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20 February 2016


Don Bessee

RR goes viral, look out! Sure to give the dark lord a fit knowing your commentary is going to be flying around the world wide web! ;-)


I do neither.. But lets see how it goes. I have been seeing where twitter has been deleting "tweets" with a Conservative lean.
But anything that spreads RR far and wide can't be bad. We do need some fresh lefty blue meat to aggravate.

Bill Tozer

Wonder how long it will be before Twitter suspends your account. You better be nice to the coddled ones, or else!!

Don Bessee

Facebook has recently been terminating pages of pot businesses.

George Rebane

BillT 633pm - What's a Twitter account?? ;-)

Account Deleted

My wife and I access Facebook as it's the major way to keep in touch with family and old friends. Not our first choice but until I see a good reason not to, we will participate.
Mayhaps George's blog will go mainstream. I wish it well.

rl crabb

My audience increased tenfold after I plugged into a Facebook pod. Over 1200 friends and a few cartoons went viral with over 20,000 likes and 800+ shares. They are a rowdy bunch over there.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebanee @ 1838.
I dunno. I was hoping you did.
Rowdy bunch says Mr. Crabb? Great news!

Todd Juvinall

So how do I do that too?

Teine Kenney

You're welcome Daddy, stay tuned for the "share" feature. Now your ideas and thoughts can be read by even more people. I'm so proud of you! love, teine

Bill Tozer

Hey, it works. I just tried it from another site. Good job!


Don Bessee

Thank You lovely lady (no surprise knowing your mom) for facilitating this exponential expansion of your dads wisdom and common sense. ;-)


The Borg have arrived...

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