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07 June 2015



Oh.. Now it's "both parties". LOL!!
One again you show that you have no real clue how things work. But cast your vote for Bernie Sanders and his 80% taxation.
As I see it, if a LIB likes it, it bad news for America.
BTW,, think your eyes will burn out of you head if you read a story from BB?
I am one that's peeved at any Repub that votes on anything he/she hasn't read. Let's repeat the same stupid action the LIBS did with healthcare. " ya' gotta pass it to see what's in it.". In other words,, "stool sample" legislation.


Question Ben,, how many lawyers will it take for little Suzy to open a lemonade stand on the family lawn? How much will she have to fork over in fees and permits? How many agencies will she need to go through? and how many weeks will she need to wait to get approval?
( Uhh,, you think I'm joking??)

Bill Tozer

Ben says the middle class is disappearing. Duh. That is what we have been yapping about on these pages for a long time now. It's all changing and disappearing whether you or I like it or not. And it is happening and will continue without seeking our approvsl or permission.

Oh, one can blame the Global Economy, the Internet, automation, ad infinitum. If you really want to blame someone, blame the American consumer. They search the web looking for the best price and love a bargain. Sure, the stuff may be made in China and assembled by the purchaser, but it is close enough and cheaper than the stuff on Main Street, USA. And affordable! In fact, with the middle class disappearing, you should get down on your hands and knees (health permitting) and thank Sam Walton for helping millions upon millions of people right here in the Land of the Free.

Do you have any idea how many millions of folks could not make it to the next payday or the next government check without the Wal-Marts of the world?? How many families would have to go without and have no presents for little Amy under the Christmas tree without the globalization of the economy? You want them to shop at the Briar Patch and starve to death as their dollars won't stretch far enough? You are cold as a stone and meaner than a snake, Ben. That is why we be bros. :)

Ben Emery

Paying people less than a dollar an hour to producing billions of dollars worth of profits on those very same products is anything but humanitarian. There are thousands of protests a year in China against work conditions, pollution, and pay. Suicides and basically slave labor camps where people cannot leave the compounds. This is our responsibility for exporting such immoral business practices.


China's nightmarish working conditions: By the numbers

Account Deleted

Ben at 5:33 - "I didn't bother reading the replies to my McKinney Texas comment since the lawyer for the police officer has come out with the story of why their client behaved so poorly."
BS, Ben - you didn't 'bother' to read anything about what happened in McKinney because you don't want to hear both sides. You have the whole truth as soon as you hear that there was a black teenager and a white cop. For Ben, that's all he needs to hear. You are the racist, Ben.
The color of the skin seems to be all you need to 'know' the truth.
"Both parties regulate the shit out of the people while basically creating a situation where small and medium size businesses cannot compete with the WalMarts, Monsanto's, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Tyson Chicken, ect.... "
Well, what group will stop that? The Greens or the socialists?
Only the Tea Party types, Ben. Only free market capitalism will stop that. You lefties want to keep hitting yourselves in the head with a hammer and blame the hammer.

Don Bessee

PE 441, the semantics in polls are the key. Insert any details on legalization of commercial weed and there are drastic drops in favorability. You still ducked the main point. When was the last time a CA municipal entity (city, county) voted to relax rules or expand growing CA? Details on bills can be found on the state website. The fiscal analysis made the tv news last night. Again, name the last electoral victory for the growers in CA. Perhaps tell us why the Riverside vote went so badly for you?

Account Deleted

Say - here's our swell governor back in Aug 2014:
Now he sings a different story:
He really should try thinking. It's what our brains are for.

Paul Emery


What "leaks" are you referring to? I don't recall using that word or expression. Besides that aren't you curious as to what is being proposed especially since you're favorite Republicans handed the keys to the car to Obama.

Bill Tozer

Oh my Ben, I had no idea about the compound camps in Red Pinko China. Nothing has changed. They used to call them reeducation camps and they worked more for less. Now that China had opened its heart a wee bit to Western Capitalism, they do the "Free Market" the China way. Suicides have always been common in work camps over there.
With the no-brainer above said, here is something we both can cheer about. Remember when them sneaky Chinamen slipped some anti-freeze into Fido's dog food and lead paint on our little tots toys so they could chew on them and become retarded? Well, guess what the Chinese Big Wigs did. The took that one sneaky Chinaman and done executed him. Something about bringing dishonor to the State. Then, they got woodies and executed some more officials involved. Dead executives and directors do not become repeat offenders. I say kudos, off with their heads.
Oh, Brother Ben, would it not be fantastic if we could go up to the CEO of Wal-Mart or GE or Golden Slacks or BofA or Mansonto and plunk them in the left eye with some lead free bullet dipped in nicotine. They say the bullets dipped in nicotine fired into the left eye kills 'em dead before they even hit the ground. An old tried and true Company method. Dead is instant. We, as humanitarians, would not want to see them suffer, now would we? That would be mean spirited. Also, we should have some U.S. agency do the bad thing to the executives for us. That would make it lawful as we toast to their health at the next Greenpeacnik rally.

Don Bessee

I remember back in 2010-11 when we had the Sheriff, DA and then Chair of the Board Ed.S in a packed ASCC tell us that they could not help us with our problem grow by our grade school. They further told us we would never get an ordinance to protect residential areas from abusive growers. We got one in early 2012. I remember you guys telling us 'just give us what we want or we will do an out of cycle ballot prop.' Did not happen. I remember the wizard of polling for the ASA brad peckermer-glasse tell us they would crush us 70-30. OOOOOPSIE, it was the other way around in the biggest turn out in the State. So you can understand why we do not make plans or decisions based on what 'they say'.


And Paul keeps playing stupid. "What?,, Huaaa??" I guess it's just not in his DNA to answer questions.


Paul, all of your specific claims regarding the TPP content are leaks... by someone. Probably a Democrat since Obama doesn't have many of his own party behind him this time.

Breathe in, breathe out. Repeat. Now wait until the whole thing has been made public and we have something to talk about. Until it's set in concrete and up for approval by the Senate, we really don't have anything to discuss. Hold the huffing and puffing until then, I suspect there will be plenty to be pissed about.

Bill Tozer

Don, since I just fired off a big fat hooter that looks like a MX Missle, perhaps now is not the best time to engage in marihuana discussions. :)

Putting all the smoke and a few mirrors down for a moment, I will actually add credence to your arguments. In the Great State of Colorada (home to John Denver's Rocky Mountain High), there are MORE local jurisdictions and counties that ban the sale of recreational hoochie hoochie than not. A lot more. The hype always centers around the urban areas such as Denver and the college towns such as Boulder. And areas like Aspen have their retail outlets. Most of the State does not. 2/3 of the State's jurisdictions ban the wacky tobaccy for sale. Opps, gotta go. I have just been accused of Bogarding that joint, my friend.

Todd Juvinall

Paul; Emery 9:04 PM.

Leaks? So if you are not telling us you got your information from leaks then you read the TPP document? If so and you are divulging the document, expect a visit from the FBI since you had to sign a document that said you would not divulge.

So, if you did not read the document, someone else must have told you? How did you get your info?

Don Bessee

Mr. Tozer you are correct sir! 31 Municipal entities went legal and 26 of those subsequently voted to reverse course and that's on top of those who never went down that road. So that's like an 84% buyers remorse. puff puff pass pass baby!


I refer you to my 8:33 post of last night.
And look what's in the news today.

Bill Tozer

Proven correct again, Mr. Walt. Looks like the Dems are having their own little food fight. How dare some underlings challenge the Queen. The King won't like this one bit. Nobody talks down to his bitch, nobody.


Bill Tozer

Yo Walt. Jon Steward speaks about Rubio. Can't tell if he is running to rescue Rubio from trivial Grey Lady headlines, or if Steward is saying the NYT sucks. I report, you decide.



Yes Bill, Stuart may be a Lefty. But at least now and then he sticks it to his own.
Not bad for comic news.

See the news last night? MORE water down the river for the all important fish.
Screw the people of Sac. is what they say. The prediction is in, that the cities will run out of water this Summer.

George Rebane

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