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07 April 2015


Joe Koyote

"The Heritage Foundation and the Mercatus Center of George Mason University have spent the last year refuting those claimed benefits." Of course they did, they are the most biased pro-corporate propaganda organizations on Earth, that's their function, to provide all the right wing bloggers with fodder to support their ideological impairment.

George Rebane

re JoeK 945am - I would point out to the undecided reader, that like a reliably ticking clock, Mr Koyote's pendulum swing again attacks the messenger(s), and contributes no more to assessing the message than does the pendulum to informing us what the time is.


Posted by: George Rebane | 07 April 2015 at 09:54 AM

File this one under JoKe comes out in favor of subsidized defense contractors!

Todd Juvinall

If we on the right said the DailyKos was our source JoeK would say the same thing. He is just a partisan lib.

Joe Koyote

George- Information is only as good as its source and your sources well known for their corporate bias, plain and simple. The undecided reader also needs to know this when making intelligent decisions with regard to your essays.

Todd and Carp -- dumb and dumber.. I will let you figure out which is which. Of course, Todd, you are NOT a partisan con, and yes I would say the same thing.. bias is bias.. and I have visited the Daily Kos only once in my life.. so find a new response other than the tired old "daily Kos" drivel.


Posted by: Joe Koyote | 07 April 2015 at 10:31 AM

I'm weeping softly at your outburst of partisan hate JoKe..........!

I'm a little verklempt...talk amongst yourselves..........


....... and I have visited the Daily Kos only once in my life.

Todd here's our little JoKes secret...... he visited the Daily Kos only once in his life......and he never left!

George Rebane

JoeK 1031am - "Information is only as good as its source ..." unfortunately for you and yours, that is not a true statement, especially when it comes to data that is verifiable. In your case, you err on two counts -

1) you have not shown that any of the factual statements in the offered piece are false or in error; and
2) you offer no evidence to back your assessment of Heritage and Mercatus that "they are the most biased pro-corporate propaganda organizations on Earth". No one familiar with the work products of these organizations would make that claim since they are among the most respected institutions that combat crony capitalism and corporate/government corruption.

The burr under your blanket is that both outfits continue to point out the damage to liberty and the public weal done by incorporating collectivism and central planning into governance. Evidence of that kind a socialist cannot countenance.


Since JoeK is SO anti corp. ,, it would be interesting to hear just where his retirement
money comes from. (you know,, Wall St. ?) Did he work his mangy tail off and stash it all in his den? Or did he do like most others and invest in big business. ( the ones he bitches about today)


Posted by: Walt | 07 April 2015 at 10:52 AM

Or did he do like most others and invest in big business?

Nahh Walt....JoKes hands are clean....he had CalPers do the dirty for him.

Todd Juvinall

When someone takes a partisan hack like JoeK/lib to task they always go personal. Really JoeK? Jeeze, I wish I had the fame and money "dumb" has made. What a hoot!

Regarding sources of information. To the readers here. You see JoeK does not refute the info with facts or even his info, he simply blasts the source. He is a fine example of what our education system has fallen too here in America. I pray for those he ever came into contact with.

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