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19 October 2014



70 million firearms purchased since Obama took office!

Questionable logic and special pleadings notwithstanding someone should inform Ms. Cook that her battle has been lost.

(That said....I still think Michael Savage is perhaps the worst possible messenger that the conservative movement could hope for)

George Rebane

fish 414pm - "... worst possible messenger that the conservative movement could hope for." What, pray, earns Dr Savage that attribution?


He reinforces every negative stereotype the lefty dimwits hurl at us (conservative/libertarians).....overwrought, hate filled, opportunist, thoughtless. I tried listening to him.....briefly when he was on KGO almost 20 years ago!

Haven't read any of his books....he might be W. F Buckley but I'll never know because I think he's more than a little loopy!


Savage tells it like it is, I do have to say. But I do believe he has been in S.F. WAY too long. He does come off as a "loose cannon".

LIBS refuse to admit that the NRA was pretty much the first "civil rights" org. to stand up for the minorities, when government started passing laws forbidding Blacks from owning firearms. Yet LIBS today still claim to be the ones looking out for "minority rights",, yet do their best to keep them in chains. ( good ol' Southern Democrat style) "here's your free phone.. Vote for us. Here's a meager welfare check, vote for us, and they will keep coming. "

Joe Koyote

I agree with fish.. Savage, like Limbaugh, is an entertainer who has found his road to riches by stirring up hatred and discontent and siding with the monied interests rather than the people. Of course they are successful, they are saying what the money wants them to say. If ranting about laundry detergent would make the same amount of money, Savage would be going off on that just as vehemently. And like Limbaugh, in the early days (I used to listen to both) Savage was an equal opportunity basher until he found his niche on extremes of the far right. As time goes on, his rhetoric keeps going farther and farther into the abyss. You can lead sheeple to kool-aid but you can't make them drink, unless they are conservative, apparently. What is there about political thought that allows people to be angered so greatly so often over ideological rhetoric and bullshit? How is it that paid shit-stirrers like Limbaugh and Savage hold such power over the thoughts of so many? I guess PT Barnum had it right.

Todd Juvinall

The libs hate Rush because he is effective and maks 50 ,illion a year from talking! I listen sometimes but I did not start until about 1995. He was the only place you could go and hear about the extremists on the left. Democrats etc. He talked about the eco nuts who I had been battling for years and the who/what lamestream favored. So say what you will that he is just an "entertainer" and that is fine. As long as you extremists on the left believe that, it works for me.

Savage I don't care for as he trashes conservatives and I have had enough of that most of my life from the lamestreams.


You can lead sheeple to kool-aid but you can't make them drink, unless they are conservative, apparently.

I'd credit you with with a brilliant satirical statement if I didn't know that you truly believed that if only the "right people" were in charge that every lefty moron in the world would have his/her own Skittle shitting Unicorn and health care would be free.....free I tells ya!

George Rebane

I have not listened to Savage on his regular program, but I have heard him on interview and pundit shows. I have found nothing he has said that is a blatant lie or even a bent truth (but, of course, you know my biases). He has not made me or anyone I know hate anything or anybody. So I'm wondering, is all this savaging of Savage based on something that he has said (quotes please) or written that makes him unacceptable to some on the Right? The Left, of course, does not have to explain itself since everything Savage and others of his ilk say is unacceptable to them; however, if any of these readers have something that they know about Savage and think it can reach across the abyss, then please weight in.

Bill Tozer

I am not well acquainted with Savage in the least since I have only heard his radio show twice in my life. The first time, he mentioned the skin poppers hanging around some formerly nice beach walkway in the Sanctuary City by the Bay. Asked the fellow who tuned him in "Whatz a skin popper?" The answer was needle freaks as in those that shoot up dope. Liked that one.

The second time was when he cut short a very elderly caller who sounded like he was 108 years old. Mr. Savage explained to the listeners that as soon as people from wrinkle village call in, the listeners start tuning the dial. He said very very old callers tune people off. I can see his point as radio is all about listening and better to have smooth nice voices than not. Found him a wee bit on the caustic side for even moi, but I do admire straight shooters whoever they may be. It's his show to run anyway he chooses. Might offend some skin poppers, but that's his choice he has to live with. :). Don't imagine too many skin poppers listen to hm anyway.

Todd Juvinall

When I was doing sales a few years ago I did listen to Savage in my daily travels. I listened to Hugh Hewitt, the guy from Seattle and Savage as well as Rush. I found that Savage did have useful info I could use but it is how he says it. It is also his constant attacks on other conservatives back then.. Maybe he does not do that now. But I did try and help him with the British banning him from England as that was of course totally over the top. They threatened to arrest him if he tried to come into England. They called him a "terrorist" regarding words! Hell they have Imams calling for death and Savage was simply yapping without any violence or intent to violence.

So for me, he just says it in an irritating way and so I would rather liten to Lars or Rush.


So I'm wondering, is all this savaging of Savage based on something that he has said (quotes please) or written that makes him unacceptable to some on the Right?

As I said.....I find (found) his demeanor on his radio show to be off putting for the reasons stated above. I have no specific quotes from him as I have not listened for almost two decades. Perhaps he's improved his performance since I last listened.

If you find his message and delivery (in whatever venue you choose to receive it) beneficial then further discussion is uneccessary.

George Rebane

So far we have heard that Savage does not wrap very nicely the message he delivers. However, no word yet on any bad/false messages. We must remember he, like I, are commentators and not journalists. And yes, wrapping messages nicely is better. But what if his particular messages are still important and don't come better wrapped from anyone else?


We must remember he, like I, are commentators and not journalists.

But you don't come across like as unhinged in your role as commentator. In my estimation Savage does/did!

Part of differentiating the conservative/libertarian message from that of the vacant proglodyte chorus is being right and not sounding like crazies in the process. You are rightfully concerned about Agenda 21 issues. I think that you convey your concerns without coming across as nutty....the only person I see (in this venue anyway) who reacts poorly to your critique is Frisch who makes a living off "the consensus process" and "sustainability" (I imagine he's going to see how sustainable his "indulgence shop" is when we really start having money troubles as a country).

It's a lesson I really should have heeded myself when SFUE started showing up in the SacBee. I thought that his linking to to articles that so blatantly and obviously tilted left might have some impact....I needn't have worried....whatever message he tries to impart is lost in the absurdity that is Pelline himself. All he does is diminish their brand!

So keep linking to YubaNet jeffy...every time time you do you just make my arguments for me!

Todd Juvinall

George, it has been my experience in radio and TV and in interpersonal relationships that the message I want to deliver will not be listened to if I am saying it in a way that is not at least respectful. I listened to Savage many times but he was consistently pissing me off with his delivery. I appreciated his info and his desire to expose wrongdoing but he turned me off after a while. Sort of like Pelline does. He attacks my friends, he denigrates locals and then wonders wy no one likes him.

George Rebane

Thank you gentlemen, I get the picture. Let's read his book and see if he's mended his ways.

Bill Tozer

fair enough Dr. Rebane. Don't shoot the messenger. In my case, I listened to Savage twice before he went big time and became Savage Nation. In Rush's case, I was on board before he left Sac and went big time as well. Nothing personal against Rush. He is still my lovable Teddy Bear. But, after a decade or two, I don't tune in anymore. I have even grown tired of Swap Shop over time. In fact, I am turning off to KNC0 and am tired of listening to the FM's The Eagle, old sixties, old 70's and 80's rock, 90's music. Guess even Zappa has lost his appeal. That leaves me with KMVR and some Cab Calloway CDs. Guess I will pick up the mouth harp or harmonica and make my own tunes, but, yep, I digress just to stay consistent.

Savage is spot on. We have a Constitution shredding egomaniac in the Oval Office who has some deep seated hatred of America. With his background and world view, Obama's American experience is foreign to the majority of citizens who love Mom, eat apple pie, and drive Pick-em-up trucks, if lucky. So, with Obama's momma the socialist's socialist and his Arab pappy the ultimate anti-colonialist with the West being evil Imperialists, do you really expect Obama to wrap himself in the Red White and Blue and love the Constitution or respect the rule of law? Hmmmmm? What you see is what you get and it is so apparent we don't need to even read Dr. Savage's book. Dr. Savage's research would just sicken me more during my current transitional phase.

Bill Tozer

Guess I am not alone in my opinion. No more tingling legs or fainting at Obama's words, just cardiac arrests.



I guess I have listened to M. Savage more than anyone here by the looks of things.
He regularly sticks it to other Right wing media on the belief that they "don't stick up for him". Yet he has appeared on FOX more than once.
Think of him as a Conservative with a Bay Aria "attitude". Yes, he does come unhinged sometimes,(well,,, most of the time..) but his message and facts are solid.
Like I said before, he's been in the bay way tooo long.

At least he is back on the air. He took a break after getting out of some wild contract
where he was pretty much an indentured servant. ( his words not mine)

A Reno station has him. I listened in on Friday. Not the wild man of a few years ago.
Maybe he was having a good day.

Ol' JoeK.... Poor guy,,, it's gotta suck that LIB talk radio is pretty much extinct.
Well,, at least on the endangered species list.

Here the news about "O" and his latest speech? He started talk'n,, and the crowd started LEAVE'N!! Ouch!


Read it and groan...

President "O"bola?


Here's some ( HA!!) good news for Joe and the gang. If your really believe it I have a dam full of water to sell ya'
Did someone send here a kilo of our County's best MMJ?

George Rebane

The Cook/Sauer dust devil has received more impetus with Ms Cook's resignation from The Union's Editorial Board. I invite your kind attention to the 20oct14 update to this post.


"Our legislators need to pull up their big boy breeches and stand up to those forces that fight legislation promoting gun safety and responsibility." -Cook

You got to admire the euphemisms Cook and other would be gun regulators employ to dodge the reality of what they espouse... Just what part of "shall not be infringed" did Cook, former member of The Union's editorial board, not understand?

Bill Tozer

If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. When the going gets tough, the tough get going with their tails between their legs. Oh, I love euphemisms. Better to fight and runaway to live to fight another day.
Don't know Msssssss Cook, but I assume she just hates it when things do not go the way she demands them to. It's a common trait among progressives I have noticed, with no imperial data to back up my observations. Disagreements and counter points of view really get that worm squirming in the progressive heads no matter how loudly and how often they claim to be the guardians of tolerance and diversity. It's not fair. Some even go as far to take it personally in their self centered self seeking self absorbed underdeveloped frontal lobes.


What? She couldn't handle the return fire from her attack on the Second Amendment? ( I'm guessing)
Seems a seat is open for another local LIB to try and claim..( this should be good ...)

A little more on the so called " Freedom Socialist " party demands for the 20 buck minimum wadge they themselves refuse to pay.
Remember Ben's little quip? " if it's true"... Here it is pal,, in black and white.
Be sure to note their excuse. ( because of where their funds come from)

Bill Tozer

Socialist head honchos, like Congress, never live under the rules they impose upon the masses. Their biggest blind spot (and that of progressives as well) is they think the voters are not as smart as they and their words should be taken as fact. Thus they talk down to us little people which little people find agitating, annoying, condescending, arrogant, and down right pisses people off. The socialist head honchos in turn cannot believe how dense we are for not accepting/ worshipping their dictates and how dare we with dirty little fingers and dirty little lives challenge their superior intellects.
We with our feet planted on the ground are ungrateful for their sacrifice and obviously fail to recognize genius. They are the eagles, we are the turkeys. Almost feel sorry for them Marxist Socialist Progressive Libowels. So lonely at the top.

Todd Juvinall

Cook is a typical spoiled brat liberal. If she doesn't get it her way, she takes the highway. My goodness, why is it liberals who espouse freedom of speech shutting their own down when they get into the whiny mode? Too funny!


On the subject of deconstruction, Here about the wedding chapel and the two ministers
who are getting charged with a crime for refusing to marry a gay couple? Well,,, called that one. Christian Churches are next on the "anti discrimination" hit list.
Kiss the separation of Church and state goodbye. ( in the name of "tolerance",, by the intolerant.)

Account Deleted

What else do you expect from the left? They have rarely ever been able to engage in the give and take of public debate. Ms Cook was allowed her say and it was a mess. When challenged, she freaks out and expects that she should receive 'support' from the editors. In what way? We will never know. The fact that some one has a difference of opinion and is allowed to have it published amounts to an 'assault' in her mind.
I'm surprised she didn't use that new phrase of the fascist left - microaggression.

Bill Tozer

The whole concept of deconstruction is most unpalatable. Republicism is being replaced by Great Father in Washington. Tea Party ideas bad, Executive Branch overreach good.
Not surprised the deconstructionists always cloak themselves in hundreds of years of slavery to bash everything under the sun, except those of their ilk. Disagree? Means you have subtle racism oozing from your white pores. America bad, berry berry bad.

States' rights bad. Capitalism bad. Profits bad. Ownership bad. Great Father in Washington most good, must grow. Personal freedom and individualism berry berry bad, must decrease. You racists, me not. You are haters, my side not. You are evil and greedy, my side not. Our side needy, your side not. That is most bad, berry berry bad.


What brand of fire water tonight "Brave in Squaw cloths"? I think I could use some.

Bill Tozer

Walt, reread your link to the wack jobs promoting the 20 dollar federal minimum wage with a guarantee of a 30 hour work week in their platform while offering a 13 buck/ hour 20 hour work week. The dude took the ad down from Craig's List because of the.....drumroll please....because of Republican hypocrisy. Too rich. They are the good guys?
Found other links from that site. The libs are going nuts and getting desperate. Wendy Davis in Texas says her Republican opponent is going to take away one's "god given right to buy dildos." Can't make this stuff up, but it is apparent the only dildos on the ballot tend to lean left. Of course Wendy claims her opponent would ban interracial marriage. Never mind he is married to a Latina. Getting weird out there. In Kentucky the ban interracial marriage card is being played out as well. Better stock up on dildos while they can or else our fellow libs will be in want of sex toys. Heck, if them evil R's ban dildo's, I can always donate my old thermos to the cause. Gotta think of those in need.

Now that 4 incumbent Democrat US Senators have refused to say if they voted for Obama, things are getting more interesting. I could understand one incumbent Democrat US Senator refusing to say if they voted for O or not in Oklahoma or Utah, but 4? What, did they vote for Romney? How stupid do they think we are.
Not to be dissed, O threw them under the bus today saying they all support his agenda and policies. Called them the silent ones who support him behind the scenes 100%. Boy, better than a food fight and Obama's ego refuses to let him bite his tongue. Yep, they are the good guys.

Walt, if the Good Lord wanted us to be nudists, we would have all been born without clothes. I am wearing an old Letterman's jacket right now with fatigue pants and fur lined slippers with white socks. Feeling rather butch lately. No firewater for me tonight. I have had enough. But, please, have a couple pulls from the jug for me. Maybe it will better for you than firewater treated me. Gotta keep my wig warm without dildos or firewater during this transitional period.


Oh, my good buddy Bill. "Dildo Davis" has gone off the deep end in the slime pit.
The Daily Caller is a wealth of info on the exploits of LIBS and the games they play.

Yup,, and the stoned Socialists love to play the do as I say, and not as I do, and "we are exempt from our own demands". ( How bout those apples Ben?).

"O" must be calling in a fleet of buses just to throw people under, for the crowd walking out on him. that just can't happen to Dear Leader without heads rolling.( that would be a first.) I pity the golf ball after that.

Now to take a nip or three of my jug of Hawaiian moon shine I have saved for "good news" nights.
Glad to hear your back in manly attire.


Ms Cook has some facts a little wrong. The number of gun deaths since the the early 60's includes those by suicide. Suicide is one of the top 10 leading causes of death and while tragic should not be included in a truthful number regarding gun violence. 2011 had around 12000 homicide deaths so multiplied by around 52 years you get less than the number she states that died in the Civil War.

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