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11 June 2015


Todd Juvinall

The New York Times has really become no better than TMZ. Their Rubio front page stories are so infantile. But Hillary Clinton's peccadilloes are no where to be found.

Still waiting for Paul Emery to tell us where and who gave him the TPP information. Come on let us in on this Paul!

Have not heard from Ben Emery either as to his bona fides on the TPP, NAFTA etal. He said all of us conservatives didn't know anything about trade. So Ben Emery, give us your creds please.


Sniff,sniff,snifffff... ahhhhh. Thanks Doc,, it was really getting ripe in the other box.

I will pick up where the other left off, since the LIB crew just won't "go there".
Ben maybe missed my question on little Suzy and her lemonade stand, and all the hoops she would have to go through. Then low and behold a story hits of just that. " cops bust lemonade stand for NO PERMIT." Care to comment Ben?

Last night KCRA reports on even more water flushed down the river "for the fishs".
Where will the cities and towns the rely on water from Folsom get water when the lake goes dry?
The ECO city LIBS will have to live with their convictions and go thirsty with the rest.
As I stated, the cities are said to run out of water before the Summer is over.

Paul Emery


There is no doubt that national trends on polling on medical recreational MJ is on the rise so there's no point in debating that issue. As an articulate spokesperson to those opposed to such direction can you describe briefly exactly why use should be criminalized? Also since currently the law is unenforceable what additional law enforcement resources should be allocate3d towords enforcement, federal, state and local and how much that would cost.

Also, do you agree with Todd Juvinall that those convicted of selling to minors should be executed by firing squad.

Paul Emery


I take it you support the process by which there is a straight up or down vote on the TPP with no amendments.

Paul Emery


I get my information from a plethora of news sources too numerous to list. Where, other than Rush Limbaugh, do you get your news?


It's time to give up the rec. dope Paul, growing weed takes too much water. Growing food is a little more important these days, and since smoking dope gives one the munchies, that's more food getting chowed down.
LIBS need to get the priorities right.

As for "enforceable",, the same can be said for speeding. How many more laws should just be taken off the books for that same excuse? Hell! look at all the crimes that have been dropped from felonies to misdemeanors, just to keep thugs and goons out of jail.
Crime is up, convictions are down.. yup,,, "hug a thug" is working great.

George Rebane

PaulE 1129am - Indeed I do support Congress' ability to fully study, review, and debate the TPP (and any other TPA negotiated treated), and then render a UP/DOWN vote on the treaty. This process allows the negotiations to proceed without ongoing media and public quarterbacking, and makes it incumbent on the president to communicate with congressional leaders so as to assure that their concerns are best met before the treaty is finalized and released.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 11:35 AM

So you have no sources. I thought so. You just make it up. The TPP is the latest of your "conspiracy theories" that you create. Thanks for confirming you have no sources.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, Oh and I have not changed my mind that drug dealers selling to minors should be executed by firing squad in the public square.

Patricia Smith

Wikileaks has made the text of the TPP available for all to read. https://wikileaks.org/tpp-enviro/pressrelease.html.

Have at it. There is plenty for both sides to hate. Wouldn't it be refreshing to debate what is in the treaty?



Well maybe not:


We are sorry, the file you have requested could not be found.

Please wait few minutes and try again.

Paul Emery


And "drug dealers" includes marijuana peddlers right?

Paul Emery


I repeat

"I get my information from a plethora of news sources too numerous to list."

Here's a start Todd

Wikinews is perhaps one of the best places to find original and unbiased news stories.

AlterNet is one of my favorite online news sources.

The Real News
“NO GOVERNMENT, CORPORATE OR ADVERTISING $$$,” which stands as a marker of self-proclaimed nonpartisanship, political and otherwise.

They report on news from all around the world, offering stories ignored by most other major outlets.

Reuters, an international news agency stationed in London dedicated to journalistic objectivity
The Independent
The Independent is a U.K. newspaper that reports on news from around the world.
Fox News,

Free Speech Radio News
Christian Science Monitor
The UK Guardian
New York Times
Sacramento Bee
San Francisco Chronicle
The Union
Yuba Net

- See more at: http://blog.debate.org/2012/08/24/a-quest-for-truth-a-list-of-the-top-8-unbiased-news-sources/#sthash.tkmyBTbk.dpuf


What? FOX NEWS??? You forgot to delete that when you cut and pasted.
How many times have you bashed FOX?
Nice try Paul.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 12:48 PM

Impressive list of sources. So which one is your source for the TPP?

Also, yes, death by firing squad for drug dealers who sell or give to minors.

Todd Juvinall

Patricia, your link is no good for the text of the "secret" trade deal. Got any more?

Paul Emery

Most of those listed. It is a continuous topic.

Paul Emery


I try to gather news from a variety of sources to gauge differences of slants. FOX is one of them.

Todd Juvinall

So which source provided you the TPP info Paul Emery. Oh, can't answer that eh? Jeeze, fib much?

Paul Emery

RE George 12:07

You write: " makes it incumbent on the president to communicate with congressional leaders so as to assure that their concerns are best met before the treaty is finalized and released."

George, there can be no give and take on this if Senators and Congressional leaders don't even read the bill which they haven't. The way it stands there will be no Congr4eeional input on the details of the bill except their up or down vote.


The way it stands there will be no Congr4eeional input on the details of the bill except their up or down vote.

Well that's kind of input.

Paul Emery

Yes Fish but it no way implies that:

"......President to communicate with congressional leaders so as to assure that their concerns are best met before the treaty is finalized and released."

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, you can't or won't answer, so it appears you are making it up.

Hey Paul Emery, are you a "income redistribution" proponent?

Paul Emery

I don't know what you're talking about Todd. what does "income redistribution" have to do with the topic at hand?

Todd Juvinall

Are you or are you not a supporter of income redistribution. Simple question.

Paul Emery

Not a simple question Todd. Of course I'm a supporter of income redistribution. So is George. Can, or are you able to you provide more details as to the means.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 11 June 2015 at 02:27 PM

Well I guess we just have to pass it to find out what's in it.....Paul Ryan doing his best Nancy Pelosi impersonation.

Todd Juvinall

OK Paul Emery. Thanks for fessing up. I don't think I recall George being a proponent though. Can you direct me to his quote?

Paul Emery

Agreed Fish. Odd bedfellows on this one but perhaps not so odd. The big boys (or rather big persons) know where the money is.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery, it appears you are opposed to the TPP for what reasons again?

George Rebane

PaulE 134pm++ - Today there is no final TPP for anyone to read. According to Obama, the thing is still in negotiation; he wants the TPA to give him what he has already taken. But if Congress was not consulted during the formative phase of the TPP, then they will most likely vote it down, with or without the TPA. What is difficult to understand about how the president should proceed in such negotiations - it will pay to keep the congressional leadership briefed so that they can give timely consent and advice.

Bill Tozer

The Oregonian, Paul? Now, that newspaper is so bad you can't even use it for toilet paper in a pinch. One usually prefers large poison oak leaves to the Oregonian when nature calls when one is out in nature. The Oregonian?? Oh Paul, I know you won't lose any sleep over this, but your credibility level just went down two notches.

Paul Emery


RE:George redistribution of wealth:

Rebane writes

"This is the addended transcript of my regular KVMR commentary broadcast on 20 May 2015.]

Listeners of these commentaries may recall that I support redistribution of wealth. "



Mass democracy...it's a beautiful thing!



Once again The Queen of the Dems. shows dementia is setting in.
Help her out Bill,, Get busy with a rain dance. ( oh.. wait,, that's what you were up to last night.) Well do it again...

LIBS LOVE to talk about doing things, yet never really do.

Paul Emery


The local denomination of Druid Deists do regular rain dances at the Yuba. You are invited to attend. Animal skin clothing preferred.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 4:07 PM

I think you don't understand his statement very well. Here is further on in the post

"The problem with such a proposal is that we have redistributed wealth for over forty years, and it is clear that the way we have been doing it hasn’t worked."

Try harder. Or maybe GeorgeR can come and tell me I am wrong.

Regardless, what are the things in the TPP you are opposed to? Apparently you can't or don't remember.

Paul Emery


It will be a waste of everyone's time to go over that again. Why don't you just go back and read my posts. It seems you have memory problems.


Obviously it's not working Paul. Animal skins?,, Really? Your other chapter of LIB loons frown upon that. PETA will be giving you a call. You flubbed on that religion again.
ALL druid ceremonies are done butt naked. It's the mephistopheles worshipers that don the animal skins. Do I need to teach you everything about who does what?
Besides. Seeing some old hippie chicks nude isn't high on my list of things to see.
Maybe they were worth seeing back in the 70's.. Now they would contribute to eye damage.

Todd Juvinall

Paul Emery 4:54 PM

No memory problems for me. I think you have veracity problems though. We ask questions of you and you generally don't answer or you ask a question to our question. No wonder the "media" is so dissed by the public. You are a prime example of the tricks.

Walt, Paul is pulling your leg. He is no "druid" he is an atheist. LOL!

Don Bessee

Walt you brought back memories of the horny old lady cartoon that playboy used to have at the end of the mag! UGH!


Now come on Don,, Granny was cool! She was the original cougar.

Paul Emery


We are Neo Druids up here. Synthetic animal skins. We don't do naked because of bugs and mosquitoes.

Don B

Crickets on my 11:14. Perhaps you missed it. I'll re post it for your convenience.


There is no doubt that national trends on polling on medical recreational MJ is on the rise so there's no point in debating that issue.

As an articulate spokesperson to those opposed to such direction can you describe briefly exactly why use should be criminalized? Also since currently the law is unenforceable what additional law enforcement resources should be allocate3d towords enforcement, federal, state and local and how much that would cost.

Also, do you agree with Todd Juvinall that those convicted of selling to minors should be executed by firing squad.


"Wannabe" "Druids... Got it. Not to mention a little back peddling on the skins.
If you can't handle nature (bugs and skeeters, and what your supposed to be "worshiping")
stay out of it. Besides. the river is closed to the public at night, so your trespassing on state property. But keep digging that grave Paul. And Druids didn't have weed to smoke, so no claiming religious rights of use.

Lefties are good at highjacking things. from the EPA to old world religions.

Don Bessee

Emery, In case you missed it CA has already decriminalized. The protection of the developing neurological systems of children is a societal imperative! Cute mixing mmj and recreational, typical. No one goes to jail for a bag of weed anymore. Current incarceration rates are negligible. The fact is that greater access always = greater youth rates to the point we are seeing first use at 12.5 yrs.! That's 12 years before boys brains fully develop. Your rhetoric from the 80's has no place in todays world, we know better now. That you old hippies are the highest use age bracket is telling. I would note that SAM has made the first practical proposal on how to advance real scientific research without the free for all you guys want. That the big tobacco guy who developed the joe camel ad campaign is now an industrial weed distributor just confirms our warnings about marketing to youth. It is reprehensible that you are marketing to kids using edibles that are packaged exactly like popular candy. Regular people are not OK with full legalization of commercial weed. What are you guys going to do if CO is running a repeal election at the same time we in CA are considering full legalization of commercial weed? People, especially parents and grandparents are your real problem, they are paying attention. For the uneducated voters our side will likely have to spend 20 mil. or so to educate them before election day. :-) Now when was the last time you won a vote in CA?

George Rebane

ToddJ 447pm - Todd, to restate my state of ignorance, I don't know the proper way to redistribute wealth. All I know is that if we don't do it effectively, then the have-nots and the can-nots are going to physically destroy this country. We will be presented with a Mad Max world of heavily defended enclaves of the haves in a sea of abject poverty and lawlessness where life is brutish, cruel, and short. Perhaps intelligent machines will come along to figure out how to redistribute wealth and we will be saved (for another fate). For sure, today's politicians are not taking this problem seriously - their myopic vision sees only the return to the same 'ol same 'ol.

So yes, we haven't correctly redistributed wealth in the past, but we must continue seeking ways to do it correctly in the near future. All correct solutions will have one common attribute - an economy that can generate shareable wealth in abundance.

Todd Juvinall

I think you lost me George. Our country has been in the redistribution mode sine the income tax in the last century. And as we have seen, the beast has grown to 21% of GDP not counting regulations on business lunch room walls. If you even think we must redistribute then in my view all is lost. That means we have bought into the liberal dogma. The history of our country has been "equal opportunity" and not "equal outcomes" which is income equality in the truest sense.

The issue is freedom and education in the capitalist system. But now we are seeing all that getting whittled down to "socialism" at best with the "income inequality" BS. I mean, what is the number of dollars a person or family should have? Who decides? Should the poor here get three TV's and Two cars? It is a very fast slippery slope to the dissolution of a free America and I can't buy into that. Besides, the argument of "income inequality" is a myth anyway but like all urban myths even the best and broghtest can be fooled.


Not nearly as much outrage at this one.....


After all those poor lads might have scuffed their knuckles and totally drained the batteries in their taser.


Todd is right. It is the individual's responsibility to go forth and "be successful".
If your not "well off" it's your own damned fault.
But thanks to Liberalism and placing roadblocks and hoops to jump through to get there sure has made it more difficult.
A kid can't even open a lemonade stand on the family lawn without permits and inspections these days. Thank your anticapitalist LIB for that.

Ben Emery

The anti democratic sentiment on RR is astonishing. What is has done is provide looky loos a the proof of my the fab five and George being corporatists. WTO, IMF, World Bank, and all Free Trade Agreements are creating the dreaded

One World Government

A On World Government that is fascistic in natural where corporate/ business interests trump human interests. Secret tribunals/ courts, zero avenue of accountability by the world citizens, and no ability to redress grievances.

My one big regret in my life is missing the WTO protests in Seattle 1999. I was leaving in Hawaii and didn't have the money or the ability to get to the protests.


Ben Emery

I was living in Hawaii not leaving. I was watching the video I linked while typing.

Ben Emery

You are being intellectually dishonest when pretending that the distribution of wealth isn't happening when billion dollar profit companies pay workers poverty wages. When billion dollar profit companies pollute the air, water, and soil in regions they do not live is theft of livable environment. These billion dollar profit companies pay their executives millions of dollars for being the sociopaths who will screw workers over and destroy living environment. Labor is what creates wealth paying people in cents for a product they will charge $150 or more for is theft of wealth.

Don Bessee

So Ben are you going to bring those cherished tactics to next years full legalization ballot battle next year?


The anti democratic sentiment on RR is astonishing. What is has done is provide looky loos a the proof of my the fab five and George being corporatists.

...and as usual you are a complete nitwit.


Ben,, DO tell when a poor man gave anyone a paying job.
Those "evil" corps. do give me a "cut" of their profits ( at least the ones I own stock in)
in the form of dividends. Yes, that would be Wall St. The same place where most other people park their money, to make money. So those "big profits" do go to the "little guy". ( that would be people like me) Consider THAT "redistribution of wealth".
Just where is your retirement cash flow going to come from? The five gallon water bottle you might dump your pocket change into?
SSI keeps moving the goal post. And I happen to be at that magic age bracket that they use for "retirement age". I doubt I will ever see a dime of what I have paid in all my life.


...and in other news people with a grasp of economics nearly as shaky as Ben conduct a currency exchange!

The RBZ said customers who still have stashes of old Zimbabwean dollar notes can walk into any bank and get $1 for every 250 trillion they hold.

That means a holder of a 100 trillion bank note will on Monday get 40 cents. The RBZ has set aside $20 million to pay Zimbabwean dollar currency holders.

Todd Juvinall

And closer to home Obama and his housing Secretary Castro (once Mayor os San Antonio) announced "neighborhood equality" and all you white crackers in the suburbs need to just accept those people that cannot afford to live in your neighborhood.

I kid you not.

That is why we cannot give in to the "inequality crapola" because it will never end.

Ben Emery

A worker is hired when a demand is present and in hopes they will make more money than they cost, that is what creates employment, not wealth.

In any real terms nobody hires somebody because they have extra money.

When my wife and I owned/operated a Deli/ Ice Cream Shop our staff would go from 3 maybe 4 employees during the ski season to 20 employees during the summers/ festival season. Why? Our business was much much more busy during the summer months. That is what good business people do. We paid our part time employees $10 an hour plus tips and shift meals and our full time employees $11 an hour plus tips and shift meals in the 90's. Minimum wage in CO was $5.15 and realistically we could have paid them $2.15 an hour since they were receiving tips.

We didn't make huge money but earned a decent living on $5 sandwiches and $1.50 scoops of ice cream while our employees made 3x the minimum wage.

Before you rag on us for not offering health insurance we didn't have year round full time employment or year round employees at all. It was a seasonal town with seasonal employees that would bail on work anytime there was a good powder day on the mountain or a good concert to go to.


Ben hasn't figured out that 14th century jobs like cleaning the stables won't ever pay modern middle class wages. 21st century pay takes at least 20th century knowledge bases.

No one here is a "corporatist", Ben, just realists who haven't shared your koolaid.

Someone ("Jon" perhaps) asked me what I had against Ben. Though his namecalling doesn't help it probably goes back to when I found out he'd lied to get my vote... being a nursing student with a high GPA is what he claimed in his election bio, but in reality, he never did enroll in a nursing program, and the program he was on a wait list for was a low level LVN (normally a 1 year program) and not the 4 year BS Nursing RN program that a collegiate "nursing school" traditionally means. Had he told the truth, I'd probably not have cast a vote for that office, though it would have been fun for a Green to beat the carpetbagging Democrat from Florida.

But then is it a lie if Ben didn't know the difference? Possibly not.

Ben Emery

How am I being a nitwit?

A democratic republic is a representative government. We do not elect leaders we elect representatives and when these deals are made without public knowledge or approval it is not being representative is it? Clinton made all the same arguments for NAFTA and WTO/ GATT as Obama is making for TPP. It has devastated US middle class, worker conditions around the world, increased the polluting and pillaging of the environment, and has created the huge income disparity globally in the US the biggest gap since the 1920's.

Top Down Government/ Economies doesn't benefit the liberty and freedom of everyday people, period.


What?? No 15 bucks an hour? ( demanded minimum wadge) No 401K?
You were one of those evil capitalists!!! How dare you lay off people when things are slow.
What an SOB you were for making the slightest profit off other's backs.

umm excuse me... My Progressive Socialist side slipped out.

You still didn't answer the question. It takes money to pay people to work.
And @ $2.15 an hour?? that was a LONG time ago. Now triple the regs and fees, and other mandated BS.,, and keep bitching about those that do well.


Secret deal where trade is concerned? this isn't national security and state secrets we are dealing with. Like I said earlier. "pass it to see what's in it" bit us all in the ass the first time.
If it was/is all that great there should be NO problem for it to be in full daylight.

This secret crap stinks to high heaven. And if "O" likes it, it must be bad news.

Ben Emery


You obviously never lived in a seasonal town before.

You don't know about the other NRA do you? National Restaurants Association, they lobby very heavily to keep those who gratuity position wages at $2.15 an hour ever since I worked at my first restaurant job in 1984. Luckily in CA restaurants have to pay the state minimum wage to servers. In many states tips are what pay servers wages not employers. When I served in CO I would owe money on payday.

See we learn something new everyday.

United States Department of Labor

What is the minimum wage for workers who receive tips?

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires payment of at least the federal minimum wage to covered, nonexempt employees. An employer of a tipped employee is only required to pay $2.13 an hour in direct wages if that amount plus the tips received equals at least the federal minimum wage, the employee retains all tips and the employee customarily and regularly receives more than $30 a month in tips. If an employee's tips combined with the employer's direct wages of at least $2.13 an hour do not equal the federal minimum hourly wage, the employer must make up the difference.

Some states have minimum wage laws specific to tipped employees. When an employee is subject to both the federal and state wage laws, the employee is entitled to the provisions which provides the greater benefits.


Posted by: Ben Emery | 11 June 2015 at 09:20 PM

Because you trotted out the eternal Ben Emery refrain..."What is has done is provide looky loos a the proof of my the fab five and George being corporatists".

You provide no proof at all and are merely incensed that we don't agree with your "solutions". I don't recall hearing anyone here endorse the TPP/TPA/TSA/TSB/TSC/TP/GTO/MLB/Bj etc.

I'd wager that everyone here is intensely skeptical of anything that comes out of Imperial Washington they just refuse to hyperventilate about it like you are.

Personally I think it's coming and the US deserves to get it good and hard!


Try this on for size.
I write up a prosperity plan for Nevada co. I make all the mephistopheles that it GREAT for all and will make Nev.Co. VARY prosperous. I take it to the BOS and show my plan to them in secret. Word gets out of this "plan" and all hell breaks loose. " WE DEMAND to know what's in it!" the population says. " Nope,, it's secret. But don't worry your pretty little head. Your all going to love it."
( just a sample of these provisions) Mines get reopened, to create jobs, water is pumped out of the mines and sold down the hill.
All done in secret.
Nope,, I didn't think you would like any of that one bit.

So what the hell is the diff.?

Account Deleted

George at 7:26 - You make some interesting points about redistribution of wealth. A lot of what you fear is to come has, I think, already arrived. It sounds to me as if you think the masses of have nots can just sit on their ass and demand manna and if it doesn't arrive on time, the haves should quake in their castles fearing the mob. To a certain extent this a truism down through the ages. The fact is the ignorant masses can be controlled quite easily. I fear the govt that harnesses the mob for it's own ends. Then the ultra-haves are safe, but not the middle class haves. The ignorant mobs tend to burn their own houses down. A well armed middle class has always kept the mob at bay with out the need for govt assistance. And I really don't want to live in a world where the do-nothings keep a sword over the head of the productive folks by dint of the threat of violence.

Account Deleted

Ben at 8:13 - "The anti democratic sentiment on RR is astonishing."
Examples, Ben? Or just more random blathering? This isn't DK. You have to provide examples and proof.

Ben Emery

The smartest guy in the room again on my personal life this time.

You let me know if I am correct or on my own life.

I finished all me prerequisites for the nursing program and did and still have a high GPA. It was a RN program not a LVN program. There was a 3 year wait list. Since 2009/ 2010 my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's/ Lewy Body and my mother is the main caregiver. I help them out 3 or 4 days a week, they live in Penn Valley. In 2010 we became conservators for a family friend who had dementia. My wife's father was diagnosed with dementia along with a slew of other health issues. We thought he was going to move in with us in 2011/ 2012. Starting in December of 2012 and for 12 straight months I had a low back injury we thought was a ruptured disc, low back problems are the #1 health problem with RN. In January 2014 with my Obamacare went to the doctor for the first time in years to see what was up with my back and the funky feeling in my gut. For a couple of months we tested everything and it kept coming back negative but the gut issue got worse. Eventually nothing would pass through my colon, so I stopped eating while I was put on a 8 week wait list to get a colonoscopy. I lost 25 lbs in the first 5 weeks since I stopped eating solid food and was only doing bone broth and vegetable juices. In April 2014 was diagnosed with Stage IIIc colorectal cancer and that comes along with a 28% survival rate for 5 years. The same weekend of my being told I had cancer the person we were conservators had a massive seizure and passed away 3 days later. My daughter had a bilateral kidney infection. Our dog went blind. My father in law passed away. I have had an IV port put in place and removed, done 14 weeks of chemo therapy, 6 weeks of radiation, two major surgeries, an ileostomy put in place and closed, two colonscopies, and trying to recover from all of these treatments and procedures while working as many hours as possible.

So excuse me Greg for not meeting your expectations. I had some bigger issues going on in my life than a degree that is strictly something to fall back on since I love where I work and have no plans of leaving any time soon.

Ben Emery

Saying we'll wait to see the agreement after the fact and defending that position is anti democratic and if it were the United Nations doing such a thing it would be treasonous and all electeds should be put on trial. But it is not, this is a group of large transnational corporations and banks so they are just fine and dandy with an agreement that would abolish our sovereignty as a nation to make and enforce laws.

Todd Juvinall

Ben Emery is the perfect liberal. All kinds of excuses why he failed. And he blames others. Excellent!


Seems Ben has some anger issues against the successful. Others made it when he couldn't.
Dad did real well in the sandwich business, and employed several hundred at the height of his career. He was the top caterer in S.F. when he retired. If you were anybody, and throwing a high class shin dig, Dad and his Co. was the go to man.
BTW. He was the one who started writing the book on food safety in the state.
And one more thing. turns out my neighbor back in LWW,, his Mother worked for my Dad, for 25 years. I didn't even find that out till I moved out of there. I happened to mention the name of dad's Co. and that's when he told me his Mother's story.

And Pops pulled this off during the depression.
He would have more than a battle to do the same today, with all the regulations LIBS have imposed over the years.

George Rebane

BenE 826pm - If you are referring my 726pm, then I honestly don't have a clue about what 'intellectual dishonesty' you are accusing me. Maybe you can expand, for the last thing I want to be is intellectually dishonest.

Don Bessee

What does Dr. R. call them, the CCC. Yes the emery ccc are in full effect especially the bennie version who does spend a lot of time tooting his horn. Crickets sir?


"Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions is one of those few members of Congress who have read the bill. He believes that TPA will further empower the executive branch, increase trade deficits, cede national sovereignty to transnational bureaucracies, encourage currency manipulation and sneak in immigration."


As suspected,, this is another Obummer power grab.

Don Bessee

Dr. R 1012- Please! I don't think we can take an expansion of the emery cut and pastes or is that pasties or, oh never mind. LOL ;-)

Ben Emery

Scott, 11 June 2015 at 09:44 PM

There are so many examples it would be impossible to give them all. I will stick with just George for now.

I will give a couple of examples

1) 1) the TPP agreement has yet to be negotiated; 2) such agreements have never been and can never be negotiated in public, for what should be obvious reasons; 3) the entire TPP will be made public before Congress votes on it so that we can tell our representatives how we want them to vote. The TPA will give Obama and every succeeding president the opportunity to conduct such confidential negotiations with credibility and dispatch. The president will, of course, be influenced during the course of such negotiations by the will of the people from the usual polls etc as they impact high level and relevant policy that should guide the negotiations. The people should never be involved in the detailed negotiations, again for obvious reasons. Hope this helps. - George Rebane 10 June 2015 at 05:56 PM

2) [Addendum] First off, let me say that I don’t have a pat answer for what America’s voter requirements should be, but I do propose that the form of today’s voting franchise is largely the reason for the country’s headlong rush toward autocracy via socialist democracy.

To undertake an exercise in fashioning a ‘better’ voting system I would like to proceed by first framing such an effort in a reasonable manner, and then see where that would take us. And the starting point should be to get a common understanding of ‘better’, or to define a voting franchise utility (VFU) function. I’ll offer that a VFU will highly rate –

• Adherence to the Constitution as amended, specifically excluding strictures based on race, religion, gender, political persuasion, sexual preference, ethnicity, previous condition of servitude, etc.
• Maximize the expected number of franchised voters, but err in the direction of minimizing unqualified voters,
• Pareto-optimality (see below),
• Require some demonstration of minimum cognitive function and relevant knowledge base.

The last bullet, of course, is the tricky one. And in passing, I believe that the several states should each fashion their own voting franchises or VFs that conform to the minimum federal voting rights laws. - George Rebane 10 September 2011

Ben Emery

I'm not retire yet and need to get up at 5am tomorrow. Still have to finish the dishes and take a shower before bed.

Maybe tomorrow night I will comment about the intellectual dishonesty about where wealth is created.

Ben Emery

As a medical marijuana user(THC Cancer Treatment) I 100% support legalization and strict regulations. In no way shape or form is this treatment for recreation. It is a very concentrated oil extract. As a person who has been around chronic recreational users my entire teen and adult life I am for complete decriminalization of recreational marijuana use. Having bad asthma as a little kid made me very skeptical about smoking any substance.

As for people in the streets. There are many things higher on my list to be in the streets about than recreational marijuana. But if we want to throw that into the mix I am game.


Ben, I stand corrected about you being on a wait for an RN program but it remains being on a wait list to be a nursing student isn't the same as being a nursing student.

You don't have more recent tragedy than I do, so forgive me for not falling over myself giving you a pass for events long after the Congressional race. It isn't about you not measuring up to some standard of education, it's that you embellished your campaign bio. Were that a resume and you got hired, that would get you fired.

Congrats on getting through the equivalent of a freshman year of general ed.

Let's also get it straight... I'm not the smartest guy in the room, just on the short list of candidates in some rooms.

Ben Emery

There is more to the story if you want but I think the point has been made, sometimes life gets in the way. Instead of looking to disagree with me all the time you might actually get the real reason why I insist on being a part time student.

This isn't a contest about tragedy since I feel like I have been living a blessed life. My dad, father in law, and conservator friend were all well into the 70's when first diagnosed. They all lived long productive lives before health issues set in, those are all blessed lives as well. Life just is what it is.



Saying we'll wait to see the agreement after the fact and defending that position is anti democratic and if it were the United Nations doing such a thing it would be treasonous and all electeds should be put on trial. But it is not, this is a group of large transnational corporations and banks so they are just fine and dandy with an agreement that would abolish our sovereignty as a nation to make and enforce laws.

Who here is defending not disclosing the text of the treaty?

What does the United Nations have to do with the discussion?

Yes I'm sure that they would be "fine and dandy" with that.

None of these rhetorical diversions has anything to do with your repeated accusations and the accusation made up thread that...and there's that darling phrase again.... the "Fab Five" are "corporatists".

Your inability to think something through to it's conclusion, refusal to document your accusations, relentless ability to stay on message regardless the truth of it make you, ironically, perfect for the role of corporate spokesman/PR flack.

Maybe you should look into it.

Todd Juvinall

I think Ben Emery and Paul Emery are shooting themselves in the foot regarding this treaty no one knows what it says. If they are correct in their guesses that it enriches other countries and their people, then they have truly achieved "income equality" for the planet. All that money the rich "middle class" and above have accumulated in this racist, hegemonic and capitalistic country will now flow back to all those people out country and its ancestors have stolen from. So maybe these two "one worlder's" should be happy rather than sad.

Patricia Smith

Don B, June 11, 7:00pm

You are full of beans! You rarely post any substantiating data to bolster your "statements of facts." First, let's put your statements in context:

MJ has not been shown to damage developing brains in adolescent children. MRI show changes to the brain, but have not shown that these changes are detrimental in any way - and some evidence to support beneficial outcomes. The schizophrenia link to using MJ has also been disproven, but please don't let facts get in the way of your beliefs.

SAM is a front for pill-pushing pharmacuetical companies that addict and kill children, but you don't seem to have a problem with that as long as kids can't get their hands on the evil weed.

Legal accessibility has made it more difficult for minors to get access to MJ than prohibition ever thought about. Sting opertions ran in CO showed 100% compliance at refusing service to minors.

Polls show that a majority of Americans favor legalizing MJ for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Congress just passed an appropriations bill that forbids the DOJ or te DEA from interfering with Satates that have passed MJ regulations and have authorized the VA to recommend MJ to Veterans. The train has clearly left the station and you are getting left behind.

Please show us your references about the graphic designer who created the Joe Camel logo is now a MJ distributor. Have you not read any of the proposed initiatives? They all state that packaging should not be attractive to children. We have been trying to create sensible regulations in the absence of leadership from our electeds.

Patricia Smith

Walt, June 11, 10:33

I am solidly against the TPP (based on how bad NAFTA has been), but to say this is a power grab by Obama is short-sighted. The TPP treaty is being pushed by most high ranking Republicans and opposed by most Democrats. This is surely a case of politics making strange bedfellows.

Todd Juvinall

Here Ben Emery. This is a snippet from the life of Alfred Newman, the composer of many movies. It may inspire you to rethink your negativity on life and the American Dream. He was born in 1900 and was Jewish.

"The eldest of ten children, Newman was born in New Haven, Connecticut. A musical prodigy, he began studying piano at the age of five with Sigismund Stojowski, and walked a ten-mile round trip every day to practise on a neighbour's piano.[1] He was able to supplement his poor family's income by playing in theaters and restaurants. He traveled the vaudeville circuit with performer Grace LaRue, billed as "The Marvelous Boy Pianist". He also studied composition with Rubin Goldmark. By the age of twenty he was in New York, beginning a ten-year career on Broadway as the conductor of musicals by composers such as George Gershwin, Richard Rodgers, and Jerome Kern. Then, in 1930, he accompanied Irving Berlin to Hollywood.[2] In Los Angeles, he had private lessons from Arnold Schoenberg."


This is why progressivism will eventually be consigned to the dustbin of history.

$2.1 Trillion: Tax Revenue Hits Record Through May...

Gov't Runs $365B Deficit...

Well that and all its other stupidities.


Patricia. The few that have read it also say it's a power grab.

As for your statement that legalizing weed "has made it more difficult for minors to get access to MJ than prohibition ever thought about. Sting opertions ran in CO showed 100% compliance at refusing service to minors."
I DO have to call BS. The idea that all of a sudden weed will only be sold in controlled environments is laughable. It will still be sold the same old way. (like today?)
Weed can be acquired on any school ground right here in Nevada Co. Hell Back when I was in grade school here one could get a bag within 24 hours. I bet that time is a lot less these days.

Patricia Smith

Walt, above.

If the TPP is a power grab by Obama, why is the Republican leadership supporting it? I believe it is a power grab too - by corporations looking to increase their profits by eliminating the rights of nations to stop them from looting their resources and paying workers slave wages with the complicit support of our elected officials

The CDC reports that teen MJ use has dropped in states that have legalized cannabis for medicinal or recreational use. The US has the highest percentage of minors who use drugs than any other industrialized nation despite our draconian prohibition laws. Countries that have relaxed their drug policies have seen a huge decline of users - both minors and adults. Clearly prohibition is not the answer. it's time for a new approach.

Here is a link to support my statements:


Here is an excerpt about teen drug use in Portugal where they have decriminalize all drug use:

The paper, published by the Cato Institute in April, found that in the five years after personal possession was decriminalized, illegal drug use among teens in Portugal declined and rates of new HIV infections caused by sharing of dirty needles dropped, while the number of people seeking treatment for drug addiction more than doubled.

"Judging by every metric, decriminalization in Portugal has been a resounding success," says Glenn Greenwald, an attorney, author and fluent Portuguese speaker, who conducted the research. "It has enabled the Portuguese government to manage and control the drug problem far better than virtually every other Western country does."

You can read the whole article here:


I don't really care about other counties. I doubt we are exporting weed.
And using stats of pot shops being "checked" for sales to minors is a red herring.
Kids will get it "on the street" like they always have.

We have enough employment problems as it is, and legalizing weed will just compound those problems. Colorado statistics will show that. ( people getting fired for dope use is up 50%) Businesses don't want to employ drug users. Pure and simple. Even someone with a MMJ card is not exempt. ( been there)
Legalized dope will contribute to the welfare rolls.

Paul Emery

Well, the Republicratic Party will have it's big showdown today in Washington. It's touch and go as to whether Obama and the mainstream Republicans will get to payback their campaign debts by pushing TPP forward despite valiant efforts by the Progressive Left and Tea Party independants to take on the powers that be. We'll know more by this afternoon. This is a big deal for sure.

Here's the latest. Ironic that the Pubber wing of the fat bird will have to support a jobs assistance program (some call it welfare) for the TPP to advance.

"The president needs to convince Democrats to back a measure, known as Trade Adjustment Assistance, that would provide aid and retraining to workers who lose their jobs due to trade agreements. The aid legislation, which is in serious jeopardy, must pass before the House can vote on the central Trade Promotion Authority legislation. That would give Obama fast-track authority to negotiate the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/06/barack-obama-capitol-hill-trade-deal-118927.html#ixzz3cs2XCMbX


Posted by: Paul Emery | 12 June 2015 at 10:40 AM

Buck up stout fellow! This should buoy your spirits!


It seems that Ms. Nancy will only vote for legislation that you have to vote for before you get to open the box and look inside sometimes.

Todd Juvinall

This should make liberals soooo happy. Income redistribution of America's assets to poor countries. What is the beef? Jeeze you get what you want (of course no one knows what is says) and you are still complaining.

Todd Juvinall

She wants to read it before she votes on it fish? What is the world coming to? LOL!


.....and it's done!

For now!


How long before we start hearing it was defeated because all teh raciss haterz just dint want teh black precidint to do teh peepluhlz bidnezz?


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 12 June 2015 at 10:54 AM

Just file this under "More Leftist Hypocrisy" Todd!

Patricia Smith

Walt 10:34

Again you fail to address the points I raised. How do you account for the fact that drug use is going down in states that have legalized MJ? Kids can still get it on the streets, but for some reason, they do it less frequently in the states with the most liberal drug policies (whether here or abroad).

The reason I brought up Portugal is because we can learn something from a country that has tried a new approach and found it successful. We keep doubling down on prohibition and it only increase the number of users!

Please show me some statistics that support your claim that employers have ad to fire 50% more people for using MJ since it was legalized. (How many people are involved, 4?) I have searched high and low and cannot find a single source that supports this claim (other than Don Bessee). I have seen that thousands of new jobs were created in Denver. Jobs with good wages and benefits:

"The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates there are currently about 10,000 people directly involved with this
industry, with 1,000 to 2,000 gaining employment in the past few months alone. There is a growing need
for everything from greenhouses and fertilizer to pipes and vaporizers, compounding the economic benefits."

Legalization has led to a plethora of new canna-business, increased tourism, and real estate sales and values have increased significantly. Additionally, teenage use is down, violent crime is down, and traffic fatalities are down. Why is it so hard for you to admit that leaglization has been a benefit to CO ? You will always see the glass as empty - even when it's full.

Todd Juvinall

Roger Hedgecock just said the Cuban criminals we were to send back to Cuba were released into our society because Castro said NOPE. We don't want them back! *00 last year and 400 this year. What a great immigration policy Obama has!


Wow, if Roger Hedgecock reported something, it must be true!


Posted by: Jon | 12 June 2015 at 11:51 AM

Was wondering where you'd been......how's Boston?

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