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24 December 2015


Bill Tozer

Well, if human nature with its lust of property, power, and prestige does not suddenly in a flash vanquish these innate propensities, then perhaps the ole law of unintended consequences may not kick in.
So, I see it as the war between the bots. Good bot, bad bot, good cop, bad cop. Hope they don't make the machines too human like. I hate control freaks. Maybe gray bots will work.

Bonnie McGuire

Bill, you're right human nature's problem with lust, power and prestige. If you study the electrical engineer genius Nikola Tesla's life, and what he experienced at the hands of competitors, you'll understand why he changed his mind sharing much of what he learned about The Force with humanity, because of what he learned about human nature in the process. He was afraid it might be used for destructive purposes. When he died in 1943, the government took control over whatever files he had.

Account Deleted

We don't need to wait for singularity. We already hand over judgement to AI in many ways. Traffic light cams hand out tickets to folks who are legally making free right turns and in the UK GATSO cams hand out speeding tickets with out regard to due process.
I'm never afraid of tech progress - only the folks who control the reigns of power. New tech brings new challenges to old ways of thinking and old laws.
Driverless cars are a joke from the get-go. I knew the minute I heard about them (years ago) they had a liability problem from the start. A driverless car has yet to be made, in fact. After the smash-up, who is to blame? The owner of the car? The manufacturer? Who programmed the updates? What if the sensors haven't been kept perfectly cleaned and maintenanced? What if the owner missed the latest software update by 1 hour? What if the driver/passenger was asleep in the back seat? I find that the techies (and gruberized) tend to get so wrapped up in their excitement over the promise of life with out responsibility that they stumble badly over the details. And that's where the devil is. Ludites tend to the left, politically, yet they style themselves lately as early adopters. For some stuff, sorta.
When a free market combines with modern tech and AI, as regards to the labor market, the left runs for the high grass . But the left loves modern tech in regards to governance and law enforcement. Incriminating evidence and communication by govt officials can be made gone in a heart beat. Citizens can be hauled in according to a hate crime algorithm. The left loves central power and modern tech can deliver.

Bill Tozer

Ok, throw enough money at the problem and the machines will behave. Machines don't kill people, programmers do. :)



At least you'll be dead.

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