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14 July 2015


Gary Smith

Dr. Rebane:
You asked, "What do you really think the chances are of pulling down 7.18% annually for the next ten years?"
I would say pretty good since their performance return at 3 years is 10.9%, 5 years is 10.7%, 20 years is 7.76%. These figures are from the CalPers website if they are not twisting truth.
Let's hope they are right!

George Rebane

GaryS 325pm - The figures you (they) cite come from different economies - the dotcom boom, and recession recovery. And during this period the pension unfunded liabilities (portfolio - obligated payouts) has risen dramatically. BTW, at 7.76% the 20 year return is 345%. You'd think that they would have at least kept pace with the increasing obligations. There is a lot of tricky accounting going between CalPERS and the obligated jurisdictions. I doubt that we will ever know the real numbers looking backward. Maybe with the new 'transparent' GASB procedures (see RussS' 819am in the last sandbox) we'll have a better look at the future.

Todd Juvinall

Sanctuary county! Yes, we could reject all the pass through money from the feds. Take the Tahoe Forest back. Kick out the Army Corp as well. Get rid of the EEOC and the Dodd-Frank crapola. CEQA? Boot it out. Eco non-profits don't get a dime, let's spend it on the poor bastards they have put out of work. More, more, more! How do you like it?

George Boardman

Yikes, you and Pelline actually agree on something!

Of course, his support will probably change if it's Beason vs. Hall because right wing conspirators are everywhere and they will probably zero in on Miss Heidi.


All those big bucks CalSTRS made by investing in Mitt Romney's buying up domestic jobs and shipping them to China have been made, and those investment opportunities will not be coming back anytime soon. Two to three percent for pension funds is probably the new normal as gambling with other people's money is frowned upon when the money ostensibly belongs to pensioners.

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