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08 October 2014


Ben Emery

It's always funny when politicians cannot answer a simple yes or no question. If he thought it would succeed he would be running out in front of that parade calling it his own. Either you believe in something or you don't no matter if it has a chance of succeeding or not.

Do you support the State of Jefferson was the question and LaMalfa fumbled around his entire allotted time without saying yes or no.

Here is what he had to say in May of this year.

"“I believed in this for a long, long time,”

"“We don’t have a lot of time left to get these things right,”


Todd Juvinall

Aren't you the same fellow who says there is no "black and white" but many shades of gray in between? Simple "yes and no" is the black and white. I am surprised.

Ben Emery

If LaMalfa didn't previously say “I believed in this for a long, long time,” then I would cut him some slack but the fact is he did say it. If he changed his mind he could have easily said that last night but he basically said he supported it without actually supporting it. Weaseling out of taking a position, typical politician. A very bad representative but better than McClintock for sure.

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