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13 March 2015


Russ Steele

Cities all across American are going broke and they are using the police as revenue generating squads. They have the police looking for every infraction that will bring in revenue. This is true in Ferguson, MO as well. When 60% of the population is black, there will be more blacks stopped than whites, that is how the numbers work out. I guess these numbers never occurred to AG Holder.


I guess these numbers never occurred to AG Holder.

They absolutely occurred to AG Holder.

The trick was turning the practice of "Tax Farming", which the state considers beneficial but is off putting to the rabble into the notion of "institutional racism" which is also considered beneficial by the state because it so easily diverts attention from Tax Farming.

Russ Steele


Excellent point!

Michael R. Kesti

...she “turned over 55,000 pages of emails”

The thing that bothers me is that Clinton is said to have delivered those emails literally as pages, i.e., printed on paper rather than on machine readable media. This might meet legal requirement and/or intent but it is also a convenient way to reduce the ability to find figurative smoking guns.

Some of Clinton's supporters claim that this investigation is a waste of resources. To just skim one page per minute will take 34.7 uninterrupted, perfectly focused, man-hours but to write and execute a script to scan those machine readable data for keywords would take about a half of an hour. So, who is wasting resources?

Todd Juvinall

California and its "fines" are really something. A traffic ticket base price may be $50 bucks but by the time it gets to the perp it is 250 bucks with all the adons, you can see how much dough they get. Of course the money goes to help the "children" and others less fortunate.

Drink driving is a good example of the theft of people's money in bushels.

I once had a red light ticket in Marysville. The base price was $200 I think. When all was said and done it was $650 and I had to take a phony online course as well.


A better example is the new gas tax imposed by CARB. " To reduce the dependence on fossil fuel". Like we are going to drive even less because of the tax deterrent.

George Rebane

Walt 517pm - Well Walt, CARB's Mary Nichols has a point. If unelected bureaucrats make vehicle fuels very expensive, and other bureaucrats don't repair roads, bridges, etc because our tax dollars are being pissed away on playing catch-up with egregious public service employee pension spending, then yes, we are going to be driving less because the whole economy will be in the toilet.

Brad C.

Who has 50,000 thousand pages of emails unless someone is sending you chapters out of books every time?
Who gets 50,000 emails over a similar time span? ...maybe if you include spam?
What do you imagine you will find in Hillary's emails that will prove "something"?

Hillarymailgate is just another manufactured crisis.
Carnivore has all her emails, so not to worry.

What about phone calls? People still make phone calls. Why wouldn't someone make a phone call to pass information they did not want to write in an email?

What is so important about knowing what is in her emails? Does this go back to Benghazi..and what did she know and when did she know it?
Are those still supporting the Benghazi tribunal still trying to prove that the Obama administration fumbled the ball as did the Bush administration on 9/11? If so, what of it? It is too late now. Oh yeah, election season is right around the corner...


Posted by: Brad C. | 14 March 2015 at 09:49 AM

My former boss and I performed a very crude statistical analysis of his e-mails once. He averaged 1100 per week (a number that boggled my mind at the time) at not nearly so lofty a height as Secretary of State.

Roughly 80% were job related in some way.

I hope Clinton is our next president.....but even the simplest proggie dullard has to admit that the Clinton machine has always been dirty!

Todd Juvinall

So BradC, Why not be able to read her emails? What is the big deal? Seems to me the Executive Branch of our government is just doing their jobs and there is nothing to hide. So just let we Americans see them.

Michael R. Kesti

Brad C. 14Mar15 09:49 AM

What is so important about knowing what is in her emails?

You may have a valid point. Perhaps knowing that she broke policy for which others have been dismissed is sufficient proof that she is unfit to serve in any capacity in any government.

So, she is doing damage control by attempting to appear to reveal the content of those emails by delivering 50,000 pages of paper. This is a trick used often used in the discovery phase of legal proceedings. The truth is provided but it is buried in an avalanche of irrelevant truths in the hope that a damaging truth is not noticed. The email data should have been delivered in the form of the storage devices on which they were originally written.


50,000 pieces of paper = not a problem.

Simply feed the whole works through a biggish autofeed scanner and do some OCR. A lot of people are set up for this very thing.

Personally, I think that emails should be kept private and permanently destroyed if wanted. I can't say that it's healthy to treat them like official correspondence rather than as the equivalent of a telephone call.

It's all just fishing for gotchas. Given the amount of surveillance now possible combined with the ginormous traction that the Grievance Culture is maintaining, we'll all find ourselves in chokey within a decade.

I'm afraid I'm on the wrong side of history on this one.

George Rebane

driveby 1250pm - We don't want to confuse two independent issues here. First, there are (and were) protocols in force on how to handle various kinds of communications. The merit of such protocols can/should be discussed as a separate topic. Second, and the reason for the national kerfuffle and topic of this post, is her obviously imperious behavior with respect to established protocols, and then piling on prevarications and cover-ups when said emails are sought and her behavior questioned.

She knew the drill when (and probably way before) she signed on. If she was unwilling to comply, an early request for extenuation or a simple resignation would have been in order. What she did and is now doing was and is not in order.


With the way Hillary bungled Benghazi, Blamed it on a video that no one had ever heard of,
then resigns when the heat was on, now plays games with documents.
And Brad still would vote for her? This is the kind of person he would like to see in the W.H.?
A Quote from Hillary. " No. I don't write anything down. It can be subpoenaed".

She learned that from her Nixon days. " “Hillary’s Pursuit of Power,” states that she “… engaged in a variety of self-serving unethical practices in violation of House rules.”


Wow... Things can go from bad to worse when it comes to a Progressive needed to run for President.
Nope,, it's not looking good for Hillary, Izzy Warren is just as big a liar so who is the Left looking to now? ( When all else fails)
Will the irrelevant OWS LIBS approve?

Brad C.

Walt, no, I did not say I would vote for her. I don't really want her, and don't think the country needs her (except as a women's lib, equal rights thing) to be President. Jerry Brown is too old for the job. We need someone younger with fresh ideas.
Is Rand Paul still too far out in Right field (or not far enough) for a Republican nomination? Jeb is a smart guy. I just wish he was not a Bush.

Back to emailgate, if Hillary had a personal email account and an official gov account it still would not stop her from using her private account for back-channel dealing. Like I said earlier, she could just as easily have made phone calls to whomever for whatever reason and (supposedly) no one would know what was said.

Account Deleted

Nixon had a gap in his tape recordings and the Dems and the press went bananas. Now we find wholesale deletion of emails and the Dems just shrug.
What if FDR had come out on Dec 8th and said the Pearl Harbor attack was just a street demonstration that got out of hand? Obama and Hil knew good and well just minutes into the attack that an organised and concerted assault had been launched against an American asset and American lives, including our ambassador to Libya. The next day and in the weeks following, Hil and Obama continued to lie openly about what had occurred. The Obama admin then tried to cover up their lies by hiding key personnel for months. The LS news media covered for him until the election was over. I see that there are folks out there that enjoy being bent over holding their ankles for the Obama admin. So be it. There were those that acted that way for Nixon. I expect every single person in public service to be honest with the tax payers and if they are not, they should be removed from their position with complete loss of any future benefits, including retirement. If anyone has a problem with that, I'd be fascinated to hear a logical argument against my position.

George Rebane

ScottO 551pm - Have to agree with you. But to explain away the positions of commenters like BradC, you have to go back to the thesis of my post. And as proof of thesis, one questions what do alternative "back channel" communications referred to in BradC's 530pm have anything to do with Hillary's email scandal.


I guess I misread that Brad, then mixed it up with what Fish said.. My apologies.
Seems it's Fish with low oxygen content in his bowl.
If Brown gets the nod, God help us.
On the Conservative side, Scott Walker is doing VARY well.
" I see that there are folks out there that enjoy being bent over holding their ankles for the Obama admin." That would be the "lean forward" gang Scott.

LIB media has proven themselves to be the fourth branch of government. They have covered and buried anything that would harm "O" and Co. Only now do we see a few running from the DEM plantation, looking to stay relevant in the public eye.


News is out that ISIS has used chem weapons. But I don't expect "O" to do much except a twitter hashtag bitch, oe a whiteboard photo "condemning" the action. His red line in the sand blew away a long time ago.


"We don't want to confuse two independent issues here. First, there are (and were) protocols in force on how to handle various kinds of communications."

Absolutely correct. It was totally a bush league concept of her (and likely illegal) to set up private email outside of a (hopefully) more secure government system. Political considerations outweighed national security.

Probably the scariest part is that she got caught. It's not something I would imagine that James Baker would be swept up into.

It is worth noting that you can argue that emails shouldn't be part of the public records, and it's not a point I see made very often.

I wonder sometimes if we won't be treated to a series of untalented hacks from here on out. It didn't take long to go from an LBJ, Nixon, Cheney, Baker, etc. to Obama and Jarrett. Like the earlier guys or not, there was a certain hardness and ability they had that our current Max Headroom lacks. Perhaps it's just a result of dominance of mass media in everyday thinking.


“To-day we live so cowed under the bombardment of this intellectual artillery(the media) that hardly anyone can attain to the inward detachment that is required for a clear view of the monstrous drama. The will-to-power operating under a pure democratic disguise has finished off its masterpiece so well that the object's sense of freedom is actually flattered by the most thorough-going enslavement that has ever existed”

Michael R. Kesti

George Rebane 14Mar15 07:21 PM

One also questions what, "Clinton could just as easily have made phone calls..." has to do with anything.

George Rebane

MichaelK 1011pm - Agreed. That was the point of my 721pm.

Bill  Tozer

I just don't appreciate Mrs. Clinton telling us what e-mails were private and which were government official business and which one's are a combition of both.
Don't say we were not warned.


Posted by: Walt | 14 March 2015 at 08:35 PM

Seems it's Fish with low oxygen content in his bowl.

Perhaps Walt! But the next administration is going to be fully occupied deflecting blame from an economic crash that starts in earnest sometime later this year. Hillary "worst idea ever" has been implemented under "Sugar Frosted Barry O's" and all she has to run on is "Wage Inequality". She can't do anything about that so at this stage she is likely to be harmless. A placeholder president.... her hands tied by a republican congress and a serious economic slump that Federal Reserve shenanigans can't fix!

What those on the conservatarian side probably don't want is for the system to blow up on their watch. I want Hillary to win because I think it's better to have this "bag-o-shit" economy to break over her sensible brown shoes and have progressivism take the blame.

George Rebane

fish 728am - Interesting that you bring up the 'if shit's gonna happen, let it happen on their watch' argument. That is good and well as far as it goes. However, depending how deep the next dip is and how desperate/dumb are the growing cohort of systemically unemployed, a progressive administration has only one tune to play, and that is tighten down on everything and go more authoritarian cum totalitarian. A Hillary would never think of doing anything like supporting more freedom and enterprise through tax reform and deregulation. And that would accelerate our downward spiral.

Would like to hear your (and our readers') treatment of that scenario in this election calculus.

Account Deleted

Walt at 8:35 - "the lean forward gang" - good one!
As to the idea of let the Dems have the next presidency and take the heat for the mess - it just doesn't work like that. Whatever Dem gets in would simply put out the line that: "I could fix all of this, but those Rs just won't pass all of the bills we need". The LS news media would parrot the line 24/7 and down we spiral with the Rs taking full blame.
We need some one like Scott Walker to be pres and come in with an inaugural address that lays out the truth. No happy talk about how it will all be great real soon and all of that BS.
He needs to instruct the American public that running our economy on printing money and buying and giving away stuff hasn't worked and never will.
It's not going to be pretty no matter who wins. Our economy is on a sugar high and so is Europe's. China is booming but the govt is corrupt and there is rampant speculation and over-extension of credit.
And the American public is highly 'Gruberized' instead of educated. How can a republic function with the electorate mis-trusting and ignorant and it's 'leaders' fanning the flames of class warfare and racial division?


....a progressive administration has only one tune to play, and that is tighten down on everything and go more authoritarian cum totalitarian.

Our Progressive Lite Republican faction will do the same thing. What I'm concerned with is that the correct ideology receives proper disrepute this go around!

Brad C.

You are mistaken if you think I (for one) am unwilling to admit or accept that Hillary broke some regulation regarding how goverment emails are handled. Rules changed and she was out of step with the new regs.
Having said that, I say "so what?", especially if there was no harm done. There is no real reason for the apoplectic behavior of the media and the right wing regarding her emails.
Has no Republican ever broken a regulation?

The House Intellegence Committee, Senate Intelligence Committee, House Armed Services Committee and the Senate Homeland Security Committee, and the State Department Accountability Review Board have all reviewed Benghazigate.
But now we need the Special House Committee to investigate Benghazi and subpeona all of Hillary's emails?

Regarding my phone call vs. email comparison - my point is emails are not the only way to communicate - so why the hysteria over emails when a phone call works just as well as an email and they are not recorded by the state department (unless maybe you are calling from the bowels of the State Department on a land line)? Does Hillary have a government cell phone?

Carnivore has all her emails, Edward Snowdon has them, Julian Assange has them - so what's the big deal? When are the billions we poured into Carnivore going to pay off with a big bust of some government officials? If Hillary is the first public figure to get spat out of the race by Carnivore, oh well, too bad.
But I just have to laugh at the tizzy everyone works themselves into over relatively insignificant relavations.
People still believe the World Trade Center was blown up as an inside job. Maybe we need another committee to check into it.

Todd Juvinall

It is my right to see and read those emails. I want to. There, simple as that.


Having said that, I say "so what?", especially if there was no harm done. There is no real reason for the apoplectic behavior of the media and the right wing regarding her emails.

a) Because we have no idea if any harm was done....and will likely never know.

b) The right wing has the first scandal of the season and they are going to use it to the fullest. So would the democrats!

c) The best part of this whole affair is how the media is outraged over being "wronged". Good times....good times!

Has no Republican ever broken a regulation?

So I can safely assume the next time there is an accusation involving someone in the Republican party Brad Croul will just issue a Mulligan. Good to know.

Brad C.

Todd, ok fine. So what is the media/rightwing hysteria about - just politics as usual?
When did Carnivore go online? Is all the metadata there? Even if it does not show the content, it will verify who sent what eails to whom. The metadata can be compared to the emals Hillary submitted. End of story?

Joe Koyote

"People still believe the World Trade Center was blown up as an inside job. Maybe we need another committee to check into it." --

It does seem odd that republicans spent close to $50 million investigating the Clintons and whitewater to conclude the Clintons made a bad $30k investment but spent only $800k on the 911 attacks. And the head of the investigation, James Baker, is also defending the Saudi Arabian's in a law suit brought by survivors and victim's families for wrongful death. The whole thing stinks of a coverup, but the most deadly attack on America since Pearl Harbor seems not be be as important for republicans as discrediting the Clintons. Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi. Let's make a mountain out of a mole hill and waist taxpayer dollars on yet another bogus witch hunt while complaining about government spending.

Todd Juvinall

BradC, I just want to rad all the emails. I don't need a reason. That is the Obama rules as well. You are going against his edicts?

I am not interested in waiting to "find" every email sent to a DOT GOV address. I want them from the server. Simple, let's you and me go read them.

Todd Juvinall

JoeK, it is my recollection that the Clinton's brought those investigations on themselves. A bunch of their pals fell on their swords for them and went to jail. You can defend them all you want but I choose to not do so. I wished the Dems would start getting younger people involved in their recruitment but they want an old geezer like Hillary it appears. That is the best you got? Sheesh!

Bill  Tozer

Brad, nice list of departments, committees, and agencies that investigated Bengazhi. They all have one thing in common. None you mentioned had the commiques between the Secretary of State and her embasary during that time period. Hillary, as a government employee at the time, was/is not empowered to say which e-mails she controls are relevant to investigations or the historical record of the State Department. Hillary, or any former employer, should not be the sole arbiter of what official government docs (e-mails) should be released and which ones should be taken with her to her grave.

Remember, using private e-mail to conduct Goverment business was forbidden by a State Department directive electronically signed by.....drumroll please...Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton. Further, she fired an ambassador for bullying embassy staff and......drumroll please.....for using his private e-mail to conduct official US Government business.

This bull pucky excuse you floated that "times have changed" somehow implies Clinton was unaware of exactly what she was doing and in reality she was doing exactly the opposite of her own rules, directives, and protocols.

Reminds me of when the Clinton's left the White House and tons of furniture, art, and other artifacts went missing. Hillary was in charge of the move. A honest government employee (with a conscious) in charge of White House furnishing threatened to sue the Clintons for the return of government property. The property in question was found in a warehouse in....drumroll please.....Little Rock Arkanas.

Brad, I think you are having trouble seeing that documents and commiques authored by the former Secretary of State do not belong to Hillary, but we the people. We bought and paid for them. And yes, we don't need to read Hillary whining to her friends that Bill is out trimming the wick again or her telling Chelsea how to make $27,000.00 an hour. That is private. Everything else, she should never ever have a say in the matter. She is not authorized, period.

Brad C.

I don't know Todd, it could be very boring reading about Chelsea's baby having a fever, etc.
I am not against you reading her emails if you are having trouble sleeping or something.

The whole brouhaha is made to look like it is a really big deal. Is it?

Do folks think there is some email sent to a foriegn government or associate saying,
"I hate America, let the embassy burn, I don't care"? Or, is it the tired old, "What did she know, when did she know it", Benghazigate - slight reprise?
People blew up over Christie's bridgegate not too long ago.
The Internet and 24/7 news is making people hysterical.

Todd Juvinall

BradC, yes I want to read those emails. Chelsea and Hillary may have been discussing babies and Benghazi in the same email so I would like to read that. You ask is it a big deal. Well, that is not the point at all. If you like the government to be the arbiter of what is or is not something you should read or hear, then have at it. I have been in an elected position and know first hand who owns all the stuff you taxpayers paid for and all those documents for disclosure. I am assuming you have never been in a elected position or a bureaucrat?

So all in all, if you want transparency in how and what the government does to you, you should be right there asking for all the emails too.


Oh ya.. Hillary's troubles with records keeping ( more like hiding) goes WAY back.
Funny where obeying the law (for elected LIBS in general) is for the "other guy". ( mainly Repubs and the common man) Nope,, NOT them! With one rare exception,,Leona Helmsley actually went to jail. ( "taxes are for the little people")

If Scott Walker gets elected and does for the nation what he has done for his state, things will get better.But not without being painful for all. As for taxes, EVERYONE will need to pay "their fair share" ( Remember that line LIBS?) Yes, even the low wadge folks.
Today the top 2% pay over 50% of all the taxes. Nope,, that's not fair. ( except for LIBS that don't have to pay any.. Yup,, that's "fair" to them!)

The handouts need to end. Plenty of the draconian regulations need to end. (most of which the LIBS love)

By the Grace of God, more Tea Party value types will get elected to replace the RINO gang. Today's GOP is LIB lite, and REALLY despise the Tea Party.
Well tough titty.. The Tea Party is gaining seats every election since their inception,
and I do believe that trend will continue.

Bill  Tozer

Much to ponder there, Mr. Walt. According to the liberal media, the Tea Party Patriots were pronounced DOA around 2011. Well, they wrote off the Patriots just a couple months ago, yet they won the Super Bowl with a little help from The Worse Call Ever. The Tea Party Patriots have gotten a little help from The Worse Call Ever via the Obama Administration. I have said it more than once: "it is not wise to take off one's armor before the battle begins." Oh, much to ponder and some things we don't bother to ponder:

Account Deleted

"The Internet and 24/7 news is making people hysterical."
Who's hysterical? Obama and Hil fabricated a story about what happened in Benghazi to cover up Obama's ineptitude and foreign policy failures in order to get re-elected. Susan Rice went on 5 different TV shows and lied through her teeth. Is this what you want folks that take money from you at gun point to do?
There's nothing new here. Hils been lying for years. I just wish we could have the bull dog press we had when Watergate happened.
Probably nothing nothing will happen, since we have folks like Brad C that have declared they don't care what happens. Life goes on. But some of us can discuss it and question the powers that be. That's hardly hysteria. Just go back to sleep, Brad. Everything's fine.


And don't forget their own air force.

And some statistics of the last election to show how well the Tea Party did.

"An examination of the results of the 2014 general elections by the Institute for Research and Education on Human Rights reveals that Tea Party endorsed candidates continued to outperform at the ballot box this year. National Tea Party groups, most notably FreedomWorks and Tea Party Patriots, endorsed 80 candidates for federal office in yesterday’s general election. Tea Party endorsed candidates ended up winning 58 of those races—a 73% winning percentage."

Now that's not bad at all. And a nightmare for LIBS, and a shot across the bow of the GOP.
The next election should also fair well. The masses are sick and tired of this "transformation" into a socialist, limp wrested, joke America has become under Pansy Progressive rule, and Obummer acting more like a dictator than a President.


Man... Things just get better and better.. YUP!! This will make Iran think twice about nukes.
"The White House this week celebrated Nowruz, the Persian New Year most often observed by Iranians.

The festivities come amid tense negotiations between the White House and Tehran. President Obama hopes Iran will slow or stop its nuclear weapons program in exchange for removing economic sanctions."

Bill  Tozer

Walt @ 7:18pm. Yep, Obama is just like the unsuited job applicant bringing bagels with cream cheese to the job interview. Don't think celebrating Nowruz or Nowwuz will make Teran all of a sudden play nice and give Obama the job.

Bill  Tozer

Yo Mr. Walt. Looking at the Dem cast of characters, the Tea Party should have no problem gaining influence. Comparing apples to apples, I see your point.

Yep, this email Thang has Obama gloating and Bubba relieved.

Bill  Tozer

Back on topic, I believe the Socialists' just might have a different and weird world view. I could be off track with that last statement. I have been wrong before with my broken thinker and all.


Damn Bill!!,, Gun show or bacon. Now there is a stumper. That's like ask'n what do you save when the bass boat starts to sink? The wife or the Evinrude boat motor.

Hummm. Chow down on a few pounds of various bacon preparations or go wait in line and hope you can find a box of .22 shells.

Gotta go with the bacon fest first, Then I can wipe the bacon grease off on some quality ammo.

That's a real coin flipper.( Then the best of 2 out of 3.)

Ben Emery

I think Hillary's emails should be public record, she was a public servant correct?

The Benghazi cover has very little to do with the death of Ambassador Stevens and everything to do with covert CIA operations in the region for some time.

The Red Line and the Rat Line
Seymour M. Hersh on Obama, Erdoğan and the Syrian rebels

"In January, the Senate Intelligence Committee released a report on the assault by a local militia in September 2012 on the American consulate and a nearby undercover CIA facility in Benghazi, which resulted in the death of the US ambassador, Christopher Stevens, and three others. The report’s criticism of the State Department for not providing adequate security at the consulate, and of the intelligence community for not alerting the US military to the presence of a CIA outpost in the area, received front-page coverage and revived animosities in Washington, with Republicans accusing Obama and Hillary Clinton of a cover-up. A highly classified annex to the report, not made public, described a secret agreement reached in early 2012 between the Obama and Erdoğan administrations. It pertained to the rat line. By the terms of the agreement, funding came from Turkey, as well as Saudi Arabia and Qatar; the CIA, with the support of MI6, was responsible for getting arms from Gaddafi’s arsenals into Syria. A number of front companies were set up in Libya, some under the cover of Australian entities. Retired American soldiers, who didn’t always know who was really employing them, were hired to manage procurement and shipping. The operation was run by David Petraeus, the CIA director who would soon resign when it became known he was having an affair with his biographer. (A spokesperson for Petraeus denied the operation ever took place.)

The operation had not been disclosed at the time it was set up to the congressional intelligence committees and the congressional leadership, as required by law since the 1970s. The involvement of MI6 enabled the CIA to evade the law by classifying the mission as a liaison operation. The former intelligence official explained that for years there has been a recognised exception in the law that permits the CIA not to report liaison activity to Congress, which would otherwise be owed a finding. (All proposed CIA covert operations must be described in a written document, known as a ‘finding’, submitted to the senior leadership of Congress for approval.) Distribution of the annex was limited to the staff aides who wrote the report and to the eight ranking members of Congress – the Democratic and Republican leaders of the House and Senate, and the Democratic and Republicans leaders on the House and Senate intelligence committees. This hardly constituted a genuine attempt at oversight: the eight leaders are not known to gather together to raise questions or discuss the secret information they receive.

The annex didn’t tell the whole story of what happened in Benghazi before the attack, nor did it explain why the American consulate was attacked. ‘The consulate’s only mission was to provide cover for the moving of arms,’ the former intelligence official, who has read the annex, said. ‘It had no real political role.’

Washington abruptly ended the CIA’s role in the transfer of arms from Libya after the attack on the consulate, but the rat line kept going. ‘The United States was no longer in control of what the Turks were relaying to the jihadists,’ the former intelligence official said. Within weeks, as many as forty portable surface-to-air missile launchers, commonly known as manpads, were in the hands of Syrian rebels. On 28 November 2012, Joby Warrick of the Washington Post reported that the previous day rebels near Aleppo had used what was almost certainly a manpad to shoot down a Syrian transport helicopter. ‘The Obama administration,’ Warrick wrote, ‘has steadfastly opposed arming Syrian opposition forces with such missiles, warning that the weapons could fall into the hands of terrorists and be used to shoot down commercial aircraft.’ Two Middle Eastern intelligence officials fingered Qatar as the source, and a former US intelligence analyst speculated that the manpads could have been obtained from Syrian military outposts overrun by the rebels. There was no indication that the rebels’ possession of manpads was likely the unintended consequence of a covert US programme that was no longer under US control."

Bill  Tozer

"There was no indication that the rebels' possession of manpads was likely......". Rebels with manpads is better than appointees with maxi-pads or web masters with man boobs.

Them Socialists see things differently.

Brad C.

So, how would this government email account work? She sends and receives State Deprartment info on the .gov acccount. Ok, no problem. The publlic has full access.
But, what about her Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo accts. at home? The public does not have access? So, what is to stop her from doing her nefarious dealings on her "private" accounts? Should I assume the government will not bother to ask to see the content of those private account emails in the future?
Maybe the Feds should have swooped in and siezed all her computers/servers to look for any evidence of crimes against the state - except we are not looking at a crime - all we are looking for, at most, is proof of a case of bad judgement.
No wonder nothing much seems to get done in D.C.

Ben Emery

Actually what you laid out is the problem. Hillary Clinton didn't seem to have a separate account for her public and separate emails. As a person who wants full disclosure of our public representatives goings on, I think all of her emails need to be made public record by default.

Todd Juvinall

OMG! Ben Emery and I agree!


There is no way for all of Clinton's emails to be disclosed to the State Department with any degree of assurance beyond Mrs. Clintons assurances (giggle).


Al Gore at SXSW: We Need to ‘Punish Climate-Change Deniers’ and ‘Put a Price on Carbon’

We know the science sucks but these people need to just shut up and let us have our way....just think of the "good" we could do with all that money!

.......the progressive way!


Recall when "O" stated that " in no way did he want to influence the Israeli elections" when Bibi was going to speak in front of Congress?
Looks like "O" and friends are doing just that. To make sure he loses.


Fish.. A little more on that "settled science" that will be unsettling for the true believers.

Ben Emery

Your opening two paragraphs are nonsense. I think you are flipping cause and effect here. People are spoon fed misinformation or straight up lies 24 hours day with our current media and Big Two political parties. What happens when a person is left up to their own devices to retrieve information on issue and then shape an opinion of their own? They are called tin foil conspiracy theorists because they aren't regurgitating mass media/ politic pundits talking points. As long as we keep consuming on the 2-3% growth those who sit in positions of power are happy.

The US is 100% in an era of Bread and Circuses with our Iphones, laptops, entitled lifestyles, ect.... while our empire is spread around the globe gobbling up resources to feed the beast/ machine.

Todd Juvinall

Well Ben Emery, you may have been right in 1980 but not now. Millions of internet posts, cable TV and all the rest ensure we get all the news we want or need. You are simply misinformed but you do supply us all with a steady dose of paranoia and conspiracy theories.


Uhhh,, Ben.. I do believe it's the Lefties that push the "entitlements" to buy votes.
Can you say Obamaphones? Don't forget it was LIBS that claimed "everyone is "entitled"
to own a home". They even changed the banking laws,and demanded banks to give big ass loans to people they knew damned well could NEVER pay them back. That worked out well,, didn't it?
No one is forcing anyone to buy the new Iphones. Same crap in a new package.
So tell me. Just how are these people on the dole managing to buy them?

Bill  Tozer

Brad, Billary's private e-mail server is in her own home guarded by Secret Service personnel. All government business, personal business, and monkey business is rolled up into one account. Bottom line: We will never know what's in, what's out. We will know only what Hillary lets us know and she decides your right to know. Kinda like she tells us all we don't have a "need to know status". Clintons parsing words again with legalize, aka, Groundhog Day the Sequel.

We will never know the full or real story. It's been several years since I have watched CSPAN, but I saw something like this on CSPAN back then. It was the Conressional Hearings on how a bar bouncer from Timbuctoo could suddenly appear in the White House basement pouring over FBI files on Republicans only well before Monica and what the definition of is is.

The poor not so savy dude was being grilled up on CapItol Hill. Who hired hm? Don't know, I got a phone call from the White House. Who called? don't know, he was told to report to the White House legal staff. Who did you report to and exactly who hired you? don't know, I just reported and signed some papers. Finally after a hour of this going nowhere, Senator Alan Cranston had mercy on the dufus and told him he better not say anymore until he seeks legal counsel. Old Alan gave Duffus the father-son talk and told him he will definitely need a lawyer. Bottom line: we still don't have a clue how a bar bouncer in the upper mid west could go home, answer his phone, and two days later be working in the White House basement pouring over classified FBI files. It's a great mystery, but Bill has more charm than his lovely Queen Hillary (the towell and silverware theif).


Recall all that transparency "O" bragged about? (yet as transparent as tar)
No need to worry about it anymore. Transparency laws have been scrapped.

To our resident LIBS. (ya,, you too Ben) Now would be a great time to bitch about it.
Not when a Repub is in the White House, and your side demands access to information.

Ben Emery

Actually Todd,
I would be wrong in 1980 when there were actual regulations and watchdogs over the news. Since 1980 the deregulation of broadcast media started, especially in 1988 and 1996 news media has been turned over to the entertainment departments. Basically diversity has disappeared creating yet another top down industry. The FCC has been captured by industry just like every other regulatory agency in our federal government.

In 1980 it was still considered the fourth estate and in 2015 is For The State.

As of 2007 the Big Six in News Media have merged to create an anti competitive uniform news media basically eliminating any real local news affiliates. It is even worse in 2015.

- Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation (FOX, HarperCollins, New York Post, Weekly Standard, TV Guide, DirecTV and 35 TV stations)

- General Electric (NBC, CNBC, MSNBC, Telemundo, Bravo, Universal Pictures and 28 TV stations)

- Time Warner (AOL, CNN, Warner Bros., Time and its 130-plus magazines)

- Disney (ABC, Disney Channel, ESPN, 10 TV and 72 radio stations)

- Viacom (CBS, MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Simon & Schuster and 183 U.S. radio stations)

- Bertelsmann (Random House and its more than 120 imprints worldwide, and Gruner + Jahr and its more than 110 magazines in 10 countries).

Media/ Impact An Introduction To Mass Media

Ben Emery

I know you are big fan of building walls since you're a foot soldier for liberty and freedom. Those walls are also in place for your information and if you weren't hiding in your metaphoric bunker white knuckling your guns waiting for the ultimate show down with the government you would have noticed the hundreds of thousands into the millions in the streets protesting the Obama administration on various issues such as unconstitutional military actions, violations of civil liberties, net neutrality, oppression of whistleblowers, non transparency of his administration, and much much more. We are out there but you guys are too busy doing the bidding of the establishment of the big two parties fighting the partisan bullshit war among the fab five at Ruminations.

Ben Emery

Those social programs you are so fond of bashing have become more important as our federal government has been captured by big industry. The median income of workers in the US for 2015 is less than it was in 1975 when adjusted for inflation. How did we as the private sector and public sector continue our growth if wages haven't gone anywhere? We have record highs for private and public debt to make up for those lost wages* and lost manufacturing living wage jobs while record profits roll in for large corporations and executive pay has skyrocketed.

* Wage/ Productivity Gap explained by

Ravi Batra
Department of Economics
Southern Methodist University
Dallas, Texas

The Wage-Productivity Gap

Greenspan focused on company profits and labor productivity as the main engines of economic growth and prosperity. He believed that high profits generate high employment and high wages lead to joblessness. I will now show how this view is myopic and the sole cause of most of the economic travails afflicting the world.

Let me start with a universally acceptable statement. A healthy economy requires that there is a balance between supply and demand. Here supply means the production of goods and services offered to entire society, and demand means society’s demand for such things. Thus, economic balance requires that

Supply = Demand

Without this balance, there is either high unemployment or high inflation. The main source of supply is labor productivity, whereas the main source of demand is the real wage, or people’s purchasing power in Sarkar’s nomenclature. When productivity rises, production or supply goes up and when the real wage increases, consumer spending, and hence investment spending, go up. Because of this investment and new technology, productivity grows over time, which means supply rises over the years. Therefore, demand must also grow proportionately to maintain the economic balance, implying that the real wage must rise in proportion to productivity. However, Greenspan loved to see the rise in productivity but hated the rise in the real wage. He even wanted to abolish the minimum wage, and always argued against its rise, although relentless price increases in the United States had all but demolished its purchasing power. In this respect, the maestro had a lot of company, including the support of President George W. Bush and economic establishment. As a result, the U.S. minimum wage, which peaked at $10 per hour in 1969 in terms of 2008 prices, is now less than $7. Incidentally, the unemployment rate in 1969 was just 3.5 percent, among the lowest in US history.

If the real wage fails to grow as fast as productivity, then over time, a wage-productivity gap develops and

Supply > Demand

Then how do you maintain the indispensable economic balance? This is where the special genius of Greenspan, along with that of conventional economics, came into play. This is where liberal and conservative economists alike, some of them Nobel Laureates, preached their gospel and in the process failed the world.

There is another way through which demand can be raised—new debt. It is an artificial way, and cannot be used forever, but it can postpone the problem for a long time, while the potential economic imbalance builds and cumulates. From 1981 on, U.S. budget deficits, with Greenspan and company advising President Reagan, grew apace. Economists called it fiscal policy, but in reality it was a debt-creating policy. This is how the supply-demand balance was maintained in the presence of the rising wage gap. Thus, for a while, economic balance occurs when

Productivity growth = growth of the real wage plus debt


new debt = supply – demand


Media regulated? How bout that little thing in the Constitution call "Freedom of the press"? Thanks to cable and the Internet, the "big three" (NBC,ABC, and CBS) lost their monopoly on what the masses got for news. ( with a Democrat bias) No wonder the Black population got sold a bill of goods by the Left. Pretty much rewriting history. Democrats were the party of slavery, now all of a sudden the Dems " are their friends" Thank You Lefty media. To this day Dems "own" the Blacks. " we know what's best for you. Those evil Repubs want you to work for what you get." Again Thanks LIB media.

Yes, all these years Lib media has been a tool for the Left.
Al Gore actually got it right and told the truth for once in his life.
" The Internet and the free flow of information will be the downfall of the Liberal idea."
It's already happening. That's why LIB media is failing, and FOX is telling it like it is. ( The ratings prove that)

Even right here is a good example. The good Doc.'s pages get plenty more traffic than "you know who's".( Mr. censorship)

As for your last post,, WTF????? Your losing it....

Ben Emery

Here is perfect example of the deliberate misinformation or no information or lies depending on how you want to interpret it.
The first three words of the excerpt says a whole bunch, "We do know".

Do we know?

Or is this information being kept from the American people, especially the people of the west coast of North America where the gulf stream will bring the toxic waste being dumped into the pacific.

Fukushima Radiation Found in Sample of Green Tea from Japan
Harvey Wasserman | March 16, 2015

We do know that 300 tons of radioactive water have been pouring into the Pacific every day. And that spent fuel rods are littered around the site. Tokyo Electric power may or may not have brought down all the fuel rods from Unit Four, but many hundreds almost certainly remain suspended in the air over Units One, Two and Three.

We also know that Abe is pushing refugees to move back into the Fukushima region. Thyroid damage rates—including cancer—have skyrocketed among children in the region. Radiation “hot spots” have been found as far away as Tokyo. According to scientific sources, more than 30 times as much radioactive Cesium was released at Fukushima as was created at the bombing of Hiroshima.

Some of those isotopes turned up in at least 15 tuna caught off the coast of California. But soon after Fukushima, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration stopped testing Pacific fish for radiation. The FDA has never fully explained why.


We are out there but you guys are too busy doing the bidding of the establishment of the big two parties fighting the partisan bullshit war among the fab five at Ruminations.

Remember's not as important that Ben believes this but that those in the audience know that Ben believes it.

Ben Emery

Freedom of press that has basically turned into a monopoly style press. That is what the regulations were about making sure we had a diverse body of information and news. Using public airwaves came with some rules and regulations to have access to those airwaves. Talk about entitlements, large media conglomerates believe the public airwaves are there for them to make profits not for public good.


Freedom of press that has basically turned into a monopoly style press. That is what the regulations were about making sure we had a diverse body of information and news. Using public airwaves came with some rules and regulations to have access to those airwaves. Talk about entitlements, large media conglomerates believe the public airwaves are there for them to make profits not for public good. never stop preaching Ben.......and I dig that about you!

In truth though Walt, there has never in the history of mankind more variety of thought available to "the masses" (see I can use the phrase un-ironically too Ben......but now I feel so dirty) if they're only smart enough to look for it. I guess in his own way Ben is every bit the "Gatekeeper" that his lordship is over at the Fathills Report.

Todd Juvinall

The last few rants by Ben Emery can only be attributed to drugs. No one can really believe that way. Everything is a conspiracy of big (fill in the blank) and the little people have no chance. Jeeze, what a sad sack.

America is full of all kinds of wonders and all Ben Emery can see is a poop plop. I am of the philosophy that it is really great to be alive here. My goodness, I wake up every morning to the fact I know I am alive! Ben can't say that it appears. So all you happy people out there take that smile off your face and get angry at those freedoms you have. You have no right to be happy.

Ben Emery

That is correct. I want everybody to know I am not with Obama administration or the Democratic Party leadership on most issues.

And you are wrong about variety. There are more places to go but they are just quoting each others information.

You guys are long on opinion and short on facts.

The Changing TV News Landscape

The Future of Investigative Journalism

Loneliness at the Foreign ‘Bureau’

News organizations exaggerate the size of their overseas newsrooms

Demise of the Foreign Correspondent

A comical take on the idea investigated journalism

Ben Emery

Sorry Todd,
I choose to live in the real world with my eyes open. Just because I have been granted great privilege doesn't mean everybody else has the same. The amount of bitching about the Dems or libs on your part dwarfs anything I can do or say. I am a realist that understands it isn't the Dems or the Repubs alone it is both of them and their funders that are the problem. You only see the Dems and their funders as the problem.

Ben Emery

Well Fab Five, at midnight I will be done with discussing politics with anybody unless it is about local and then it will only be in person or the radio.

I don't know how many more years I have left to go in this life and to waste any of it on what appears to be a cause for future generations to tackle seems pointless. I have raised my kids properly, helping my parents in their twilight years, have been a loyal and dedicated husband, fair and decent business owner, perpetual volunteer for the last 20 years, fought for changes, and lived a pretty productive life. Now it is time for me to focus strictly on spiritual and physical health while trying to help improve our local community.

So Adios

Power to the people, especially power to the peaceful!


Yet Ben subscribes to the Socialist philosophy. Government in control of everything.
That includes the press. The only business that will thrive is those that don knee pads and service the "good party members".

Todd Juvinall

Adios Ben Emery and good luck. I will miss correcting your delirious views.


Well Fab Five, at midnight I will be done with discussing politics with anybody unless it is about local and then it will only be in person or the radio.

That's probably best.

I don't know how many more years I have left to go in this life and to waste any of it on what appears to be a cause for future generations to tackle seems pointless. I have raised my kids properly, helping my parents in their twilight years, have been a loyal and dedicated husband, fair and decent business owner, perpetual volunteer for the last 20 years, fought for changes, and lived a pretty productive life. Now it is time for me to focus strictly on spiritual and physical health while trying to help improve our local community.

So Adios

Nobody doubts that you're a good guy Ben.

Power to the people, especially power to the peaceful!

Sorry to send you out on a sour note but that phrase just makes you sound ridiculous....

Michael R. Kesti

Ben Emery 16Mar15 11:13 PM

I have participated in text based internet discussions since the mid '80's and one thing I have learned is that it is best to not announce your intent to stop participating. If for no other reason, it limits your future options.


I have participated in text based ARPAnet, USENET and internet discussions since about 1982 and Kesti is absolutely correct. Drama queens are regularly exiting stage left only to skulk back in hoping their Farewell Addresses will be forgotten.

Best wishes to Master Ben, both in his health struggles and his resolve to stay away from RR.


"Nobody doubts that you're a good guy Ben."

To the contrary, I doubt he's a good guy, unless by good guy you just mean someone who was good to his parents and didn't beat his wife, his kids or his dogs. Hell, by that standard Ben would have to admit I was a good guy.

I expect Ben is as bad a guy as he imagines I am. That goes for Stevie and Mikey, too.

Éirinn go Brách


To the contrary, I doubt he's a good guy, unless by good guy you just mean someone who was good to his parents and didn't beat his wife, his kids or his dogs.

That's what I mean and I think that what he was attempting to convey during his farewell address.

Hell, by that standard Ben would have to admit I was a good guy.

I would hope this would be the case as well.

I think Ben is a decent soul, would be a good neighbor, and a good guy with whom to participate in local politics (within limits).

His progressive ideology on a larger stage is something else entirely.


NOTHING is sacred from the power hungry regulators. NOW the BBQ needs to be managed by the EPA!!! BASTARDS!!!!

Just wait for it.. Outdoor burger flipping contributes to AGW.

Brad C.

I love the smell of BBQ starter fluid in the afternoon...

And in other news, the Illinois Reps are just as bad as the Dems,

What a shock!

Todd Juvinall

Good to see him resign. He needs to pay it back!

George Rebane

re Ben Emery - For the record Ben, I am again sorry to hear of your taking leave of RR, and I hope that your health and desire to correct the incorregibles will allow you to return sooner than later. You are an important member of this blog's progressive cohort, and bring an unique and well-voiced perspective to these discussions and debates. My prayers are with you Ben.


From the Fathills Report:

JoKe haz a "Two Minutes Hate" at the mirror....

Reality is not an issue with the far right, they make it up as they go along and then double down when called on it. The parrots simply repeat what they hear from the right wing noise machine. There is no thought behind their claims and facts don’t matter. The point is to discredit the enemy–ie. anyone who disagrees, foreign or domestic. The right is all about corporate money and power and it is unfortunate that ideologically challenged people, like Meckler, are so easy to fool. Otherwise, why would a person who is not a millionaire or billionaire ever vote for a republican in the first place unless they bought into the propaganda hook, line, and sinker? Come on…. a corporation has the same rights as a person? How absurd. A corporation can’t be sent to jail for fraud. A corporation can’t be executed for crimes against humanity. The whole point of a corporation is to avoid personal responsibility and liability. It is the anti-thesis of humanity.

So JoKe, after indulging in a satisfyingly cathartic session of spittle flecked, feces throwing, howler monkey like proglodyte rage perhaps you would like to explain to me how the legal concept of "corporate personhood" survived the most robust "progressive" period in US history.....then let us all know again how it's all the fault of the "Right Wing". I mean one would assume that you guys would have put paid to that years ago when you held the cards in all three branches of government!

What...too far down the "to do" list?


Joe may want to take into account that "big coup." has been paying great homage to the political Left. ( that would be Wall St. Joe) But blame it on Conservatives. It must be fine and dandy when LIBS profit from that "big money".
Hell "Big Corp." is pushing for more imported cheap labor. SCREW the American worker,, and it's LIBS that's giving it to them. ( but bitch about the Conservatives)
It's the LIB regulation writers that are driving up the cost of doing business.
But who does Joe Blame? Thanks to his side, the corp. tax is the highest in the world, yet bitches that "they don't pay their fair share".
I bet Joe doesn't "pay his fair share". Taxes are for the other guy.

The Right, are "free thinkers" Joe. We actually look at many sources for information.
Unlike your LIB news,, no matter which one you see or listen to, the message and talking points are word for word,, THE SAME...
LIBS buy into junk science. ( That would be AGW Joe) Hawaii is getting more snow than we are here in Ca. If this marble was "heating up" Don't you think the tropics would be the first charcoal cinder? Yet close to record lows on the islands.

Todd Juvinall

What cracks me up about people like JoeK are they think they are normal! We on the right are the normal people and his ilk and he are abnormal. But he does ;provide some lib comic relief. No one takes him seriously. What a hoot!

Bill  Tozer

Ben, at the stroke of midnight, will you turn into a maid riding a pumpkin with one shoe?. Now, don't do something stupid like pull the plug in your transitional phase. You love yourself too much for that kind of thng. Well, whether your horses turn into mice at midnight or whatever new 5 year plan you have come up with, I will see ya on the flip side. Breaker breaker numb-nuts, keep your hammer down and watch out for that Bear in the Sky, good buddy., This is the Get It On Kid hauling organic vegetables and polluting the air simultaneously. Over and out Lounge Lizard.

Bill  Tozer

Yo Brother BM, I see you left a loophole to squirm your way back home, aka, local politics. Ok, I am game. Let's discuss the local scene. Was it peeled or unpeeled??


You will need to give some of the highlights Bill,, not all of us subscribe to the local fish warp. ( No offence to our gilled pal here)
All I see is redaction lines.


LIBS are a funny bunch. We have heard how they HATE the idea of eminent domain used to get land for the XL pipeline. Yet not a peep on the same use for Gov. Brown's crazy train, to and from nowhere.

Looks like CARB will add another gas tax to fund the property grab battle. ( Since the newest gas tax goes to fund the "Brown streak".

Michael R. Kesti

Brown streak....



jeffpelline says:

March 17, 2015 at 6:08 pm

It’s hard to set the bar lower than “fish” (AKA David Larson of Carmichael). I wonder if he’s paid to do this, or he just doesn’t have enough going on in his life. Here’s some of David’s “work”


Ah fatty....sweet of you to say!

Account Deleted

From Ben Emery: "Power to the people, especially power to the peaceful!"
That would seem to rule out a large contingent of the left. And include a very large group from the Tea Party and the conservatives.
I wonder does it include the untold millions slaughtered by the kind of left wing govt Ben unwittingly strives to establish?
I wish you well Ben with your battle against cancer. May you beat it and live to see the re-establishment of a Constitutional republic here in our land.


Cheryl Cook says:

March 17, 2015 at 7:41 pm

Is this the same David Larson who was fired from his job as City Attorney in Isleton, California??


Michael Anderson

"I expect Ben is as bad a guy as he imagines I am. That goes for Stevie and Mikey, too."

Oh please dear Gregory. Do you think your small and tiny footprint still resides in anyone's noggin of import? Hardly. But do go on.


Walt, is a "brown streak" the same thing as a "skid mark"? L


And, speaking of which (retrieved from the sandbox, naturally), does anyone else notice the close facial resemblance of wanna-be AG Loretta Lynch to the Right Rev. Al? L


Back to the big bitch about state run media. Well, it's not working out so well anymore.
Only the devout Progressive still partakes. How else can the likes of MSNBC and CNN even keep the lights on?

This is what happens when worthy news is blacklisted by news outlets sympathetic to Liberal politics. " NOO!!! That's not going on the air!,, it might make a LIB look bad!"
Then there is employing the likes of "Shake down" Al Sharpton.

Yes, even plenty of people who bend Left watch FOX. FOX got all the Right, a long time ago. So PLENTY of Lefties have made the switch to send LIB news ratings into the crapper.

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