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18 December 2015


Don Bessee

Soon to be another Dr. in the family. Congratulations to you, Jo Ann, the justifiably proud parents and your high achieving granddaughter Elizabeth!

Bonnie McGuire

Congratulations! Beautiful and intelligent granddaughter and siblings. It's wonderful to have many professions in the family.


Hat's off to the hard work. That's some deep stuff.

Todd Juvinall

Congrats to Elizabeth! There are still some American kids not ruined by the systems thrust upon then. Good job you Rebanes!!

Michael R. Kesti

It sure is fun to be proud of good kids! Congratulations to all.

rl crabb

That's a handsome family you got, Dr. Rebane.

Account Deleted

But, but, George - according to the lefties she just can't do all of that. I'm sure there was a special deal some where run by the govt that allowed her to skip all the male-dominated stuff and just get her degree based on gender discrimination.

Don Bessee

Scott, no grinching the young lady's achievement.

Russ Steele


Congratulations to Elizabeth, her family and her proud grandparents.

Bill Tozer

What a wonderful moment of celebration. You have 3 great reasons to be bursting at the seams beaming with joy and pride. Or is it pride and joy? No matter, a very special time for a very special family.

Account Deleted

Don - lighten up. sarc on - sarc off.


Iirc it was right about now in 2010 that the grad school decision letters starting arriving for my son... pins and needles.

Good luck to the new grad. Not looking for med school? MCB is a common choice for premeds.

George Rebane

Gregory 1044pm - Good point. I asked her about that a year ago, and she said that her interests really lie in the field of genomic research. Kinda follows her mom (our oldest) who entered UCLA as a premed then decided she didn't like being around sick people, and took her degree in biocybernetics instead (then became a software engineer in speech recognition).


Folks interested in research do tend to avoid the MD, which seems to take a peculiar mix of greed, compassion and focus to endure the chase.

BTW IIRC there is only the Tucson campus for the University of Arizona. The in state competition is Arizona State University which has a few locations in the Phoenix area.


A worthy achievement indeed!

Congratulations to the graduate, her parents, and of course the proud grandparents!

jon smith

Congratulations are due the entire family. The only thing better than being a proud parent is being a proud grandparent. I don't give a whit what her political bent might be, I hope and trust she remains true to her spirit through thick and thin. Even if she votes against me :-)

Barry Pruett

Congratulations Rebanes and Merry Christmas!

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