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21 October 2015


don bessee

Thanks for your Service Dr. R! It is amazing what DARPA and our folks come up with. I remember reading about the development of the proximity fuse in WW2. It is still amazing they were able to develop a miniature transmitter, receiver set that could survive the muzzle blast effects on the shell much less the G forces. The amazing munitions that are in the field are much like science fiction in real life. God Bless the Troops in the field and lets hope we can get the budget acquisition process back on track soon, hopefully before 0 is gone. Nice to see the Saudis purchases of modern US ships that can free up our boats from anti sub and mine clearing in the Arabian Gulf.

George Rebane

The VT (proximity) fuse does indeed have some hardy electronics in it. Few realize that artillery fuses have two interlocks that must be actuated before the fuse becomes functional and can detonate the round. These are linear ('setback') and centripetal ('rotation') accelerations of magnitudes present during the projectile being pushed through a rifled barrel during firing. Until then, a fused round is quite safe to handle, and even bounce around.

BTW, mine clearing is still done best by Flipper (Tursiops Truncatus) the training of which critters still goes on in the Navy's marine mammal program after forty years. I don't think I've described my extensive involvement in that program, but one day I will. Here's a description that is mostly correct.

don bessee

Not surprised, like many accomplished folks you do not feel the need to blow your own horn unlike many we see on the web. ROFLOL The web is changing the way we communicate.


Tell us the truth Doc. your just checking the wind direction.
Damn. I wish I had that parked in my driveway.


Dr. Rebane, I add my thanks for your service. My brother-in-law works in weapons development at Lawrence Livermore National Lab...been there almost 30 years. The unit where he works is the finest of it's type in the world....other countries go there for testing and data. He has a very high security clearance and is sworn to secrecy but he will occasionally say something like, "You would not believe what I'm working on." I know he's been involved with lasers in the past. I imagine it could be very high tech Star Wars type stuff.

George Rebane

Fuzz 1139am - And our thanks should go to your bro-in-law, and others like him who are doing work to keep the US secure against a lot of bad guys out there, some of whom are also very bright. Right now there is a lot of work going on in developing the weapons and tactics to fight satellite vs satellite battles in complex orbits in order to deny your enemy the ability to communicate, position, and observe. The next Pearl Harbor will most likely be in space.

don bessee

With troops in the field and air ops across the middle east 0 veto's the defense bill.

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