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02 December 2015


Todd Juvinall

Ponder this. When I hear all the politicians and leftwingers say American values require us to allow immigration, I get a bit confused. Where is it written we have to allow anyone in? Is it just guilt? Or since our ancestors came from elsewhere? What is the defining reason we have to allow immigration?

I say enough is enough. Hell this is the only thing I agree with a liberal about. We do not want anymore "carbon footprints" for a while.

I thought the "natives" emigrated from the other continent over the land bridge anyway.

Just rambling. Sad about the head choppers murdering my people.


I'm sad about the head choppers murdering anyone- be they American, Russian, Japanese, Swede, Brit, French. Also very sad about what they have done to the vast majority of their victims- those thousands of innocent MUSLIM men, women and children who have been decimated and raped, and are fleeing this terror every day. We as Americans, who have meddled in the Middle East while killing hundreds of thousands of civilians, and creating the conditions for ISIS, need to help the victims any way we can.

Todd Juvinall

Yeah "jon" it is all our fault. What a disgusting person you and your ilk are.


Well, golly gee Todd, I think you're disgusting as well! So there!

Everything I stated is factual and my sentiments are in line with Christian doctrine.


Jon, Americans have not terrorized anyone in the Middle East, and certainly not chopped any heads off. You can probably help the innocent victims of the terrorists by donating to the American Red Cross or other similar organization. Do you find it odd that apparently the wealthy MUSLIM countries in the region have not offered any aid, shelter or resources to help their fellow MUSLIMS?


Thanks for the encouragement John. Yes, I will certainly donate this year to likely 2-3 international children's charities, as I do every year.
Can't speak for the dictators and despots of the other Arab nations and their motivations for not doing more to help. We shouldn't be their friends in this day and age.

Bill Tozer

Donate to keep them out of here. Incoming.

Todd Juvinall

Donate to your own people "jon". Oops, that is right, you are a Muslim. Sorry I forgot.


Todd, not being a xenophobe, I prefer to donate to the children around the world most in need.

Bill Tozer

Muslims needs money too! So do all illegals and let's not forget paying taxes is a patriotic act per Shotgun Joe. We all have to sacrifice and gobberment knows best what to do with money. So, before you open your wallet and kiss those greenbacks goodbye, reflect on all the good vibes donating to the US Tresury will give you and how those dollars may be spent on helping getting Syrian refugees here at 63k a pop.

Todd Juvinall

We sent trillion to the countries around the world and "jons " people swipe it for themselves. I rather donate to a child here where I know the they will get it. "jon" tell us why you are a Muslim. Are you a jihadi?

George Rebane

Gentlemen, pay attention to the subject of this post and focus on the evolution of America's culture. I will post on the San Berdoo happenings in a bit, and then you can have at it.


Nope.....simple workplace violence.......nothing to see here........move along!

"First, Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik were either married or may as well have been. It has been reported that Syed had become "more religious" (Muslim) in recent years, and went to Saudi Arabia to marry Tashfeen.

There are those in the media who are trying to spin this as something that "set Syed off" at the holiday party, implying that there was some sort of quick-action rage motive. This is utterly necessary for the "gun control" narrative that immediately came spewing out of the rectally-inverted President's mouth within minutes of the massacre occurring, but it is also demonstrably and knowingly false.

Why? Because these two left behind 14 pipe bombs, which you can't manufacture in an instant. It takes time, effort and planning to make improvised explosives, never mind plenty of care (or you blow yourself up.) Second, what the hell was his wife doing involved in this and third, they dropped off their young child with a relative before starting. These cannot be reconciled with a "rage monster" sort of event and instead point to clearly-premeditated and planned action.

It is quite obvious that the intent here was jihad and that it was carefully premeditated and planned.

Further evidencing the planning of this act they clearly intended to document their jihad as well as both had GoPro cameras strapped to their vests.

In addition they had explosives strapped to remote-control cars at their home and three IEDs were found and detonated at the site of the assault, apparently rigged to a toy car remote. Fortunately they were either not commanded to detonate or malfunctioned.

So here's the problem with the narrative that our jackass President and a number of others wish to run this morning: Two or more people intent on jihad don't give a crap about gun laws and there is no lawful way to manufacture IEDs detonated with toy car remote controls.

In other words this has exactly zero to do with guns except in one way: When these two sheetheads decided to commit their horrific act there was exactly one opportunity to stop them and that was if a decent number of the people at that party had been carrying guns.


Because having failed to detect this event before it occurred and interdict it, which I remind you is an impossible task with 100% accuracy even in the surveillance-laden state of the world we live in the cops were still the second responders.

All of the potential first responders were unarmed and thus targets and ultimately victims."

Spin jon.......spiiiiin to the heavens......you ol Dervish you!


George Rebane

fish 812am - Mr fish, you may want to repost your comment under 'Taqiya on Steroids?'

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