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11 June 2015



George, congratulations on finding a bird of the feather to flock wherever. I'd suggest completely abandoning the idea of another party in which to flock... resign yourself to remaining GOP and pulling them to a more libertarian center. Big tents tend to win elections, small tents don't.

A problem with Libertarian brand libertarians are that whenever they flock together, a core group devolves into an "I'm more libertarian than you" contest, trying to define an ideal rather than just getting on with life and agreeing to disagree on the fringes. Such is often the fate of 3rd parties. There was a time that the LP had a chance of breaking out (the Ed Clark/Ron Paul years) but much of the seed corn got wasted fighting for ballot access which is there to keep 3rd parties from muddying the
two party waters.

George Rebane

Most people know that a singleton third party will not only lose, but cause its nearest ideological big party to also lose. That is why the fringe parties must enter the fray in offsetting pairs to give rise to a possible coalition in Congress. The presidential elections should be even more fun.

To continue to hope that the major parties' tents will/can be stretched large enough to accomodate the widening ideological ranges if futile - I don't believe such that such a politically pliable polyester exists. Bernie and Liz may yet feel the need to revive the American Socialist Party which gave up the ghost right after WW2.

I failed to mention that my own conservatarian credo is detailed and available through the link in the upper right margin of this page. (It still reflects my dated spelling which I plan to correct in the by and by.)

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