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12 October 2015



OH YES the GOV. is corrupt, especially here in Ca.
Gov. Moonbat just signed the"new and improved" Motor voter bill.

Of course LIBs say " Naa,, it's just not going to happen" "There is never any voter fraud of consequence"

It's time to get the SoJ papers signed.

George Rebane

For the Left, Moonbeam's bill is manna from heaven as another big step toward socialist sinecures in government for politicians and bureaucrats. The rest of America will view this as the new 'Voters without Borders' program designed to destroy America's sovereignty and weaken us into compliance with the one-world objectives codified in Agenda 21.

Bonnie McGuire

I feel sorry for all people who are honest and work hard to not only earn a living, but for all they create to make life better for everyone. What makes me disgusted is those elected people who keep making laws that make it harder for all those creative working people in the private sector. They certainly don't represent those who are taxed to pay those big government salaries, retirements etc. Not many years ago during the first time Brown was Gov of California, he and the Democrats urged voters to approve the Bill that would allow the state to borrow the Transportation tax Fund revenue and use it in the General Fund, because the Transportation Fund was so rich it could afford it. If the people voted for it (which they did), they wouldn't have to worry about raising license fees, or any driving fees and taxes, because there was sooooo much money to go around. However, they neglected to state when the money borrowed had to be paid back...and in a short time there wasn't enough Transportation Fund money, and fees and taxes has to be raised. Everything is hauled from origin to retail determining its cost to consumers. Most workers have to drive to work, so when you tamper with transportation costs, you're interfering with commerce and the cost of living. It's a never ending story trying to keep up with the forever rising cost of benefits for those in government paid by their private sector employer, who has no voice anymore. I don't want to hear that ol' sob story about those in gov paying taxes too. They pay taxes with taxes collected. When government gets too big the balance is destroyed, and it will never get enough money to sustain itself. The end of freedom.

George Rebane

BonnieM 716pm - Good observation. And that's why 9 of 10 politicians turn into sleazebags as they surrender to the nature of the beast.

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