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28 January 2016


Barry Pruett

Thank you Nancy.

Russ Steele

Nancy, Jeff could not call you an ass, as that would be sexist. Only Republican's can be sexist according to the Progressive code. Jeff was just protecting his own ass from lefty criticism for being a sexist. Progressive's are allowed to be crude, but they are not allowed to be sexist.


"....If you have any journalistic integrity, it is important to get your facts right."

Rookie mistake Nancy......"journalistic integrity" and Jeff Pelline are words that simply don't belong together in the same sentence.

For further information: see "Memory Hole" - A memory hole is any mechanism for the alteration or disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing documents, photographs, transcripts, or other records, such as from a website or other archive, particularly as part of an attempt to give the impression that something never happened.


Bill Tozer

Geeze, really, what did you expect? Come on now. He is a very bitter man. You act like this is even newsworthy or this is something new. I won't waste the time to crap on his grave. Gotta feel sorry for his offspring though. Keep the kid in your prayers. Some young folks have a harder road to hoe. Sad, very sad.

Todd Juvinall

The three people and four Pelline sock puppets are no more an irritant than a fly on his arse. No one reads him, no one cares about him, he is irrelevant to this county. The Garcia's are much more in tune and more involved than Pelline ever has been.

Todd Juvinall

As usual the nuts that post on the FUE's blog have it all wrong. The Republican Party never embraced the Tea Party yet the dopes commenting there say it is so.

Even if the SOJ never sees the light of day it is an indicator of the unrest. Just like libs say a species is an indicator for the larger issue, same for politics. Remeber only 25% of the country in 1776 wanted to break away from Great Britain. My guess the FUE's commenters don't even know that. Most of them are smoking too much ganja.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Russ Steele @ 12:56.
Mr, Steele. While I most wholeheartedly agree with your posts 99.9% of the time, I must vehemently disagree with your words "Progressive's are allowed to be crude, but they are not allowed to be sexist."

Ah, not true. The Progressive Mantra is always race trumps gender. Ethnicity always trumps gender (speak no ill of our Peaceful Muslims gang raping women in Western Europe, you Islamophobe). Politics trumps gender (Paula Jones is trailor trash, the grieving Kathleen Willey went looking for it, Sarah Palin is the C word). Ideology trumps gender. Everything in the Progressive playbook trumps gender. Poor ladies are always sent to the back of the bus when push comes to shove in Liberal LALA land.
Mr. Steele, this is not splitting hairs. In the wasteland of the Radical Hardcore Extremeist Purple Left, they are always allowed and eager to be sexist, albeit they do not think so. A bizarre blind spot that everyone can see but them.
Perhaps you meant "Progressives are allowed to be sexist, but never allowed to be crude." That would be so wrong, so un-PC.


I wonder if an angry, self righteous denunciation of poor spelling will be forthcoming.....

stevefrisch says:

January 28, 2016 at 8:10 pm

I cannot agree on George Rebane, who is a racist, wrapped in a propogandist, inside an egoist.

Propogandist? Hmmm...maybe the European spelling!

You're lucky George....Steve didn't bring the heat.....no charges of misogyny, anti-semitism, or homophobia.

I've often wondered what you did to cozy up to Steve that allows him to lob these softballs at you? ;-)

Russ Steele


Sorry Bill, next time I will post /sarc on/ sarc off/ flags on my sarcastic comments.

Bill Tozer

Russ, love your sarc on. I was actually taking to the prying eyes, not you. Hey fat slob, grip this, you overflowing vat of grease drippings. See, Russ, the audience is bigger than you and I and that flatland er from Carmichael combined.
Hey, do you still have to buy two airline tickets for your lumpy food porn thighs or is it up to 3 seats? My condolences that you, and you alone, put a typo on your own mother's obit. Your own mother?? Boy, you won't get to ever take that one back. Well, apparently God and her got together and made a turd, which explains everything.
Love ya sooo much. You are so cute when you pout. I just love grabbing those flapping jowls of yours and make funny faces with the folds of flesh. You are special.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 28 January 2016 at 11:26 PM

Hey fat slob, grip this, you overflowing vat of grease drippings.

Oh my!?! William what vexes thee?

....and in other news!


Whats next.....Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together?!?!? Mass hysteria!!!!


Todd Juvinall

Looks like Pellines parody of me on FB has lost it's appeal. No post for a couple of weeks. He truly is a unhinged man. Nasty and mean. No wonder he is all alone except for his butt buddy Steve Frisch. Birds of a feather and they actually look alike. Yikes!!

George Rebane

I received an update from Ms Nancy Garcia which is posted above. When I opened her email this morning she had included a little sigh of relief that I'll share with you.

So happy to deliver the petitions today. We have been living in a blizzard of paperwork and now can sit down at our table for a meal. What a concept!!

Todd Juvinall

When I and some other locals went out with initiatives petitions for Measure F we too were won out. All the days standing in front os stores and going door to door. But we turned them in and made the ballot. And it won! Now all these years later the millions we forced the county to divert from welfare to roads is there for all to see.

The Garcias are really top notch patriots. Putting their money and time where they want it for the people. Pelline will not even be an asterisk in the history of this county while the Garcias will be prominently featured.

Barry Pruett

Frankly guys, I do not know why anyone cares what Pelline says. The Union publishes with in by the barrel. Pelline is the most frequent commenter on his own blog (eight of the last 10 comments are him commenting on him). The most frequent word on his blog is "I" or "me." In all reality, nobody is listening except Gloria Zane.


Posted by: Barry Pruett | 29 January 2016 at 09:52 AM

Jude Bischoff, Sue Williams Clark and Bert Wheeler also have “liked” this post

Now Barry.....how can you make this claim when local luminaries like Bischoff, Clark, and Wheeler are actively "liking"?

Russ Steele

Who are Bischoff, Clark, and Wheeler? Never heard of them.


Posted by: Russ Steele | 29 January 2016 at 10:01 AM

Random non-player characters that jeffy is using as props in his ongoing monologue.

Todd Juvinall

Jon | 29 January 2016 at 09:58 AM

Tea Party Gazettes? Thanks for confirming who you are.


ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding ding

Seen at the FUE sandbox at 12:57PM, Fri Jan 29 2016

All TEN of the listed comments were by Jeff Pelline.

Jeff is having a conversation with himself. WAY TO GO, JEFF!!!


Posted by: Gregory | 29 January 2016 at 01:02 PM

I have waited so long for him to roll a perfect game......

Todd Juvinall

fish, he is now babbling about me again. I live rent free in his noggin. LOL!

George Boardman

Nancy, you and your husband should think of yourselves as members of a distinguished but rather large group of people who have been trashed by Jeffy. After you have been trashed by him as many times as I have, you will view such occurrences as mere sport.

But don't expect Jeffy to be civil. Like a certain candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, Jeffy tries to bully people. Criticism is met with slurs and personal insults that ignore the substance of the criticism.

This boorish behavior is caused by frustration. Jeffy is very impressed with himself, but is frustrated that nobody else shares his enthusiasm.

George Boardman

Fish, a perfect game requires you to roll three strikes in the tenth frame, a total of 12.


Posted by: George Boardman | 29 January 2016 at 04:28 PM

I stand corrected!

Bill Tozer

Why can't we all just get along?


Don Bessee

So the dark lord of liberal lament land would have rolled a 300 and is starting on another game considering how many he posted in a row, it only shows the latest 10. ;-)


jeffpelline says:

January 29, 2016 at 5:16 pm

Ha! George Boardman is courting Nancy Garcia to score some points. Wonders never cease! How much longer do we have to suffer through his column. Oh, I forgot Rebane’s Ruminations is the “sweet spot” of Boardman’s and The Union’s demographics. LOL.

Your demographic too jeffy.....! Embrace it.

Bill Tozer

In related news....



I have a memory of playing in a friend's back yard in my Elementary school days, of his little brother, grinning ear to ear as he waddled around the back yard with his latest creation in hand... a huge turd he'd found in his diaper. Just like Jeff writing about his former employer.

I think eleven straight responses to "Our podunk local newspaper", were by Pelline himself. Bravo, Pugsly!!! Yes, that turd came from you, what a clever little buy!

Jeff, you might get more responses from The Lickspittles if you write with a little more force. Really tell the community what you think about The Union, your former employer! Wachet Auf! Stop pulling your punches or your legion of fans will get bored.

Finally, to answer your question, I can't remember the last time I posted anything on Todd's blog. Must've been 2015 but don't remember if it was Summer or Spring. Perhaps you can dig up the post you thought was me and the person who wrote it can stand up and take a bow. Otherwise, you'll just have to leave the Gregworm in your head to do its magic as it munches its way to the other side. Your pal Frischy had the same worm affecting his perception of reality, let him know that the Greg at Todd's is his hallucination, not mine.

Bill Tozer

You know, Barry is right. Every time this topic comes up, I feel like I need to stock up on Lysol.



Let's see Saturday.....State of Jefferson chat....check.....jeffy whining....check!

Carry on.

(I don't know why he's complaining... the only time he gets to give his cadre of sockpuppets any time off is when SOJ issues are in the news. That's enough to bring out the weevils and generate page hits for him)

Todd Juvinall

Fish you crack me up. The FUE is truly unhinged. No wonder he is lonely. It must be a heavy burden to know the whole community thinks and calls you a fool. Poor Jeffy!

Bill Tozer



"Gregory Goodknight" must be quaking in his boots... Pelline has created a Category for him. I hope readers of Peeline's screed manage to notice "Gregory Goodknight" has never been a Republican, has never been a Conservative, has never supported any "Tea Party" and has never supported the State of Jefferson effort.

Pelline's latest post, "State of Jefferson dialog..." implies the opposite for every single category but then, as a holder of a BA in Empty Rhetoric, Pelline is trained to imply a lie without actually lying.

George Rebane

Dear People - while discussing the FUE's inter-aural capacity may be entertaining, it is an undertaking with little else to recommend it. As an alternative, I invite your consideration of the 30jan16 update to 'AI masters Go ...' during this milestone election year.


I wouldn't call discussing the FUE entertaining... more like taking out the trash, sitting on the throne to defecate, or cleaning the pine needles from the roof gutters.

Am not particularly interested in the AI topic.

Don Bessee

There is an interesting nexus of AI and the FUE, saw a recent story that computers are already writing news articles. So you could say the internet is changing the way we communicate and is making journalists redundant. Wait, the FUE is already an unemployed journalist. ;-)

Bonnie McGuire

Bless your hearts Nancy and Eddie Garcia, and you too Dr. Rebane for all you do. The entire discussion about the SOJ is a much needed education concerning government and how it should work. For the life of me I cannot understand anyone claiming to be intelligent yet wanting to censor other educational discussions beyond their limited experience. It's looking ridiculous. Also I love the reminder about how hypocritical so called progressives are regarding women's rights....Regardless of sex, those who don't agree with the totalitarians are bullied and hammered to destroy their reputation and silence them.


Sigh... time for a re-run as John Mashey dropped another load of manure at Peeline's, including a link to an old post of mine here. I repost my 1 Jan:

Dunning-Kruger, anyone?

A short while back a recent visitor to the Unnamed One's hard left blog, with a BS/PhD in Computer Science no less, decided to lift a large amount from a RR post of mine in a now closed comment thread for a little mischief. Since he chose to post this unbalanced critique behind the Corpulent Curtain where my posts get blocked, or even worse, modified by the frustrated Former Union Editor himself in a major ethics breach, I'm bringing the topic into today's [last month's] Sandbox.

First a bit of agreement... Jeffie, as is his wont, first went after the trivial that was a feature, not a flaw. I broke an American grammar convention, putting a period after, rather than before, a double quote but a Peeline fan agreed with me on that one:

December 20, 2015 at 10:33 pm
John Mashey

To be fair, putting punctuation inside quotes in American English has always seemed weird to me. I prefer British style, which is not only more logical, but is more regular for software to parse. A C-language statement is: const char *strings[] = {“one”,”two”,”three”};

I prefer the Stroustrup style over K&R:
const char* strings[] = {“one”,”two”,”three”};
// and have been using it where I can since acquiring the C++ ARM the month it was published... but I digress.

Jeffie might learn something by reading Slate on the subject, as he's behind the times... it's called Logical Punctuation; imagine that. It's even in the Style Guide issued by the Linguistic Society of North America.


Of course, Mr Goodknight may have a worse Dunning-Kruger issue.

Maybe not.

He wrote:

“Edmund Howard, only half (52%) of Michael Mann’s peers in the American Meteorological Society believe one half or more of the warming of the last 100 years is due to man, and that includes all man’s actions including deforestation, emissions of soot (aka black carbon) and CO2.
They determined this not by an anonymous web survey, or a survey of papers by an activist without any real science background (Oreskes) or by a quick scanning by a team of activist “citizen scientists” without much if any science education (John Cook et al)… they actually asked them.”

In the real world:

‘‘Naomi Oreskes is Professor of the History of Science and Affiliated Professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences. She recently arrived at Harvard after spending 15 years as Professor of History and Science Studies at the University of California, San Diego, and Adjunct Professor of Geosciences at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.
‘1990 PhD Graduate Special Program in Geological Research and History of Science, Stanford University… Advisors: Marco T. Einaudi (Applied Earth Sciences, Geology) and Peter Galison (History, Philosophy, Physics) 1981 B.Sc. First Class Honors, Mining Geology (IC ~M.I.T. of the UK) The Royal School of Mines, Imperial College, University of London’ … 1991-1996 Assistant Professor of Earth Sciences and Adjunct. Asst. Prof of History, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH’
OR, just see Wikipedia page.

Let's look more closely at that “real world” Mashey inhabits.

Oreskes' undergraduate work was in “Mining Geology”. Just what is that?
“Mining geology is an applied science which combines the principles of economic geology and mining engineering to the development of a defined mineral resource. Mining geologists and engineers work to develop an identified ore deposit to economically extract the ore.”

There's a reason there isn't a Nobel Prize in Prospecting. No, that isn't a real science background, and all the rest of those citations aren't in the hard sciences, either. History of Science is a dodge; she's been a paid activist for years and as far as I'm concerned she lost all credibility when, in a dog & pony show for Merchants of Doubt, she slimed Freeman Dyson, one of the greatest scientists of the last century, by asserting (on a CSPAN program) Dyson's climate heresies were just the words of an old man past his prime looking for attention.

In the real world, that's what you do when you are unable to win an argument on the merits.

On Cook et al (2013), a few of the authors are:

If Mashey had parsed that paragraph of mine logically, he'd have noted I wasn't making a claim about Cook and his co-authors being unqualified but rather the legion of “citizen-scientist” volunteers who scanned the abstracts of twelve THOUSAND papers for data for Cook & Co. to cook. From the Methodology section: “This letter was conceived as a 'citizen science' project by volunteers contributing to the Skeptical Science website”.

Think GIGO, the classic Garbage In, Garbage Out problem. The “citizen scientists” weren't scientists nor were they disinterested observers, yet they divined the attitude of authors of real papers in subjects they were unqualified to read (in the Oxford sense of the word “read”).

OK, so let's follow the rest of Mashey's screed:

John Cook has a BS Physics, and is working on PhD in climate-related topic.

Dana Nuccitelli has BA Astrophysics UC Berkeley and MS Physics UC Davis

Nice to see Mashey thinks a BA/BS in Physics is enough to ward off a Dunning-etc charge for climate activists, even if a specialty that doesn't focus on terrestrial issues (Cook and Nucci were both astrophysics)... perhaps he'll engage on facts in evidence here with both George and I; we both meet and exceed that standard. Of course, Cook's PhD is to be in PsyOps Climate Propaganda, not a science, and is apparently working full time trying to classify Climate Heresy as a mental illness. Then there's Nuccitelli's Masters in a program that ends with the MS Physics only if one drops out or gets kicked out of the PhD Physics program... which was it? As Barbie might say, “Physics is Hard!”, and it isn't shameful to decide it isn't for you, or the Faculty to make the decision for you.

Sarah Green has a BA Chemistry, PhD Oceanography, MIT+WHOI
https://www.mtu.edu/chemistry/department/faculty/green Sarah Green

Mark Richardson has PhD (remote sensing, climate modeling), now at JPL

Robert Way is PhD student with many papers, incl. major Cowtan &Way(2014) http://artsites.uottawa.ca/robert-way/en/background/

Peter Jacobs is a grad student in Environmental Sciences at George Mason U.

Andrew Skuce has an M.Sc. in Appled Geophysics and worked as a
geophysicist for decades. https://www.skepticalscience.com/team.php Reply

The list is a bit light on atmospheric physics and meteorology, but the GIGO problem would remain whoever Cook enlisted in the effort. Many activists, including Cook, are fully vested in maintaining the '97%' facade of Doran & Zimmerman and so ignore the actual data... that half of the AMS professional membership (including the likes of Michael Mann) think most of the warming of the last century was natural variations.

Finally, Mr. Mashey, I have met all too few Computer Scientists who took the same math and physical science that mathematics, physical science or engineering majors take. The same lower division chem that chemists take, the same physics that physicists take, the same math the mathematicians take. Physical chemistry, chemical physics, statistical and thermal physics. Fluid dynamics.

You? If not, how do you escape the conclusion that your PhD in Computer Science is as much a D-K risk factor for you that MD, Genetics and Law terminal degrees have for local climate activists?


I have sent a link to my 8:39 to Dr.Mashey via linkedin. We shall see if he would like to discuss climate science or just take potshots from the safety of Pelline's sandbox.

Mashey clings to the idea that Naomi Oreskes is a scientist when her latest office, at Harvard, identifies her field as "History of Science"... my humanities advisor was a historian of science (and co-founder of the Society of the History of Technology) and he never called himself a scientist. It also mentions she's already taking academic leave for a year despite only arriving at Harvard in 2013. Her only science degree is "Mining Geology" and the intersection with that and meteorology or atmospheric physics would seem to be the empty set. Looking over her recent publications, it appears to me her field is climate alarmism more than history.

Then there's his continuing missing the point of the Cook et al paper... it's almost entirely based on the work of amateur "citizen-scientists" visiting the misnamed "Skeptical Science" website. They read and categorized 12,000 papers, and that data is what the authors of the paper massaged.

Garbage in, garbage out.

Bill Tozer

Only in someone's mind is human behavior caused Global Warning the number one issue in the country, or urgent, or even another crisis that requires immediate solutions. Libs do see things as they wish they are instead of how they really are. It's how their brains function.
Looks like there are a whole lot of flat earthing going on everywhere but in Fatso's mind.


But, it will cost ya plenty. Natural gas will save the world and end hunger and disease in 3rd World countries.



Still no John Mashey, PhD, who has lifted quotes of mine out of context from RR to trash over at Pelline's, making egregious errors along the way. His PhD thesis was "Semantic error detection in programming languages" and he was involved in an early UNIX at Bell Labs.

He keeps throwing my hat in the Dunning-Kruger ring as being one who hasn't a clue how incompetent he is in a realm outside his expertise... but is setting himself up as an arbiter of climate science expertise despite having no discernible background in any physical science. Did he take any physics for his late '60's math degree? Any chemistry? Any thermodynamics or fluid dynamics?

In other words (lifted from the wiki), Dunning and Kruger proposed that, for a given skill, incompetent people will:

fail to recognize their own lack of skill
fail to recognize the extent of their inadequacy
fail to recognize genuine skill in others
recognize and acknowledge their own lack of skill, after they are exposed to training for that skill

Mashey was near ground zero for UNIX and the C Programming Language (a weakly typed language that Stroustrup made usable but that's another story) as a team player at Bell Labs but is apparently unaware of his own utter incompetence in the physical sciences. Then we have Pelline who, at one time, had nominated local climate activist (and Al Gore for President booster) Anna Haynes PhD (Harvard, Genetics) as his Nevada County Climate Change champion, and Anna, when asked point blank what temperature was, had no clue beyond it was the numbers on a thermometer. Dunning-Kruger incarnate.

Anna has no memory of ever taking physics, even as far back as high school. What about Mashey?


Just to make it clear for Pelline... his selection of Anna Haynes, who had no clue whatsoever as to the nature of temperature (the numbers on a thermometer was not a competent answer), is a clear Dunning-Kruger for the FUE himself.

Jeff, I've already burned a LinkedIn InMail to invite Mashey to kick some butt at Rebanes; why don't you send him an email, as you must have it from his multiple posts in your sandbox. It could be informative.


Here's another tidbit from Pelline's:

Joe Koyote says:
February 2, 2016 at 12:23 pm

The point some people seem to be missing is that the entire “climate denial” industry (think tanks, web sites, columnists, fox news, fake science) is a hoax, not the other way around. It is the direct result of Exxon and the oil industry’s decades long (since the late 70’s) attempts to cover up their own scientific data supporting the greenhouse gas theory and seed doubt about the science to preserve long term profit and equity. Thus, life and civilization as we know it for the entire human race has been put in a precarious situation so that the wealthy few (62 people have more wealth than the lower half of the planet combined) can continue to play monopoly. The Union should be reporting on that.

Isn't that special?

Joe Koyote, outed here as most probably one Joseph D. Keeble of Nevada City, with an adequate verification being JoKe never came back after that guess was made. Joe Keeble's physical science credibility? He taught Communications at the Junior College level.

Dunning-Kruger strikes a'gin.


John Mashey, PhD, you've just viewed my LinkedIn profile and, I'd expect, viewed my InMail to you with links to this thread, time to say hi and explain why you have so much faith in John Cook & Company's ability to tease scientific knowledge from a rag tag group of "citizen scientists" who read 12,000 papers in subjects they may have no formal education in, generating the data that led Cook and Friends to, once again, decide 97% of scientists believe in catestrophic AGW.

Here's one critical review of Cook's handiwork:

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