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28 June 2015


Greg Goodknight

I can't help but notice George has not called for a kiss and make up truce, just rules of engagement that will hopefully reduce the problems he's facing. I think they're a good and proper change that were a long time coming

Don Bessee

Wait, there used to be porn? lol

Bill Tozer

Oh goodie. Now we can shred the message mercilessly. Besides, shredding the messenger has become much more laborious since the Bob's Big Boy look alike jammed up the wood chipper and done broke the new machine. It was a heavy duty chipper at that and not cheap by any means. Said it could shred logs up to four feet in diameter, but somebody just had to shove his legs in first. People, read the instructions.
Broken shredders are a good excuse to follow the Mudball Guidelines anywho. Timing is everything.

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