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20 May 2015


George Rebane

PatriciaS 127pm - What exactly do you mean that "Wall Street can't be trusted"? Are you condemning the entire securities market sector of our economy, or did you have something more specific in mind?

Patricia Smith

I'm talking about the three major Wall St brokers that caused the collapse of the real estate market. (OK, they had plenty of willing partners in crime). Every decade there is a "new" scandal where they make out like bandits while the ordinary stockholder takes it in the shorts. Savings & loan, junk bonds, the internet bubble, energy, and housing all bailed out with taxpayer's dollars. (But that's not welfare!)

If all your investments were in the market when you retired, you would be in a world of hurt - and most middle-class investors do not have enough funds to diversify.

Bill Tozer

Well, there are plenty of no load low cost diversified funds out there. Even those retirement age based funds are not bad. Cheaper and usually beat them high priced fund guru's most of the time. I am now of the confident belief that Vanguard had it spot of when it started index funds way back when for those of us you don't have the time to follow stocks and bonds. Diversified, low cost, dollar cost averaging, buy and hold, and you don't have to know the market cause you will match the market.

Patricia, do you realize the same players and the same structure is in place today as was in place the day before Lehman collapsed, setting off the world wide banking crisis?? Here is a show just for you. Gave me a new appreciation for President George Herbert Walker Bush and his justice department compared to today's Keystone Cops. I never watch or ever liked Moyers, but this is right up your alley and will get your Irish blood boiling. Enjoy:

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