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05 September 2014



Another statistic the Left can hang their hat on. It looks like it's official.
More takers than makers. 62.8% of the working stiffs,,ain't....
So keep shipping in the illegals. Business needs that cheaper labor.

George Rebane

Walt 222pm - I think you meant to say that only 62.8% of the workforce is actually working, which is a 36 year low. But having more than one out three potential workers on the job is a sad commentary in any recounting.


Upon further review, I stand corrected. A somewhat educated ditch digger can be wrong on occasion.... Thanks for helping me see the error of my ways.


On the climate change garbage science, our Dear CARB has been using the bogus IPCC "facts*" to ram laws and regs. up our collective posteriors. Hard and dry I might add.

Gary Smith

Dr. Rebane:
I am from the Tahoe area and used to live in Truckee. There were a lot of people that lived in Truckee and worked in Reno, more than one would think. I have lived here for 20 years but suspect that the same applies and Tesla will have workers from Nevada County. But yes most jobs will go to people in the Reno area, point taken about the California job environment. I went to visit family in Orange County and the amount of high rise buildings that have built around the airport business district since I was there 5 years ago was amazing. The place has grown a lot, no data to back this up. Maybe the business leaving is more of a regional thing in California?

George Rebane

GaryS 607pm - good points, thanks for the thoughts. But Tesla joins a long list of major employers who have chosen and continue to choose more business friendly venues for their expansions, and even corporate headquarters. There is no doubt some benefit of such plant locations as Tesla's to California workers who live near its borders and within a commute of out-of-state jobs.

But what gets my undies in a bundle is that California's political leadership is so butt stupid about economic development that all they focus on is policies that will buy votes from the intellectually incompetents to keep them in office while shrinking the source of the state's tax revenues. For a reasoning person, that doesn't appear like a sustainable public policy.

George Rebane

Administrivia - I call your kind attention to the 5sep14 update to 'Silence of the Lambs'.


A little something from just short of down Mexico way.
This is what happens when illegals have free run and leniency.


George Rebane

I draw your kind attention to this post's 6sep14 update.


George. LIBS will vote LIB no matter how incompetent "their guy/gal" is.
You would think the voting booth would burst into flames with them in it, if they dared vote for anyone but.

Todd Juvinall

I watched the last 40 minutes of the debate and was shocked that the Governor told us all we are in a balanced budget! The debt dragging down the place is still there and only a few "promises" (promissory notes) are now in place. The state has stolen our local property taxes, our redevelopment billions and placed confiscatory taxes on everything the we use. Yet that is not enough. Now as of January, as Kashkari was pointing out, the Gov and the democrats in charge will be transferring more of the middle income and poor people's food dollars to high speed rail from nowhere to no where. When the folks get their PG and E bill and SCE bills, they will now be forces to give up the hot dogs with beans and just have beans. But my guess is Brown will win big as will the fools that have driven Tesla to Nevada.


Todd... And the gas price going up is "just a scare tactic".


Perhaps more "sandbox" worthy!

Your Union Editorial board in action…..and how bout those "Articles of Federation"…..capitalized as if somebody didn't know about what she was referring.

POINT: http://www.theunion.com/opinion/12943482-113/constitution-war-states-amendment

COUNTERPOINT: 75 Million guns sold since since President Empty Suit took office.

I think it's fairly evident who's winning this argument. Sorry Cheryl…maybe gardening is more your thing.

George Rebane

fish 136pm - Actually, I included Ms Cooke's Union column as a contributing coda in 'While Waiting for a Backbone'.


And our LIBS bitch about the Conservatives on that "editorial board"?
Good thing this woman hasn't been elected to public office.
Wasn't it "guns" that freed the slaves? Yet today's FED gov. is looking to make "slaves" out of ALL of us...

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