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03 December 2015


Todd Juvinall

Don't worry about Pelline. No one reads him. He is now as popular as the dude who eats 200 pounds of sushi at a sitting. His numbers must have tanked on his blog.


It took 25 minutes for Peeline's response to my last post ... that gives everyone an idea how often Jeff reads RR looking for transgressions.

Of course I expected Jeff to callously reject my offer to discuss the matter in his sandbox but he made it clear banking time ago that reasoned arguments that demolishes his tenets are not welcome.

Regarding one of the FUE hotbuttons du jour, Volokh does a great job of pointing out the unsuitability of the DHS no fly list to deny a constitutional right... the government only has to have reason to suspect the individual in order to list them.

Senator Ted Kennedy was once surprised when he was on the list, but he had a much easier time getting it straightened out than the peasantry who find themselves on the list for no fathomable reason... it only took the senator and staff 3 weeks.

Don Bessee

The Dark Lord of liberal lament land has more designated readers than followers! LOL


Were is the "jon"?
"His" input is required. Does raghead news have a legit gripe?

George Rebane

Gentlemen - My opinion of Jeff Pelline and assessment of his character and professional talents are a matter of record, and quite distinct from his progressivist ideology. The latter is shared by many and is totally acceptable grist for our debates. However, what is beginning to get to my kidneys is the amount of attention he is given on RR because he does not countenance open debate on his blog (an archetypical attribute of a socialist). Why is his snark so important to regurgitate and sully these pages? May we not leave the gentleman to stew in his own juices?

Don Bessee

So let it be written, so let it be done Dr. He whos name we shall not utter is PNG!

Don Bessee

The DHS IG found over 70 DHS employees who were on the watch list?!?!


George, the short answer is that he's attacking people for what they write here.

Todd Juvinall

George Rebane | 06 December 2015 at 04:06 PM

I think it is important for others to see what a pr*** Pelline is. I went to a really large XMAS party last night and I was patted on the back by a bunch of people for my blog. They also liked this blog. We expose the crap people like Pelline and his five sock puppets and these folks like it! It is simply information and opinion. You allow debate, I allow debate, Pelline does nnot and people in the community see it and have made their choices. Pelline, censorship, Rebane and moi, open debate.

I am totally amazed at how many people in the community read us. And how many can't stand Pelline and his posters.

Bill Tozer

Ah, let him attack anyone who posts here. Todd got a whole post for a wrong letter in the name Trump. That is worth writing about? Come on, a post about a typo? I finally checked out his blog yesterday and today, curious what all the fuss was about after many months of "not going there.". My conclusion: nothing to see here. If we can put our egos aside and give him the attention that he is warranted, then his name would never be mentioned. Me thinks we give him power and attention that he so desperately seeks. Just like giving a drug addict a baggie of powder and syringe.
Ironically, Todd is correct when he says he has free rent in that guy's head. Sadly, some of us can be accused of giving That Guy rent in our heads, but what do I know. To watch a fire die off, one must quit feeding it.

George Rebane

The best I can tell is that FUE uses RR and its readers as a desperate attempt to drive some traffic to his blog. Don't get me wrong, I will not stop my readers from discussing anything they want. And that especially in the sandboxes; althought I would appreciate sticking to the topic of my commentaries for that is why I write them, and not to provide another open comment stream to for irrelevancies. I just think that the FUE is a pathetic human being and poster child for everything that is taking our country in the wrong direction. I just don't want him to use RR readers to amplify his malignant voice.

Bill Tozer

Can't find the opinion piece from Australian writer last year, so this link is just the background, not the point.. This is in context to Dr. Rebane's 6:57 pm before I let it go

Ok, the original piece I cannot find was quite insightful. Basically the Austrialian writer and foreign policy expert concluded (with several examples) that you can disagree with Obama politically, but he WILL hate you if you disagree with him ideologically. Draw your own parallels. Later, gators.

Bill Tozer

Another stab at answering Dr. Rebane's question. Actually, no answer, just a road map. Unless we as a nation really believe in our heart of hearts that we are at war with Radical Islamic thought and its followers, this will go on and on and on. ISIS is not coming at us in the usual way, sending battalions in uniforms like a standing army. No, they are off shoring their war on us. They have declared war on us. Until, we as a nation realize the importance of this and agree that we are at war, these "isolated events" will happen indefinitely.
In the War to End all Wars, as well as the 2nd World War, the entire nation was mobilized. Do you think that Rosie the Riveter believed in her heart that she was just doing a job she landed, or do you think Rosie considered herself part of the "war effort"?

When there are a few dozen more of these attacks on America, be it like 9/11 or Its tactical opposite San Brudo, nothing will change. It's changing slowly, but too many pooh-pooh the idea that this is a real war.
First, we need to stand united and call a spade a spade. As long as the Left thinks like the link below, nothing will change and more Ametican citizens will die needlessly in the Homeland. More Ameticans will be killed on American soil in the future at the hands of our enemy, but right now they are being slaughtered needlessly.

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