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23 September 2014



What the hell difference does it make Paul? ( to quote a Progressive) You will find fault with my opinion no matter what I say.( damn the facts)
It sure wasn't about free oil as LIBS claimed. Click on over to Berkeley U of the net.(wiki)
I'm sure it has the answers to the wonders of that universe.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 25Sep14 05:16 PM

You have abundantly demonstrated the courage to express your opinions, Walt. If the facts support your opinion then refusing Paul's question with the excuse that he will find fault with your answer betrays that courage and reveals that it is merely bravado.


I'm just tired of giving Paul history lessons. Then all I would get for answers to "my" questions is another question, or a drastic subject change.
We went to war for all the right reasons with the intelligence we had at the time, and the coalition that Bush gathered had, and agreed with the information.
Our troops were not allowed to finish the job. The rules of engagement where changed at the whim, not by the generals but by self riotous politicians.
Oil was an issue yes, but not "free" as the left loved to claim. One power hungry dictator looking to unstablize the world market was a direct threat to our own national security
Remember we had to tap into our own strategic reserves? And that happened more than once.
Recall he set fire to the oil fields?

If we had finished the job the first time we most likely wouldn't having the problems today.

History has shown Democrats can't win wars. But they are real good at starting them, the tuck tail and run the second it's not politically expedient.

Take some lessons from WWII. Break every enemy toy, and shoot anyone you even think has a gun. Then remove every gun you can find. Not leave one in every home like we did in Iraq.
You take ground and keep it. Period. Did we do that? No...

Today, "O" is approving every target. Just what the hell does he know about fighting? Chicago streets and drive-bys don't count.
Turn the dogs of war loose, and not keep them on a short leash.


Well I have my own war to fight in the morning, and have plenty of the right ammo,
and facts on my side. I don't plan on taking any prisoners, or cutting deals.
Unconditional surrender of my enemy is all I will accept. ( and the full amount the bastard is trying to extort from me.)
That's why I hired the best " General" in town to do my dirty work.
I just hope the judges wife is putting out tonight so he's in a good mood.

Michael R. Kesti

Thanks, Walt. Thank you very much.

Richard Wynn

I find it so "humorous" the Don Bessee is sooooo worried about the children of Nevada County, yet he still owes @$40k in back child support, and his wife owes $200k for the support of her 2 children....

Maybe Don you should worry about your own progeny and making sure that they have the financial resources, as dictated by your support payments, before you try to tell us that you care about children here...

The only savior you have here is that the Republican's are too dopey to realize what a "treasure" you really are...



George, Paul, the rest of you rank amateurs....might as well leave the field....Kung FUE and his "hidden hand technique" is out there and making things happen behind the scenes!

The Union chased down this story this morning:

But it ignored the “story behind the story” (the WHY in the who, what, when, where of journalism). It only wrote that when it involved its own newspaper, supposedly saving the community with a “public service”:

This is what I mean by the self-serving media. I’m glad the “adults” have taken over rather than the showmen.



Speaking of dope, the Nevada County MJ "hunting club" was gearing up. I hope they bag their limit.

With that,,, I hate greedy "vulchers".. Where is a good rock when you need one?

RL Crabb

The open house celebrating The Union's 150th year was a lot of fun. All the former editors and publishers within spittin' distance showed up, except for one of course. Same with columnists, even a few who were let go. Some people can get over themselves better than others. I sold a lot of books and had people (most of whom I'd never met) tell me to keep it up. If I mentioned a certain former editor, the response was "who?" I guess we can count on the paper being around for a few more years.


Not enough WD40 to squeeze through the door?

George Rebane

Sat with Bob (RLCrabb 1141am) at his table for a while at the Union's bash. Was worried that being seen with me might cut into his book sales. Didn't happen. A lot of nice folks dropped by for some good gab and to salute Bob's work by buying his books. Picked up another one myself.


George. Grab one for me the next chance you get. I have a small table with a glass cover it would fit nicely in. If RL would be kind enough to sign it, GREAT.. uh,,, just don't tell him who it's for. Thanks...


Sorry I couldn't make The Union shindig, sounds like all had a great time.


Back on the religion of peace front, a Muslim goes on another rampage and cuts off the head of a woman who just wouldn't see things his way. And a gun at work saved others.
Yes, the guy was a reserve cop, but just think of the carnage if that gun wasn't there.
This is just the beginning of these loan wolves.
We need more guns in the hands of law abiding citizens even more, just for this vary reason.
It could be an anti gun person who may lose their head next. Their last wish would be a gun near by, and someone uses it.


For the Global warming nuts. Not so "warm".... Is it?

George Rebane

Walt 1238pm - Thanks for the pick up. When these hundreds (thousands?) of low temperature records are being set and recorded, that it real data and supports the current cooling phase we are in. But when the Left screams that 2014 is the "hottest year on record", that is a blatant lie. They select the aggregate global temperature algorithm that gives them the propaganda result they want to trumpet. And the great unwashed are no wiser.


Thanks George,, I look where LIBS do not dare. But what is going on over in Mammoth
should not be taken lightly. Yes, it may be nothing, but this is the same start-up style the triggered the Iceland event. The USGS is downplaying the activity so far. But never underestimate a pissed off volcano. The next week will be telling.

Bill Tozer

Read the Japanese volcano swallowed up some people. 130 or so missing yesterday.. Today, rescue search called off for those not accounted for. Nary a peep.

Marin Austin

Hello Mr. Rebane,

My name is Marin-- I am a reporter at FOX40. I am covering a story about both sides of measure S. Please e-mail me, I am hoping we can talk to you as soon as possible today, Oct. 7.



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