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07 June 2015


Ben Emery

The answer isn't a third party it is multiple parties being allowed into the system.


I thought that is what you guys like, competition. We have two parties that have locked out any challengers and to think we are going to get some meaningful reform through either of the two parties is ridiculous.

Getting rid of the electoral college.

Publicly Financed Elections
Half in US Support Publicly Financed Elections

I am a grassroots lobbyist(all passion no pay) for all of these causes. They all have tens of millions of Americans support and all we need is one big push to get control of our government possibly for the first time in US history.

Bill Tozer

Well. Ben, two things. First, you can push all you want, but you still need that personality, that face, the articulate clean Negro type who looks good on camera to push for your causes. Can't get around that. You guys need just that one missing ingredient to bake your cake. Should be someone relatively good looking, likeable with charm and knows how to use humor at just the right time to warm people up to him/her (to speak to the masses on your behalf, of course). But, this person you need to really get the ball rolling and start the Big Momentum Wildfire across the fruited plains has to stay true to his core believes. He must mean what he/she says and say what he means. A person of color would be desirable, but not absolutely necessary. You, by friend, need a Ronald Reagen. You are in good company. Obama claimed he is Ronald Reagen come in the flesh and the Republicans are still looking for that Reagenesk personality. Personality with substance.

Secondly, now I know why you never will set foot in a Wal-Mart. White trash at its finest. Gives you whities a bad name.


Bill Tozer

Ben, I am beginning to see your point. We must grab pitchforks and brooms to sweep out this unbridled greed and scandalous disregard for ethics for personal enrichment. We shall cleanse our scared Halls of anyone who has corrupted our policall system. We must join forces and stop her.


Bill Tozer

Boy, after more reading, I fell sorry for you whities out there. Is this best you guys have? Heck, she is the number one frontrunner right now, beating both Dems and Republicans as well as all wannabes and all new comers.
Hillary is really giving your people a bad name. Whatever it takes, Ben and I and all people without a broken conscience or broken thinkers must join forces to clean up the flagrant corrupt money laundering going on by the Clinton's themselves. If there was ever a poster child for shameless influence peddling and selling one's soul to the highest bidder in our political election process, Hillary Rodham Clinton's mug should be on it, as well as her mugshot hanging in every post office in our great land. Yep, Hillary makes me almost hate you honkies big time.


Bill Tozer

What difference does it make anyway? I guess it all depends on what the meaning of "it" is. Boy, I like a little toughness in a canadate, but this kind of avoidance is not what I call "toughness". Like being called an A-Hole just for asking the lovely bride where did all these dings, dents, and bangs on the new car come from?
What difference does it make anyhow.



Who does Josh Fox remind us of here? Claiming victory when the opposite is true.


Now why anyone is even giving this LIB idiot the time of day is beyond me.
Even the EPA had to eat their words.

Account Deleted

Paul at 9:50 - "Not a big deal. Thanks for assuring me."
Paul, you need to go back and read my posts. I said just the opposite.
Your problem is you can only say the word 'Bush'. The fed govt shouldn't be giving anyone money. Period. If it was Nader or Sanders handing out billions you would think it wonderful. You're only against fraud if the parties involved are Rs or have the name of Bush attached some how. You strain against gnats and ignore the camel. If Bush never existed, we would have the same national debt and the same clowns running the show.


The "designated reader" hasn't chimed in for awhile (in fact, I've found the FUE taking my name in vain without the "designated reader" making note), but let me share an observation... Jeff P is getting from one to zero comments on most of his postings. What's an award winning journalist to do when readers disappear even when the words are free?

Jeff might eventually realize the energy on his blog in the old days wasn't his doing... it was energy that was brought by a number of independent souls who chose to converse there who have all abandoned him. But then he might not.

Todd Juvinall

I went and checked and it is true the FUE's blog is a comment wasteland. Here GeorgeR let's all things fly most of the time which is why blogs of conserves are much better and more fun than liberals like the FUE.


That's why he's been posting here. His own blog is a desilite eco chamber.
Kind of like LIB radio. ( why bother?)

See? folks like the "old West" action. One guy behind the window peeking out, another taking shots from behind the horse trough, The one who dares walking down the middle of the street with guns blazing from both hands.
And our own "DOC" as sheriff who supplies the ammunition on a regular basis, to help those who don't have enough of their own. ( or throw them in the pokey for shooting below the belt, or sets'm a swing'n (nuts that is) to give'm a chance)


"His own blog is a desilite eco chamber."

Desilite? Is that Lucille Ball after the divorce?


Pardon my Latin Gregory. Sometimes I over do it, and it goes WAY over some heads.
He does respond to his own posts as a "second person".

George Boardman

I guess it was shallow thinking on my part to believe a political party that controls the White House and both houses of Congress for six years can bring about significant change. Apparently this is only possible when Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are calling the shots in Congress.

I can always depend on the ruminators to straighten me out.


"O" sure know how to feed people the proverbial sh** sandwich.
His words on his Healthcare destruction.
"“I mean, part of what’s bizarre about this whole thing is we haven’t had a lot of conversation about the horrors of Obamacare because none of them come to pass.”
Ohhhh REALLY????
More people than not are getting bills that are through the roof, and deductibles that are crippling.. Ya.. No horrors.
More people than not say shitcan it.


The operative word is "controls", GB. If you only control a chamber by one or two seats, you can't do that much besides parliamentary maneuvering.

Through arm twisting and earmarks from Hell, Reid was able to get his 60 vote cloture on Obamacare without a single Republican vote. That's control that the GOP hasn't had for nearly a century.

Yes, shallow thinking on your part. Like that climate denier hit piece of yours in The Union.

Todd Juvinall

I don't totally disagree with GeorgeB on Congress and Federal. I have been a proponent of "cut their budget" but that doesn't seem to get anywhere. I do get mad at my party for refusing to cut the funds for departments like Education, EPA and others. The power of the purse.

However, even though the R's had the House and Senate and the Prez for a few years, a lot of legislation was never given a vote in the Senate because of the "filibuster". Democrats know how to stop most everything.


GB, I didn't catch one of your errors properly... there was a GOP President, with GOP 'controlled' House and Senate for a total of six years of my entire life, and I'll be eligible for Social Security soon. Two of those years had me dependent upon Mom for diaper changes. Bush II only had bare GOP majorities in both chambers for four years and the last two, leading up to the crash you and Paul E are demanding the GOP get equal blame for, those chambers were controlled by Pelosi and Reid.

Barney Frank, one of the chief carriers of water for the celebrated Government Sponsored Entities at the center of the financial collapse, was living with one of the directors of same for quite some time. Fannie Mae well have enjoyed that relationship.

Bill Tozer

No worries people. If there was ever a time for the poor bloke who drew the short straw and "volunteered" to become the designated reader, now is the best time to take a break. Heaven only knows what damage our designated reader was accumulated during his/her tour of duty over in enemy terrority. I say take a well deserved break, go for a long walk, take in a show, and regroup after some good R&R. I am fairly certain our designated reader will pick up exactly where it all left off no matter how long he/she/it is AWOL. It's not like having a designated driver going MIA at closing time.


"I have been a proponent of "cut their budget" but that doesn't seem to get anywhere."

Gingrich was the last Speaker who was able to get somewhere, but then he was laboring with a Democratic prez who, while perfectly capable of playing hardball, was at heart a dealmaker as prolific as LBJ and the two were able to get stuff done even if the budget balancing was with smoke and mirrors. There's no way Boehner could balance the budget even if he wanted to without a bigger majority in the House and a Senate that could override an Obama veto. All that could happen with a real GOP-Tea Party tantrum is another episode of the GOP shutting down the government; no one in the press will notice it took two for that Tango.

Todd Juvinall

I was listening to John Thune from South Dakota on the Senate floor this morning. He was railing against the EPA forcing a coal fired plant to do pollution upgrades. It is a new plant not finished and the coat of the plant is less than the new forced "upgrades" by the EPA! Anyway, I yelled at Thune and said "cut their budget". Pisses me off.


Posted by: George Boardman | 09 June 2015 at 10:53 AM

Uh no George....we've been treated on a daily basis to the "the Republicans are the party of the corporations and banks" (largely true in my estimation) from those seated on the left of this Peanut Gallery.

The real question is why the "progressive" party, the party of "the people"™, the party of the overlooked and powerless, the party of fairness and social justice......why that party did nothing when they controlled both the legislative and executive branches and had a brief window of opportunity to really implement some of the "Hope and Change"™ that the gullible American voter was promised?

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1053am - Not a problem Mr Boardman, RR and its commenters do our best to provide readers factual information, common wisdom correctives, and generally the straight poop according to our lights. Since you are a gentleman and man of letters, your contributions to set the record straight are always appreciated.


"Then there’s conservatism’s current favorite whipping boy, human-caused climate change. They don’t care what the science says; they know in their hearts that it’s just an excuse to exert more control over our lives." - George Boardman, The Union, 6/1/2015

Well, GB, here we are in the sandbox. While I've never self-identified as a conservative, I'll wear the yellow star for you for a moment. Let's play "Science Says".

Do you really think "the science" talks through politically funded groups like the IPCC? Did you ever run across this statement in the ClimateGate emails regarding what papers to include in their IPCC Working Group report?:
“I can’t see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow — even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!” Phil Jones, University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit

Let's play "Science Says". Does science say to actively ignore inconvenient conclusions that were published in the peer reviewed literature? Let's forget for the moment that probably well over half the peer reviewed literature is wrong in whole or in part... science is messy. The game you're playing isn't science, it's argumentum ad vericundiam ... citing authorities. That's religion; you're not looking for scientists, you're looking for Priests. Then there's "consensus"... that's politics, not science.

Science talks to me directly, I don't have to look for a priest or a politician to tell me what to think. Having read the popular press (including Scientific American, which drank the IPCC Koolaid years ago), I believed the basic AGW story with a grain of salt... no, the sensationalist claims of the Goracles seemed overblown, but the basics of CO2 driving warming because of its IR absorption characteristics made complete sense... except that when I dug into it myself, I found it wasn't CO2 that was driving the projections but rather the IPCC's Priests'multiplication of that by factors of 2 to 4 from theorized responses to that purturbation by the climate system, primarily positive feedbacks from increased water vapor from that little bit of increased evaporation... and assuming more water vapor wouldn't result in more clouds.

Boardman, I don't know which of the Trivial Arts you chose to study in high school and possibly college, but I slogged through math classes filled with math majors, chemistry classes filled with chemistry majors, engineering classes with engineers, physics classes with physicists, even played in a couple of symphonies. My education was Quadrivium all the way and Science speaks to me directly.


At this time, we've gone by some datasets a full quarter century since there was statistically significant warming. We have fiddling (by the NOAA National Climate Data Center) with terrestrial dataset correction factors that have recently made the past cooler and the present warmer, but Phil Jone's East Anglia CRU terrestrial dataset does not agree, and then there's the inconvenient truth that two satellite datasets, and four radiosonde (weather balloon) datasets all pretty much agree with each other without all the fudge factors the NCDC is resorting to in order to make data agree with theory. Here's one decent graph of the satellite/radiosonde data vs the IPCC's computer model output

The whole warming meme is unwinding, slowly. I expect there will be bitter clingers in Sacramento among the last to see the light.

Todd Juvinall

The problem with true believers in this Global Warming crapola is simple. They are sheeple and the facts mean nothing to them. I have met and know very intelligent people, college educated even, and they are all in. Why I ask? Because their shining lights tell them to believe it. So, needless to say I have lost some respect for some folks I thought were really reaaly smart. They believe things that uneducated tribesmen do in interior New Guinea!

GeorgeB is a true believer and nothing will shake his beliefs about "global warming", nothing. All you facts mean zippo to them.

Ben Emery

God help us all if either another Clinton or Bush gets put in charge of our Executive Branch. Our country cannot take it. I consider the last 6 years with Obama an extension of Clinton I since he shared all his advisers and corporate friendly policies like the Free Trade Agreements and not regulating the financial sector. Obama has been an absolute disappointment on my end and I cannot believe a single democrat could defend his administration as a whole with a straight face. Are there some good spots in his administration, yes but they are few and far between.

Todd Juvinall

OMG! I agree 90% with Be Emery. Is hell freezing over?

Account Deleted

Ben at 2:11 - "...and not regulating the financial sector."
Yeah Ben - and next you'll tell us there are no laws regulating driving down the road. There are shed loads of regulations and they're driving small banks out of existance.
Who does Ben think should be pres? Bernie? How will it be different? Would Bernie have vetoed the pipeline? Either way, it wouldn't be any different than an R or a D in the White House.
"Obama has been an absolute disappointment.." Signifying that you were suckered into believing the BS coming out of his mouth.
I had him pegged from the get-go. A big fat liar.


Gotta love " well educated LIBS" sometimes. They show just how dumb they really are.
"Joyce Carol Oates, the 77 year-old author, professor, and Twitter-genius, condemned Oscar-winning director Steven Spielberg Tuesday for hunting down and killing a dinosaur. “So barbaric that this should still be allowed,” the feminist wrote. “No conservation laws in effect wherever this is?”

Apparently, in academia no one has ever heard of “Jurassic Park.” Oates is condemning a photo of Spielberg on the set of his 1993 blockbuster; he’s seated in front of an animatronic dinosaur used in the movie."

This attached to a photo of Spielberg sitting next to a "dead" dino.

Don Bessee

It is interesting how much effort the NY times is dedicating to attacking Marco Rubio, could that be an indication that they see him as the real threat? ---- Hey 536 Walt it was on the internet so it must be true, right? LOL

Bill Tozer

Todd@ 3:52 pm.
Mr. Todd. Hell might soon be freezing over in a few decades. It's what historians call Climate Change.


Climate change? Thanks Bill for bringing that up.
So much for the "settled science".
Seems many are not pleased with NOAA cooking the books

Paul Emery

Thought I'd run this from Breitbart so you guys would feel comfortable.

"Rubio and Graham, both Republican Senators that are running for President president—refuse to answer, through spokespersons, whether they’ve gone to the secret room to read the TPP deal and whether they did before voting on TPA. Both Rubio and Graham voted for TPA, which would fast-track TPP—and at this point they’re both choosing through staff to give the public impression they didn’t read the secret text before they voted."


We've got a couple of Gems here that don't know what they've voted for because they were just following orders. Republicrats in action. Case closed. Hillary won't say how she'd vote. I'm glad I don'g have to vote for any of thatilk.


Golly, George Boardman doesn't appear to want to play Science Says. George R., maybe you'd like to join in.

Thinking back to my undergraduate years in physice, I think we looked to the national academies for guidance a total of, roughly speaking, zero times. Same for my graduate study in electrical engineering.

Was it any different for you?

The national academies seemed more oriented to prising grants out of the NSF.

Don Bessee

why bring dongs into the conversation Paul E?

Bill Tozer

Mystery solved. It's been quiet over at the not to be mentioned mediocre Spelling Nazi blog because the webmaster has learned composition of thoughts and alcohol don't mix. Best to lay low when the brain is foggy. It will get noisy again after he sleeps it off and takes a couple of aspirin in the morning.


Don Bessee

914 Walt- Its the keep saying it enough they will believe it theory. Just like the growers who are telling anyone who will listen that CA is inevitably going to go full legalizations of commercialized weed in 2016. Hey it worked for hitler why not keep trying the big lie, evidence not withstanding? Much like the growers/ASA poll on measure S that supposedly said it had 70% favorability. 2016 is going to be big fun on many levels!! ;-) hee, hee, hee!

George Rebane

Gregory 949pm - I share your 202pm sentiments. Don't recall looking to the national academies for anything during my schooling, nor do I recall any colleagues seeking or receiving guidance from such sources. Not exactly sure what they do besides burnish resumes.

PaulE 943pm - I'm still not convinced that you know the difference between the TPA and the TPP that I tried to clarify above. In any event, can you tell us why you are concerned about when people read the TPP in relation to when they voted on the TPA. The latter gives the prez fast-track authority to negotiate trade treaties and then have Congress study them before voting a treaty up or down. The former is one of many treaties to come that can be fast-tracked under the TPA. Congress can always do what they want whether the TPA is in place or not.

Paul Emery


Go ahead and thump your chest because yes, rec pot will be legalized in 16 and yes, the business will be taken over by large corporate indoor grows and the mom and pop operations will be left out. That's what you wanted right? Great for our local economy.

Todd Juvinall

DonB, yes the pot lovers will probably prevail and the country will be wrecked within a generation in my opinion. As the Chinese comes to California's shores with their army, they will be greeted by Paul and his bus holding a fatty.

Paul Emery


I'm astounded by your lack of confidence! I thought you believed the Repubs were going to sweep and we'd be back to the good old days kicking ass and taking names like we did in Grenada and other Republican led expeditions. I'm really disappointed and didn't realize you had a self esteem problem being a Republican.


Just what we need Paul, more piss poor informed voters. Get'm stoned so they comprehend even less.
But the ASA dopers claimed to have the election in the baggie, but ended up drinking bong water.
As for "big dope" they are already greasing the palms in Sac. THEY will be writing the growing regs. Nothing new in that world of "high" dollar politics.
Your ECO pals have been doing that for decades. Mandating the use of given products.
From gas pumps to gas cans, mandatory use of building products, "special this, and special that. All mandated by Sac. So why should dope be any different?"Mom and Pop" will be regulated right out of the picture.
Buy HAY! Legal weed! ( as they say,, be careful of what you wish for)
Then you can bet your Birkenstocks that "big dope" will copyright all the good names for weed.Right down to the current MMJ logo, and any other style they can dream up.
Any "dope store" will have to buy from "big dope"

It's already happening Paul,, it's on the down low so your not going to hear about it.
LIBS love their secret back room deals too. ( you know,, the kind you accuse Repubs of loving)

Better get your activists down to the Capital and start the protests now against "big dope". But your clan better bring checkbooks, since that's the ONLY language Sac. LIBS understand. ( uh,, get your permit to hold that rally. The Tea Party had to, and ASA is not special)

Bill Tozer

Well, Obama finally has stopped giving the middle finger to the Courts and hopefully has ceased and desisted from fudging and sneaking around behind the Courts' back implementing his Executive Orders anyway (we hope). We are still, at times, a nation of laws not feelings and we still have, at times, what is known as the balance of powers.

Glad to see our President is taking the word "no" so well as evidenced by his smiling "No Drama Obama" facial expressions when quieted about it.


Todd Juvinall

I see the press is after Marco Rubio and his wife for truly being regular people. Meaning, golly he and his wife are not rich and have failed to pay some traffic tickets. Juxtapose that with the Hillary and Bill gazillions raised from questionable "donors". The Clinton's never held a private sector job either. Always on the taxpayers dime. Sure Rubio probably has made some errors but it appears he is honest for the most part. I am a Walker guy but I take no pleasure in decent people getting their lives trashed by the press.


Perhaps Boardman is lurking... George, here are three scientists you should heed (and an author who mostly gets it right):


George Boardman, pay attention to Popper, Feynman and Einstein, they're all saying the same thing. The Jeb Bush comment that you used to illustrate the silliness of Jeb Bush is merely a restatement of the Popper quote found at the above link, though I'd bet it was his speechwriter who came up with it.

Actual scientists have a much different take on science than the Boardmans of the world do, and it is a foreign concept that scientific theories can't be proven true no matter how many authorities salute it when run up the flagpole. Einstein is literally correct... it would only take one experiment to prove him wrong even now. Some think that has already happened, but reality will not collapse if that is the case.

The left looks at how the anti-left 'denies' climate change and concludes it's politics that lead them to not listen to what "science says". Eventually, the left will be looking at their hysterical belief in climate change and wonder why their politics led them to ignore Popper, Feynman and Einstein.

George Rebane

Still apropos -


Posted by: George Rebane | 10 June 2015 at 08:46 AM

Before my time here at RR's but that was an epic display of "Goalpost Moving" by Anna Haynes

Ben Emery

There has been too much agreement lately. Here is a comment that will get our equilibrium back.

It must be getting tough around here to continue to deny and keep your heads in the sand about the unequal justice system and law enforcement towards people of color. Sounds like pure racism caused this incident, kids were members and invited guests.


"'It's the first step'

Tatyana Rhodes, who was hosting a party at the pool Friday before police arrived, said tensions were running high after a racially charged fight broke out there. It started, she said, when two white women told a group of African-American teens they should leave and "go back to their Section 8 homes."

One of the women, she said, smacked her in the face.

Chief Calls Actions Of Officer From McKinney, Texas, Pool Party Video 'Indefensible'


excerpt from interview

AARON MATÉ: Cheryl Dorsey, the issue of how this whole incident started, the teens were at a pool party. Apparently, some — there was a dispute between some white residents and some of the black teens with the white residents hurling epithets at the black teens and that was the so-called disturbance that spurred this officer’s response.

CHERYL DORSEY: Right. And so, with that as a backdrop, when he comes in, what he should have done is he should have contacted the reporting party, interview that person to find out what was going on, and then attempt to locate and identify the person that was hosting the party to further conduct an investigation. And none of that happen. It seems as though he merely took the word of the white residents, that the black teens were not there legally, permissibly and then just went about corralling them and harassing them and talking to them in a way that was profane and offensive. And, you know, since he’s a training officer, I am concerned because we also see him on video barking orders to the junior officers, go get that mf-er. And they just followed him blindly. So I’m wondering if this isn’t a problem that is maybe systemic throughout the department. If this is your police officers are training younger officers, is this condoned? Is this behavior appropriate? I think not.

Todd Juvinall

While you are all in a tither about a few kids being arrested for being shi##y to police, their race in Chicago killed another twenty on the streets. You are simply picky in your outrage. All liberals are fools.


A little sumth'n from the pit master in training. A great day to fire up the BBQ.
I picked up a nice prime rib chunk of meat from SPD Yesterday.(about 3LBS.) ( Humm.. what to do with it?) I decided to go the simple rout. Not too much salt, yet an ample rubbing of Lowry's season salt,, and Black pepper. Nothing radical.(this time) I'm going with cherrywood chunks all day, @ 280 deg. and keep the smoke heavy.
Now to wait and see what happens.

Account Deleted

Ben - that's one of the worst examples of supposed racial biais.
The fact is that the woman lied about getting permission for the party. She hadn't. The 'children' were smoking dope and drinking booze. They weren't supposed to be going over the fence into the pool. The girl wrestled to the ground was disobeying the officer. The officer became surrounded by some males, one of whom started reaching for something in his waistband. At that point, the officer drew his gun on that individual and the kid ran away. The officer re-holstered his gun. It wouldn't have mattered what color skin the kids had. They shouldn't have been there and many ignored the cops orders.
But Ben wants his racism and will have it no matter what the facts are.
The funniest part is the folks complaining that the cop was swearing. Yet the boom box was blasting out all sorts of profanity. My, how their tender little ears must have hurt hearing the cop swear.


Now here is a good one. Moon Beam has put out the welcome mat for every illegal he can get to come here, now bitches about overpopulation. " WE are in a drought!"
Note the job loss as well. Kinsa shoots holes in someone else's post about on how well
Ag. jobs are. ( last years stats)

Ben Emery

I had a thoughtful response but decided to go with a T. Juvinall response. Can you provide any links or proof to the assertions you have made.

- Permission
- Dope and Alcohol
- Going over the fence
- Music on the radio blasting out profanity

I watched the video again and your waistband theory is 100% false. No hands were reaching for his waistband.

As CHERYL DORSEY, the two decade veteran police officer says "He is a bully".

Ben Emery

"Can you provide any links or proof to the assertions you have made."

It means with credible sources not breitbart or something like that.

I will concede that Democracy Now! does have a left leaning agenda but that doesn't mean it isn't a credible news source.

Democracy Now! host Amy Goodman and co-host Juan Gonzalez have won numerous awards including:

I.F. Stone Lifetime Achievement Award from the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University, 2014

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation/United Nations Correspondents Association Global Prize Silver Medal, 2013
for reporting on Climate Change

Park Center for Independent Media Izzy Award, 2012
to DN! correspondent Sharif Abdel Kouddous for his coverage of the Egyptian Uprising

Gandhi Peace Award, 2012
for promoting enduring peace

Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival Award, 2012
for coverage of Arab Spring

Right Livelihood Award, 2008
for developing an innovative model of truly independent grassroots political journalism that brings to millions of people the alternative voices that are often excluded by the mainstream media

Park Center for Independent Media Izzy Award, 2009
for special achievement in independent media

Communication for Peace Award from the World Association for Christian Communication, 2008

Project Censored Top 25 Censored Stories for 2009

- APA Complicit in CIA Torture

ACLU-NCA Henry W. Edgerton Civil Liberties Award, 2008
for a distinguished career as an active defender and supporter of civil liberties

The Paley Center for Media She Made It Award, 2007
to honor women creating radio and television

Gracie Award for American Women in Radio and Television Public Broadcasting, 2007
Individual Achievement for Outstanding Program Host

James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism, 2007
Career Achievement

Webby Award Honoree, 2007
Podcasts and Politics

Puffin/Nation Prize for Creative Citizenship, 2006
Groundbreaking Reporting

Ruben Salazar Journalism Award
Outstanding Commitment to Preserving the Integrity of Journalism

George Polk Award
Radio Reporting

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Prize
First Place, International Radio Documentary

Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award
Excellence in Broadcast Journalism

Edwin H. Major Armstrong Award
Best Radio Documentary

National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Golden Reels (several, including Best National News Story 2003)

Project Censored Award
Most Censored Story

Society of Professional Journalists
Best Investigative Reporting
Award for Excellence Series/Investigative Reporting

United Press International
Best Radio Feature

Associated Press
Best Enterprise Reporting

Electronic Frontier Foundation
Pioneer Award

American Women in Radio & Television
Pinnacle Award for Radio Programming

National Catholic Association of Broadcasters
Best Documentary
Best Religious Documentary

Radio/Television News Directors Association
Regional News Series/Documentary Award

Alliance for Community Media
Best Nationally Distributed Program

Other Awards Democracy Now! and it’s hosts have received include:

ACME (Action Coalition for Media Education)
National Media Literacy Activist Award

Amigos Del Sur Del Bronx (Friends of the South Bronx)
Evelina Antonetty Community Pulitzer Award

Boulder International Humanist Institute
Second Annual Symposium Award

Brooklyn Society For Ethical Culture
Peace Site Award

California Defenders Association
Gideon Award

City of Santa Cruz
Mayor’s Proclamation: Amy Goodman Day, September 17, 2006

Consortium on Peace Research, Education, & Development (COPRED)
Social Courage Award

The Deadline Club New York Chapter Award
Best Investigative Reporting in Radio

Disarmament and Economic Conversion Committee
Sadako Peace Citation

Feminist Caucus of the American Humanist Association
Humanist Heroine "Exception to the Ruler"

Hometown Video Festival
National Distribution–Professional Award

Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives
Kairos Award, Journalism and Human Rights Work

Media & Democracy Congress
Media Hero Award

National Editors Association
Golden Razor Award
Editor of the Decade

National Federation of Community Broadcasters
Golden Reel
National Special Event Coverage

National Women’s Political Caucus
Exceptional Merit Media Award
Radio Talk Show

New Jersey Peace Action Award
Political Courage Award

New York State Associated Press Broadcasters Association
First Place Award
Best Enterprise Reporting Class 1 Radio

The Newswomen’s Club of New York
Front Page Award for Distinguished Journalism

NFCB (National Federation of Community Broadcasters)
Community Radio Awards
National Entertainment /Music Program–Silver Reel
Local News & Information

Office of the Americas
Peace and Justice Award

Pacifica Radio, Washington Bureau
The Unvarnished Truth Award

Prisoners Breaking the Chains Committee
Lois Lane Award

RTNDA (Radio-Television News Directors Association)
Regional News Series/Documentary Award

Ruben Salazar Journalism Award
Outstanding Commitment to Preserving the Integrity of Journalism

Samori Marksman Memorial Award

Twelfth Annual Joe A. Callaway Award for Civic Courage
Journalism Activism Broadcasting

Unitarian Universalist Association
The Wilton Peace Prize 2004

United Press International
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Bill Tozer

Watch out, Brother Ben is alive and well and woke up gunning for bear. I best run to the hills and lay low in my lair. Bet he has his reponse already to paste should anyone care to respond. He has the upper hand and a hair trigger this fine gloomy day. Think I will agree with Ben just to sour his mood. :)


"I will concede that Democracy Now! does have a left leaning agenda but that doesn't mean it isn't a credible news source."

That's like concluding water is wet, Ben. It isn't "leaning" left, it's left through and through. It isn't a credible news source: they're grinding axes, and so are you.

Account Deleted

Ben - I see that you want to turn this into a she said, he said.
The first order of business is to provide evidence of racism. So far, you've provided none. Maybe the cop was out of hand, but that doesn't mean he was racist. There were, apparently, some white kids there.
Where was the racism?

Todd Juvinall

Ben is just mouthing what he is told to mouth. There was no racism. Jeeze, if you don't obey the cops command, no matter what color you are, you will be tossed to the ground. Equal opportunity tossing.

The rest is all liberal BS. Alinskyites like Ben Emery know the plot. Undermine the "authority" of the police and you rip the fabric holding order together.

I am fatifued with all this black and white liberal whining. You have the greatest country ever conceived and all these whiners and ingrates can do is cry they are "oppressed". Jeeze Ben, you get free medical and food and they even pay your rent. They being the taxpayers. All this liberal BS is self defeating though. As soon as the nations enemies arrive they cut off the heads of their "helpers" who paved the way.

Todd Juvinall

Here is the link to the full text of Rules for Radicals.


Todd Juvinall

Here is one paragraph Ben Emery will like from Alinsky.

"What is the alternative to working "inside" the system? A mess of
rhetorical garbage about "Burn the system down!" Yippie yells of "Do it!" or
"Do your thing." What else? Bombs? Sniping? Silence when police are
killed and screams of "murdering fascist pigs" when others are killed?
Attacking and baiting the police? Public suicide? "Power comes out of the
barrel of a gun!" is an absurd rallying cry "


One HELL of a cut and paste job Ben,
You can hit up The Daily Caller,, they dumb this down just for LIBS.
They don't use the 25 cent words LIB press try and impress with.

Heck. Name your LIB new source and I bet they blame (so called) racism on global warming.
Matter of fact, what DON"T they blame? It either causes it, or is caused BY.

DAMN... Cooked my roast TOO damned fast.. I'll blame it on AGW, and today's weather.
( a tad on the tough side.) Back down to 250 deg. the next time.

Todd Juvinall

Walt, the Democracy Now Amy Goodman column in our Union Newspaper shows what a commie looks like.


OK,,, Hawaii has really done it. Surpassed Ca. in the ECO Unicorn ranch idea.
Humm... Just what are they going to fuel cars and trucks with? Construction equipment?
Are solar airplanes going to bring the tourists?
Somehow I don't think they thought this through. But HAY!! It looks good on paper.

The islands are going to look pretty different with all those bird blenders on all the ridge lines. Not to mention the low frequency "thuds" those things put out.
Hawaii might want to talk to those who have lived around those damned things.


Whoa.....gentlemen (Paul, Ben)....it would seem that there's no reason for you guys to fear the TPP after all. The secrecy was just to damp down opposition from reactionary haterz who don't want our noble and good...peace be upon him....president from importing a crap load of more poor democratic lever pullers.


(PS....I looked but couldn't find confirmation at Democracy Now....I'll keep checking!)


...and finally....a little something for everyone vis a vis the water crisis!


(Psssssst......reason.com......KOCH BROTHERS......BOOOOO!)


This is going to be a long hot summer; we may again find out what happens when the police refuse to police an area that desperately needs policing.

Ben had to vandalize RR with a laundry list of awards from left leaning groups to that left leaning pillar, Amy Goodman, while claiming the Breitbart-less Breitbart isn't quotable because they're right leaning. Wow, Goodman even won the Unvarnished Truth Award from Pacifica Radio!

Now, that really says something, just not what Ben thinks it does.


LIBS may care to read this. Yup,, even YOU Paul.


Now I'm no Rubio fan....but apparently there are those cough...cough....New York Times....cough who feel that he maintains....well.....an extravagant lifestyle!


The SecStates boat is apparently little more than a rubber dinghy and probably not even seaworthy.


Fish, having seen and heard his wife, I think Kerry earned every penny that went into that dinghy.

Paul Emery


How do you explain then that it's primarily the Republicans who are pushing the TPP with Obama as their spokesperson? Virtually none have read the agreenment but supported fast track so when it's up for a vote they can offer no amendments


Posted by: Gregory | 10 June 2015 at 02:50 PM

I'm sure that in some quarters Teresa Heinz is applauded for finding a way to make sure "Mr Ed" spends a lot of time away from home.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 June 2015 at 02:59 PM

How do you get through your days being that big a "bucket head"?

I'm being a smart ass numbnut!

Don Bessee

Sounds like the leaking of the immigration pages from the trade agreement may be the death rattle of the fast track. That and the Europeans rebelling against theirs too. ==== PE 6/9 1004p, Care to name the last time growers won an actual vote anywhere in CA? Just last week there were 2 special elections in Riverside and Yucca Valley on grower backed propositions for dispensaries, both lost with 60%+- our way. The fiscal analysis from the State on the boutique pot proposition was very frank in acknowledging that any potential tax benefits would be lost to administration and (finally) acknowledged the other societal costs like significant increases for in and outpatient dependency treatment and rehab. That does not even count lost productivity as Gov. Brown keeps hammering. Voters know there is no shortage of weed and are not enchanted by the prospect of full legalization of commercialized weed. Then you have the issues of patient protections and environmental destruction splintering the legalizer communities. That's why they hold elections.

Paul Emery


I was asking for your insights as to why the Repubs and Obama are so huggy huggy about TPP. Any ideas?

Todd Juvinall

DonB, if POP somehow gets legal, (probably by court action not voters) then the USA will become no more. I have seen to many users who are turned into lazy asses on public assistance but maintain that stupor of happiness.

On the TPP. I am still withholding until I read it. If it has some parts that I believe hurt more than help then I will decide. Regarding Obama's support. He is one half of the branches that pass laws. Courts are not included. So in my view he is the leader of the democrats and all in apparently for the TPP. Therefore, using Emery logic, the democrats are all in.

Paul Emery


Sorry to rain on your parade.

"A record-high 54 percent of California residents support ending cannabis prohibition, a June 3 poll from the Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) finds.

Among likely California voters, that number rises to 56 percent, PPIC finds, lending momentum to efforts to legalize the botanical in the 2016 general election."


You write " The fiscal analysis from the State on the boutique pot proposition was very frank in acknowledging that any potential tax benefits......

Can you send a link to that information please?

Don Bessee

Under the heading of eating their own, NPR's Diane Rhem attacked good ol' socialist dem. Bernnie Sanders as a holder of dual Israeli / US citizenship. When he denied it she did the classic let me say this again VERY SLOWLY so you understand you stupid man. He politely pointed out that his dad came here from Poland. She did not back off until after the broadcast when much later it was discovered she got the info from of all places a palestinian conspiracy facebook page! OH YA, NPR a fount of journalistic ethics and standards that we should all slavishly parrot every utterance as the gold standard of fact.

Ben Emery

That is the big knock against Sanders is he is too easy on Israel policies towards Palestine. I don't see him being too easy but rather not being his main platform issues. I have heard on many occasions him condemn the over response of Israel towards their neighbors. Is he where most activist progressives are on Israel and their war crimes, not even close but I cannot imagine this being the make or break issue for many.

Ben Emery

Scott and who ever else chimed in,

I didn't bother reading the replies to my McKinney Texas comment since the lawyer for the police officer has come out with the story of why their client behaved so poorly.

It kind of takes the sting out of the whole debate. Unfortunately the officer had just responded to a suicide and an attempt suicide. The lawyer admitted the wrong behavior and issued an apology.

My follow up comment to what ever the response was going to be-

Hearing an officer of the law screaming obscenities at a person is very intimidating, especially if a teenager, since they supposedly have the law on their side and a gun on their belt.

It was the white "adult" residents using racial epitaphs and slapping the teenagers. Aren't adults supposed to the mature people who calm down situations not escalate them?

The party was a planned party and if people hopped the fence it doesn't have to do with the party but rather the people who hopped the fence. The section 8 housing remark was hurled at the girl who is a resident and member of the pool.

I guess since the maturity level for most here is that of a pre adolescent boy this type of behavior from the adults is just fine.

Ben Emery

Oops I meant epithet, I think that is the first time I every tried spelling it. Once reading my comment it definitely didn't look correct, oh well my guess you guys are used to it from me by now.

Ben Emery

"On the TPP. I am still withholding until I read it. "

Are you joking?

We are supposed to be living in a democratic republic where laws, international agreements, and treaties are supposed to be public so we can tell our representatives how to vote.

And Yes! The leadership of the Democratic Party is 100% behind the TPP and just about all other free trade agreements since it was the labor traitor Bill Clinton that lied to the American public about NAFTA and WTO.

George Rebane

BenE 543pm - 1) the TPP agreement has yet to be negotiated; 2) such agreements have never been and can never be negotiated in public, for what should be obvious reasons; 3) the entire TPP will be made public before Congress votes on it so that we can tell our representatives how we want them to vote. The TPA will give Obama and every succeeding president the opportunity to conduct such confidential negotiations with credibility and dispatch. The president will, of course, be influenced during the course of such negotiations by the will of the people from the usual polls etc as they impact high level and relevant policy that should guide the negotiations. The people should never be involved in the detailed negotiations, again for obvious reasons. Hope this helps.

Todd Juvinall

Ben Emery | 10 June 2015 at 05:43 PM

Not joking Ben Emery. GeorgeR has explained the process on these kinds of treaties. I concur with them.

What is wrong with NAFTA? Using labor as a component to manufactured goods, if we can't compete then adios to another member. What liberals fail to realize is a businessman and his business are not an arm of the Welfare Department of government. You think it is. You are misguided.

Paul Emery


What is your view of the ISDS“ Investor-State Dispute Settlement,” provision included in the TPP as well as other trade agreements such as NAFTA? I'm not including details about it due to lack of time but there are those on the Right and Left that are opposed because of compromises to national sovereignty.

Here's a quick look at ISDS.

"RW — ISDS, or Investor-State Dispute Settlement, is the international system whereby multinational corporations (MNCs) can sue the governments of countries in which they invest for violating their property rights. International treaties give MNCs access to ISDS, under which ad hoc international tribunals decide whether or not an MNC deserves compensation. There is no appeals system in place."



Here's an account of the "pool party" in Texas. The first thing is... it wasn't a pool party. The pool is run by the HOA, requires a deposit for a party, and any such party is limited to 20 people. More than 100 showed up from social media advertising of a free pool party and some began jumping the fence, because the resident and her mom (Chicago natives) didn't rent the pool, and they wanted to swim.

It was a mess and a whole lot different than how Democracy Now! is reporting it.

Bill Tozer

Todd, I will tell ya what is wrong with NAFTA. It helps poor people in 3rd World countries and lifts the global standard of living for dirt poor folk of color in barrios, ghettos, slums and others eating out of the landfills outside of our borders. It gives them hope of survival, if not a better life. Just like world communism or socialism. It's the fair and moral thing to do. That is what is wrong with NAFTA, it helps little Pablo. How can NAFTA's critics be so heartless, so self centered, so concerned with only what's in it for them? These xenophobic critics reek of protectionism and down right isolation. They are truly UGLY AMERICANS.

George Rebane

PaulE 632pm - I do not have time now to study the half-baked provisions of the TPP that are being leaked to the public before the final agreement is sealed. I stand with my previous high level concern that the TPP will overreach into affairs of our national sovereignty, a considerable part of which will be surrendered to uncontrollable agencies operating within the new TPP.

Paul Emery


What is your view of similar provisions in previous trade agreements such as this one included in NAFTA

"Chapter 11 establishes a mechanism for the settlement of investment disputes that assures both equal treatment among investors of the Parties to the Agreement in accordance with the principle of international reciprocity and due process before an impartial tribunal. A NAFTA investor who alleges that a host government has breached its investment obligations under Chapter 11 may, at its option, have recourse to one of the following arbitral mechanisms:

The World Bank's International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID);

ICSID's Additional Facility Rules; and

The rules of the United Nations Commission for International Trade Law (UNCITRAL Rules)."



Nice speach Bill, too bad that isn't reality. That's why everyone South of the boarder, all the way to Cape Horn is trying to get here. Then there are the Asians slapping a shipping label on their ass, and packed in conex containers. Those that do work "over there" still get paid 5 bucks a week, then ship that product here. Our jobs are still getting shipped back. Yup,, we sure are getting a "fair trade" on that.


"O" and Co. love sneaking immigration goodies into everything.


See LIBS?? Right wing news holds even "their own" accountable.
Even Paul Ryan has splain'n to do.
Nice headline from a "right wing butt kisser"..

Ben Emery

You guys have no clue on what and how these trade agreements work. We have already signed over our sovereignty when we signed into the World Trade Organization, similar secret courts in the World Bank, and others.

Mexico took the US WTO court over Dolphin Safe Tuna. If US does not comply with this ruling we will be subject to trade sanctions. No matter what the ruling of the WTO was or will be in future cases it is overriding the United States ability to pass laws and enforce them.


Bechtel vs Bolivia on capturing rain water and price gouging in the World Bank.

Immigration influx from the America's since the Free Trade Agreements NAFTA, CAFTA, Panama, Columbia, Peru, Chile is what you guys are always bitching and moaning about. Our very subsidized agribusiness is allowed to flood these countries economies with cheap goods putting their farmers out of business. They then flood their cities looking for work and then migrate to the US.

Wonder where the US middle class has gone. 50,000 factories and millions of US manufacturing jobs have left the US since 2000 to exploit slave labor and intracompany trade loopholes in US Tax Code that allows US Corporations to keep its US profits offshore to avoid paying taxes. US corporations have never been so profitable while the US middle class is disappearing.

Ben Emery

Mr Free Trade himself on the disaster it caused in Haiti.

"It may have been good for some of my farmers in Arkansas, but it has not worked," he said. "I have to live every day with the consequences of the lost capacity to produce a rice crop in Haiti to feed those people, because of what I did." - Bill Clinton

Subsidizing Starvation

Opening paragraph

In the wake of Haiti’s devastating 7.0-magnitude earthquake exactly three years ago, former U.S. President Bill Clinton issued an unusual and now infamous apology. Calling his subsidies to American rice farmers in the 1990s a mistake because it undercut rice production in Haiti, Clinton said he had struck a "devil’s bargain" that ultimately resulted in greater poverty and food insecurity in Haiti.


Posted by: Paul Emery | 10 June 2015 at 04:26 PM

We've covered this ground before.

Alright....I'll try and explain it to you one last time. C'mon...Ben, Paul....gather round!

Children....there is an incredibly powerful machine out there that takes in and redistributes the toil and effort of the people, doles out favors to those who support and service the machine, smites those who oppose the machine and its aims. Because this machine is so powerful there are people who want to use the machine to further their aims. They invest in gifts and tribute to those who service the machine. In gratitude those people grant their benefactors special favors and privileges.

It didn't used to be this way.

The machine was initially designed to protect those in the vicinity of the machine from external aggressors, stop them from aggressing against each other by serving as an adjudicator of their disputes while protecting their rights in general. Soon though people began to think, "the machine is so powerful....what else can it do for us" So the people asked those who service the machine , "How can you use the machine to better our lives?", And they said, "feed the machine more" and we will use it to make your lives better. So the people did. And at first things were better. But those who serviced the machine said we've done all we can do with the amount of food you provide the machine.....bring more food and perhaps the machine will do more. And the people brought more food, but the amount that their lives were bettered wasn't as much as the time before but now the machine threatened, "BRING MORE FOOD OR I WILL MAKE YOUR LIVES WORSE". So they brought more food...but their lives were not improved.

Now there were others who saw the people bring their bounty to the machine and thought, "surely the machine doesn't need all that, If I occupy the machine their bounty can become mine...and I can share with those whom I can bind to my cause. The people are fools...they give up the product of their toil for nothing.

And over time the machine became theirs!

There is a naive segment of the population that believes that if only they can gain control of the machine they can get it to distribute the goodies in a more equitable fashion. They want the machine to remain powerful so it can truly do good. They believe that the huge and powerful machine can be stripped of its corruption and its might used only for the good of the people .....and their friends...and pet causes.....and those who "support" those "truly on the side of the people"....and to smite the enemies of the restored beautiful machine....and those who would question the goals and motives of the restored machine.

And it would be good....like it was in the beginning.

....and that's why you will probably be getting the TPP in the very near future.


Ya, Ben,, and you can thank over regulation right here at home. You forget that our corp. tax is the highest anywhere. And you wonder why big business keeps it's money elsewhere.

And just which party is content to regulate the shit out of us?
See the latest from the EPA?

Bill Tozer

Oh, Walt, have not we spent most of our lives hearing how bad and unfair it is to live in a rich country like the USA and not care about the huddled masses on yonder shores? If you could only raise the wages and incomes of people in faraway countries, if would a dream come true for our open minded globalists on the left side on the aisle. Make that the far left. Lord knows they have been pinning for this for a long time. The Progressive Solutions: lower our standard of living by raising the destitute villagers out of abject poverty in faraway lands to be fair. It is what they call justice or social justice. Has not worked Very well here in The Homeland, but it will darn sure work on a bigger scale, right? Blame America First! Then blame capitalism, corporate influence, and the Koch Brothers. That is the whole ball of wax in a nutshell.

But, what is this?? I see some democ-rats being the first to leave the ship. Rather odd.


Bill Tozer

Hillary should either strangle Bill, or buy him a boatload of hookers to keep him busy and out of sight until after the primaries next year. Make that two boatloads.


Ben Emery

No, we can thank the changing of the laws that allows companies to bring products back into the country without taxation that would equal the cost of making it in the US. The tax was called Import Tariffs. Since 2001 when China entered in the WTO the US has seen its trade debt with China go from around $80 billion to nearly $300 billion annually and 3 million US manufacturing jobs went to China.

Both parties regulate the shit out of the people while basically creating a situation where small and medium size businesses cannot compete with the WalMarts, Monsanto's, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Tyson Chicken, ect....

Why do they do this? They are both owned by the same industries and their job is to redistribute wealth upward while making sure the electorate are divided on stupid ass shit like birth certificates.

Todd Juvinall

Ben Emery 7:36 PM
Ben says, "You guys have no clue on what and how these trade agreements work."

OK, Ben Emery, then let's have your credentials on trade agreements. List them here for us to read and admire. If you have never done a trade agreement (that is my guess), then your opinion on them means as much as Mr. Ed's.

Paul Emery, tell us how you know the "leaks" of the TPP are really from the TPP. Does it not seem funny that ony certain parts are leaked? Does your curiosity not force you to question if these leaks are real and trustworthy? I mean, hey, you are a "journalist" right?

Todd Juvinall

Regarding NAFTA and other past treaties on trade. If America wants to compete as they once did for so many years, there will have to be a "come to Jesus" on laws and regulations. All the Alpha bet soup agencies of the Feds and the 580 of California, stifle most all innovation and risk taking. One only needs to try and obtain a building permit or change the ownership papers on a car at DMV to understand why we are at such a disadvantage now. But liberals don't understand and they pile on more and more to make sweet unicorns prosper.

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