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15 November 2014


Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane, your culinary adventures sound marvelous, simply marvelous. Breakfast and bread day is no place for idle hands. I surmise that no digits were nearly cut of with all the chopping and slicing going on, proving once again that alcohol and swords or knives do not mix. :). BTW, how's that pinky doing? Sounds like it is fully recovered judging by its use during Bread Day.
Why do some of our elected get all a'twitter over other cultures (non-European) yet show disdain for ours? Time to slap some up the side of their heads with the soles from our removed shoes. Better yet, rub the bottom of our shoes across their eyeballs so they get the message loud and clear.

George Rebane

BillT 634pm - The finger is pretty much healed and the numb area is getting smaller by the month. Thanks for asking Mr Tozer. Am very careful with knives when I cook, and have been since I really did cut a piece off the side of my left middle finger in a cooking accident about five years ago. Here's a picture of the loaves I baked tonight. The bottom is a 'nut and twigs' wheat bread, and the top is a loaf of rye made with dill weed and Clausen pickles water - very delicious combination of flavors (even the sourdough comes through).


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