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01 December 2015


George Rebane

Walt 1248pm - We lived in the Santa Monica Mtns for 25 years and witnessed multiple incidents where those who claimed Chumash ancestry discovered holy sites as the county and its residents sought to develop their lands. Somehow, most of the holy sites were forgotten or 'relocated' ('Oh yeah, I think it was really over there.') after some quiet backroom negotiations.


Noted constitutional scholar Ben Emery weighs in on the 2nd amendment.....

Ben Emery on December 3, 2015 at 9:31 am

The two major reasons for the final draft and approval of the 2nd amendment were the fact the US had no standing army or budget to fund one. The question wasn’t “If” but rather “when” the British will be back for round two. The other reason was slave state militia patrols were needed to keep the property (slaves) in order.

Neither of these fit into modern United States. The US has the largest military empire the world has ever seen and chattel slavery has been outlawed but we have exported wage slavery to undeveloped nations. I truly believe an ongoing national televised public debate among scholars sponsored by the US federal government is needed. What we have going on today is the NRA less than 60 year old interpretation of the 2nd amendment being touted as the correct interpretation. Also a huge chunk of the population that ignore that the second amendment exists and want laws to ban weapons. Both are wrong.

Ya know Ben ya shouldn't oughta go on about things like that over at jeffys.....I mean you don't have any credentials......and you know how he hates people without credentials discussing things.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Fish:
Well, Brother Ben got it half right when he said both sides are wrong. Make that 1/3 right, as asking the Corrupt Partisian Inept Liberal Federal Government to run a national televised debate on the 2nd Amendment is a bad idea. What, they confiscate MSM TV Networks and force them to participate by volunteering their time? Offer them a night in the Lincoln Bedroom? Time is money in that business. The Federal Government hosting a debate? Ha, we know the outcome already. But, all in all, one out of 3 ain't so bad.


Dr. R. How do I go about laying claim to my "fair share" of North America? My Viking ancestors got here first!

As for Comrade Ben,, he forgets the courts have said OTHERWISE!
Hay Ben!! Get your side to turn over their guns first. Most gun crimes are committed by those with Left leanings.(fact) 90% of all mass shootings are done by those found with LIB propaganda in their possession.(fact)
So bub,, how's that gun control working in "gun free" Chicago and Detroit?
As many die in those cities every weekend as did yesterday down South.

Bill Tozer

Well, after all the gun laws are passed, the ONLY thing left is confiscation. The murderers were both US citizens (if he married her within 90 days, that would make her a naturalized citizen). He did the background checks, waiting periods, worked for the local government as a food and cement pond inspector, and had no priors. Even had a valid US passport. Nothing more to do except ban Holiday Parties (a trigger event), ban lead pipes and/or all pipes, ban remote control cars and 9v batteries. Problem solved. Oh, ban garage door openers just because.

Got to give credit where credit is due. The Islamic babe (congrats to the new mother) was riding in the back of the rented SUV and according to one report, managed to shoot off 78 rounds at the police. My kind of woman...very high spirited.
Unfortunately, I fear the SUV might be totaled, but I could be wrong. Hope they bought that rent-a-car insurance plan.

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