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15 June 2015



BTW Kesti, as you can tell, I was happy to let Tozer's ignorance stand alone regarding his butchering of MILK TOAST. It was very funny. Gotta try a milk toast next time I'm in England.

Michael R. Kesti

Walt 19Jun15 09:24 AM

"John" is the conventional spelling but proper names are sometimes spelled unconventionally. I have known several people whose given and legal name is "Jon". For these reasons, and because I don't otherwise care, I will not provide instruction to the person who comments on this blog under the name "Jon" concerning the spelling of his name.

I reject the office of "Officer spellin' police" but accept the position of Grammarian Laureate as appointed by our host.


MRK, Didn't know I needed instruction on my name..LOL. But thanks.

Walt, here's a clue- ever heard of a Jonathan apple?

Todd Juvinall

Walt, equating "Jon" to a "John" is OK. They arrest them all the time for solicitation. LOL!

Patricia Smith

This argument of whether Jon or John is the proper spelling is really funny when the topic of this thread is "The Liberal Mind - More examples of Reason Denied. This doesn't speak well of conservative minds who spend so much time on such a trivial matter. Next topic please!

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