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27 September 2014



But Ben.. Pot grows threaten Salmon..NOAA the prestigious government institute has made that connection. Yet the ECO gang is silent. So are you picking and choosing? It's just fine to attack river dredging, but give pot grows a pass? A tad hypocritical one will think.


More proof of LIB stupid logic.

Nope, don't dare try and stop a deadly virus from getting in. As "O" said. " Now way will it come to America"... As I said before. It's just a plane ticket away.... Well,, called that one.

Bill Tozer

Oh, Brother Ben, you are getting closer. Warmer, warmer, colder, cold, warmer. It's not that I identify with the bad in people, it is more than I do not minimize bad behavior neither do I exaggerate the good. This is not a courtroom where the lawyers minimize their clients' dastardly deeds and embellish the good in the guilty party. Nothing new under the sun. We all minimize our faults and weaknesses and see ourselves in a better light than we have earned. You and I do the same on various topics.

As far as Mother Earth goes, we are on the same page but arrive at same lookout from different mountain trails. I believe mankind is the caretaker of the planet, the gardener taking care of the flowers and flora if you prefer. I believe we were put n charge of caring for the planet just as Adam was in charge of the garden. Nobody likes looking at smokestacks bellowing out black soot nor do I find it anything but unpleasant to round the bend in a forest to come across a clear cut with torn up soil and piles of sash. There is the right way and the wrong way to things and good forest practices should not be confused with closing the forests or logging.

Where I part ways with the dirt, tree, and crystal worshipers is I do not believe, nor ever will, that somehow the Earth and mankind are on equal footings. I do not agree with the saying "earth was not made for man, man was made for the earth". No way, Jose. We are the top of the food chain and Earth was made for the placement of mankind....with grave responsibilities.
Yes, no need to even state that we need to take care of the Earth since it's the only one we have. That is a given. But how we reach certain goals is where the disagreement starts and the agreements end. It's called balance. Dams or no dams? Close the forests to atvs and jeeps or not. Shut down coal plants and ban coal exports. Paper or plastic? Cloth diapers or Pampers? Salt or sea salt. Want fries with that veggie burger? Shave or grow, stay or go? Decisions, decisions.
Humans are the only species I know that can domestic animals and use fine silverware and linen tablecloths. Yep, top of the food chain.
Money in and of itself in neutral, neither good nor bad. It is the value we place on it. The most misquoted phrase I know is money is the root of all evil. Hogwash. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. That love of money makes one tight fisted, even to the point of denying dependent family members with needed goods and services. Again, it is a matter of balance. Poor people spend too much of their thoughts and time focused on money and how to get money and what they would buy if they got a sum of money or won the lottery. That is why I hold fast to my observation that the poor folks are some of the most materialistic people I know. It is what your attention is on, what your heart dwells on that is the big difference in all things we do. Balance, once again.

Bill Tozer

Walt, there will be no ebola outbreak until after the election. All they have to do is keep it tight lipped until then.
Rumor mill is heating up. Someone twitted that Dr. Steve laying in a Dallas hospital has died. NYT says, nope he is alive. Another tweeter got hold of Dr. Steve's uncle who said he is alive but the hospital won't say nothin about nothin'. So, we don't know. Think it was the post that broke a story about dr. Stevie lied on his papers about who and where he had contact with upon coming home.
Whether the good doc is alive of among those in the marble orchard, bet we won't know for sure until after Nov. 4th. Last thing the Dems need is all the media playing O saying no problem about E coming here as voters walk into the polling booth worried if someone in line has been exposed to E.
What, me worry? Darn, even 0's ears remind me of Alfred E Newman.

If we have an E outbreak here in the land of the brave, consider this. Experts say it takes 21 Heath personnel to care for one E patient in quarantine. That's breaking it down to teams of trained doctors and nurses working in shifts 7 days a week, 24 hours a day and support staff. So, if 16 cases broke out here, that would completely overrun our medical healthcare workers in our hospital and facilities, even assuming they are pre trained and ready. Wonder if Obamacare would pay for it and if E is on the approved list.


...in which FUE achieves the maturity level of a 13 year old girl.....

jeffpelline says:

October 4, 2014 at 9:20 pm

“San Francisco values.” BTW, I posted this on Facebook and Art Moore (who’s running against Tom McClintock) “liked” it. I guess he’s OK with “S.F. values.” Don’t tell others. LOL.

Art Moore "liked" it....he "liked" it........my stars....he "liked" it!!!!!! He "LIKED" it!

Shit jeffy you play your cards right and maybe Art invites you to the inaugural dance!

But remember on the dance floor as in real life.....he gets to lead.

... "your circumspect blog poster" says....sshhhhhhhhhh, (sotto voce)..... as always.....LOL.

Ben Emery

Bill and probably most others here,
We are much closer in opinions than we think. Typing them out in the comfort of our own homes isn't a good way to convey the nuance of issues, possibly the biggest downfall of social media.

Have a good day.

The biggest problem for the Salmon are man's feeble attempt to circumvent God/ Nature with hatcheries. Ecosystems are so complex and for us to destroy them and then try and replace them with hatcheries is beyond stupid. I give them kudos for acknowledging and addressing the problem but it has failed miserably. The other big problems are just plain growth and irresponsible planning of logging, agriculture, mining, urbanization, roads, dams, diversion of waters, sediment dumps into river/ habitat, and over all just making life extremely hard for the salmon to migrate back for the next generations. Does cannabis fall into this category, I am not sure. I do know cannabis is a weed so my guess it is probably less toxic to grow but I know very little about growing cannabis and could easily be wrong.

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