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01 June 2015



A couple of charts to think about, no solution implied.



Account Deleted

A useful tool for anyone who cares about reality would be the projected cost of medicare and medicaid from the smart guys that foisted it on us and the actual costs. Anywhere from 5 to 8 times would be the norm.
That's pretty typical of anything from the govt. Anyone care to look up what BART was supposed to cost and then have a little look-see at what it actually cost. Yet anyone who dares to bring this up at the onset of any great new govt program is accused of all sorts of evil intent.
I'm sure we can provide health care for those with little or no money, it just can't be private or semi private rooms and an attorney at the ready to sue for every small mistake. How about Euro-style wards and no attorneys? Suddenly the european health care system is not to be discussed.

Bill Tozer

If we ever build the tunnels under the delta to carry water south, the projected cost of yearly maintanence is a couple billion a year. Add just the maintance costs of the Brown Streak and you get the idea that a 30 year bond to build such things on borrowed money usually triples the actual repayment over the 30 year loan, plus yearly maintamce. That is if it stays within budget and is completed on time without cost overruns. What a joke.
We don't have that kind of mula laying around in the sock drawer, not to mention just the mere maintance and material expenses along with additional government employees and pensions over the next 30 years. Then we can rebuild it again and again.

A couple of days ago I posted the Kaiser survey that said 44% of Covered California enrollees have a "difficult time or very difficult time" paying their premiums, some as low as 70 smackers a month. Premiums rose just 4.7% over the past year and get ready for another increase in Covered California premiums as the State starts negotiating in June (this very month) for next year.
Oh boy o boy" I thought, "soon we will be paying for those 44% as well as all the immigrant children of illegal aliens." How much more do we need to pay through the nose so everybody gets "affordable healthcare, food, transportation, housing, and cable TV with wi-fi? Too much to even fathom. I know one thing. The beneficiaries won't be paying for these "rights", so I better hunker down and save for a rainy day.

States have learned. When unemployment benefits run out, throw them on SSI disability. That gets the state's off the hook for paying their Medicaid and fast tracks them straight to Medicare. The government will pay for it, not U.S. taxpayers. Somebody has to do something or heads will roll. Our Great Leader in Washington will pay, not those nameless faceless selfish heartless taxpayers struggling themselves to make it on their own. Liberals have it all figured out. Yep, it's going to get real expensive for us little ignorant grunts paying off the mountain of debt and everybody' else's tales of woe, wants, needs, and responsibilities they are so incapable of dealing with.

Bill Tozer

Medicaid, the growing morass. I just cannot seperate Medicaid from The Afforable Healthcare Act because the two are so intertwined. Like I said, overhead and premium increases affects the taxpayer much more than the enrollee, in the true picture of what is happening.



Since Medicaid and subsides pick up the lion's share of the real tab, when can we stop calling it the Afforable Health Care Act?

Patricia Smith

We could pull enough money out of our bloated defense budget to pay for quality health care for every American. Why is it OK to pay for other nation's defense, but ingore the needs of our own citizens?

George Rebane

PatriciaS 911am - Perhaps contributing to other nations' defense has been an instrumental and successful foreign policy investment that complements and abets our government's constitutional obligation to provide for our national security as accepted by both major parties over the decades. However, there is no constitutional mandate or even a provision to permit the federal government to "pay for quality healthcare for every American."

Bill Tozer

Sort of on topic. First The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and now Hawaii. The Affordable Care and Patient Protection Privacy Act is really screwing up a good thing those states had. Big Brother Pig Government can't run nothing with efficiency. The Beast is just too big and Big Pig had not learned that one size does not fits all, be it education or heath care. Oregon, Maryland, and even little progressive Connecticut have found this out the hard way. Gotta shed a tear for the blue states, as some had a good thing going.


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