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10 November 2015


Todd Juvinall

Our strength as a country was in the 10th Amendment. One nation divided into smaller parts called states. It is my view that people want to be in smaller units. Yugoslavia and the USSR are the most recent example. So we will see more of this over time. The UN will be 300 members some day. I truly think it is a natural yearning.

The Commerce Clause over time has usurped the Tenth Amendment. Now we know the Constitution would not have passed if it were not for the Bill of Rights. Sure the Constitution sets up the Federal Government and how it runs but somehow the courts have breached all that 10th meaning.

Bob Hobert

Amen. Live Free Or Die.


Todd, I guess you might know something about reverting to living in smaller units.

On the other hand, One is The Loneliest Number.

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