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18 January 2015


George Rebane

'A War Between Two Worlds' - this recent piece by Stratfor's George Friedman sheds more light on RR's perspective about the inter-civilizational war in which we are now engaged.


George. The evidence in mounting to my suspicions that I have made reference to in past postings. He was born Muslim, that we all know. He has released radicals from captivity at GITMO, and now wants leniency for an enemy sympathizer. ( The great trade off)
He spends big bucks in drone strikes destroying token "up armored" Toyota pickup trucks
and not enemy tanks or troop concentrations. ( The approved target list comes directly from the W.H.,... Just like back in Vietnam )
As you point out refuses to even use the word terrorism and Islam in the same breath.
A Muslim in the U.S. military goes on a rampage and it's "workplace violence"

He can add being the Father of ISIS to his legacy. They were born on his watch.

If anyone has paid attention over the years, Glen Beck was right. He predicted all of this back when he was on FOX. Recall his blackboards?

"O" is an enemy sympathizer. Pure and simple.

Bill  Tozer

Walt, our biggest fear as a nation is that some raghead would get his hands on a nuclear weapon was use it for mass destruction. Never say never, this cannot happen here. Yeah, the same gang of Muslim terrorists that behead Ametican journalists and American social workers for NGOs over there, the same gang that throws homosexuals off buildings, stone women, put pre-teen girls in the sex trade, and guns down Buddhists just got closer to getting their wet dream of having a weapon of mass destruction.

Our fearless leader, without the consent of Congress or anyone, just released a Gitmo detainee that we have been holding for years. What makes this raghead so special? Glad you asked. This murderous raghead "detainee" happens to be a nuclear expert.
No worries. This nuclear expert would never do anything bad and promises to be good as he is returned to the heart of the Kingdom of Raghead unrepentant and hell bend on revenge.

What planet is our Community Organizer-in-Chief from? Don't think he bleeds red, white and blue after sitting in The Rev. Jeramiah Wright's "goddam America" church for all those years and pushed through in 2009 the United Nations Mandate that absolutely nothing can be spoken that would offend Muslims. It's against the world order.

Bill  Tozer

Promises, promises.


Ben Emery

Take a look at the map and one could almost see the pipeline being built.

Who is attacking who?

America's Middle East Scorecard: Many Interventions, Few Successes

Ben Emery

Have fun with this map, maybe you guys could start connecting some dots. Project for New American Century (PNAC).

Israel, Exxon, and the AEI

Here are some names from PNAC, cross reference them with people in high places in our federal government also individuals with shit loads of money and investments in fossil fuel industry.

Elliott Abrams[3]
Gary Bauer[3]
William J. Bennett[3]
John Ellis "Jeb" Bush[3]
Dick Cheney[3]
Eliot A. Cohen[3]
Midge Decter[3]
Paula Dobriansky[3]
Steve Forbes[3]
Aaron Friedberg[3]
Francis Fukuyama[3]
Frank Gaffney[3]
Fred C. Ikle[3]

Donald Kagan[3]
Zalmay Khalilzad[3]
I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby[3]
Norman Podhoretz[3]
J. Danforth Quayle[3]
Peter W. Rodman[3]
Stephen P. Rosen[3]
Henry S. Rowen[3]
Donald Rumsfeld[3]
Vin Weber[3]
George Weigel[3]
Paul Wolfowitz[3]

Elliott Abrams[10][12]
Kenneth Adelman[53]
Richard V. Allen[19]
Richard L. Armitage[12]
Gary Bauer[19][53]
Jeffrey Bell[19][53]
William J. Bennett[10][12][19][53]
Jeffrey Bergner[10][12][19]
John Bolton[10][12]
Ellen Bork[53]
Rudy Boschwitz[19]
Linda Chavez[53]
Eliot Cohen[15][19][53]
Seth Cropsey[19]
Midge Decter[19][53]
Paula Dobriansky[10][12]
Thomas Donnelly[15][19][53]
Nicholas Eberstadt,[19][53][54]
Hillel Fradkin[19][53][55]
Aaron Friedberg[19]
Francis Fukuyama[10][12][19]
Frank Gaffney[19][53]
Jeffrey Gedmin[19][53]
Reuel Marc Gerecht[19][53]
Charles Hill[19][53]
Bruce P. Jackson[19][53]
Eli S. Jacobs[19]
Michael Joyce[19]
Donald Kagan[15][19][53]
Robert Kagan[10][12][15][19][53]
Stephen Kantany
Zalmay Khalilzad[10][12]

Jeane Kirkpatrick[19]
Charles Krauthammer[19]
William Kristol[10][12][15][19]
John Lehman[19][53]
I. Lewis Libby[15]
Tod Lindberg[53][56]
Rich Lowry[53]
Clifford May[19][53]
John McCain[57]
Joshua Muravchik[53]
Michael E. O'Hanlon [58][59]
Martin Peretz[19][53]
Richard Perle[10][12][19][53]
Daniel Pipes[53]
Norman Podhoretz[19][53]
Peter W. Rodman[10][12][19]
Stephen P. Rosen[15][19][53]
Donald Rumsfeld[10][12]
Randy Scheunemann[19][53]
Gary Schmitt[15][19][51][53]
William Schneider, Jr.[10][12][19][53]
Richard H. Shultz[19][60]
Henry Sokolski[19]
Stephen J. Solarz[19]
Vin Weber[10][12][19]
Leon Wieseltier[19]
Marshall Wittmann[19][53]
Paul Wolfowitz[10][12][15]
R. James Woolsey[10][12][53]
Dov Zakheim[15][61]
Robert B. Zoellick[10][12]

George Rebane

BenE 1010am - Ben, to make sure no one misconnects any of the dots you are presenting, could you help us by providing the correct connections and conclusions you are bringing to the discussion. Many thanks.

Ben Emery

It seems I can say the sky is blue and it will be challenged around here. So I will not waste to much time trying to explain things. As the saying goes "you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink"

The Trans-Afghan Pipeline Initiative: No Pipe Dream
Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, India agree to move on 1,700-kilometer natural gas pipeline

TAPI Pipeline is what all of this "War on Terror" is about. If we extend it to who we are trying to eliminate from fossil fuel exploration and distribution our ass backwards foreign policy since the late 90's starts making sense. If you look at a map there seems to be one country in the way of pipeline being approved all they way through and completed. That country has been targeted for over a decade now by neo liberal/ neo cons as an axis of evil nation without any proof other than they don't want to comply with accusations that have no evidence of being true. This country has also been surrounded on all sides by the worlds fossil fuel industry enforcers (US Military) as well.

Can anyone name this country that stands in the way of the pipeline?

For extra credit, name the country we are trying to eliminate from fossil fuel distribution in Western Europe?

Account Deleted

"TAPI Pipeline is what all of this "War on Terror" is about."
Yep - that's what it's all about, All of the terror attacks from Africa to Europe to Indonesia and the Philippines have nothing whatsoever to do with it. The Moors invaded Europe because they knew there would be a pipeline several centuries later.
You are one amazing creature, Ben. All of the world's problems are because of White Euro and Euro-descent Males.
Good grief!

Account Deleted

Since we are cross referencing the names of the secret cabal that really runs every thing, we might want to point out that Mary Nichol's husband is a lawyer for Exxon-Mobil. And the AB32 org that she runs is based in Delaware so there is no open meeting rules.
All you greenies still on board with AB32? You'd better adjust your tin foil hats a bit.

George Rebane

BenE 119pm - Wow!


If we extend it to who we are trying to eliminate from fossil fuel exploration and distribution our ass backwards foreign policy since the late 90's starts making sense.

Who are we trying to "eliminate from fossil fuel exploration and distribution"? How does this pipeline achieve that goal?

Can anyone name this country that stands in the way of the pipeline?

No. Please name that country.

For extra credit, name the country we are trying to eliminate from fossil fuel distribution in Western Europe?

Again...don't know. Who is the country?

Ben Emery

Scott and George,
WOW!! back at you. You might be the dumbest geopolitical duo around these days if you do not think our positions against Russia and all the nations that surround Iran have nothing to do with strategic resources that our trans national energy industry covets.

Make that a DOUBLE WOW!! I guess you guys are going to hang on to the idea that terrorism is about our "freedoms" and we are just trying to bring "democracy" to the middle east.

Ben Emery

Here you will like this links fella's. Europe and India are the targets for the fossil fuels and eliminating Russia is the goal. Why? A number of reasons but the fact that Russia is part of the BRICS nations that are seriously talking about challenging the US dollar a world currency probably has something to do with it. http://www.forbes.com/sites/realspin/2014/12/22/brics-new-development-bank-threatens-hegemony-of-u-s-dollar/

If we can put in puppet regimes that will sign on to the pipeline(s) it makes everything legal, we just need to stage coups or overthrows to get the right people into the right positions to sign onto the project.

Actually the Taliban visited Texas in 1997 to see what Unocal had to offer them in return and it must not have been as good of a deal as Bridas offer. That is why the US had to invade Afghanistan if US Energy Industry was going to have their oily hands on this mega profit pipeline. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/world/west_asia/37021.stm

Haven't you ever wondered why Karzai was the US's choice in Afghanistan? He was and is a Unocal representative. So in the mean time we get Americans sidetracked on "war on terror" while all these other pieces are being put in place to benefit Western Energy Industry giants.

"The TAPI pipeline, which unlike the IPI, has the active support of the Americans.

Washington’s vital interest in TAPI includes having an alternative route for Central Asian gas that will bypass the Russian pipelines’ networks. Joining this pipeline is also expected to underscore India’s position as a development partner to Afghanistan. Estimated to cost US$10 billion, the project is expected to supply 38 million standard cubic meters of gas to India."

From 2002
"According to Afghan, Iranian, and Turkish government sources, Hamid Karzai, the interim Prime Minister of Afghanistan, was a top adviser to the El Segundo, California-based UNOCAL Corporation which was negotiating with the Taliban to construct a Central Asia Gas (CentGas) pipeline from Turkmenistan through western Afghanistan to Pakistan."

A.K.A. TAPI Pipeline

Turkmenistan Encourages Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline
Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 7 Issue: 221
December 10, 2010
"For the first time after years of ambiguity or outright silence, Turkmenistan now speaks up explicitly for a trans-Caspian pipeline. The original Trans-Caspian Gas Pipeline Project (TCGP) had been planned by Bechtel, General Electric, and Royal Dutch Shell during the late 1990’s, for a total capacity of 32 bcm per year, in two stages of 16 bcm each (the first stage was planned to supply Turkey, the second was envisaged for Europe). However, that project lost out to Gazprom in a race for the Turkish market by 2001. Western support dissipated after that, and Russia intimidated Turkmenistan into silence about a trans-Caspian pipeline until now. Thus, Turkmenistan’s bold proposal, after all these years to reactivate this project, is a landmark event.

The message came in two parts. First, in his speech at the summit of five Caspian States on November 18 in Baku, Berdimuhamedov asserted that underwater pipelines in the Caspian Sea should be built with the consent of only those countries whose territorial sectors would be traversed by such pipelines. This means that Turkmenistan asserts its right to link up with Azerbaijan through a seabed pipeline.

Azerbaijan had been the lead country all along in promoting this principle. Russia (with Iran in tow) claims on the contrary that any trans-Caspian pipeline projects require the consent of all riparian countries, implying a Russian veto. Thus, Berdimuhamedov contradicted Moscow’s position in the presence of Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev, at the Caspian summit in Baku (Interfax, Turkmen Television, November 18). " http://www.jamestown.org/single/?tx_ttnews[tt_news]=37267&no_cache=1#.VL2BiYVOj-k

There are dozens and dozens of articles that will create the links to the US foreign policy since really 1991 when Saddam took the Green Light From HW Bush administration to go after Kuwait.


If we can put in puppet regimes that will sign on to the pipeline(s) it makes everything legal, we just need to stage coups or overthrows to get the right people into the right positions to sign onto the project.

Even if these nefarious plotters are successful how does that eliminate Russia from petroleum/natural gas exploration and sales? Especially when Russia is furiously writing contracts for all the natural gas (probably oil as well) that China can take.

Additionally what benefit is it to Turkmenistan essentially give their gas away at below market in order to undercut Russian prices?

The BRICS really (much like the State of Jefferson vis a vis California) only need to wait for the US to buckle under its debt load. They don't need to really do anything anything as grandiose as formally establishing a new currency bloc.

George Rebane

BenE 308pm - While access to Mideast oil has been a factor in that region's geopolitics during the last 100 years, it seems that you either ignore or discount the pre-fossil fuel wars between Islam and Christendom that extended over centuries. And given the overwhelming support in the 'Muslim street' of this ongoing war between civilizations, you attribute a keen sense of geopolitical awareness and repurposed strategic thinking to these millions of pre-educated Muslims. It seems that you have found your grand conspiracy and you are sticking to it.

Todd Juvinall

Ben Emery, I have a roll of tinfoil if you are running out. My goodness, the man is mad!

Account Deleted

Ben - we are all aware that there are all sorts of plans and deals going on all over the world for data cables, pipelines, roads, air routes and shipping lanes. Big hint for you Ben: there are secret deals right now you don't even know about. A lot of these infrastructure deals cost a lot of money and need the cooperation of many different nations. Pipelines are a very efficient way to transfer nat gas and petroleum. They help create a lot of stable jobs and revenue for the countries involved. Most of the countries listed and the people that live there don't care one bit about AGM. Hard for you to believe, but true. I'm sure that everyone involved financially would like to see a stable environment for their investment.
However - for you to state that the entire war on terror is nothing at all besides setting up this one particular pipeline is nothing short of insanity. Get A Grip.

Bill  Tozer

The irony is ISIS says "When we conquer Europe, raping white women will be legal." Heck, it's practcally legal now in Sweden (the new rape capital of Europe), France (the new violence of Europe) Belgium, The Netherlands, Norway, and even Britain judging by those European government Justice Ministries total reluctance/resistance to prosecute Muslims for raping underage and adult white European females. Political correctness trumps protection and reason. Do not think this has much to go with oil because the uncircumcised new immigrants don't bother with petroleum jelly.

Don't think any Raghead Marshall plan will make them like us as long as we do not enact Sharia law. Don't think the ragheads like anybody who is not of the Sunni Sect, especially the Shittes, the Buddists, the Christians, the Russians, all members of the Great Satan that listen to Western Culture music and have Western Civilization ideas. If fact, Boko Harem means "No Western Education". Quite fitting considering they way the treat young pre-teen school girls.

Yo Ben, your solution is straight out of the liberal Democratl playbook. Identify a problem and flood the problem with a hundred tons of Yankee dollars, then pat yourself on the back for being enlightened for identifing the problem. The liberal Democrat knee jerk reaction (not response) is to throw money at it and walk away. How has that worked out on the War on Poverty? Where be the Great Society? You say you are a progressive and not a liberal, but you sure do embrace the lefties' Democrat playbook.

Tell you what. You go donate to the Lawrence of Arabia Marshall Plan first. I will sit back and observe as you play nice with that rattlesnake you have tucked under your shirt. Do you really think that will stop one single homosexual from being thrown off a building, one small underage school girl from being sold into the sex slave trade, or one single Shitte from being blown to Kingdom Come while praying in his mosque? I submit you have not identified the real problem. You have only stated the usual problem identified by "the enlightened" which is usually "We have met the enemy and it is us."

Beyond laying the blame, the cause, and the source of this current Jihad against all non-Sunnis at Western Civilzation's doorstep, is a Arab Marshall Plan your solution to stated problem? Sure, they will take our money and laugh all the day to the bank and then conquer more area and come to take our money by the sword. Conquest by the sword is how Islam expanded since day one and all through its Entire history.

Others have truly identified the problem and are not spouting some Marshall plan for the undefeated. I never thought I would ever see Irainian jet fighters piloted by Shiites, Russian trained Syrians piloting jet fighters, and American F-16s piloted by Americans all share the same airspace and targeting the common enemy: the Ragheads

Bill  Tozer

Yes, this is a clash of civilizations with one caveat. It is much more. It is planned genocide of 500 million people. Not even Moa, Statin, Hilter, and Attila the Hun combined lifted their sights so high. And none of them vowed to kill all athesis, all Hindus, and all Muslims that promote democracy.. Don't think packing our bags and coorporations and getting the hell out of Bagdad Dodge by noon will appease these members of the Religion of Peace. don't think it is about some fossil fuel pipeline either.


Bill  Tozer

yo Bro Ben. This guy agrees with you. James Foley done got himself beheaded because it is America's fault. Odd that the young man did not mention the secret pipeline people calling the shots. The intelligent young man is probably unaware of the secret cabal.


I know, I know. Nobody reads Newsweek anymore.


An alternative notion on the West's relationship to a muscular Islam, although I think he's too quick to blame 'liberals'.


Bill  Tozer

Things are getting curiouser and curiouser as the radical militant multicultural extremist Lefties are becoming unhinged, downright unglued I tell ya.

Yes, of course this dovetails nicely with Dr. rebane's post.


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