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27 July 2015


Joe Koyote

Gregory-- I think climate change is a combination of all of those things. Then add the effects of toxic waste and pollution on the plant and animal life into the mix as well. A few years ago in Yellowstone NP, they couldn't figure out why there were no aspen trees younger than 11 years old growing in the usual places. They tested soil, air, water and still couldn't come up with a viable reason. Until, someone noted that 11 years prior was the last time a wolf was spotted within the park boundaries. Apparently, the wolves kept the moose and elk out of the meadows where the aspen grew. They reintroduced wolves back into the park and the aspen grew again. Everything is connected in some way or another and effects everything else.

Todd seems to never miss an opportunity to display his ideological impairment and bias. The news is the news Todd, like it or not. They report and you decide. Did you happen to read my post about ad hominem attacks and why people use them?


Yellowstone mystery? Natural gas emissions kill trees. It IS a damned volcano.
As for the wolfs, they are causing problems of their own. But you won't hear that from the ECO gang.

The climate will ALWAYS change, like it has from the beginning of time. Somehow you think we can keep it just the way we like it. There used to be a forest what is now the Arizona desert.http://www.nps.gov/pefo/index.htm It's a National park today. Good luck blaming that on man.

If the ECO whackjobs had even been close to right, Hawaii would be damned near uninhabitable due to "warming". Or anywhere else on or near the equator.

Todd Juvinall

Never used a ad hominem. Liberals always lie, that is a fact I have discovered over my lifetime. If a enemy of a liberal is a convenience, they are shameless to use them. Jeb Bush is no scientist, Gregory is. I trust Gregory's expertise over Bush. That ia a fact. Live with it.

George Boardman

Nobody will bother to mention Trump a year from now. The Republican establishment has decided that Bush is their man, and he will have enough money to grind down every other GOP opponent.

Walt, Todd and the tea baggers may not like it, but this is the Republican Party. Populists are just window dressing.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Boardman. Iit is not wise to take off the armor before the real battle begins.

Joe Koyote

"Liberals always lie, that is a fact " Once again, Todd displays his ideological impairment and bias.

"The Republican establishment has decided that Bush is their man" .. Bush vs. Clinton..How sad, and I thought the original idea of America was to end rule by royal families. Silly me. Oh yeah and the Romneys, the Kennedys, the Rockafellers, Gores, many more that escape me at the moment, and dozens of wannabes with money to burn and nothing better to do except run for office on a pink elephant platform. Not counting, of course, the big money that pulls the strings behind the scenes. All the revolution did was change the title of the players, not the game. Instead of kings and queens and it's now CEOs and philanthropists.

Account Deleted

from Boardman - "tea baggers"
Didn't your mommy ever tell you not to use words you don't understand?
Or do you understand what it means? And what other foul language do you 'middle of the road' types use to describe political affiliations?
Have you run out of intelligent arguments?


Scott, it was used by Anderson Cooper well over 5 years ago, and since picked up as general descriptor for the people in the group.
Tea Bagger is in common usage today all over the country.


Damn Boardman,, you sure know how to sling'm. "teabaggers" you say? Well open wide and say AHHHHH! "jon" can wait in line.

Take all the cheap shots you care to about Trump. He's a far cry better than "O" and sure as hell can't do any worse.
And what do you LIBS have? LOL!!! A washed up hag who may be behind bars before the election, an Commie pinko that only the needle bending Left would only think about voting for. Who's next? Uncle "perv" Biden? He's sure good for a laugh. Izzy Warren who lied her way to the top?
Seems the nation is DONE with LIBS, and it will be that way for a long time.
The protection Planed parenthood is getting from the Left is going to be the nail in the coffin. ( W.H.- " The videos are faked",, DOJ.. "no comment")

Trump scares the hell out of the GOP and LIBS alike. GREAT!! What is the GOP going to do? refuse to give him money? YUP,, that'l work.


Take a few Tums before reading.

Account Deleted

"Tea Bagger is in common usage today all over the country."

All the other kids are jumping off the bridge -

It seems there are a lot of other 'terms' that are in common usage today. Most are far older than 5 yrs.
Does that make it acceptable to use them all?
I really wonder what sort of logic system some folks use.
Or is it because Anderson Cooper said it that makes it acceptable?
Why doesn't Mr Boardman use it in his next piece for the Union and explain in detail what that term means?
Oh - that's right - the Union won't even think of printing it.

George Boardman

I've used tea baggers a couple of times in my column, but I never got a reaction like this. I guess readers of The Union are more middle-of-the-road than the folks who hang out here.

Walt, you can flail away all you want at the LIBS, but that won't change the reality that the big-money boys who run the Republican Party will tolerate--but won't listen to--people like you.


Posted by: George Boardman | 31 July 2015 at 10:22 AM

Wow....an agree with Boardman twofer....I wouldn't have guessed that that was possible!

George Rebane

GeorgeB 1022am - I was very involved in the founding of the NC Tea Party. To its meetings, and even its first big demonstration in Sac (my very first such attendance), I wore a Lipton tea bag pinned to my shirt. It got a lot of laughs from fellow tea partiers or, if you wish, tea bagger. Subsequently I noticed some others who wore tea bags on their jackets or tucked into their hat bands. I don't know where that 'tradition' is today, but if you want to call me a tea bagger, please do since it does efficiently communicate my sentiments to the well read. To the terminally uninformed who haven't a clue, save from what they hear on the lamestream, the same label identifies me as some ideological troglodyte. But they would draw no better conclusion should you label me as a Tea Partier.

Re more on labels and their use, especially on RR, please see 'A Rose by any other name ...'


Posted by: George Rebane | 31 July 2015 at 10:46 AM

"Teabagger" meant something to Jim Eason, SF radio host (KGO & KSFO) in the 80's, 90's and 2000's, who suggested mailing tea bags to the representatives of those in his listening audience. I'm quite sure, as mentioned earlier, that it has an entirely different connotation to Anderson Cooper!


LOL Boardman, Been seeing the news? LIB news has had to eat crow on their BS reporting of Trump. The term "Teflon Don" is holding firm.
So where is your proof ( inside knowledge?) that the GOP elite has the power to cut him out of the heard, even if he retains a commanding lead. LIBS are great at disenfranchising votes, but the Right has yet to ever been accused of such dirty pool.
So DO TELL just how that is supposed to play out.
I can see LIBS instigating "operation turncoat" ( Vote for Bush ) What's a little reregistering game playing to get the desired results? Yes, " By any means necessary" motto the Left is known for.

BTW,, Seems MSNBC is downsizing. Uh,, how many on air LIBS just got their walking papers?
It's gotta suck when that happens. But the kept "shakedown" Sharpton. ( cheaper to keep'm?) You know he would sue under the excuse of racism.

Trump is liked by the working stiffs like me. There are plenty more of "us" that vote than "rich guys". Last I checked, they only have one vote as well.
So how will the GOP keep Trump on the wrong side of that velvet rope?

You can start the fund raiser for Clinton's defence fund. We have heard how "dead broke" she can become overnight.

Todd Juvinall

I recall when the term "
tea baggers" was first used not long after the Tea Party formation. It was exposed as a sexual term used by homosexuals on each other. So of course it was picked up by detractors like Boardman as a slight against the TP. Now it appears people have lost the history of just five years ago! Since many Tea Party folks are retired military, I suggest Boardman and his ilk get on their knees and thank those vets for protecting his right to write about them be a jerk.

Regarding Trump, all one needs to know is that no matter who the libs and press fear is the the one they say is a "joke". Now this morning the Union printed another Ron Lowe DailyKos reprint attacking Scott Walker. Looks like Walker may be scaring the libs too.


Lefties like to say the GOP elite makes the "choices". They sure did a GREAT job when they propped up McCain. Yes,,The "insiders" despise Trump, because they can't "control" him.
The people see this too. That's why "we" like him.

The LIB "insiders" gave you "O",, and look how massively, obviously, corrupt government is.
All the Left can do is piss and moan from here on out.
Hilary is going down in the polls faster than Monica did on Bill's willey.
Sanders is the limburger cheese.( hold your nose vote).. And right now,, that ALL you got..
Good bloody luck!!


"Seems the nation is DONE with LIBS, and it will be that way for a long time."

Walt, the latest July 2015 CNN poll has Bernie Sanders AND Hillary beating Trump easily in a head to head. (Its much closer against former Governors Bush and Walker). Where do you see evidence of your theory on a national basis? I think you said the same thing in every stronger terms in 2012, and your candidate got stomped fairly easily.

George Boardman

So "tea baggers" is a term used by gays to describe each other. That's a new one on me. How would you know that, Todd? Since he used the term to describe himself, what does that make Dr. R? (Of course, Dr. R has a sense of humor.)

As for showing respect to vets, I appreciate that since I am one. Tell me about your military service, Todd.

Walt, I see that Trump wants to solve the illegal immigrant problem by throwing everyone of them out of the country. I hope you enjoy the dragnet this would require.

I'd like to be there the day the feds knock on your door looking for illegals. All of that target practice may come in handy after all.

Bill Tozer

Golly snurd. I don't give a hoot if someone calls the Tea Party Patriots a bunch of tea baggers. Never have, never will. It comes with the terrority, fellows. Let the bag seep nice and long in libbies' mouths, which are usually wide open anyway crying about something.
Oh, we can fain outrage or act all upset, but in reality it don't bother me in the least, albeit it is fun to pretend that our virgin ears are shocked.
Always believed that all work has value, and it is best to have the libbies doing something such as licking the sweat off my scrotum. Idle hands and all that.
Apparently, there are some out their that just can't stomach the idea of Taxed Enough Already.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 201pm - I think I heard 'tea bagger' to also be an appellation for gays after the TP movement started. I have to admit that I was totally naïve about that, and I still haven't heard/seen it used in that sense by any third party. Was this label on gays a sometime thing? In any event, I'm still a tea bagger; so those that will, have at it.

Todd Juvinall

George Boardman | 31 July 2015 at 02:01 PM

You must have been asleep back in the early days of the Tea Party as that was front page all over the country.

What does my status in or out have do with my support and respect for vets? If you really are a vet I would expect more deference to them from you. But you are the one attacking and denigrating the TP, not me. Sheesh libs are so two faced.


Tozer sums it up nicely.
Boardman... you DO realize your disparaging gay LIBS? That might get you in some hot water.
We all know that brand of "tolerance" is a one way street.


So "tea baggers" is a term used by gays to describe each other.


I think I heard 'tea bagger' to also be an appellation for gays after the TP movement started.

Not to describe each other gentlemen! To describe....how to put this delicately....an act in which two chaps might engage. A certain geometry resulting from......

Perhaps I'll just leave it there!

George Boardman

Todd, you're the one whose always waving the flag. I served to preserve my freedom of thought and expression.

Walt, I wouldn't be so quick to assume all gays are LIBS. I know a gay couple that is about as anti-Obama as you can get.


Yes, fish, leave it be. No need to slap the tea bag against the cup for some imagery.

I also was ignorant of the term but it erupted onto the body politic after the Tea Party types adopted the tea bag as a symbol (I doubt any self respecting Revolutionary of the time would have stooped to using what Lipton hath wrought upon the people), and there were a number of major news outlets that were happy to describe what the epithet "tea bagger" that was being applied to "tea party patriots" by the Left actually meant.

The left seemed to know already.

Todd Juvinall

GeorgeB 3:13PM

You got me. Yep, I wave that flag. You have a problem with that apparently.

Bill Tozer

My, I am in good company here. Dr. Rebane and Gregory and I never heard of the term "tea-bagger" until the Tea Party came upon the scene. Confession is good for the soul and honesty is the best policy. Not to be confused with tea beggers, which is usually applied to those unfortunates using Great Britian's healthcare system.

Anyway you look at it, that term simply is not my cup of tea. To each his own. On a positive note, all the libbies that were fully aware of the term and had inside knowledge to its meaning before the Tea Party movement appeared on the scene, were apparently practicing safe sex. That is a good thing and the embodiment of the trickle up theory.

George Boardman

Re Todd's 3:44:

"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel"--Samuel Johnson

George Rebane

GeorgeB 420pm - Then, pray, what is the first?

Don Bessee

So if frischy calls Todd a chicken hawk then we should call them chicken socialists or chickens, right?

Todd Juvinall

I don't abide by Samuel Johnson's words. Patriotism is the first thing we should abide by. My goodness, is it now the left's position that flying the flag is something bad? So apparently then I am right about Mr. Boardman.


If anyone looks at the comments of ANY given article where Trump is concerned, 99.9999999%
are PRO Trump. These (comments) are a good cross section of how people feel on just about anything.
Funny how the LIB websites (at least most) have scrapped the comment sections, or are "invitation only". ( good party members?) " You can post anything you like,,, just a long as we agree with it."

" News from the front"
Bush has been warned NOT to engage Trump at all costs in the debate. Trump will chew him up. Bush may come out of the debate looking like bad origami.

Bill Tozer

Concerning George B quote of Samuel Johnson to stick it to Todd,, me thinks it was posted after too many Samuel Adams.


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