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12 February 2016



Congrats to the Crabbs! Please tell me you'll be rocking the Fez during your tour of duty?!

Bill Tozer

The Fez rules! On Feburary 9th, I had six 26ish and under fun young people raiding my craft/hobby/sewing/big junk drawer room spending hours going through my treasures and making Mardi Gras masks and weird ass scarfs and headwear. Real freaky things they made,I tell ya.They even raided my bone box! Is nothing sacred.

Now my hot glue guns have no glue, my refrigerator has no food, my guest bathroom has no toilet paper, and my rodent hides left behind have bright shinny objects all over them. Plus my waste bins are overflowing with pieces of former treasures. Glad this happens only once a year. They asked if i was going and I replied, "No, I prefer Joe Kane Days." Blank stares back at me, lol. I am indeed a wet blanket. Oh, little do they know and we will keep it that way. Besides, I just donated the cause. Have fun.

RL, you need some shinny freaky stuff on your Fez. Had an old antique broken pocket watch that would look perfect on the Fuz, but the youngins found it first. Oh well. Colored bear teeth is probably not your style.

Be very careful amidst the wild throngs, Mr. Grand Marshall. Some of those yokels up there think it's a full moon every night in Nevada City. At least that is what that tee shirt I bought from you says. But, please, be careful up there. Be very careful.



No better guy for the title. Hat's off to RL!!


Bob definitely married up!

rl crabb

Thanks, guys.

Don Bessee

You and your lovely lady are stylin' it Crabman! A white dinner jacket and a red Fez, the picture in the Union will be great. The dark lord will have kittens for sure! What kind of car will you be in? Will ya be at the Ball tomorrow? Enjoy, you deserve it.

Bill Tozer

I must say the Crabbs do make a lovely couple. Good job. You both looked marvelous, simply marvelous.

rl crabb

Thank you, Mr. T. I was the King of the World on Sunday. Today, some guy called me a "fawning Parasite." Everything's back to normal.


Posted by: rl crabb | 16 February 2016 at 11:20 AM

"Some guy" huh? Regrettably I couldn't attend but I did enjoy seeing the pictures you posted at your site.

Not everyone can pull off the Fez look RL.......Well done!

Todd Juvinall

"fawning Parasite? That's nothing. You should see what that Crabb fellow called me. LOL!

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