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31 January 2015



Confused middle of the road purple chickens get run over. It is safer to be on the left or the right side of the road with all the primary colored chickens, white on the left and red on the right. Be sure to look both ways before crossing those side roads, as you will be traveling through purple chicken country in the middle of the road.

RL Crabb

I've been straddling that middle line for decades and I get it from both sides, with extreme prejudice. If you're going to have an opinion, somebody's not going to like it. A bunch of cartoonists risked everything to speak out and paid for it with their lives, so when I hear that "your feelings got hurt" because of something I drew or said, I'm sorry but I can't be too sympathetic. One of the best cartoons I saw last week was the Pope, who said the cartoonists went too far. The picture had him looking up at Jesus on the cross and saying, "you really shouldn't have provoked them."

Brad C.

Purple chicken roadkill is so tender though...

George Rebane

RLCrabb 1242pm - Well, there's one way to reduce the incoming, pick a side and then you'll only get it from the other side, and you'll know which way to dodge and weave ;-)

But the downside is that it cuts your material in half :(

Bill  Tozer

Unclear concepts? Nah, it makes perfect sense to them.


Bill  Tozer

It's becoming a wee bit clearer


Bill  Tozer

Now, it's getting clear:


RL Crabb

Yeah, I can pull as many laughers from the right hand side of the road. Good one from Bill Mahar: "If Sarah Palin had a stroke, how could you tell?"

George Rebane

RLCrabb 314pm - Not nearly as funny as a charitable report that Joe Biden has been for years a stroke victim in decline, and retained his government jobs only under cleverly drafted provisions of the Americans With Disabilities Act of 1990.

Bill  Tozer

Ok Mr. Crabb, here is one you might prefer. Boy, you and Dr. Rebane seem a bit impatient if not slightly grumpy lately. That happens when your BS sniffers become fine tuned. When one's BS sniffer is firing on all cylinders, one's tolerance level decreases. Oppps, forgot your cartoon.


Bill  Tozer

Yo, Crabbie. I respect your profession. My great grandfather was a political cartoonist for a Chicago newspaper in 1934. Even made the Who's Who in 1934. He moved out to Southetn Cal and bought an 8 acre peach orchid. Had a couple bad years and went belly up. Oh, BTW, that 8 acres was bordered by a berry farm, better known as Knot's Berry Farm. Maybe today it is a parking lot, but I have never been there.

His son became one of the original old white men employees for Walt Disney at the office on Westetn Ave in the Los Felis Park area and has opening credits as writer/(cartoonist) for a cartoon movie known as Snow White and the 7 dwarfs. Never met the man, but always had a soft spot for political cartoonists and animators. Both died broke. Should have not put down the pencils.


Somehow this posts relates to Unclear on Concepts

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