? If it was good enough for the Fruit Jar Pickers, it's good enough for me and KVMR, old hippies, The Union, straights, gays, carpet munchers, and people of color. (All 6 of them). Even stone cold sober Don could drive down there and the market could stay open to serve coffee and perhaps a few brewskis tucked beneath the waistband. What better place to discuss local independence and self determination than in the Great Republic of Rough and Ready, hmmmmm? It's not like driving to The Little Township of Washington or beautiful downtown North San Juan where the audience may be one sided.

On second thought, the Nevada Theater with its long history of entertainment, frivolous comedy, singing and dancing might end up as the perfect venue for this ho down. Perfect for a foot stomping hand clapping barn burning time in the old town. Let the entertainment commence.
Note: people who had just consumed deviled eggs,or split pea soup or dried purple kelp are asked to stand outside until the breeze passes.


" people who had just consumed deviled eggs,or split pea soup or dried purple kelp are asked to stand outside until the breeze passes."
You mean those greenhouse gases we keep hearing about? Better open all the windows.

Don Bessee

Took a pit stop over at lefty jeffys liberal lament land. How come nobody told me I got promoted! I went from hard right organizer to hard right political operative. I need to order new business cards. Anyone with a brain would prefer to be hard right over limp left. One positive by-product of the recent measure S spats is that lefty jeffy has shed his purple cloak and is clearly a hard core lefty. No more purple posturing and pointing to having possibly just maybe having voted for a Republican at some ill defined point in the past. Hey Bill T, would love to visit the Republic of R n R, just a little busy right now. Come by the Republican headquarters some time. I am there on Monday, Weds. and Fridays, we can share some commemorative Ronald Reagan jelly beans and have a chat. Note to lefty jeffy, I am already retired so I will continue to have time to be a pain in the collective liberal rear. :-) P.S. If you thought they were pisssed off last week, wait till they see the International Faith Based Coalitions (IFBC) new press release!


Like I said jeffy I'm perfectly happy to discuss these issues over at your place.......

BTW, we quickly retired “fish” from here, but he babbles on incessantly, thanks to Rebane’s lack of moderation. “Fish” does not even live in our community. He’s a “flatlander.” LOL. Send in the Clowns:

Frankie S.....well that's certainly a step up from your Dorothy fetish.


...and as always LOL.


P.S. If you thought they were pisssed off last week, wait till they see the International Faith Based Coalitions (IFBC) new press release!


Bill Tozer

Mr. Bessee, I broke a moral imperative of mine and ventured over to Lefty's blog. He said he has retired Mr. Fish....again. I knew Mr. Fish should not have said "Shut up Fatty" when His Assholiness was over here on Dr. Rebane's blog for hours one day trying to justify and rationalize controlling speech at Western Gateway Park.

Only a Fat Fracking Lefty would ever in a million years even consider stomping on free speech. Well, I suppose you don't have to be the Pillsbury Doughboy or the Michelin Tire Guy to tear up the 1st Amendment, just a non purple libby scrot. We don't get to choose which parts of the 1st Amendment we like....El Gordo liked the free press part until the Union had a moment of clarity and rolled his carcus onto the curb, but Fatius Maxiumus can't stomach the free association and speech part...er...well, he likes his free speech but not others with a different world view. Just like a libhole he is. Such intolerance. Shut up fatty.

Alrighty, let's settle tonight's venue once and for all. Have all the KKK on the far left and all the No on S folks in the center. Now, that's a wee bit too close. Will all the Clan liberal illegal dope peddlers please refrain from hate speech and take two steps backwards. There, better. Opps I hear that incinderary hate speech again. Such vitriol. A few more steps backwards on the far left. A few more, yes, and now a few more steps away from the center all intolerant hate mongers on the left. Good. Now, one more step, SPLASH!


Yeah....bummer William...and here I thought that all jeffy (as stated on numerous occasions) required to post was real name and e-mail address! He now has those....won't even post my most "vanilla" comments....ah..his loss!

Will post each and every fawning and obsequious tribute to the "Great Moderator" though.

Sorry George....I have bad news....apparently you've "lost control of your blog again".

....and as always LOL.


Ms. Smith had her little screed in the Union.. Nice little defense of the busted one.
Funny how she left out the BIG detail of the illegal double posting of "recommendations".
Yet paints the sheriff as being on a political witch hunt.
Tell the WHOLE story Smith,, not just the parts that you like. And no mention of the resisting arrest. And you want credibility?

George Rebane

fish 514pm - Oh well, I guess that's what happens when your readership is uncontrollable. And then there are those who feel much more comfortable with control and central planning ;-)

Bill Tozer

Yes, Dr. Rebane, Stalin was much more comfortable with control and central planning. So was Mao and Hilter and that trio made a big difference to boot. Putin is coming into his own finally and he too is trying to make a difference. Gotta love that feeling of control and central planning. ISIS likes it too. Yes, they are expanding their wings and have left the nest, trying their best to make a difference through control and central planning. Just like the unmentionable little big man.

Speaking of ISIS ragheads, we need not worry. Our commander in chief is at the top of his game now, complete with the ole game face. We can all relax.

Allen West:
If there was ever any question re: how Obama really feels in his heart about our men and women in uniform, this should seal the deal. Watch the "latte salute." http://allenbwest.com/2014/09/obamas-disrespectful-latte-salute-video/

Paul Emery

Now that the pep rallies have concluded Sheriff Royal and the pro S group have agreed to a studio debate hosted by The Union and KVMR date to be determined. No audience.

Don Bessee

Gee paul, what an uninformed comment, you clearly did not speak to anyone who was actually at the Rood Center. You can get the audio on KNCO soon. We will have audio/video/docs readily available without manipulation. We had Jeff Lake the shark who after the denial of the TRO motion way back when told the profiteers in the court room that he had never won one of those before so do not worry. We were there. We all know how that worked out for the growers. We had martin the dreadlocked owner of the classiest head shop in grass valley that doubles for the Yes on S hq who said he is not a yes on S guy all evidence to the contrary. Also Jedd Biaggi who was the grower who demanded square footage as opposed to plant count so they could manage their crop the way they wanted but don't want now. So two of the growers advocates who were on the committee that wrote 2349 and me, the sheriff and county council and you think there was no advocacy for positions? The last question of the night was a comment that the gentlemen who was happy that it was not like a usual ASA involved event where there is shouting down and inappropriate conduct and he liked some facts. He must have been at the first ASA meeting with me where we tried to hold a panel and seen all of the ASA BOS videos from back when. The head shop owner was asking why he was bounced from the commission, must be that thc memory issue. He was bounced because at the 2nd BOS meeting he attacked Ted Owens the then Board Chair and us. Gee, given all that and Brad Pecimer-Glasse's crews crap in Alta Sierra, why could we possibly want appropriate security. However I am not sure we had enough security if the full pot head gang had shown up since the Narcotics team had a small box of fresh weed so there was a commonality of understanding of the smell we do not want to be abused with. The audience demanded it be shut. Before you say we all will do anything you may want to talk to all of us.

Paul Emery

In a personal conversation Sheriff Royal agreed to a studio videoed for nctv and broadcast on KVMR. . Union publisher Jim Hemig will select and ask questions.

George Rebane

Jo Ann and I attended the Measure S discussion at the Rood Center last night. For openers DonB’s 1215am description of the event is on the mark. Sheriff Royal set up and hosted an extremely civil, informative, and balanced discussion. County council Barratt-Green opened with a comparative description of 2349 and S, a shorter form of Jo Ann’s spreadsheet that appeared in the Union (she later gave Jo Ann an ‘atta girl’ for her analysis and work product). Then Lt Bill Smethers of our narcotics unit, using tens of photographs, gave a very calm and illuminating presentation of what is actually happening in both the legal and illegal grows in Nevada County, and what our code enforcement people are experiencing out there. This was followed by Measure S advocate Martin Webb who on short notice gave an extremely well-organized, extemporaneous perspective of the entire 2349 ordinance process, his assessment of its impact and shortcomings, and then the benefits of Measure S to replace 2349. After that Don Bessee gave and equally well structured comparative analysis of the two grow ‘ordinances’ and critiques of Measure S. The evening concluded with an extensive Q&A session moderated by the Sheriff. In attendance was legal counsel Jeff Lake giving more reasoned information on Measure S. All speakers had all the time they required, and all audience members with questions (and multiple follow-ups) were recognized and responded to – it was the most efficiently run, civil, and informative of such gatherings that I have attended in Nevada County, especially on a contentious issue such as marijuana and the local form of its national acceptance/legalization.

Paul Emery


Did anyone ask him about the ease police can enter and search private property without a search warrant?


Posted by: Paul Emery | 24 September 2014 at 08:49 AM

Is this something that growers agree to when they register as growers?


Paul.. Thre is NO presumed " legal grow". Remember.. YOUR the one against ANY registration.
Read up on "probable cause". A cop see's a pot plant,,,, Better have ALL the paperwork right.

Paul Emery

There is no registration for growers. Mendocino County tried that and had a good response from growers but the Feds subpoenaed the records from the County and went after the growers. We have something in our constitution that protects us from self incrimination.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 24 September 2014 at 09:08 AM

Thanks Paul!


How many times are you going to post the same argument? Forget you have posted it before?
( over and over and over) Pot is illegal to grow in CA.
A pot plant in open view is probable cause. Even from the air. It doesn't take a lawyer to understand that. Your argument is sorely lacking.


Paul 9:08AM

Yes, if you register growers, there is a list some other government agency with a bug up their arse might well use to systematically visit and file charges against the ones that complain.

Yes, there is an Amendment that bars self incrimination, the reason that ALL gun registration laws in the US exempt convicted felons and selected lesser criminals who are already barred from possessing firearms.

Paul Emery

By the way Fish that same principal applies to having an affidavit from your landlord giving permission for a grow on their property. That's self incrimination for the landlord in the eyes of the feds. Better to have it as a condition of a lease-rental agreement.


On the ISIS issue,, Mitt Romney has been vindicated, and everything he predicted durring the first election has come true. "O"bummer was wrong at every turn. The anti war gang got their way and now things are worse than ever, and Mr. " the war is over" is right back at it. Now some idiot is calling for a draft, when "O" and Co. has cut our military wholesale.
Officers got their walking papers right on the battlefield. Military boot camps have been turned into Mexican refugee holding facilities.
This is how LIBS protect our home turf.

Brad C.

Walt, pot IS legal to grow in Cali for MMJ use, subject to local ordinances.


Paul. Remember what happened to me, and MY rental property? And I even stated "NO GROW".
They took the profits and ran, and left we with destruction.

You will never get a property rented if you ask for a ten grand deposit.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 24 September 2014 at 09:29 AM

Yet another area in which the federal government should have zero authority.


As for Paul’s KVMR “News Hour,” whaddyathink about moving right wing-nut blogger George Rebane into his own show instead of during the “news”?

Paul perhaps in the interest of balance you could give Spanky his own 5 minute segment where he can rant on the air over matters over which he has no control.

Because fairness.

Posted by: Walt | 24 September 2014 at 09:34 AM

Walt we removed what passes for stability in the middle east when we removed Saddam.

Paul Emery

that's unfortunate Walt. Use better judgement next time when renting your property. Did you check references?

Paul Emery

Actually Fish I did offer Pelline a twice monthly spot for a commentary and initially he accepted but later was a no show when I tried to schedule him a slot. Actually anyone can rebut a KMMR commentary. We offer equal time.


Fabulous news George............ you may very soon be getting more air time! A very influential local resident wants to be your patron!

The issue all along has been to let George have his own show, just like everybody else, but not on the “news hour.”

I'd trade 5 minutes during the news for a three hour block!

Don't you guys see now just how important networking is in "our community"!


Then register with the cops Brad, and play by the rules. IF the cops don't know your a(supposed) legal grow don't be surprised when there is a knock on the door.
And the "busted one" wasn't even close to "playing by the rules". Posting the same "script" in multiple locals is a BIG no no. But the Ms. Smith piece in the paper tries to paint him as a political prisoner.

Obviously Paul has memory loss.( my sympathies) He has forgotten SO soon the damage so great I had to sell the place, so I have nothing to rent anymore.. And this was from "one of your own". Yet you push the screw over other landlords with the provisions in "S".
I say, grow on property YOU own. NOT someone else's.

George Boardman

You have to wonder about the stability of "Quote Marks" Pelline when he apparently nothing better to do at 4 a.m. than surf the internet for posts by Paul Emery and Don Bessee.

Todd Juvinall

No competition for the fridge face time. LOL!


@ George B. that's how he got the " Cartman" nickname. That VARY reason.. Ask RL about that. That toon of his has been cast in gold.

Martin Webb

To be more accurate, George Rebane's version of last night's "No on S" rally at the Rood Center (as it was billed by Keith Royal in The Union) is more on the mark than Don Bessee's...by a long shot.

Unfortunately the event was actually not set up to be balanced at all, as Jeff Lake and myself sent word last week that we would be happy to debate at the Rood Center as the side supporting Measure S, but for some reason, once Don and Royal had their bluff called, they decided they wouldn't debate at all actually, after claiming the only room they were able to debate in was at the Rood Center. Turns out when push comes to shove they can't even debate in front of the public there. So by Tuesday AM, it's not set up as a balanced event at all, it's plugged as a one-sided No on S rally in the media, led by a county official in a county facility supporting one side of a ballot measure - a no-no.

The only reason there was any semblance of an attempt at partial balance (if you can call '3 anti-S speakers given an hour to talk plus days/weeks to prepare' vs my '1 pro-S person at 20 mins to talk and 5 mins to prepare' balance...who can call that balance?) is because 5 mins before the start, Royal walks up to me in the lobby and asks if I'd like to speak on behalf of S. How convenient! Invite someone from the other side to speak only 5 mins before the event. If Yes on S had done the same, hosting an event where they set up 3 speakers for pro-S, given a combined hour to talk, then merely 5 mins before the event starts they finally ask a No on S person in the lobby to talk unprepared for 20 mins, would you guys call that a perfectly balanced event? I'm guessing not. (No on S people were indeed invited way ahead of time to speak at the Yes on S event but refused.)

At any rate, anyone that thinks Don gives accurate versions of events will be in for a surprise. This is the guy who has recently been sending me harassing threatening emails, pretending to be speaking for the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County when he isn't. I'm on the Coalition, I know how they work. I've had to ask him to stop harassing me and contacting me directly and the Coalition has verified he is speaking out of line. He has led Jo Anne Rebane to believe the Coalition opposes S when it does not, as it is neutral and has taken no position on either the sheriff's ordinance or S. The Coalition said they would speak to Don to reprimand him and keep him clear on the facts. I'd question everything he says when it comes to MJ.

For example, no, Jed Biagi was not on the speakers panel (he asked one question from the audience, that's not the same as being on a balanced panel), only I was a speaker...one vs three. And I am the one who requested square footage in the Working Group, not Jed. I even mentioned that last night, that I was the one who introduced sq footage requirement to NevCo MMJ policy, in my initial mtgs with DA Newell when he entered office and sought my opinion. I still believe sq ft is better than plant count but it is a minor point when all people are allowed to legally grow is what they demonstrably need, regardless of sq ft or plant count. DA Newell uses both in his county guidelines. Both are clear units and easy to measure.

And no Don, Jed and I did not write the ordinance. The authors of the meat of the text are unknown, as it was a direct copy of the Tehama County ordinance for a community 100 miles away, which oddly contains the same exact text being shopped around the state county-by-county by local sheriffs, written as a template non-locally but pushed at the local level as if it was written by local BOS's. We do not know who wrote that, but we do know that the sheriff and County Counsel said they added their own amendments to the out of town ordinance before seeking any input from any local working group. When members of the working group tried to propose our own text amendments and wording changes, we were told by the sheriff (not the BOS, who abdicated their legislative responsibility to the law enforcement arm of govt, in contrast with our constitutional separation of powers) that we were not invited there to actually craft or write the ordinance, we were only there to give him suggestions and feedback and he'd personally consider it and decide what should be in the ordinance. So the ordinance was written by the sheriff, the county counsel and whoever wrote the meat of Tehama's code. So it's Tehama meat, with the sheriff's potatoes added in, and the working group was allowed to put the parsley sprig on the side, to appear as though we had a hand in writing it. Note: The BOS had NOTHING to do with actually writing the text of the current ordinance, in contrast to Jo Anne's claim that the BOSs wrote it. Go ahead, call them each up and ask which parts of the text were theirs that they wrote. You'll be met with silence. Law enforcement wrote the law that they also enforce. So sad to see in a red county that purports to support constitutional sheriffs.

No, my store is not the classiest head shop in town. Tess Kitchen store (with its recreational drug paraphernalia section) or Foothill Mercantile (with its drug paraphernalia section) or any one of the drug tasting rooms in downtown NC/GV (wine is a recreational drug) are far classier head shops, as a head shop is generally defined as simply a place where drug paraphernalia is sold. If a head shop is someplace that has a section for drug paraphernalia, then they clearly qualify. Don has never set foot in my store so has no idea what it looks like or what I sell. I don't sell pipes, papers, bongs, etc. I sell clothes, books, shampoos, lotions, kitchenware, art, storage jars (that can store anything, not just cannabis), hand cleaners, hemp textiles hand made in Nepal, etc. My most popular items have been THC-free hemp lotions and hemp salves, sold mostly to the elderly, retired folks, and combat veterans. I sell a diverse array of items as a hemp boutique, not a head shop. Nice try, Don. And if hairstyles are all that can be used against me, then that's just pathetic. Shall we criticize political views here based on hair and appearance? Is that really a mature discussion fit for the complicated world that is 2014? I'm not going to address how Don physically looks as means of denigration, as I'm out of high school by several decades.

No I do not work for Yes on S. I do not buy 100% into their campaign themes and organization, so have provided personal distance between the campaign and myself in order to speak my mind freely. I give them my opinion and it is often ignored. But I still think people should vote yes on S. I donated a back room to the campaign HQ for a few months as a strategic business move to spur more walk in traffic and also a way to support the passage of S. That doesn't mean I speak for them or represent them. Those of you that have mature and balanced critical thinking skills will be able to understand the nuanced differences in my support for S while not being part of the official campaign. I don't expect Don to.

And the last question of the night was by a gentleman who complimented the event for not turning into a shouting match, which has nothing to do with ASA and has more to do with public mtgs in the BOS chamber when public official shave been rude and dismissive, such as when Keith Royal lost his professional composure and rudely interrupted me during my public comment last May, attacking me personally with insults in public and creating total disorder during a BOS mtg, requiring the BOS chair to gavel him down. I think the gentleman was glad he didn't see that happen again: a completely out of control ranting public official cutting off a citizen, as well as vice versa. For Don, it seems like the NCSO are angels, and ASA are devils. I see it instead as people trying to find common ground for the betterment of the community. Not so black and white. ASA people can be crazy and county people can be crazy. It's not one or the other and the gentleman was pleased neither side turned into animals.

No, I was not disinvited to the 3rd and last mtg of the Working Group because of something I said to Ted Owens. I never said anything to Ted Owens at all. I complained to the entire BOS in public comment that the Working Group had only met twice for 2 hrs each over a 6-month+ span and that that was hardly enough time to come to consensus and discuss the issues. I said the sheriff was acting more like a salesman in his slick pitch for the ordinance, and that the panel was not functional due to the nature of the participants and the limited input. I therefore asked the BOS to not vote yes and to order another mtg. They totally agreed with my request, did not vote in the ordinance at that time, and ordered the sheriff to have another mtg. Mysteriously, after that I was the only one out of all 12+ people not invited. No reason was ever provided and no reason has ever been given, because there was no good reason. Clearly it's political retribution for publicly criticizing the sheriff, and as we all know, you are not allowed to criticize the sheriff in a mtg. He only wanted people around him that say what he wanted to hear, not someone who pushed the group to do better.

And no Don, the 'audience' didn't 'demand' the small bin of pot at the back of the room be shut. At the very end of the event, Ed Scofield (who was sitting at the back near it) joked that he could smell it and could they put a lid on it. So one guy jokes about putting a lid on a tupperware bin and to Don that means the entire audience was demanding it be shut. Small things turn into major events in the magical mind of Don Bessee, who should be noted gave a rambling 10-15 min speech that went on about Colorado and recreational legality, which has nothing to do with Nevada County's ordinance vs S...this is an event about local medicinal regulation, that's statewide recreational regulation. He started off saying we should avoid CO's model but then quickly contradicted himself and said maybe we should use their model after pointing out some things he liked about their rules, which again, had nothing to do with the measure at hand. "Hey let's not talk about here! Let's talk about a place several states away!" Red herring. I was not impressed, but then, you can prob tell Don and I are not friends.

George Rebane came up to me afterwards and thanked me for being a good speaker and hoped that if S didn't pass that I would work with the BOS to improve the current ordinance, since he appreciated my comments and my approach to the situation. I was pleasantly surprised by the geniality and nice comments expressed by several anti-S citizens and I hope I was able to build some bridges between the attendees and people like myself. Thank you to Keith Royal for manning up (ahem...at the very last minute) and inviting me to speak as an unprepared guest. I believe both ordinances are flawed but I believe the sheriff's ordinance is the worse one of the two and will be voting Yes on S. Thanks for listening. Now bash the crap out of me because it seems like many people commenting on this site appear to be here mainly for sport rather than educational discussion. I am inclined to say I liked chatting with George and wish more people would reach out to broaden their understanding of critical issues, like he did. Thanks George. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

George Rebane

Am intrigued that our local lefties are still in a hissy fit about my KVMR commentaries. Their exposure to what's going on in the world continues to be (charitably) 'limited'. News programs across the land feature commentaries as part of their content, KVMR did not pioneer this concept.

And as PaulE says in his 952am, KVMR believes, that in the context of their entire programming content, my commentary is so prominently unbalanced that they feel the need to offer anyone an opportunity to rebut my views. However, they do not even consider that the remainder of the station's social commentary, from Amy Goodman on down, reflects a distinct, nay glaring, progressive perspective. There is no invitation for anyone to counter, say, Amy Goodman. Nevertheless, I am grateful for their tolerance of this grizzled conservatarian.

And the criticism that I don't provide enough back-up for my views. That is specious because 1) it's a commentary and I don't have to provide back-up, and 2) I do provide back-up by citing the names of people and institutions that relate/substantiate on what I comment. Furthermore, I post links on the RR transcript and often expand on the topic with more references and links. And my commentaries always end with the invitation to the listener to read the transcript. Such criticisms, ignorant of the topics covered and commentaries in general, really piss me off when they talk out of their ass.

BTW, I would be in favor of an issues discussion program whereon Paul and I would share views about the day's issues, and perhaps have a guest on now and then. We have discussed it.


Mr. Webb. Was the screwing over of landlords mentioned? ( which "S" if passed, does.)


Posted by: Paul Emery | 24 September 2014 at 09:52 AM

HE DECLINED.....!? I figured he'd be sleeping on the radio station porch for an opportunity to beat his gums about his general displeasure about.....things. Especially after this self awareness challenged rant in his sandbox.....

This egomaniacal/narcissistic behavior in our local media is becoming ridiculous. This debate should be broadcast on KNCO as well, and KNCO, Yubanet and others should help select the questions. Thank god for the League of Women Voters in our community:

Yes jeffy...thank god indeed!


Am intrigued that our local lefties are still in a hissy fit about my KVMR commentaries. Their exposure to what's going on in the world continues to be (charitably) 'limited'. News programs across the land feature commentaries as part of their content, KVMR did not pioneer this concept.

Merely a variation on a theme and not significantly different than the argument made by said hissy fit thrower over political talks/events held in Western Gateway Park. The desire for censorship via scheduling conflict, vague complaint and ponderous regulation.....

Of course I think that you have the right to express your political views in a public venue.....fill out this 8 foot stack of permits. I'm sure we can arrange for a slot for your organization to hold their event in about 11 years. See I would never censor you. LOL


"Fish," you don't even live in the community. You're a "flatlander." LOL.


Nope I certainly don't.....but you don't live in mine either and yet I'm forced to look at your sourpuss in my local newspaper (SACBEE) about three days out of five.

I figure since you are bound and determined to make yourself a public figure the least I can do is offer constructive criticism.

....and as always LOL.

Paul Emery


It was not an invitation for rebuttal but rather an unsuccessful attempt to replace long time commentator Mark Staneart who had a spot for years on KVMR called Local Views of the News. The difference is that you actually show up and do your commentary something that Jeff P never did. Anyone can produce a rebuttal to a specific commentary on KVMR News however, an offer that is exercised only occasionally.

Todd Juvinall

Where did Mark Stanaert go? He and I debated numerous times. Always respectfully back in the day.


Love it. "Cartman" carpetbags" to the valley,to sell his snake oil, yet bitchs when a "tourist" comes up to "see the sights".

RL Crabb

A great spewing gasbag who accomplishes little more than leaving a foul smell in his wake.


On a lighter note, look what the "rednecks" have for an armored vehicle.
A skid-steer Bobcat, with an armored outhouse attached to the thing!
Love it!!

Paul Emery


Mark had to quit because of health reasons. He was brilliant and is greatly missed.



Apparently I was mistaken .....jeffy doesn't have a problem with station content.

You and the KVMR management need to work this out. It’s not about me. It’s about YOU.

Well that's a relief I'm sure! I imagine you guys can just soldier on "as is" then.

Is their an online feed that I can catch? As Mr. Pelline is so fond of pointing out, I don't live in your fair burgh so I can't hear your offerings over the air.

I'm interested if George is quite as "rabid" as he is made out to be!

Brad C.

I have "taped" shows using an app. You would need to know what time the show airs. I think some shows are saved/stored at KVMR but it is at the discretion on the show host.
Pretty sure that George posts transcripts of all his shows here also.

George Rebane

Re MartinW 1050am – [This comment by Jo Ann Rebane is posted here because it’s easier for me to attach the photograph of the county’s Measure S leaflet as the RR administrator than for her to insert it into her comment from her computer. gjr]

For the record –


1. Don Bessee has “led Jo Anne(sic) to believe …” in nothing regarding Measure S. My work product on the issue is based on my own research (including the Coalition’s support allegation, see below).
2. The above photograph of the county’s ‘Argument Against Measure S’ leaflet includes among the signatories Ariel Lovett, signing as “Director, Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County of Nevada”, not as a private individual. I also posted this information on The Union’s website right above Mr Webb’s comment, information which he has apparently chosen to ignore again.
3. The BoS had EVERYTHING to do with County Ordinance 2349. The “writing of the text” of legislation and ordnances is almost always done by people (staffers, lobbyists, counsel, other agencies, …) other than the elected officials/legislatures. My stating that they ‘wrote’ 2349 follows the convention of ‘institutional ascription’. I shouldn’t have to remind anyone that it is the legislating bodies - BoS, Congress, etc – and their elected members who are responsible and held accountable for the legislation that is issued by such bodies. To niggle about who did the actual wordsmithing for an ordinance or law on the books is a diversion and waste of time.

/s/ Jo Ann Rebane
2nd VP, Legislative Chair
Republican Women of Nevada County Federated

George Rebane

re BradC 212pm - Yes, ALL my commentary transcripts are posted on RR and can be accessed by searching 'KVMR commentary'. Also KVMR archives my commentaries - at their own leisure - which can be replayed from their website http://www.kvmr.org/ . I think PaulE is the KVMR person responsible for posting the audio.

Paul Emery

The last commentary aired Monday instead of Friday. It is part of the Monday newscast which is up on a podcast. Scroll down to Mondays news. The piece is around 20 minutes in.



Thanks you gentlemen. I'll sample a few!

George Rebane

BTW, did everyone notice that the ISIS fatwa as the latest insult from Islam didn't raise a single hackle? Apparently no one gives a crap any more what the ragheads say or do. If they start cutting off heads in Amsterdam, Manchester, Lyon, or Pittsburgh, so what? The odds are in my favor for keeping my head, and anyway, it's the feds' problem. I got Thursday night football on my do-list.

Martin Webb

Jo Ann, I dare you to call the Coalition and find out you're wrong. That would be real research that would give you facts instead of flawed analysis. Or I could forward you the email directly from them if you'd like, explaining that they do not oppose Measure S or support the sheriff's ordinance and never have. We are neutral on both.

Your research was very poor if all you did was look at the argument against S. That is indeed the signature of an individual not speaking on behalf of an entire organization. The argument submitted on county letterhead is also a violation of election code, thanks for posting it as further proof. Yes, legislative bodies work with staffers on crafting text, but they do not simply tell the top law enforcement official to write the laws and get a little input that he may or may not listen to, which is what happened here. That's a big difference.

Here, to stop your constant repeating of a falsehood based on poor research and your basic misunderstandings of what ballot argument signatures mean, this is the email from Shelley Rogers, cc'ed to Ariel Lovett, in response to Don's latest threatening and harassing email to me:

Dated Sept 16th, one week ago...

Hi Martin,

I wanted to respond, albeit a little late.

You are indeed correct that just like you, Ariel signed as an individual
citizen. You are also right that the Coalition does not have an official
positon on this legislation or past legislation. I will clarify this with

Please know that Don's contacting is not on behalf of the Coalition. Lastly
the Coalition is not "actively evaluating" etc... and I don't know what he
is talking about.

In regard to his emails to you, what I can do is ask again that he not
communicate in any way on behalf of the coalition.


Shelley Rogers, Program Coordinator
Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County

Can we put this issue to bed now? You are wrong. You assign an inappropriate inflated value to an individuals signature, but can't seem to admit it or even be willing to consider it. Whether Don played a role in that is moot. In this regard, you are spreading misinformation and you should stop trying to convince me otherwise.


Martin... "S" stands for SUCKS, and is far from " sensible".
Stop the whining. I'm pretty confident the Rebane's research into this matter is rock solid. A supposed email is not what I would call irrefutable evidence.


MartinW 656pm – The county document speaks for itself. It is time for Ms Ariel Lovett to step forward and state what she was attempting to convey when she signed as the “Director, Coalition for Drug-Free Nevada County of Nevada”. The leaflet has been in public circulation for a month and no one has stepped forward to dispute the other signatories in their representations for the Sheriff’s Department, Board of Supervisors, and so presumably Ms Lovett for the Coalition. Did Ms Lovett misrepresent the Coalition on such a public document? If so, why has the Coalition not denounced that action, or voted her out? How does a private email to you by the Coalition’s ‘Program Coordinator’ become the final public word on the question? Does not the Coalition’s and Lovett’s silence on the matter attest to their respective satisfaction with what the document clearly conveys?

But I do appreciate your making Shelley Rogers' email public. Hopefully this will motivate the Coalition to speak with one voice on Measure S.

Don Bessee

Martin Maritn Martin, there you go again. The community is making a value judgment on Director Lovett and her life of dedication to the community and CORR v a head shop owner. We all know you are intimating legal action about the drug free grant fund use and the use of the rood center last night. Project SAM has demanded the Obama admin officially clarify the Drug Free Grantee rules. That's why the IFBC said screw the grants and does fine funding without them. It lets us tell the hard truths. I know we are just a bunch of stupid white folks here who can not see that you are so much smarter than us and if we could only stop thinking and reading. The fact is the window to file a formal complaint was closed when we found out. As I told pattie and you there are many who have standing to file a complaint or suit. The Coalition has no money for lawyers but I would have made it happen and you know it. Now don't be depressed by this but you are not a member of the steering committee and never will be. The kind ladies of the coalition will always try to sooth you but you are not in the mix in the real world conversations that matter. Go ahead and come to the open to the public meetings and complain about the Andy Capp cartoons promoting drunkenness. Let me help you with that since as usual you miss the real point, Andy Capp is a cautionary tale. He is the butt of the jokes and always ends up badly. It is too fumy that today the Marijuana Policy Project filed papers in CA for the 2016 effort connected to Gavin ( picture of teenage date with champagne while mayor gavin )Newsoms gov run. The state of things in Nevada County and the State make me wish it was in effect now. Counties like the home of the Air Force Academy and Olympic Training Center, CO springs opted out of legalization. MMJ 3 plants, grow within 1000ft of a school FELENOLY! Sounds good to me. Since you have obviously been reading too much HUFFPO I can send you the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) report on CO after legalization. Want a copy? You guys can keep trying to kill the messenger but there are way too many of us! What is really gratifying is going to groups like tonight were you all have peddled your propaganda and share the facts. Its kind of like you and pattie are laying a walkway of pavers made of propaganda and I am right behind you pulling the courses up and replacing them with the facts. Converting voters all along the way who may have sipped the Kool-Aid but not actually drank it to the point they can not think for themselves anymore. I DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU TO review the BOS minutes on your rant that excluded you from the process that developed 2349. Its so cute your posturing about the current and former DA where you were spewing your stuff and claim it was counseling them yet neither of them subscribe to your world view and both are NO ON S.

Douglas Keachie

In terms of capacity, I'm pretty certain the Nevada Theater seats more than the Rood Chambers.

I am delighted to see Obama appears to have taken my advice from back on Sept 11th,

"A third night of U.S.-led air strikes late on Wednesday targeted Islamic State-controlled oil refineries in eastern Syria as the United States and its partners moved to choke off a crucial source of revenue for the militant group, U.S. officials said.

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates joined in the strikes by piloted and drone aircraft targeting facilities around al Mayadin, al Hasakah, and Abu Kamal, the U.S. military said.

The military said the targeted refineries, which are prefabricated and constructed off-site so they can be transported and made operational quickly, were capable of producing millions in revenue and provided fuel for Islamic State operations.

you can see my original here: http://farstars.blogspot.com/2014/09/rubio-and-obama-both-miss-obvious.html

Don Bessee

Doug , You are correct on the seating capacity of the old theater that is home to kvmr. The Rood is actually disabled friendly in a Legally required way and so is the parking lot. The video shows they did not come near to filling as promised. I however really tried to coax a debate as they agreed before and after the Union got conned and printed the story believing them. At Rood we had Lake the pot lawyer (check judge votes) and the head shop owner with the guy who demanded plant count be damned and give us our freedom to manage our crop! The owner of the classy head shop who said the BOS hearings on 2349, apx I as a divorced parent do not want my kid exposed to it and that's why I do not grow in my house. == To which I responded more or less, Its interesting that Mr Webb sees the benefit of excluding access to his child, yet we are expected to accept it in our neighborhoods. If its good enough for his child so why not ours being protected too?' - Having kids loiter for up to a half hour at bus stops every day means they see everything and they are not stupid. Only 4 bus stop issues this year. 2 on properties over 10 acres, really? The pot profiteers cant find a spot 1000ft from a stop on 10 acres? Wow, Terry Lamphier, does that really make everyone unable to grow?

RL Crabb

Andy Capp? I tried to unseat that lout twenty years ago, to make room for my comic strip about squirrels getting run over on the road. It didn't work then either, even though I exposed him as a wife abuser. If it had been today and he had been in the NFL instead of soccer it might have turned out differently.

Brad C.

Wouldn't an orginizaton associated with an action, or proposed action, only be mentioned by the name of the organization. For example, The League of Women Voters does not sign as individuals, they sign as the organization when they publish their voter guides.
Perhaps, someone (gasp!) made a mistake in including the organization they worked for, when that organization does not take those kinds of positions.
It sounds like neither Ms. Lovett nor Mr. Bessee are the 'voices' of the Coalition for a Drug Free Nevada County of Nevada.
Besides that, this organization is apparantly in the state of Nevada.
What a hoot!

Paul Emery


You know your expostulations would be a lot easier to read if you learned how to use paragraphs. Paragraphs are used by writers who carefully organize their thoughts in writing allowing breathing time for the brain when changing topics. They also look good on paper.

I just thought I'd offer an idea to make your rants more comprehensible to the casual reader.


Now Paul is the "spellin" and "grammar" police.. LOL!!!
Funny,, I didn't have one problem with the read.
Some here can't remember what was said by the end of the three lines of the third paragraph.
Hell You can't remember what you wrote last week. ( you keep repeating the same line.)

Paul Emery

Just trying to be helpful Walt. Don B seems to be trying to say something. I sure can't figure out what is is though. Life is better if we help each other.


Dougy.. Lat off that "Labrador" aged weed. We are damned sure "O" didn't seek your advice, let alone read your email.


Posted by: Walt | 25 September 2014 at 09:37 AM

Way to play the "Cheech and Chong" card Walt! That takes me back!


You have made PLENTY of errors of your own Paul, yet you see fit to chastise others? (yet no one really calls you out on those.)
This ditch digger will be more than happy to "correct" you on the next ones. More than happy "to help".


Thanks Fish,, I wore that cassette tape out back in the day.

On another note, LIBS will cover-up ANYTHING. Even the killing of a Groundhog. ( I even watched him do it! http://www.foxnews.com/us/2014/09/25/groundhog-dropped-by-new-york-mayor-de-blasio-died-week-later/?intcmp=latestnews

Paul Emery

Thanks Walt

You're a gem.


Glad to be of assistance.
BTW,, get the breaking news? AG Holder is in deep trouble, and is about to step down!!
Who will protect "O" now!? All his stalling has come to an end..

Paul Emery

Actually Holder is leaving with the same decor as when Ashcroft hightailed it in '05. Actually he lasted a little longer.


So? Ashcroft didn't have the phone book of scandals he was trying to shield Bush from.
F&F news is about to hit the fan.

Don Bessee

Measure S league of woman's voters Debate ---- Oct. 16th 7p Rood Center.

Paul Emery

Are you kidding?


1. Memogate: The Senate Computer Theft

The scandal: From 2001 to 2003, Republican staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee illicitly accessed nearly 5,000 computer files containing confidential Democratic strategy memos about President Bush’s judicial nominees. The GOP used the memos to shape their own plans and leaked some to the media.

The problem: The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act states it is illegal to obtain confidential information from a government computer.

The outcome: Unresolved. The Justice Department has assigned a prosecutor to the case. The staff member at the heart of the matter, Manuel Miranda, has attempted to brazen it out, filing suit in September 2004 against the DOJ to end the investigation. “A grand jury will indict a ham sandwich,” Miranda complained. Some jokes just write themselves.

2. Doctor Detroit: The DOJ’s Bungled Terrorism Case

The scandal: The Department of Justice completely botched the nation’s first post-9/11 terrorism trial, as seen when the convictions of three Detroit men allegedly linked to al-Qaida were overturned in September 2004. Former Attorney General John Ashcroft had claimed their June 2003 sentencing sent “a clear message” that the government would “detect, disrupt and dismantle the activities of terrorist cells.”

The problem: The DOJ’s lead prosecutor in the case, Richard Convertino, withheld key information from the defense and distorted supposed pieces of evidence — like a Las Vegas vacation video purported to be a surveillance tape. But that’s not the half of it. Convertino says he was unfairly scapegoated because he testified before the Senate, against DOJ wishes, about terrorist financing. Justice’s reconsideration of the case began soon thereafter. Convertino has since sued the DOJ, which has also placed him under investigation.

The outcome: Let’s see: Overturned convictions, lawsuits and feuding about a Kafkaesque case. Nobody looks good here.

3. Dark Matter: The Energy Task Force

The scandal: A lawsuit has claimed it is illegal for Dick Cheney to keep the composition of his 2001 energy-policy task force secret. What’s the big deal? The New Yorker’s Jane Mayer has suggested an explosive aspect of the story, citing a National Security Council memo from February 2001, which “directed the N.S.C. staff to cooperate fully with the Energy Task Force as it considered the ‘melding’ of … ‘operational policies towards rogue states,’ such as Iraq, and ‘actions regarding the capture of new and existing oil and gas fields.’” In short, the task force’s activities could shed light on the administration’s pre-9/11 Iraq aims.

The problem: The Federal Advisory Committee Act says the government must disclose the work of groups that include non-federal employees; the suit claims energy industry executives were effectively task force members. Oh, and the Bush administration has portrayed the Iraq war as a response to 9/11, not something it was already considering.

The outcome: Unresolved. In June 2004, the U.S. Supreme Court sent the case back to an appellate court.

4. The Indian Gaming Scandal

The scandal: Potential influence peddling to the tune of $82 million, for starters. Jack Abramoff, a GOP lobbyist and major Bush fundraiser, and Michael Scanlon, a former aide to Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas), received that amount from several Indian tribes, while offering access to lawmakers. For instance, Texas’ Tigua tribe, which wanted its closed El Paso casino reopened, gave millions to the pair and $33,000 to Rep. Robert Ney (R-Ohio) in hopes of favorable legislation (Ney came up empty). And get this: The Tiguas were unaware that Abramoff, Scanlon and conservative activist Ralph Reed had earned millions lobbying to have the same casino shut in 2002.

The problem: Federal officials want to know if Abramoff and Scanlon provided real services for the $82 million, and if they broke laws while backing candidates in numerous Indian tribe elections.

The outcome: Everybody into the cesspool! The Senate Indian Affairs Committee and five federal agencies, including the FBI, IRS, and Justice Department, are investigating.

5. Halliburton’s No-Bid Bonanza

The scandal: In February 2003, Halliburton received a five-year, $7 billion no-bid contract for services in Iraq.

The problem: The Army Corps of Engineers’ top contracting officer, Bunnatine Greenhouse, objected to the deal, saying the contract should be the standard one-year length, and that a Halliburton official should not have been present during the discussions.

The outcome: The FBI is investigating. The $7 billion contract was halved and Halliburton won one of the parts in a public bid. For her troubles, Greenhouse has been forced into whistle-blower protection.

6. Halliburton: Pumping Up Prices

The scandal: In 2003, Halliburton overcharged the army for fuel in Iraq. Specifically, Halliburton’s subsidiary Kellogg, Brown & Root hired a Kuwaiti company, Altanmia, to supply fuel at about twice the going rate, then added a markup, for an overcharge of at least $61 million, according to a December 2003 Pentagon audit.

The problem: That’s not the government’s $61 million, it’s our $61 million.

The outcome: The FBI is investigating.

7. Halliburton’s Vanishing Iraq Money

The scandal: In mid-2004, Pentagon auditors determined that $1.8 billion of Halliburton’s charges to the government, about 40 percent of the total, had not been adequately documented.

The problem: That’s not the government’s $1.8 billion, it’s our $1.8 billion.

The outcome: The Defense Contract Audit Agency has “strongly” asked the Army to withhold about $60 million a month from its Halliburton payments until the documentation is provided.

8. The Halliburton Bribe-apalooza

The scandal: This may not surprise you, but an international consortium of companies, including Halliburton, is alleged to have paid more than $100 million in bribes to Nigerian officials, from 1995 to 2002, to facilitate a natural-gas-plant deal. (Cheney was Halliburton’s CEO from 1995 to 2000.)

The problem: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act prohibits U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials.

The outcome: A veritable coalition of the willing is investigating the deal, including the Justice Department, the SEC, the Nigerian government and a French magistrate. In June, Halliburton fired two implicated executives.

9. Halliburton: One Fine Company

The scandal: In 1998 and 1999, Halliburton counted money recovered from project overruns as revenue, before settling the charges with clients.

The problem: Doing so made the company’s income appear larger, but Halliburton did not explain this to investors. The SEC ruled this accounting practice was “materially misleading.”

The outcome: In August 2004, Halliburton agreed to pay a $7.5 million fine to settle SEC charges. One Halliburton executive has paid a fine and another is settling civil charges. Now imagine the right-wing rhetoric if, say, Al Gore had once headed a firm fined for fudging income statements.

10. Halliburton’s Iran End Run

The scandal: Halliburton may have been doing business with Iran while Cheney was CEO.

The problem: Federal sanctions have banned U.S. companies from dealing directly with Iran. To operate in Iran legally, U.S. companies have been required to set up independent subsidiaries registered abroad. Halliburton thus set up a new entity, Halliburton Products and Services Ltd., to do business in Iran, but while the subsidiary was registered in the Cayman Islands, it may not have had operations totally independent of the parent company.

The outcome: Unresolved. The Treasury Department has referred the case to the U.S. attorney in Houston, who convened a grand jury in July 2004.

11. Money Order: Afghanistan’s Missing $700 Million Turns Up in Iraq

The scandal: According to Bob Woodward’s “Plan of Attack,” the Bush administration diverted $700 million in funds from the war in Afghanistan, among other places, to prepare for the Iraq invasion.

The problem: Article I, Section 8, Clause 12 of the U.S. Constitution specifically gives Congress the power “to raise and support armies.” And the emergency spending bill passed after Sept. 11, 2001, requires the administration to notify Congress before changing war spending plans. That did not happen.

The outcome: Congress declined to investigate. The administration’s main justification for its decision has been to claim the funds were still used for, one might say, Middle East anti-tyrant-related program activities.

12. Iraq: More Loose Change

The scandal: The inspector general of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq released a series of reports in July 2004 finding that a significant portion of CPA assets had gone missing — 34 percent of the materiel controlled by Kellogg, Brown & Root — and that the CPA’s method of disbursing $600 million in Iraq reconstruction funds “did not establish effective controls and left accountability open to fraud, waste and abuse.”

The problem: As much as $50 million of that money was disbursed without proper receipts.

The outcome: The CPA has disbanded, but individual government investigations into the handling of Iraq’s reconstruction continue.

13. The Pentagon-Israel Spy Case

The scandal: A Pentagon official, Larry Franklin, may have passed classified United States documents about Iran to Israel, possibly via the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, a Washington lobbying group.

The problem: To do so could be espionage or could constitute the mishandling of classified documents.

The outcome: A grand jury is investigating. In December 2004, the FBI searched AIPAC’s offices. A Senate committee has also been investigating the apparently unauthorized activities of the Near East and South Asia Affairs group in the Pentagon, where Franklin works.

14. Gone to Taiwan

The scandal: Missed this one? A high-ranking State Department official, Donald Keyser, was arrested and charged in September with making a secret trip to Taiwan and was observed by the FBI passing documents to Taiwanese intelligence agents in Washington-area meetings.

The problem: Such unauthorized trips are illegal. And we don’t have diplomatic relations with Taiwan.

The outcome: The case is in the courts.

15. Wiretapping the United Nations

The scandal: Before the United Nations’ vote on the Iraq war, the United States and Great Britain developed an eavesdropping operation targeting diplomats from several countries.

The problem: U.N. officials say the practice is illegal and undermines honest diplomacy, although some observers claim it is business as usual on East 42nd Street.

The outcome: Little fuss here, but a major British scandal erupted after U.K. intelligence translator Katherine Gun leaked a U.S. National Security Agency memo requesting British help in the spying scheme, in early 2003. Initially charged under Britain’s Official Secrets Act for leaking classified information, Gun was cleared in 2004 — seemingly to avoid hearings questioning the legality of Britain’s war participation.

16. The Boeing Boondoggle

The scandal: In 2003, the Air Force contracted with Boeing to lease a fleet of refueling tanker planes at an inflated price: $23 billion.

The problem: The deal was put together by a government procurement official, Darleen Druyun, who promptly joined Boeing. Beats using a headhunter.

The outcome: In November 2003, Boeing fired both Druyun and CFO Michael Sears. In April 2004, Druyun pled guilty to a conspiracy charge in the case. In November 2004, Sears copped to a conflict-of-interest charge, and company CEO Phil Condit resigned. The government is reviewing its need for the tankers.

17. The Medicare Bribe Scandal

The scandal: According to former Rep. Nick Smith (R-Mich.), on Nov. 21, 2003, with the vote on the administration’s Medicare bill hanging in the balance, someone offered to contribute $100,000 to his son’s forthcoming congressional campaign, if Smith would support the bill.

The problem: Federal law prohibits the bribery of elected officials.

The outcome: In September 2004, the House Ethics Committee concluded an inquiry by fingering House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas), saying he deserved “public admonishment” for offering to endorse Smith’s son in return for Smith’s vote. DeLay has claimed Smith initiated talks about a quid pro quo. The matter of the $100,000 is unresolved; soon after his original allegations, Smith suddenly claimed he had not been offered any money. Smith’s son Brad lost his GOP primary in August 2004.

18. Tom DeLay’s PAC Problems

The scandal: One of DeLay’s political action committees, Texans for a Republican Majority, apparently reaped illegal corporate contributions for the campaigns of Republicans running for the Texas Legislature in 2002. Given a Republican majority, the Legislature then re-drew Texas’ U.S. congressional districts to help the GOP.

The problem: Texas law bans the use of corporate money for political purposes.

The outcome: Unresolved. Three DeLay aides and associates — Jim Ellis, John Colyandro and Warren RoBold — were charged in September 2004 with crimes including money laundering and unlawful acceptance of corporate contributions.

19. Tom DeLay’s FAA: Following Americans Anywhere

The scandal: In May 2003, DeLay’s office persuaded the Federal Aviation Administration to find the plane carrying a Texas Democratic legislator, who was leaving the state in an attempt to thwart the GOP’s nearly unprecedented congressional redistricting plan.

The problem: According to the House Ethics Committee, the “invocation of federal executive branch resources in a partisan dispute before a state legislative body” is wrong.

The outcome: In October 2004, the committee rebuked DeLay for his actions.

20. In the Rough: Tom DeLay’s Golf Fundraiser

The scandal: DeLay appeared at a golf fundraiser that Westar Energy held for one of his political action committees, Americans for a Republican Majority, while energy legislation was pending in the House.

The problem: It’s one of these “appearance of impropriety” situations.

The outcome: The House Ethics Committee tossed the matter into its Oct. 6 rebuke. “Take a lap, Tom.”

21. Busy, Busy, Busy in New Hampshire

The scandal: In 2002, with a tight Senate race in New Hampshire, Republican Party officials paid a Virginia-based firm, GOP Marketplace, to enact an Election Day scheme meant to depress Democratic turnout by “jamming” the Democratic Party phone bank with continuous calls for 90 minutes.

The problem: Federal law prohibits the use of telephones to “annoy or harass” anyone.

The outcome: Chuck McGee, the former executive director of the New Hampshire GOP, pleaded guilty in July 2004 to a felony charge, while Allen Raymond, former head of GOP Marketplace, pleaded guilty to a similar charge in June. In December, James Tobin, former New England campaign chairman of Bush-Cheney ’04, was indicted for conspiracy in the case.

22. The Medicare Money Scandal

The scandal: Thomas Scully, Medicare’s former administrator, supposedly threatened to fire chief Medicare actuary Richard Foster to prevent him from disclosing the true cost of the 2003 Medicare bill.

The problem: Congress voted on the bill believing it would cost $400 billion over 10 years. The program is more likely to cost $550 billion.

The outcome: Scully denies threatening to fire Foster, as Foster has charged, but admits telling Foster to withhold the higher estimate from Congress. In September 2004, the Government Accountability Office recommended Scully return half his salary from 2003. Inevitably, Scully is now a lobbyist for drug companies helped by the bill.

23. The Bogus Medicare “Video News Release”

The scandal: To promote its Medicare bill, the Bush administration produced imitation news-report videos touting the legislation. About 40 television stations aired the videos. More recently, similar videos promoting the administration’s education policy have come to light.

The problem: The administration broke two laws: One forbidding the use of federal money for propaganda, and another forbidding the unauthorized use of federal funds.

The outcome: In May 2004, the GAO concluded the administration acted illegally, but the agency lacks enforcement power.

24. Pundits on the Payroll: The Armstrong Williams Case

The scandal: The Department of Education paid conservative commentator Armstrong Williams $240,000 to promote its educational law, No Child Left Behind.

The problem: Williams did not disclose that his support was government funded until the deal was exposed in January 2005.

The outcome: The House and FCC are considering inquiries, while Williams’ syndicated newspaper column has been terminated.

25. Ground Zero’s Unsafe Air

The scandal: Government officials publicly minimized the health risks stemming from the World Trade Center attack. In September 2001, for example, Environmental Protection Agency head Christine Todd Whitman said New York’s “air is safe to breathe and [the] water is safe to drink.”

The problem: Research showed serious dangers or was incomplete. The EPA used outdated techniques that failed to detect tiny asbestos particles. EPA data also showed high levels of lead and benzene, which causes cancer. A Sierra Club report claims the government ignored alarming data. A GAO report says no adequate study of 9/11′s health effects has been organized.

The outcome: The long-term health effects of the disaster will likely not be apparent for years or decades and may never be definitively known. Already, hundreds of 9/11 rescue workers have quit their jobs because of acute illnesses.

26. John Ashcroft’s Illegal Campaign Contributions

The scandal: Ashcroft’s exploratory committee for his short-lived 2000 presidential bid transferred $110,000 to his unsuccessful 2000 reelection campaign for the Senate.

The problem: The maximum for such a transfer is $10,000.

The outcome: The Federal Election Commission fined Ashcroft’s campaign treasurer, Garrett Lott, $37,000 for the transgression.

27. Intel Inside … The White House

The scandal: In early 2001, chief White House political strategist Karl Rove held meetings with numerous companies while maintaining six-figure holdings of their stock — including Intel, whose executives were seeking government approval of a merger. “Washington hadn’t seen a clearer example of a conflict of interest in years,” wrote Paul Glastris in the Washington Monthly.

The problem: The Code of Federal Regulations says government employees should not participate in matters in which they have a personal financial interest.

The outcome: Then White House counsel Alberto Gonzales, spurning precedent, did not refer the case to the Justice Department.

28. Duck! Antonin Scalia’s Legal Conflicts

The scandal: Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia refused to recuse himself from the Cheney energy task force case, despite taking a duck-hunting trip with the vice president after the court agreed to weigh the matter.

The problem: Federal law requires a justice to “disqualify himself from any proceeding in which his impartiality might reasonably be questioned.”

The outcome: Scalia stayed on, arguing no conflict existed because Cheney was party to the case in a professional, not personal, capacity. Nothing new for Scalia, who in 2002 was part of a Mississippi redistricting ruling favorable to GOP Rep. Chip Pickering — son of Judge Charles Pickering, a Scalia turkey-hunting pal. In 2001, Scalia went pheasant hunting with Kansas Gov. Bill Graves when that state had cases pending before the Supreme Court.

29. AWOL

The scandal: George W. Bush, self-described “war president,” did not fulfill his National Guard duty, and Bush and his aides have made misleading statements about it. Salon’s Eric Boehlert wrote the best recent summary of the issue.

The problem: Military absenteeism is a punishable offense, although Bush received an honorable discharge.

The outcome: No longer a campaign issue. But what was Bush doing in 1972?

30. Iraq: The Case for War

The scandal: Bush and many officials in his administration made false statements about Iraq’s military capabilities, in the months before the United States’ March 2003 invasion of the country.

The problem: For one thing, it is a crime to lie to Congress, although Bush backers claim the president did not knowingly make false assertions.

The outcome: A war spun out of control with unknowable long-term consequences. The Iraq Survey Group has stopped looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

31. Niger Forgeries: Whodunit?

The scandal: In his January 2003 State of the Union address, Bush said, “The British government has learned that Saddam Hussein recently sought significant quantities of uranium from Africa.”

The problem: The statement was untrue. By March 2003, the International Atomic Energy Agency showed the claim, that Iraq sought materials from Niger, was based on easily discernible forgeries.

The outcome: The identity of the forger(s) remains under wraps. Journalist Josh Marshall has implied the FBI is oddly uninterested in interviewing Rocco Martino, the former Italian intelligence agent who apparently first shopped the documents in intelligence and journalistic circles and would presumably be able to shed light on their origin.

32. In Plame Sight

The scandal: In July 2003, administration officials disclosed the identity of Valerie Plame, a CIA operative working on counterterrorism efforts, to multiple journalists, and columnist Robert Novak made Plame’s identity public. Plame’s husband, former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, had just written a New York Times opinion piece stating he had investigated the Niger uranium-production allegations, at the CIA’s behest, and reported them to be untrue, before Bush’s 2003 State of the Union address.

The problem: Under the Intelligence Identities Protection Act it is illegal to disclose, knowingly, the name of an undercover agent.

The outcome: Unresolved. The Justice Department appointed special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald to the case in December 2003. While this might seem a simple matter, Fitzgerald could be unable to prove the leakers knew Plame was a covert agent.

33. Abu Ghraib

The scandal: American soldiers physically tortured prisoners in Iraq and kept undocumented “ghost detainees” in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq.

The problem: The United States is party to the Geneva Conventions, which state that “No physical or mental torture, nor any other form of coercion, may be inflicted on prisoners of war to secure from them information of any kind whatever.”

The outcome: Unresolved. A Pentagon internal inquiry found a lack of oversight at Abu Ghraib, while independent inquiries have linked the events to the administration’s desire to use aggressive interrogation methods globally. Notoriously, Gonzales has advocated an approach which “renders obsolete Geneva’s strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners and renders quaint some of its provisions.” More recently, Gonzales issued qualified support for the Geneva Conventions in January 2005 Senate testimony after being nominated for attorney general. Army reservist Charles Graner was convicted in January 2005 for abusing prisoners, while a few other soldiers await trial.

34. Guantánamo Bay Torture?

The scandal: The U.S. military is also alleged to have abused prisoners at the U.S. Navy’s base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. FBI agents witnessing interrogations there have reported use of growling dogs to frighten prisoners and the chaining of prisoners in the fetal position while depriving them of food or water for extended periods.

The problem: More potential violations of the Geneva Conventions.

The outcome: An internal military investigation was launched in January 2005.

Brad C.

Oh, well, nobody's perfect!


Nice cut and paste job Paul, Which "Blame Bush" LIB web site did you pilfer that from?
Now put up Holder's dastardly deeds. ( to be fair)( Yaa.... right)

George Rebane

PaulE 1047am - Well, accepting all that as God's truth, it sure looks like Obama has a built up an account of Bush scandals that's bankable with the liberals. I guess the argument is that since those happened then, anything now is a go. Good explanation of how the lamestream views the goings on of this administration. Thanks.


BTW.. FIRST to be held in CONTEMPT. Then hides behind "O"'s skirts.
he did a fine job of not prosecuting anyone who was a LIB.
No interest in justice. He is political 100% protectionist.
And he went after your pot clan despite "orders" not too. You should be happy!
Take off those round rose colored glasses ( is colored a racist term now? Not sure these days.) and stop protecting him because he's a Progressive in deep trouble.

Brad C.

"Obama has built up an account..."? Peter Dizikes is a science journalist based in Boston.


Here is a short list of the crimes of Eric the "Withholder".

Brad C.

The above list of "Bush-isms" is no less bankable than all the, so-called, progressive gotchas that have been belabored here and elsewhere. It is just politics. Just finished watching the Roosevelt documentary and was reminded that this kind of crap has been going on, and on, and on, for centuries.

Paul Emery

I'm just trying to put things in historical perspective.


Paul. If Ashcroft picked the wrong stall in the bathroom to crap in, LIBS wanted an investigation. " Historical prospective". If LIBS couldn't find a damned thing, evidence was manufactured. ( Rathergate?)
Back then LIBS were on the terrorists side. How dare we make those bad guys the least bit uncomfortable. TORTURE!!!! the camp guards had to handle their "holy book" with white gloves. All at Congressional LIB demand. Look at today at what it got us.

George Rebane

BradC 1131am - You misunderstood my 1114am. I stated that PaulE's list of "Bush-isms" IS bankable by the Left. And clearly, the Left does NOT consider the current spate of "Obama-isms" bankable.


The comment that will live in infamy " Not a smidgen of corruption". Right Brad?
Wait till the Senate is in Conservative hands. The Senate has the power to send people to jail. The House doesn't.
Why do you think Holder want's out,, and FAST?
The latest from Holder. " The justice system is unfair to Blacks"


I'm just trying to put things in historical perspective.

This is why it's ridiculous to get upset at either faction of the bi-factional ruling party.

Did Bush do it...the litany of crimes that Paul posted......absolutely he did!

Where Team Red State can feel just a little more sanguine about the whole sordid state of affairs is that I don't recall Bush campaigning that he was going to "undo" all the crimes committed buy the Clinton Administration (he did say that his administration wasn't going to engage in "Nation Building" and then turn around and invade Iraq though...so there's that) he wasn't going to be as sleazy as Clinton (well sleazy appearing anyway). Contrast that with President Hope n' Change..... the "most transparent" administration in history was going to roll back all the abuses of civil liberties that Bush's domestic security apparatus wrought, grow a just and expanding economy, give you free quality health care, improve race relations, and get your teeth their whitest!

I submit that Obama has failed on all five counts, Bush did manage to appear less sleazy than his immediate predecessor.

Paul Emery


As a former Obama supporter I agree that he has many "bankable" scandals although we may disagree on specifics. One thing that I can say for certain is that I did not vote for him second time around which is something that the genetic Republians on this blog cannot say about Bush in '05. I say enough is enough. No more Republicrats for me.

Paul Emery

Libs on the terrorist side Brad? Not long ago you and your ilk were bragging about the Dems support support for the war Iraq in '02. You can't have it both ways.

Paul Emery

Thats" Libs on the terrorist side Walt"

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery you are correct, I voted for Bush in 2004 because I agreed with him. There you have it, and I guess many did too as your hero, John Kerry could not sell his brand of lib BS.


I will stand by that Paul,, Sadam had it coming. Bush caved to LIB demands because our attacks were "TOO" one sided. ( highway of death pictures, as the murderous thugs and pillagers fled Kuwait ) Then he gassed his own people.( Use of WMDs)
How did all that " talking to our enemies" work out?
"O" trades the top terrorists for one traitor.

LIBS bashed Bush for the Patriot act yet not a peep when it's been used against us.

Brad C.

George, 1150am- Yes, the Bushisms are stored in a lockbox by the Left and, likewise, the Obamisms are stored in undisclosed location by the Right to be trotted out during future political arguments.


Remember Paul? NOTHING could be said that could be even the slightest, that might hurt the radical Muslims feelings and ideals. Yet Christian bashing was accepted and encouraged.
(9/11 was an inside job and Bush knew) Bush caused hurricane Katrina, Bush lit the fuse to blow up the levies. Bush ordered the shootings of the survivors.
Remember all that?


I can see the Pardons list now. No need to name names,, it will just cover the entire Obummer administration, and every appointee, their next in command, and six levels of underlings. ( or just write " PARDONED" on the current D.C. Liberal capital Hill phone book.)


.....and in other news...

"Local man trumpets not grandstanding about local issue by grandstanding about related local issue".

He's right....you can't make this stuff up.

....and as always LOL!


Rush nailed it today.
LIBS said the war in Iraq was all about oil.( yet we didn't get a free drop)
So this attack on Syria is all about votes.( LIB votes)
Someone must have sent "O" a set of prosthetic balls. There is no way he did this for "the right reasons". The only time LIBS do the right thing is when they act like Conservatives.

Paul Emery

Just to satisfy my curiosity Walt what do you think the war in Iraq was about?

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