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06 May 2015



I guess the truth hurts. LIBS always lash out and try and shoot the messenger. Funny,, you haven't posted ANYTHING to depute the message.

This Conservative ( GASP!) Black woman took plenty of heat for this.( from LIBS)

Another Black person of the Conservative side speaks.

"National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) enacted Proposition 48, which set minimum academic standards for athletic eligibility. A minimum score of 700 out of 1,400 on the SAT and a 2.0 grade-point average hardly seem demanding, but a number of coaches and black race activists decried the measures as discriminatory"

The full story here. ( I suggest you read it all before jumping to conclusions)

That should keep you busy for a while.


Well.. I never thought of this one. " The mechanical cotton picker made black labor obsolete" You can find that here "jon".

Yup they even go back that far to find something to blame for lack of employment for the Black people today.

Remember what "affirmative action" was/is all about "jon"? " You need to hire this under qualified "minority" over this qualified white guy... It's the law.. to make it fair."
For LIBS,, reverse discrimination is just fine.
Is that your idea of " equality",, and being held to the same standard?
Or am I exceeding the limitations of your medications to get a decent answer without being attacked?

Don Bessee

Walt, sock puppet jon is never going to accept anything that does not fit with the party line. Its like beating a brick head with balsa wood. Likely a fan boy of and top commenter on hufpo.


Don.. "jon" is our own poster boy for the discussion. He won't even lift himself to rise above, but chooses to stay "at that level". ( even said so a short time back)
He won't even spell his name right. That "H" is such a hassle. Yup,, that LIB shool'n of outcome based education worked swell. "close is good enough".
That's why when the power goes out, the stores have to close, because those running the cash register can't do math and make change with a pencil and paper.

Don Bessee

Interesting point on the cash registers Walt, the liberal darling starbucks system failed and they were dead in the water everywhere. Dude like can you add for me? I remember as a kid (single digits) my family played a great game where if I was able to correctly calculate the change as quick or quicker than the machine I got the coin part of the change. Kept more coins in my pocket than allowance. Of course that approach now would not be PC now since there is a chance of failure and an actual work - reward ethic is reinforced.

Bill Tozer

Oh my, Brother Ben won't like this one bit. Someone lost life/Liberty/property without due process of law. Guess he will find out that the 4th Amendment does not apply to foreign nationals on foreign soil. That will be a bitter pill to swallow for my Brother.


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