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09 January 2015



YES!!!! Atlas Shrugged part III is about to come out!
Looks like they are not even going to bother with fighting there way into Progressive owned movie houses. It's set for release on DVD. Now to find out where to order a copy.

Hell Part two mirrored the current Obummer administration.


I'm so disappointed in you guys!! You were supposed to warn me that installing ceramic tile was a game for a younger man!


Russ Steele


It is available on Amazon.


George Rebane

fish 321pm - Yes it is. And from personal experience with a painful trip to the ER, please make sure you wear eye protection if you decide to shape any of those vitrified tiles with either saw or chisel. Doing that, I accidentally shot a chip into the end of my ring finger, that could easily have gone into my unprotected eyes. The chip flew into my the end pad of my finger at such speed and orientation that the entry wound was all but invisible. The EMT at the ER had a hard time believing my story, until they took an x-ray and there it was, deep inside. Digging it out was a lot of fun, NOT!

Todd Juvinall

Fish, my brother is a tile guy.


Not to mention rough on the back, knees, fingers,, and your four letter word vocabulary will get a good workout too. Remember to measure twice,, and cut once.

Too damn bad none of that IMM tile was available. You would have loved that stuff.
I got my hands on some to "test",, and it was far better than what I have in the house.
Hell.. The pieces I have in place, still look as new as they day I got them, despite the things I dropped on them. Not a chip or crack. I can't say that for the other stuff.

Another great product snuffed by idiots.


OHHHhhh. LOL at Paul (from the other thread) Mediamatters???? REALLY?????? OH now THERE is a fine upstanding member of the Lefty media cesspool. Bottom feeders all the way.

We have already covered Sara Palin and shot down your little "quitter" quip.
Forget so soon? So no reason to send that through the shredder again.

Since Paul is SO knowledgeable on LIB news,, then maybe he can explain why a certain cable news, of Lefty slant, didn't even bother to report on the last election? No poll results, no nuthin'.

Sorry pal,, LIB news is headed down hill on skates.. Now watch out for that hard right turn at the bottom of that hill.
Being cheer leaders for "O" and Co. and lying about anything and everything with a LIB slant sure didn't help. People don't like being lied too.

Account Deleted

Check out the quote from M Obama's pick to head Let's Move - "Food justice seeks to ensure that the benefits and risks of where, what, and how food is grown, produced, transported, distributed, accessed, and eaten are shared fairly.”
The 'risks'? As in money and time invested? Boy, a lot of folks would sure go hungry if that were the case.
more here:


"shared fairly"... Now there is the scary part.
The first colonists tried that.. they scrapped that idea for a reason.


Yeah.....just decline to participate!



And churchs are next Fish,, how dare they not allow a gay wedding "in such a pretty place".
It's just not fair......

Paul Emery

Re Todd: "Regarding Breitbart. As long as he slimed liberals he was my guy"

So Todd we are in agreement that Breitbart was not a journalist but a professional slimmer and propagandist. This confirms that you have no regards for journalistic standards as long as they achieve your desired results.

As for Adriana and her husband what information do you have that she married him for convenience of takiong his fortune? Can you give me a link or is this just Todd being an amateur Breitbart, your hero. The details of someones marriage is a very deep and personal matter and you should not be making statements like that without some factual base. BAD BAD BAD


Posted by: Walt | 09 January 2015 at 05:32 PM

It's funny too Walt...I've got nothing against gay marriage....hell I've been to a couple! It's every bit as wrong to force a person of faith to participate in something that violates their religious principles as denying to gay people the right to marry. Now that the left has the whip hand they, without will fail use the power of the state to punish those who are badthinkers!

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emry 5:36pm. Once again you are putting your words in my mouth. Breitbart slimes liberals is my definition of he tells the truth about them Capiche? He is a icon on exposing you libs for the liars and charlatans you are.

Regarding Arrianna and Mike. I met the guy and he personally told me. Go find him, do your job as a socalled "journalist" and get back to me. Goodness you are lazy.Bad nad nad.


The warning is out,, more attacks are headed our way. Paul may get things the way he claims. " blood in our own streets" instead of "theirs".

I think Paul and friends forget ONE important thing. It takes both sides of the fighting to end a war. "O"'s little feel good proclamation "the war is over" is of little value.
Our enemies care to think otherwise. Now they see us as weak thanks to you know who.
People like that only understand might.
Hay! the peaceniks got their way... The war is over.. But the bad guys didn't get the memo.

Todd Juvinall

But Walt, Paul Emery says we deserve it. The chickens have come home to roost. All those terrible things America did to all the other countries is now going to be showered on America. Do you think those head choppers will let Paul go when they come?

Bill the Tozer

Oh boy, the recovery tour has officially began. And not a moment too late.


Funny thing, the Ford Plant Obama visited is and was currently idle. Lack of sales for the little cars. The prez was patting himself on the back for his courageous stand to do the unpopular thing and bail out the auto industry, at a Ford plant of all places. Ford took zero bailout money. Obama bailed out Chysler which is now owned by Italy's Fiat, lol. And the bailout to GM screwed every single old widow pensioner who had investments in GM, not to mention all the teacher unions and Calpers investments in GM....they took a beating. Hip, hip, horaah!
Go Obama, go. The King is getting his groove on.


More crappy news for the AGW gang. So,,, guys,,, record cold, beats out last years record cold. Hummm... Mars is warmer.

Yup here is your "climate change"... just not in the direction as advertised.

So is that why AGW got changed to "climate change"? So no matter what happens, you can claim to be right? Kind of like using a two headed nickle in a coin toss.


One another note,,
It's time to think about rewriting my Will... The grown kids sure know how to mess with the Grand Kids heads.
My oldest Grand kid came up to me and said " Grandpa!,, Do the frog!" ?????? Uh,, what??
" Ya,, Do the frog Grampa!,," Umm,, just what do you mean by doing the frog??
Well Mamma says we get to live here when you croke...

Yup,, that's what I got greeted to when the little bastar.... darlings showed up today.
The joys of parenthood. I will be sure to check the break lines in the morning.

Paul Emery

Todd writes:

"Scott, I once ran into Mike Huffington at a Republican semi annual party meeting when I was Chairman of the NCRCC back in the 90's. He was married to Arianna at the time. She married him for the money and was richly paid for here marriage license."

"Regarding Arianna and Mike. I met the guy and he personally told me."

So let me get this straight, Mike Huffington told you Todd Juvinall that Adriana married him for his money to give him cover and was paid to do it.

Woo Woo Woo Todd. Are you coming out on this blog that you are a Log Cabin Republican? That's pretty personal stuff Michael Huffington shared with you (that his wife Adriana Huffington married him for his money to give him cover to make it seem he was straight. What year in the 90's did you talk to him? Here's a brief history of their relationship.

"On April 12, 1986 Huffington married Arianna Huffington, a Greek-born writer and lecturer. They had two daughters and divorced in 1997. In 1998 Huffington disclosed that he is bisexual."

What years were you Chairman of the NCRCC? You are saying that while they were still married he told you that? He didn't come out publicly until after they divorced so apparently you got the inside scoop..

Perhaps I'll feature this on the news. Can I quote you?

The headline can read "Todd Juvinall. former Nevada County Supervisor claims he was personally told by Michael Huffington that his wife Adriana married him for his money to provide cover to hide his homosexuality. Juvinall said he was told this by Michael Huffington when he and his wife Arianna were still married and before he publically announced he was bi-sexual in 1998. Huffington and his wife Arianna were divorced in 1997. "

Paul Emery

So Todd you were chair of the Repubs Central Committee from 94-98. What year was it you talked with Huffington?

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, you are a crack up. Coming out? Are you? So you do whatever you have to do to satisfy your prurient interests and I'll watch for the news. What a hoot. Oh and I am strictly a man that likes women, how about you?


And the bailout to GM screwed every single old widow pensioner who had investments in GM, not to mention all the teacher unions and Calpers investments in GM....they took a beating.

Jeez Bill....where's your compassion for the big democratic union voting bloc in the battleground states. They needed help too!


A little surprised that no one has mentioned that French gun control laws are an American prohibitionists wet dream!


Main article: Gun politics in France

In France, to buy a firearm, a hunting license or a shooting sport license is necessary. All semi-automatic rifles with a capacity greater than 3 rounds, all handguns and all rifles chambered in 'military' calibers, including bolt action, require permits. These are known as B1, B2 and B4 type permits. Firearms are divided into eight categories that determine the regulations that apply to their possession and use. France also sets limits on the number of cartridges that can be kept at home (1000 rounds per gun).

The total number of firearms owned by an individual is also subject to limits (not possible to have more than 12 authorizations/permits on B1, B2 and B4 type firearms).[27] As of September, 2013, France has a capacity limit of 20 rounds for handguns;[28] one needs a permit for category one[clarification needed] semi-automatics that have a capacity greater than 3 rounds. Fully automatic firearms are illegal for civilian ownership.

Good thing the Kouachi brothers couldn't get weapons (and don't you even mention the RPG that they had.....that's just crazy talk!) and cause this horrible tragedy!

Paul Emery

Well Todd that's a pretty intimate conversation you had with Michael Huffington. Sounds like pillow talk to me. People don't usually talk about such things to strangers while they are still married.

Todd Juvinall

Golly Paul Emery, how could it be "pillow talk" when I was chatting with him alongside my wife at a convention? You crack me up. You truly are a conspiracy nut. What a hoot!

George Rebane

Here is another shot in the shorts for the 'AGW debate is over' gang.

The lamestream is having a harder time convincing people of the coming climate catastrophe that has been hyped by purpose-driven 'science'. The ranks of skeptics are swelling with credentialed technicians who know of what they speak, and what was already spoken here and elsewhere years ago.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, I have never seen you witrh a gal over the years. What is that all about? LOL!

George Rebane

Well now, it appears we have the next exciting chapter in the Todd/Paul imbroglio that keeps everyone on the edge of their seats breathlessly asking, 'And how will he ever respond to that last cleverly worded, impeccably timed, ripping riposte?' Well, maybe not everyone. I for one have again strapped on my 'Pardon me, but you have me confused with someone who gives a shit' button.


...and then there was a little good news!



Posted by: George Rebane | 10 January 2015 at 10:23 AM

Wish the acknowledgement had been released during a quieter time! Lost in the noise it would seem!

Todd Juvinall

George, I watched CSPAN this week and the debate on the XL Pipeline. Without shame, every democrat sited AGW as more important then terrorism and preached their religion of CO2 incessantly. It has, is and always will be, a hoax perpetrated to give power to political ends. Nothing more.

Regarding Paul Emery and his infatuation with my sex life. You are correct. I am simply defending myself here against the ridiculous statements of Emery. My goodness, he is obsessed! Anyway, you can delete it all, it matters not to me.


...and in other news local man gets in touch with his feminine side.........!

Windy says:

January 10, 2015 at 9:50 am

The right wingers have it all wrong regarding the 2nd amendment when they claim what the founding fathers intended or know what the historical context under which the amendment was written. At the time the loose confederation of colonies then states didn’t have a military. Local communities raised militias from their own population of citizens. There weren’t any anti-gun laws but the 2nd Amendment required those serving in the militias to own guns. A local leader was selected (or volunteered) to raise that militia. During the Revolutionary War, Washington was selected to coordinate those militias and the German mercenaries who came to fight alongside. After the war everyone went back home to conduct their lives.

If the constitution is static then we’d still have a loose confederation of small and large local militias that would need to be coordinated from time to time. Instead, we have a huge national military that right wingers and liberals are willing to pay big bucks to maintain. Local militias are no longer practical for national security. So, in my opinion, the constitution is a living document that must change with the times. Theodore Roosevelt saw how the world was changing and led the country into a new understanding of a living constitution.

Gun owners have never been faced with the threat of our government demanding they give up gun ownership. Their hysterical arguments to that idea, in my opinion, is a sign that they are willing to accept the rights of those willing to own and use guns in commission of murder for any cause imagined or desired, real or not. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t support their idea.

We do have local militia. Police and Sheriff. They are recruited by citizens through a selected community leader.

Constitution?? What's that?

Russ Steele

I just finished reading Cracking Big Green: To Save the World from the Save-the-Earth Money Machine on my Kindle. I usually have two or more books I am reading one on the Kindle, one on the iPad and a real paper book for scribbling in the margins with my fountain pen. But I digress.

Cracking Big Green has 13 positive reviews on Amazon and 2 negative ones. Here is one of the positive reviews by Alan Caruba, and well know author on climate change issues:

This book will astound readers who will discover how many millions of dollars environmental organizations receive from foundations, corporations and others, including membership. It documents and demonstrates the financial muscle that Greens have to advance their agenda, one that attacks access to and use of fossil fuels and any other technology that advances the economy and our lives. Using fear tactics and propaganda, Greens distort or ignore the real science that affects the welfare of the Earth. Until a wider understanding of their financial power is more widely known and understood they will be free to wreak havoc in countless ways. "Cracking Big Green" should be read by everyone who keeps wondering why the Earth has been in a cooling cycle for nearly two decades at the same time Greens keep talking about "global warming." The facts the authors provide are invaluable.

One of the negative complaints was the authors did support their argument with facts, yet there was an extensive list of source notes for avery chapter with active URLs to those sources in the back of the book. That is one thing I like about Kindle books you can click on the links while reading the text. I also like the dictionary feature as well. Do not know the word, highlight it and up comes a definition.

After reading Cracking Big Green, it is really about money and power. The climate and the environment are just an excuse for the elites to exert control over the lower classes.

George Rebane

fish 1056am - after reading your report, especially the part "Gun owners have never been faced with the threat of our government demanding they give up gun ownership.", I can state with little fear of reasoned contradiction that Windy is a functional idiot.


I can state with little fear of reasoned contradiction that Windy is a functional idiot.

Posted by: George Rebane | 10 January 2015 at 12:21 PM

Well credit where credit is due George.....I believe that Greg determined that "Windy" was yet another Pelline nom du plumme!

Was pleased to see Ben linking yet another facet a American history to slavery at jeffys! The lad is truly single minded in his ongoing demonization of his white brethren.


Like I said, that little coma, is what the revisionism is all about.
"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State(,) (this one right here) the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed"

The rest of it they just choose to ignore and act like it doesn't exist.
Seems LIBS can't comprehend the words " shall not be infringed".
But they sure get pissy when their so call dope growing "rights" get infringed upon.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 10Jan15 01:17PM

"But they sure get pissy when their so call dope growing "rights" get infringed upon."

Yeah, huh. Not unlike how nicotine addicts get when their so called smoking "rights" get infringed on.

Todd Juvinall

Idiotic logic Kesti. Waly is much closer to logic than your comparison to tobacco. Do you know people growing tobacco, a legal product, here in California? Sheesh, how ridiculous.


"I believe that Greg determined that "Windy" was yet another Pelline nom du plumme!"

Nope, at least not this Greg.

I did voice the opinion that "Annie Fox" was Jeffie in drag, as she's a prolific poster at Jeff's blog (nowhere else), has no local cites at the Tea Party Gazette, tends to come out of the woodwork when Jeff has practically no posts by anyone else and (sniff!) really needs a hug.

Bonnie McGuire

"After reading Cracking Big Green, it is really about money and power. The climate and the environment are just an excuse for the elites to exert control over the lower classes."
You're so right Russ. Many years ago when the environmentalist racketeers were getting rid of most of the logging and lumber companies, my friend Judy and I were checking on them. One of the survivors was Sierra Pacific Industries. They allegedly donated $50,000 to an environmental group in Quincy hoping to stay in business. It evidently worked, but with this kind of government promoted corruption and racketeering no one is ever safe.
The never ending story...http://observer.com/2014/10/fed-up-with-govt-misconduct-federal-judge-takes-nuclear-option/

Todd Juvinall

Big Green, yep, money and power. If the Congress would cutoff all that grant and loan money to the greens and they would change the law on lawsuits regarding eco suits (and they get paid if they win one claim out of a thousand) we would see a lot different dynamics in America. As it is we taxpayers have paid billions and billions to these groups and we are now reaping the whirlwind of their output. Hell, I remember when the Sierra Club started "Earth Justice" after it was clear they could make millions suing timber harvests to froggies habitat and Delphi Sand Flies. We need Congress to line item veto every department that gives these grants and loans. We are broke anyway!


Yes,, us smokers are getting used. (unlike the dopers) Tax on top of tax, yet the dope gang cry foul, and even here in Ca. have yet to be taxed, and they don't want it taxed. It cuts into profits. Even Colorado is having problems collecting pot taxes.

Mater in fact, CNBC is talking about that as I write.

BTW,, show me anything about "weed rights" in the Constitution.


Walt, show me where in the Constitution the Federal Government is given an enumerated power to forbid the growing of any plant, or why the Tenth Amendmendment doesn't apply.

"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

Todd Juvinall

Commerce Clause abuse.

Bill the Tozer

Walt, put me in your will as soon as possible. I don't want to be left out in the cold when you do the frog. Where there is a will....I will be there. 😜

Account Deleted

It's down to drugs again. Folks - keep your eyes on the ball. Obama is making his move on the internet. This will be huge. Like they say in Louisiana, "I can gar-on-tee it".


Posted by: Gregory | 10 January 2015 at 04:06 PM


....anybody else want to claim credit?


Todd 5:59

Give the man a kewpie doll for playing the game today, Commerce Clause abuse it is.


fish, I can't retract what I didn't write. At least I don't think I ever wrote that about "Windy", though I wouldn't bet against it being a Pelline or a Frisch pen name.


Posted by: Gregory | 10 January 2015 at 04:06 PM

"Retracted"...as in I retracted my attribution. It was not direction to you to "retract".

Bill  Tozer

Now this is only fair. The Feds want their cut too. When there is a buck to be made, the taxmen cometh from all directions.


Todd Juvinall


Bill  Tozer

medicine dealers?


OK Bill,, which shovel would you like? The square flat one? or the pointed one?
I still may have a good pick left in the shed.
I have already requested the bucket they dig my grave with, be left to be used and my tomb stone. ( that will probably be stolen for scrap soon after.)


See Doc.? ( Bill's 7:44) That is why the legalization of weed for taxes may look good in theory, but fails in reality. There is no way to control the growing, let alone the distribution, when anyone can grow it. Be it indoors or out.
Yes,, some token taxes would come in, but not enough to even cover the cost of the new bureaucracy that would be created.

George Rebane

Walt 1057am - Never argued for MJ legalization on the basis of tax receipts. Whatever taxes the state collects will be gravy. The real reason is to stop the cops and cartels game that imprisons the consumers and dealers in the middle, and keep the system going for the big players.

Bill  Tozer

Walt, got myself a new pick ax with a bright fiberglass handle. Don't think the square shovel will do much good if you are planning to be buried in your backyard. Too much rock and clay. Hey, you should do the frog in winter or very early Spring when the ground is softer and the air is cooler. Hate burying bodies in the summer heat, especially when they are making all that racket kicking and screaming and not staying put. Or, you can think of others and predig the hole for me. Thanks.
BTW, a 12 gauge steel box is cheaper than the cheapest pine coffin nowadays. Don't go spending all my inheritance on some fancy smancy one day memorial service, ya hear. In lieu of flowers, please direct all mourners to send cash to Mr. William Tozer. Much obliged.


Be sure to show everyone to the men's room before paying final (dis)respects.
It's hell on the flowers and crabgrass.
Look on the bright side. Hopefully it will be a long time before I check out, and account to the Big guy for all the changes I did to his creation. ( maybe I could give him the bill?) Just why did he put that rock in my way?

As I was told once,, it's not nice to try and compost LIBS Bill.. Yes,, they are rich in fertilizer, ( that's why their eyes are generally Brown.) But there are laws against that.
Why are they kicking and screaming when you tried to inter them? Not enough bong time beforehand?

Now how in hell did you know my backyard is too damned rocky to dig in? My kids pay you off? ( with what I don't know since they are hitting me up for money all the time)
Now I need to watch my back even from friends.(?) Yup,, it's a dog eat dog world.


Well Doc,, I understand your point, and it's more than valid.
If I had a say in things, yes, legalize the stuff. But change the laws that make users of the drug unable to become deadbeats on the taxpayer's dime, since a good portion of dopers
(not all) lose the drive to earn their own way. As a rule (law) they have a hard time even getting employed. ( Drug free work place laws) Even insurance Co.s demand drug screening.
Yes,, even this ditch digger had to pass said test.
If an employer wants to hire a pot smoker,, that's his/her business. But if an accident happens, you can bet the farm the insurance Co. will demand a drug test, and if the test is dirty, they just won't pay,, and let the games begin.

Yes, people have the right to make stupid decisions. But they don't have the right to make others pay for it.

Drugs and power tools never mix, and I sure wouldn't want a stoner doing my taxes or looking after my investments.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 11Jan15 04:03 PM

Should all of these conditions also apply to those who use the drugs tobacco and alcohol?


Just what are you tripp'n on Michael? It already pretty much applies to drugs and booze
does it not? BTW... MJ IS a DRUG.. Forget that?
Cigs. are NOT a mind altering substance. And all those TAXES that are piled on cigs, are supposed to offset any "burden on society" Remember? So blame the politicians for raiding that "fund" for their slush funds. ( Money just sitting there begging to be spent)

So how much have you volunteered to pay in weed taxes? LIBS love to say they love taxes, and are willing to pay more. Heck! They even show up at capital buildings with signs saying "raise my taxes". Now is your chance. 25% of your pot sales should do nicely.


"Cigs. are NOT a mind altering substance."

Sure they are, and one of the most addictive, which, almost by definition, is an alteration of the mind.

There's nothing in the Constitution that gives the Feds dominion over a naturally occuring plant grown in California, possessed in California and consumed in California.

If you disagree, then you also should believe the Commerce Clause gives the Feds the authority to infringe your rights to that shotgun in the closet because it's the same stretching of the Commerce Clause that covers both.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 11Jan15 07:35 PM

Whether tobacco is mind altering is irrelevant. The nicotine that is delivered in tobacco products is a drug. Alcohol is also a drug. More to the point, both tobacco and alcohol have negative effects on people's health, motivation, cognition, productivity, and safety.

So, should the law make users of tobacco and alcohol "unable to become deadbeats on the taxpayer's dime?" Should insurance companies demand tests for nicotine and alcohol if an accident happens and deny claims if those tests are positive? Why or why not?


Yup cigs are addictive,, no argument there. but do tell how they impair judgment, motor skills, etc. like booze and all other illegal drugs.(weed included)

But nice try none the less.
Now it's time for a smoke, and let the dog do her business.


"More to the point, both tobacco and alcohol have negative effects on people's health, motivation, cognition, productivity, and safety."

So what? So does Country/Western music.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 11Jan15 07:35 PM

Please support the notion that tobacco taxes are intended to offset tobacco's burden to society.

Walt 11Jan15 08:34 PM

I didn't say tobacco had negative effects similar to other drugs but it has negative effects none the less. Try this simple experiment, Walt. Deny yourself any ingestion of nicotine for 24 hours and then report whether you can operate heavy machinery as safely as when your addiction is satisfied.

For the third time I ask whether the law should make users of tobacco and alcohol "unable to become deadbeats on the taxpayer's dime?" Should insurance companies demand tests for nicotine and alcohol if an accident happens and deny claims if those tests are positive? Why or why not?

George Rebane

Re MichaelK's 851pm - IMHO insurance companies should be allowed to cover all kinds of losses and charge premiums appropriate to their assessment of the risk incurred with the insured. If the insured is a tobacco, alcohol, caffeine, MJ, heroin, country music, ... consumer in any combinations of the foregoing, then he makes the appropriate representations, pays the assessed premium, and collects when a loss occurs at which time the insurance company is allowed to test that the representations have not been exceeded. In such a market, the insurance companies can do their own risk assessments and be free to contract by mutual agreement with their policy holders.

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane 11Jan15 09:26 PM

What you describe, George, requires a free market for the insurance industry. I am certain that we agree that this should be allowed but has not been for some time. I therefore feel that my questions for Walt are relevant. I doubt that I will get straight answers from him, though, as his prejudice blinds him to his hypocrisy.


There have been times that I had to go "without" a cig,, But it didn't drive me to commit crimes to "get my fix". Yup,, I did have a short fuse, but it didn't make me want to take the dozer to the boss mans truck, and use it for land fill.

Now how bout those taxes? Pay up dude. Please send a copy of your tax from to the good Doc. so he can redact the necessary incriminating info., but leave the weed taxation for all to see. You seem to have missed that in your last few posts.

BTW In Colorado (where dope is now legal) people getting fired for dirty drug tests ( that random drug tests I mentioned earlier) is up by double. Especially in the construction business. ( Nope we are far from quire boys) That was according to CNBC.

It's not like I don't know the affects of weed. Been there done that. Probably smoked my weight and yours of the stuff over the years. But not anymore. It made my back problems worse. Since I quit using it for pain, the other crap I need to take has been reduced by two thirds.
Time for the sack. Off to see the back Dr. at first light.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 11Jan15 10:35 PM

Having a short fuse cannot be the most safe state of mind while operating heavy machinery so, by your own admission, your nicotine addiction has made you more dangerous than you would otherwise have been. Why should your drug of choice be acceptable while you would deny others their choice?

You are assuming facts neither in evidence nor admitted concerning my potential tax debt. You, on the hand, have admitted smoking marijuana on multiple occasions. It seems to me that you should be the one to pay up.

The rest is irrelevant and you still haven't answered my questions, but I do hope the doctor visit results in some relief of your pain. Dude.




Todd Juvinall

Look out Walt, the know it all is after you! What a hoot!


That's all ya' got? Tisk tisk...
BTW.. I NEVER sold any,, so no taxes to be paid...For get how taxes work?... Funny...You have dodged all my questions, yet I have provided many. Some memory retention issues? Or can't you comprehend the answers?

OK on to bigger and better things.
So much for the "hottest year on record." AGW takes it in the shorts once again.


Bill  Tozer

Sorry fellas, been out on the deck smoking a few cigs and taking a break after burning brush for the last 2 days. What did I miss?

BTW, my company charges me an extra 50 bucks a month for nicotine ingestion. That includes e-cigs, chaw, snuff, and cigars ( with or without angel dust sprinkled in it). Obamacare said the employer could do it IF they chose and they chose. But, it is still great insurance and we already had the Zerocare mandates covered before Zero even ran for President of these here United Nations.

Can't complain. They offer free gym membership, free 24/7 phyco hotlines with professionals on the other end of the line if ya nut up during the quitting process, free smoking cessations classes and patches, gum, you name it. After awhile one does not miss the 50 clams a month cause it is taken out of the check. The nice quarterly performance bonuses more than ease the pain of 600 clams a year smoking penalty.

I went to the gym but they had no ashtrays inside so I left. I went to the doc's and he asked if I smoke. I said "I sure do, want one?" He asked if I ever tried to quit. I said "Yep, I have even quit....thousands of times" ( to quote Mark Twain).

Boy, you gotta watch out for those militant non smokers nowadays. They are almost as bad as reformed smokers.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 12Jan15 12:37 PM

Many of the questions you have asked of me have been obviously rhetorical (Such as, "Just what are you tripp'n on Michael?") and therefore not actually seeking answers. I believe that I have answered all of the rest of your questions but if I am incorrect in that belief I will be pleased to answer that you again ask.

I hope that you will also be willing to respond to these queries.

So, should the law make users of tobacco and alcohol "unable to become deadbeats on the taxpayer's dime?" Should insurance companies demand tests for nicotine and alcohol if an accident happens and deny claims if those tests are positive? Why or why not?

Please support the notion that tobacco taxes are intended to offset tobacco's burden to society.

George Boardman

Bill Tozer 12:44 p.m.

As a reformed smoker--16 years and counting--I don't much care if people smoke or not. Just don't whine if you get lung cancer or some debilitating disease caused by consumption of the evil weed. You can't plead ignorance.

As for costs to society, I figure smoking is a wash. While medical costs can be heavy until smokers croak, their premature death eases the stress on Social Security and postpones the day our leaders will actually have to do something about the deficit it's running.

With any luck, I'll be long-gone by then.


No worries here, my boss even smokes. ( it keeps him from choking the crap out of a few employees that desperately need it) And Ca. is out to give it to us smokers hard and dry with ANOTHER tax.. Kesti should be dancing in the streets nude on that news. As long as it's us, and not the poor, deprived, misunderstood dopers. Maybe the state will grant them amnesty like "O" did for illegals.. OH... My mistake.. The voters already did with prop 47.
The "petty" criminal protection act.

Well Bill, Kesti forgets we smoke " for the children" ( all those taxes we pay) We would be heartless bastards today if we gave up smoking.. Then Where would that desperately needed money come from? Think the dopers would fill in the gap? or cry foul?

Todd Juvinall

Walt, now that's funny! Kesti might take up selling individual smokes on the street like the Garner fellow did in NYC. After all Kesti said he was unemployed. LOL!

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 12Jan15 02:24 PM

It is clear that you misunderstand me and my intentions, Walt.

I am in no way opposed to you continuing to be a nicotine addict and the state again raising the tax on tobacco products brings me absolutely no pleasure. I am simply using your self-admitted smoking and drinking to demonstrate the hypocrisy of your stand against legalizing the recreational use of marijuana. I do this because I genuinely believe that we must all allow others to be free in order to ourselves be free.

You previously claimed that tobacco was taxed to offset the "burden to society" that results from its use. Today you claim that it is "for the children." What will you claim in the future?

The pathos of statements such as, "not the poor, deprived, misunderstood dopers," does nothing to convince me of your position or, for that matter, your intelligence.

I am, however, absolutely certain that Todd has neither intelligence nor class.

Todd Juvinall

Walt, as you can read, Kesti has no class nor smarts to understand your comments. All of us do, so I would guess Kesti is simply dumb.

I too am amazed that the people who want to stop you from smoking want you to continue so you can supply tax money "for the children". That is where a lot of the money goes as distributed by those hypocritical politicians. Also, as a person who has seen the destruction of many once promising people's brans by MJ, I get that too. I really think those issues are your right to have an opinion about. Maybe Kesti could start growing some MJ since he has said he is unemployed? LOL!

Paul Emery

So Todd should the criminalization of MJ possession and use be a Federal or State jurisdiction?


Google this Kesti,, "tobacco taxes for the children" and see what you get. ( Plenty)

Now on to the next LIB shorts eating segment.
"'Drill, baby, drill' won't lower gas prices today or tomorrow," Rep. Janice Hahn, D-Calif., echoed on the floor of Congress in 2012. "But it will fuel our addiction to fossil fuel."

Today, Democrats are singing a different tune, as increased domestic drilling has led to a record supply of domestic crude, put some $100 billion into the pockets of U.S. consumers and sent world oil prices tumbling. "


And NO,, "O" had jack to do with it.
"But the gains, according to oil experts, come off private, not federal, lands.

Oil production on federal lands -- those under the president's control -- fell 6 percent since 2009, according to the federal Energy Information Administration, while production on private lands increased 61 percent. "

It's always fun seeing Leftists eat their own words, and their predictions go down in flames. From AGW to drilling our way to cheaper fuel, despite their attempts to drive it higher.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 12Jan15 03:48 PM

Yes, a search for "tobacco taxes for the children" returns a substantial number of hits. What then was the "burden to society" thing about?

Of far more interest to me, however, is the hypocrisy of campaigning against legalizing recreational use of marijuana while enjoying the recreational drugs of your choice. Have you nothing to say about this?

Todd Juvinall 12Jan15 02:40 PM

The pleasure you obtain from my lack of employment speaks volumes concerning your lack of class.

I challenge you to come back with something that is not reminiscent of Pee-Wee Herman's trademark line, "I know you are, but what am I?"

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, I would like every law not enumerated in the US Constitution left to the states and/or the people of those states. Sp regarding MJ. I say let the states vote on it as they have in Colorado and Washington. If the people want to legalize it, go for it. I don't smoke it as I have seen it destroy the brains of too many people.I want to keep what is left of my pea brain.

Kesti, you stated you are unemployed, not me. That is your burden. My lack of class is well documented. Your incessant use of the term is quite beneath a man of your substantial education. Too funny!

Walt, it is apparently Kesti's attempt to try and paint you as a hypocrite on the "drug" of cjoice. MJ is not legal, tobacco is. I think Kesti is just dumb or at best confused, about the difference.


So doper Kesti is unemployed? Well imagine that. I'm sure he will have some excuse other than the use of weed. A disability?? Well so do I, and it off to work in the morning for me. Back to a little labor work that I have no real business doing, but I need the paycheck. Care to grab a shovel there Kesti?


I recall a wise CHP Big Kahuna in the late '70's saying there would be MJ legalization as soon as there was a quick, cheap and valid test for intoxication. We still don't have it.

We *should* be able to have a cheap simulator to check basic skills and reaction times, but to catch the average doper it would probably have to fail a number of marginal old and infirm drivers, not to mention the room temperature IQ brigade.

Todd Juvinall

Actually Greg, the Chips could have some Pringles with them and if the perp attacked to get them that would be a fair test.

Michael R. Kesti

Todd Juvinall 12Jan15 04:33 PM

Congratulations, Todd. That may be the most cogent writing of yours that I have read. It even comes close to being properly punctuated and correctly spelled.

I agree that the legal status of marijuana should be a matter for the individual states. This currently appears to be the case but only because the feds have chosen to turn a blind eye, a situation that is subject to change at any time.

I completely respect your decision to not use marijuana. You recently suggested that I should have a drink so I expect that you do use alcohol. I have known some who have destroyed their brains with alcohol and expect that you have, too. Why, then, do you continue to use alcohol?

Yes, I revealed that I am currently unemployed. That does not, in my opinion, justify the pleasure you appear to derive from it. Or is it only retaliation for pointing out your lack of class? A difference is that I do so only on the occasions that you demonstrate it. It cannot have escaped your notice that I am not the only one who finds fault in the things you say, but perhaps enough is enough. It will help if you can manage to demonstrate a bit more class than you typically do.

Painting Walt as a hypocrite should be more than apparent as I have explicitly stated that I find his position regarding marijuana hypocritical. I am in no way confused concerning the legal differences between marijuana and tobacco and your statements make it clear that you have failed to understand that it I am in favor of eliminating that difference.

Todd Juvinall

Kesti give it up. You lost the high ground when you started namecalling. Adios.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt | 12 January 2015 at 04:58 PM

I have never admitted to the use or sale of marijuana and I expect that you have absolutely no first-hand or even hear-say knowledge concerning these matters, so I it appears that you think being in favor of legalization means I must be a user or a dealer. You are aware, aren’t you, that our host favors legalization, too?

Yes, I am currently unemployed, which is not a matter for which I need nor will I supply an excuse. I understand the need for a paycheck and sincerely hope that you do not further injure yourself by returning to work at this time. I’ll pass on grabbing that shovel, though. I readily admit that I am in no shape for it and I don’t yet need a paycheck that badly. Thanks, none the less!

Michael R. Kesti

Todd Juvinall 12Jan15 05:47 PM

Honestly, Todd, I cannot recall having indulged in any name calling. I wholeheartedly invite you to demonstrate that my recollection is faulty.

George Rebane

MichaelK - Apologies. I just dug out one of your comments for the 1jan15 sandbox from the 'Unpublished' folder - have no idea how it wound up there. In the comment you argue that illegal aliens and other non-citizens have free speech rights in America because our Constitution does not explicitly reserve those rights for only American citizens. Does that mean that the benefits accrue to non-citizens who might want to run for Congress, or even President?

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane 12Jan15 06:13 PM

No apology is required but I thank you, none the less. I do recall that an article I submitted did not make it to publication and that I was not sufficiently disappointed to bring it to your attention.

Your question is not clear. I parse "the benefits" as the right to free speech previously referenced but it seems that you're asking whether non-citizens can become Congressmen or President. I'll go with the latter.

The Constitution explicitly provides qualification for members of Congress and for President and in all cases one of those requirements is citizenship so, no, non-citizens cannot become Congressmen or President.

You specifically asked whether they can run, though, and I suppose that they can. I don't know what might happen if their campaigns were successful!

Don Bessee

So kresti what version of legalization do you like WA or CO?

Michael R. Kesti

Don Bessee 12Jan15 06:32 PM

I must admit that I am insufficiently informed to have formed the opinion you seek. Perhaps you can help me out. I feel that marijuana could be produced, distributed, sold and otherwise regulated in ways either exactly of similarly to the ways alcohol is currently handled. Do Washington or Colorado regulated marijuana in ways that closely parallel the ways they regulate alcohol?

Please not, Don, that there is no 'r' in my surname and that it is conventional to capitalize a proper name.


Any legal citizen be it born here, or naturalized can hold an elected seat. Only the President has different qualifications. ( and the current Pres.,, those are more than questionable) He must be born as an American.
"O" refuses to even use the words " Muslim extremist" .I guess that's what happens when one is raised in a Muslim household. Just what gives with this guy? Remember when he backed the Muslim Bro hood? He even got one "elected" to Egypt. He praised the "Arab Spring", which gave rise to ISIS. He turns lose terrorists from GITMO.. Now one is the head of ISIS.
Good going... Yup,, LIBS sure picked a winner with this guy. OH... BTW!! Now free collage!!
It fits right in with that "free healthcare". Now just wait for LIB media to done their collective knee pads. Think Moochel will get jealous?


I simply refuse to believe the results of this study!


Did you guys know that the internet is changing the way we communicate?!?!?!

Bill  Tozer

Mr. Kesti. It saddens me that you are currently unemployed. Unemployment takes a toll on one's mental well being and it is a tough time. One's self confidence is shaken and the going out to sell yourself to prospective employers is not a pleasant task. The irony of seeking employment when your confidence has taken a hit is that right when you need to be positive, self assured and invigorated for the interview process, those qualities are at their low. I wish you good luck and good vibes, Mr. Kesti, in this trying time. What don't break ya will make ya.
I have mixed thoughts on legalized recreational marijuana. The legal questions are easy. Is it legal in CA or not? The other points and counterpoints are more blurred.
First, I think it is ridiculous that pot is classified as the same kind of hard drug as herion, LSD-25 (that shows my age) and current strong addictive opiate based pain killers. Those of us that have token on a joint of two (or a few pounds of grass) know it is generally more benign that drinking firewater.

Humans have always wanted to get high or relax and let their hair down, be it the the first man to discover the fermentation process and ensuing grape stomping parties to the dude that first licked the underbelly of some frog in the jungle. And yes, quitting (tobacco) is akin to kicking H according to what I read.

The real question is not whether I want to take away one's "right" to legalized recreational herb since that is a legal question which I have little say as an individual. The negative health consequences of tobacco and alcohol and hard drugs are well documented. Pot has some physcological drawbacks as well, but no one ever OD'ed on grass nor developed siroccos of the liver or mouth cancer from it (like chewing tobacco, aka, chaw). But, that is not the point.

The point I see is if some alcoholic beverage user opposes RMJ, that it not hypocrisy given the current classification of bud. Neither can someone take away which they never had (in legal terms).
Guess what I am saying is I would not call it hypocrisy as such, but more of a double standard. Yes, a double standard for one drug (like hydroethonel, if you prefer) and another substance known as Maryjane. That is up to the courts and voters to decide.

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