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07 September 2014



A list of those politicians who are crapper deep in trouble, that demanded "O" cease and desist on any immigration executive ord..law breaking,, needs to be published.
"O" loves to blame "inactions" solely on the Conservatives,, when it's Dirty Harry Reid who has been sitting on the pile of Bills passed by the House. Can you say, "LIB protectionism"? He too has stated his position on these Bills. " To protect vulnerable LIBS" in Nov. He started that Just after "O" got re elected.
But it's the Conservatives fault.

It probably just a coincidence that this appears after Fearless leader, had a visit in Scotland. The Scott's be peeved to, and there be trouble in the old country.
Their version of the Tea Party? ( yup,, taxation..)


Another classic Rebanism:

“The pen is mightier than the sword only to the extent that it can invoke the sword.”

So much for the triumph of western civilization.

So what is your point Steve (I would prefer to engage at the website that dares not speak its name but really....unless you are a fellow traveller...you just can't get past the velvet rope over there....and which given the proprietors proclivities really shouldn't come as a great surprise)? If I understand you the notion of renewed military action is contradictory with what passes as western civilization these days. Hey...in this we are in agreement....huzzah!

We can't afford to engage in these sorts of military actions any longer....not on credit anyway!

Whether we should if we could afford it.......?


Fish. According to "he who shall not be named",, you got "retired".
"Editor’s note: We’ve retired “fish,” but barely two days went by..."

I guess "no aquatic life allowed".


He claims credit for something over which he has no control.

My reply to his statement (from a few days ago).

Oh hardly jeff....we've gone days without mentioning you or your blog. What would you have me comment about? Your problem with wayward bears? Your distaste for Dollar Stores....really....so déclassé! Why do you hate the less fortunate jeff? They can't all inherit Humble Oil money like you.

I was toying with chatting about the loss to Nevada of the Tesla factory but you were all so happy that productive industry had been lost I didn't have the heart to interrupt you. Have you checked on Steve I'm sure he's quite ill after all that spinning yesterday. Maybe you can drop by with some pedialyte....help him regain his equilibrium.

George Rebane

fish 251pm - I don't know where you pulled that SteveF citation, but I would invite him and others to give a counter-example. In any case, it does continue to corroborate this blog's representation of the progressive mind.

As one of countless supporting examples I offer our own Declaration of Independence. But hey, we don't have start there, and we don't have to limit the scope to western civilization.


Fish.. Please keep your distance from the food critic and the new failed restaurateur. You can easily wind up on a plate, and be claimed to be yanked from the Truckee river, and be served up to the Tesla Lithium mine owners.


Posted by: George Rebane | 07 September 2014 at 04:12 PM

There wasn't a specific citation...it was a series of posts at Pellines regarding how it was perfectly fine that California lost Tesla manufacturing to Nevada...and how the I-80 corridor was a natural transportation hub, and how the water supply made it a natural for manufacturing, and how there was a major university for workforce development, which are all true...but nonetheless pure politics. Had Tesla selected California for its new facility he'd still be crowing ..."see.... the regulatory burden has nothing to do with the business climate" and "see... high taxation is compatible with modern manufacturing".

They can spin all they want, and I'm sure that a few Truckee residents will make the slog down the grade into Sparks to work for Tesla, but this is further evidence that new manufacturing of size is dead in California.

Bill Tozer

Welcome back Mr. Fish. Yep, fish and house guests smell after 3 days, but you only lasted 2 days and didn't even get a chance to stink that rotten buzzard guts of a place up real nice and sweet. Oh well. Guess Lord BubbaBubba griped the farting post and expelled you out of there. You're out of here knucklehead, I mean it!
You are never welcomed there again I reckon. Heck, I bet you have been booted from a lot better places than that.

I actually stood up for Lord BubbaBubba and defended him in a moment of pity and sympathy just two days ago. Several people at the local market said Lord Fatius Maxiumus was not fit to eat with the pigs and I shot back "Yes he is."

Back to the topic. Mr Fish wrote:
We can't afford to engage in these sorts of military actions any longer....not on credit anyway!
Whether we should if we could afford it.......?

I propose, dear reader, that after contemplating the way President Zero has bobbled the ball on every aspect of foreign affairs, we cannot afford NOT to "engage in these sorts of military actions" at any costs. The harm done is a steep price to pay for non engagement.
There is a difference between leading from behind and leading with your head up your behind.

Bill Tozer

Guess it so blatantly apparent to doves and hawks alike, to Dems and Republicans, to Marxists liberals and independents , both domestic and abroad, that President Obama is out of his league and clueless concerning foreign affairs and how the real world operates that it can't be hidden any longer. Ah, the curse of The Nobel Peace Prize continues. No place to hide.

Odd, but I never considered how uncomfortable our allies are without a leader or leadership coming from Washington. Definitely new territory for us all, both domestic and abroad. We even have our State Department which is assigned to dealing with foreign affairs making comments on our domestic policies. Can't be politicsl now, can it? Strange times. It's an upside down world we live in under this current administration.


George, you have an analytical mind and dissect the perceived failings of the current administration in detail. I'm not trying to do a "gottcha" but would love to hear what you think the administration SHOULD be doing about Ukraine, ISIS, and other hot defense and security issues. I can imagine what Senator McCain would be doing and all the borrowed money it would take to fund it. I've listened to many radio discussions from knowledgable guests about how to deal with ISIS and there seems to be no clear consensus on exactly how to implement a strategy, other than "they need to be stopped". ...(stopped by whom?, or what coalition?, using what weaponry?, and what about civilians?, and who pays for it?, etc. etc.) Polls show the populace has no stomach for another "mideast war". In the age of Putin, do you go to nuclear showdown? If Ukraine was part of NATO, would you go to nuclear showdown? Putin has 85% popularity ratings even as the Russian economy is suffering. Do you think he would blink first?....

Note: I don't have a subscription to the WSJ so couldn't read the articles.


Fuzz, to read any locked WSJ article, google the title of the article. The top link will be to the WSJ and will be readable by you for some amount of time.

Todd Juvinall

Perhaps TheFrisch who was slobbering all over himself about some supposed benefit Tesla will have to Truckee could discuss the only industry his area seems to have. Construction of monster humes! There is no industry there and the homes being built are mainly second homes by the uber rich from SF and LA. I doubt they will be commuting down to Reno. However, theFrisch is undoubtedly viewing the uber rich second hme owners as ready and willing to donate to his "nonprofit" that does nothing for the economy. There will be a whole lot of butt sniffing going on by him. Too funny!

George Rebane

Fuzz 1221am - The line of questions you ask are timely, relevant, and on the mind of most thinking people. Here in a comment I cannot hope to (again) answer them for obvious reasons. But let's see if I can point to some things that may be useful.

First, none of the answers are simple sound bites, and neither are mine. I have outlined (and in some cases, detailed) the desiderata of America's foreign policy for over eight years (it's quite voluminous). The fundamentals are visible in my published 'Conservetarian Credo'. As here, I cite current authors with whom I agree whenever I can. (Thanks to Gregory's 1259am for reminding us how to get at articles that require a subscription; I am remiss in omitting this.)

I am a student and (profitable) practitioner of 'principled negotiation' as taught by Fisher and Ury from their research (cf Harvard Negotiation Project). And I believe that all viable civilizations have always been ready and able to promote their interests through force - either their own or through that of judiciously assembled alliances. No such civilization will sacrifice its own on the sole basis of some high sounding principle - if there are to be hard times, then 'better thee than me' rules (also read my little aphorism at the top of this post).

For now, I believe the bottom line is that the US is still the world's most beneficial hegemon (read, sheriff) and must do all we can to retain this status, even if we have to tighten some mental belts at home to do it. Are we any longer capable of doing it? I see no evidence of it, and pray that this blindness is only mine.

But all successful foreign policy is based on a nation's ability to have a sufficiently robust economy in turn to create/deploy sufficient force in a timely manner to serve its interests. When we abandon that mantle, the world's bad guys immediately step in.

Fortunately, IMHO, we have been and still are the world's 'White Hat Hegemon' - as a trading nation, we like to help enough others to prosper so that they can serve as our trading partners. There we have an unparalleled record of spilling our blood and treasure to rescue and sustain other nations. We need to retain that vision and continue that practice. But I'm afraid that the collectivist cancer has so metastasized through our body politic, that a cure (redemption) is not likely. Nevertheless, I continue in the words of Overstreet to fling my "stubborn ounces" into the battle for my countrymen's minds.

You say the little efforts that I make
will do no good; they never will prevail
to tip the hovering scale
where justice hangs in balance.

I don’t think I ever thought they would.
But I am prejudiced beyond debate
in favor of my right to choose which side
shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight.


When it comes to "bad guys" they tend to always attack those that are weak, or those that appear so. And that even means us. This reminds me of good ol' high school.
The bullys always picked on the "dweebs", geeks, and the passive.( remember those?) That had always worked well until they picked on the wrong ones. One day the "picked on, cornered Mr. "bully", and gave him a good tune up..He left the school by ambulance. ( back the self defense was fine and dandy.) You think the other tough guys got the message? ( Peace through strength is the moral of the story.)

In world matters the same applies. How many times can you say,, " I'm just not going to fight you.."?
Peace is achieved by an overwhelming beat down, and a stern warning, " stay down,, or there is more where that came from."
There needs to be a new slogan. when war is the issue. " You start it,, by GOD we will finish it".
"O" and Co. is playing a "push button" war,, " Playstation" style. A bomb here and there, a single missile strike over there.
Chicago gangland drive-buy style warfare will achieve nothing, except piss off their buddys that are already here.

The 11TH is in three days. Who is writing the excuse in Washington as I speak?

Bonnie McGuire

You're so right Walt. I remember those days. Stand up to a bully once, be it for another or yourself, and that's all it takes.


Apparently many forget Bonnie. No,, war isn't pretty nor sought after. It's a necessary evil. For too long, our troops had their hands tide to really be effective. They can't shoot unless fired upon first, and only after some JAG lawyer gave the OK from some safe bunker somewhere. ( Rules of engagement) Our aircraft or artillery couldn't drop a bomb or fire a shell on the chance ONE civilian might get hurt. ( That's why these goons hide behind them for that vary reason) We have 10 year olds shooting automatic weapons at us, yet they are used as propaganda tools when they turn up dead.
No one over there wears uniforms, so when the body count is published, they are counted as civilians. Nice game...
The "peaceniks" got their way. "O" declared "the war is over".. Someone forgot to tell the guys who want us dead that.

I blame the genocide on the anti war idiots.


George, I understand your argument principle but ISIS is not a "civilization", it's a much stronger form of the ideological cancer that is jihadist terrorism. It is a brutal religious gang that thinks nothing of committing "apostate" genocide. There are no uniforms. It mingles with the population and grows each time the West fights back. Martyrdom = paradise, although I was recently informed that its not 72 virgins, its one 72 year old virgin :) Drones and jets can destroy their tanks and other mechanized arms, as well as personnel convoys, but to thoroughly excise all ISIS (and affiliates) from a region it takes "boots on the ground". Whose boots? Do we also send boots after Boko Haram? How about AQAP? How about AQIM? How about Al-Shabaab, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jemaah Islamiyah? Do we have pockets of US boots all over the Muslim world? If so, they will be terrorist magnets. Will the US boots then have to remain indefinitely? Would that actually enhance the possibility of a major terrorist attack on the US? Are many "moderate Muslims" brave enough to take them on, like the Kurds? If the moderates fail to confront them, or are weak and ineffective, what then? Whole divisions of the Iraqi army stripped off their uniforms and ran away. The Maliki government was a disaster and exacerbated sectarian strife. It's a very complex problem and requires a well thought out strategy, with no certainty of success. I wish every ISIS sympathizer had a genetic mutation that caused them to glow bright fluorescent pink....wouldn't that make it easy to eradicate them. Sadly, they look like every other Muslim, and might even be your neighbor.


Fuzz,,, should we just kick back,, watch the show, and do nothing? Intervention "play station 3" style, sure isn't going to do much.


Walt, I share your frustration. At the very least we should be using drone strikes to take out all hard targets that appear to be pure ISIS...tanks, black flag convoys, etc. Beyond that, I'm waiting for people above my former pay grade to present a credible strategy. Because the US is "war weary", people wonder why the remaining Iraqi Army, which is much larger than ISIS, can't get their act together and defend themselves. It's kind of, "...if they're not willing to do it, why should we get involved in it?" We got into Iraq2 because of WMD talk, but thats not the case today. It seems the main concern for the US now is...if an ISIS Caliphate is established, would it become a training/equipping ground for highly advanced terrorists? That have lots of money to play with.

Note: my brother-in-law works in weapons development at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He, of course, can't talk specifics but once said I'd be amazed at some of the stuff he's involved in, including lasers.


Well now... I got "pimped out" from my unit at Kirkland to Sandia Labs now and then.
They had their share of high tech toys too. Why in hell we are not using some of those today is beyond me. Any radical camel jockey could be a smoking charcoal cinder in the dessert, and not a sound would be heard. ( except for the jet at 40,000 feet) I will let you guess the rest. But nope,, spend more millions on R&D on a proven "weapon".
But I digress... ( ahh.... the memories.)
The U.S. has had the history of being there to help those too weak to help themselves.
When the shit hits the fan anywhere on this blue marble, we are the first anyone looks to,, to make things right. The world has looked up to us. That's not a bad thing.

Now we are the laughing stock, and appear weak and nutless. Just who can we thank for that?
Now the globe is on fire, and every two bit DICKtater is making his move to oppress and take power. Even Russia is giving us the finger.. Putin better watch out. "O" just might get pissed and give another stern, long drawn out speech!.. YAA!! That'l show'm... Think they're scared yet?

In the mean time we can watch the internet for another American head to be carved off with a dull knife.
BTW in just over two days the 11TH will be here. The radicals have done the big city stuff,, now small town USA where everyone feels the safest may be their next stop for fun and games. "The boarder hasn't been more secure" according to D.C.... ( like a strainer with extra holes shot in it.)
A nice trip to the boonies sounds real good for the day. What do you think?

George Rebane

Fuzz 722pm - ISIS a civilization??! For some reason you seem to be preaching to this choirboy; not sure I understand your point.


George, I guess I was trying to express how different an entity like ISIS is to deal with relative to the traditional theaters of war....but that's obvious so guess I was just tired :)

Walt, a trip to the boonies sounds good to me. Even though I'm retired, I haven't had a vacation in months. (Doing remodel construction on two different homes.) Have you stayed at the High Country Inn in Bassetts? The Golden Pond Suite is a wonderful place to wake up. Great view of the Sierra Buttes. $150/night (includes breakfast). Good portal to the Lakes Basic district.


Oops....that should be Lakes Basin district. Hiking the Round Lake Loop, which starts at Gold Lake Lodge, is a great 4 mile hike. On a hot day, stop for a dip in Round Lake. Then have lunch at the cafe in Bassetts.

Aren't we glad we live in the gold ole US of A.


Well,, the location would be right, there's not much in the way of "targets" to really hang their turban on.
But yes, the beauty up there is fantastic. We just ain't the high mountain types.
This body has already been beat to hell, and high altitudes don't agree with the joints.
( Pain sets in just thinking about it.)


Let me help out Fuzz a little. ISIS is sort of like our militant ECO brigade,, just that ISIS has heavy weapons.

Brad C.

More news...ISIS is upset at term French use for their group. I think we should also start using this term.


George Rebane

BradC 1040am - Renaming ISIS as 'Daesh' seems a bit obscure and does not translate well into any language. My preference would be along the lines of 'Republic of Rapacious Ragheads' which translates well into all languages and more correctly captures their methods and identity.

Brad C.

Yes, I just want to use Daesh because I know they don't like it. I also like Mongrel Horde.

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