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03 February 2016


Bill Tozer

As one who once believed in the rule of law in a nation of laws (and struggling to still believe that we are a nation of laws, not men), I foolishly assumed by the mountain of evidence that Hillary Rodman Clinton would be wearing an ankle cankle bracelet by now. As of this writing, I have my doubts. The longer this goes on, the more the argument that the Obama Administration's Justice Department (FBI) is "trying to take an election away from the voters" gains a prevented mantra . Politics trumps the rule of law again.

Sad day for America IF the overwhelming evidence of the dual FBI investigations points to the only possible and reasonable conclusion is a felony incitement of Mrs. Bill Clinton, only to have it buried and never see the light of day. Violations of the Espionage Act are not to treated with a blind eye, IMHO. The Obama Justice department is akin to Willy Mays in centerfield. It's where fly balls go to die. The Obama Justice department is where all fly balls and investigations go to die.
At the very least, Hillary's own statements and admissions to media and voters clearly points to her "incompetence" defense. She can't run her own department, not to mention she can't "handle two e-mail accounts" simultaneously. What difference does it matter anyhow? Ah, maybe being Presidential Material is a big difference to some like me.





Bill Tozer

My gal will win the election no matter what you mean old farts say.


I demand you meanies stop asking stupid questions. Hillary is a Grandma now, so be nice. If you sexist males would stop asking questions, then my gal Hill could stop lying.



"Our hard-right political blogger and activist George Rebane has once again soiled the KVMR News Hour with his “commentary.” It continues to amaze me that KVMR doesn’t reserve a show for George as it does for others instead of including his “commentary” as part of the news hour’s content. I can’t image what the rebuttle to this sensationalized tripe would read like — but I suspect it won’t happen unless someone “volunteers.” Is that how to run a News Hour? No. Podunk."

Oh if only had a radio show......well then he'd show you! It be the best, most hard hitting, topical, purplest, most even handed, open to all yet reflective of our western community values, thoughtful, intellectual, wry, witty, urbane, certainly not "podunk" in any conceivable way, in no way off putting, low cholesterol, not injurious of the ozone layer and not leading to global warming....help me out here guys I'm running out of superlatives for "The Jeff Pelline Show" on KVMR.

Join jeff as he gets to the bottom of every last issue by "digging deeper™" and ultimately telling you all just how disappointing you all are to him.

Bill Tozer

Fish: What's wrong with being an activist? Without activists we would still be paying taxes to the Crown and have colored only drinking fountains.
Oh, I get it. There are healthy lifestyle activists running amok demanding grossly obese people pay much higher Healthcare and insurance premiums. An alarming trend. Did I get it right?

Todd Juvinall

Fish, I have been trying to figure out how you spell check a radio show? And the cubicles are so small how do they get him in tere? Having had a radio show for four years on KNCO I can tell you the FUE's nerves would be quite frayed by the 99% who disagree with him. Keep the Prosac handy. LOL!

Todd Juvinall

Oh and fish needs to stop posting opinions of the FUE. He says you are a stalker. LOL! Even though he stalked you to "out" you as a flatlander. You just can't make this stuff up. The internet is changing th way we communicate. So forget that old fashioned way called "radio waves".


Posted by: Todd Juvinall | 04 February 2016 at 09:04 AM

He says you are a stalker.

Another example of how jeffy just isn't very bright. He hosts a public website.....I comment on his posts. That's it.

He knows how to reach me and is free to have the sheriff contact me if he feels threatened.

I have a feeling that Nevada Citys own 500 lb. rabbit feels threatened so often that he probably should hire his own private police force.

Todd Juvinall

He says he contacted Pastor Ron about e many times and called the Sheriff and my lawyer. If that is not a stalker then I don't know what is. He and Frisch post info on my ownership and other legal issues from the Recorders office. I truly think both of them are one can short of a sixpack. LOL! I expect hom to follow the project on my land as well. Meaning he will be waddling into the hearings. LOL!

Todd Juvinall

And he claims the Sheriff has a file on "fish". Have you ever seen such a liar? What a hoot!

George Rebane

Gentlemen - yes, our designated reader emailed me FUE's latest furious fusillade directed against me and my KVMR commentaries. I suppose it fills his need for content and readership. Nevertheless, I don't want us to dwell on the man, he does that quite well by himself thank you.

I'd like to see some takes on how the Dems will handle the Bloomberg behemoth waiting in the wings (see also 4feb16 update). Your astute observations please.

Todd Juvinall

Bloomberg was a democrat until he decided to become a R when Guiliani suggested that move. But other than following Guilian's lead on law enforcement, Nloomberg was a liberal. So who would he steal vted from? My guess is he will do for Hillary or Sanders what Perot did for George H.W. Bush


Posted by: George Rebane | 04 February 2016 at 09:50 AM

I can't imagine establishment democrats are happy about this at all. His potential entrance is far more detrimental to Hillary than Bernie. Bernie voters won't defect to Nanny Bloomberg, Hillary voters might.

Account Deleted

Bloomberg? You mean another wealthy old white man to run as a Dem? I suppose he could run on a platform of constant govt interference in our eating habits.
He would be a better candidate than anything the Dems have managed to dredge up so far. We'll have to wait until there are a few more primaries. If Shrillery sinks and Bernie rises, the Dem establishment will remember 1972 and Bloomberg will start looking good to them.

George Rebane

Does anyone have an idea of what may be a 'compelling event' for Bloomberg to throw his hat in the ring as a Dem? as an Independent? When/if that happens, I think we will start a new campaign for the presidency.


Posted by: George Rebane | 04 February 2016 at 10:27 AM

If Bernie wins or ties in South Carolina.

Account Deleted

The compelling event would be something like rumors of an actual indictment of Shrill and a poor showing for her in NH. See my 10:22. Bloomberg would run as a Dem or not at all. Independents have a tough slog as pres candidates. They can be great spoilers, but in modern times never winners.


Posted by: Scott Obermuller | 04 February 2016 at 10:33 AM

Team Hillary has already offered their under the radar concession on New Hampshire. If she loses South Carolina (or yes if she's indicted) Team D will start clutching their pearls in earnest.

Russ Steele

No Dissent Allowed: U.S. Senators introduce amendment to muzzle climate ‘denial apparatus’ – Senator Bernie Sanders co-sponsors

Democratic U.S. Senators Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Ed Markey (MA) and Brian Schatz (HI) introduced an amendment into the energy bill yesterday intended to express Congress’s disapproval of the use of industry-funded think tanks and misinformation tactics aimed at sowing doubt about climate change science...Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) joined the amendment as a co-sponsor once it was introduced.

Read more: http://www.climatedepot.com/2016/02/04/senator-sanders-whitehouse-introduce-amendment-to-muzzle-the-climate-denial-apparatus/#ixzz3zFUDoJB1

Account Deleted

I can't see O'Malley coming back in after backing out once. He has very little name recognition nationally. Fauxcahantus never seemed to be able to get the lefties going like Bernie. So Bloomberg makes sense. I'm sure the Dem overlords can hand him a script to follow and he'll do fine. The tightrope the Dems have to walk is claiming that Obama did great except for all of the things that now have to be changed. No matter who runs for the Rs and the Ds, the economy has to stay healthy (at least on the surface) for the Dems to win. Stay tuned, folks, there's a lot of twists and turns before we skid into the finish with a new pres.

Bill Tozer

Just got home. Chances of a impending recession grows by the day. Record layoffs. Hospitality and food service taking a dive. Food and service jobs had been accounting for job growth, not no more. Even with GM's $11k/employee profit sharing checks being laid on the happy workers, declines in sales of cars started in November, bad December, bad January. Bad time for Hillary to stay the Obama economic course.

Two thoughts, both influencing a Bloomberg decision. First, despite the youth going ape for Col. Sanders, have you considered that many Dems' votes were not for Sanders but mostly a vote against Hillary??

Second, was I the only one head scratching 3-4 days before Uncle Joe was to make his Sunday announcement whether he was in the race or not? 3-4 days before his decision not to run, the Clinton camp leaked that it had the dirt on Biden and was ready to dump it if Biden joined the race. Must have been some good negative stuff cause both Uncle Joe and Obama stopped being kissing cousins from that moment on.
Remember folks, in 2008 it was the Clinton camp that released rumors that O was really a Muslim. The entire birther issue we now find out originated straight from the Hillary camp in the 2008 race to discredit Obama. We conservatives ran with that and were made to look like fools (to be kind).
The Clintons are straight up motherfuckers going straight for the jugular and leaving a trail of destroyed lives in their wake. Bloomberg has no ties to the Clinton dirt so he may step in and grab the ones who just cannot/will not vote for Hillary (even though they agree with her policies) and will not/cannot vote for Bernie and his Pixy Dusters.

This is Bloomberg's opening. BTW, conventional wisdom is that the Clinton Corruption and Poor Judgement Machine will win it all once the focus turns to the South and Super Tuesday because of her 79-17% lead among minorities. But, this is no year for conventional wisdom. The blacks are rallying around Col. Sanders! There is another Bloomberg opening. Uncle Joe has something in his files that nobody wants released so kiss him goodbye. Those Clintons know how to destroy people, but can't touch Bernie or Trump yet. Hillary is in for a bumpy ride.
Convential wisdom?
Nothing to see here. The other Secretaries of State did it too.



On the subject of "dems" waiting in the wings",,, Hear who is rolling into town? ( some real tonnage no less) Mr. AGW fabricator himself. (no,, not Gore) Mikey Moore..
Is he here to fill his MMJ prescription?

George Rebane

re RussS 430pm - One of the constant themes on RR for the last nine years has been that it is ALWAYS the Left that seeks to stifle speech and expression of ideas that don't fit their narrative. The independent reader is encouraged to do his own research on the topic. The model has been and continues to be Orwell's 1984 and Alinsky. And note how unabashed they are when they continue to make such proposals. To the progressive the proscription of free speech is as natural as the sun rising in the morning, he sees nothing at all wrong with it.

Bill Tozer

Hillary, I am the Calvary!! I am coming, sweetie, just hold your breathe and wait for me.


Bill Tozer

Walt @ 5:16 in the pm..
Mikey is indeed coming to KVMR. I hope he is not too thirsty because we are still in a drought. So, he leaves lead water Flint, MIchigan to come here? Boy, some EPA heads rolled on that one. Fired, but not procesuted, was our Federal Clean Water Act overseers. Hmm. Well, I say it is too harsh to send Michael "I am not fat, I'm just full of crap" Moore back to his beloved Flint. Hmmm. I have a better idea.


Dr. Rebane: UCLA paid Hillary $300,000.00 for a speech. When the fine university asked what was her discount rate, answer was "that is the discount rate." Plus, the podium was deemed not worthy for my gal and had to be replaced. She insisted a limo ride from the airport to take her and her aides to a 5 Star Hotel and a list of required food and beverages. Also, no questions from the audience and no one allowed on the stage (even backstage) except her. Slam, bam, pay the ma'am.

Look at this. Queen Hillary screwed UCLA and lowered her rate for UC Santa Barbara, lol.


Paul Emery

Slam bam pay the ma'am

That's good Bill. Did you make that up? I'm impressed!

Bill Tozer

Oh Paul, you are easily impressed. Thank you. Slam, bam, thankyou, man.

BTW, I like KVMR. A lot better than listening to Kim Komando or Clark Howard. Variety is the spice of life. Good music playing right now.
'Has the nomination process peaked your interest yet? I still consider Bernie the longest of long shots, yet as the paid ma'am is finding out, ignore Bernie at your own peril.

Grandma used to ignore Bernie and used to smirk when Trump's name was mentioned, laughing it off. Well, she ain't doing the ignoring or laughing thang no more. :)


Hillary and the boyz at Goldman Sachs.


Bill Tozer



In related news, the Ready for Hillary Campaign has asked Bernie to have blogges, posters, and commenters on news articles to tone it down. Guess very vile comments are being posted about the female Progressive canadate. While not holding Col. Sanders personally responsible for his supporters posts, the Ready for Hillary campaign feels he should ask them to ease up.

Being curious, I chose random articles about Bernie-Hillary contests, Bernie saying this and that, Clinton saying this or that about Bernie, and found out it is indeed true. Very vile and 95% anti the former First Lady. The consensus is that Webster Hubbel is Chelsea's daddy with pictures of daddy and daughter side by side. And that were the kindest posts. Oh my, I hope our future progressive nominee in 2028 Chelsea is not reading that stuff. Boy, having her Momma's body and her daddy's jowls makes the former first daughter look like....well, it's too vile to repeat. And not as vile as what the youth of America is saying about Madame Secretary. Absolutely stretches the imagination..


....and in this years "The Legend Returns" category the academy would like to welcome, as he makes his splashy ascent towards the lectern with yet another "Top Men " argument for socialism.....

(drum roll)

Joe Koyote!

Joe Koyote says:

February 4, 2016 at 9:40 am

Yes, a very important distinction the right wing doesn’t want people to understand. They would prefer it if people associated the word with the old USSR style of socialism so that their outdated and stale cold war anti-commie/socialist rhetoric still gets some traction.


Yes....I'm sure the new American Socialists will demonstrate conclusively that their methods are vastly superior to those of the old, musty European Socialists.


Posted by: Walt | 04 February 2016 at 05:16 PM

SICKO: Michael Moore ICU with pneumonia...

Maybe he "rolls in to town" on a hospital gurney. Which I'm fine with!


Bill Tozer

Fish @ 7:57 in the am.

Ah, now the Lefties have to convince us Neanderthals that socialism is a good thing, not a bad thing. A kinder gentler National Democrat Socialist Party, not to be confused with the National Democrat Socialist Party of the 1930's Germany.
Is this what the good Dr. Rebane was referring to at the conclusion of his updated post?

"They have created some delusional Orwellian fantasy in their heads, that they’ve ruminated on for so long, that they’ve actually come to believe it. Get over yourselves and your pseudo patriotism and join the rest of America as it glides into the future."

Ok, I am game. I can have an open mind at times and even find myself getting into latest fads and lingo. You can teach his old dog some new tricks, including enlightenment and being on the side of The Good. But....always a but...but first I must seek guidance from a higher power who is much more experience than lowly moi.


Bill Tozer

What I find humorous is when Bernie points out that his unnamed opponent has ties to Wall Street and is an Establishment canadate (all of which is the bold faced truth), Hillary calls that a smear campaign. ROTFLMFUEO. So, now the obvious truth as plain as the nose of your face is a sly smear campaign? Oh my. Well, offensive is the best defense.


George Rebane

BillT 851am - The last two (italicized) paragraphs in my post are from the Union's letter to the editor by a leftwing reader cautioning all about the Right's "delusional Orwellian fantasy". This man sees nothing but a bright yellow brick road in front of us on which we can happy dance all the way to Oz.

Todd Juvinall

I watched about ten minutes of the "debate" last night. I think those two people are from Mars. I did not hear anything that said this was America or even planet earth. God Help Us!

Bill Tozer

Todd, they say there could be a single cell organism on Mars and they celebrate the news as LIFE! Then they say a multiple cell organism on Earth is not life and should be aborted. Go figure.
Now they say Mars once had life, but Climate Change destroyed all the Mars folks.

Well, Bernie may be from Mars and Hillary is from some other place.. Proof of this is when Hillary was asked about the 660k she gobbled up in a heartbeat from her 3 appearances at Golden Slacks. She defended that by saying she had not decided to run for President at the time. WTF???? According to multiple and consistent sources inside the White House for decades, the day Bill arrived in Washington on day one of being the new President, it was made very clear to all that Hillary would be running for President after Bubba. All offices became dual purpose offices...one for Mr. President and one for Hillary's future role as Mrs. President. Am I the only one who can properly interpret Hillaryspeakese?

Dr. Rebane....that letter to the editor is a classic. I hope it stays in cyberspace until the end of time. Sorry I mentioned you in the same sentence as the contents of that letter.
Well, I will "join the rest of America" in flushing the letter writer down the sewer full of failed socialist experiments that sounded so good in the halls of elitist thinking. A godless lot they are.

Russ Steele

Bloomberg is Not Liked: Economist/YouGov Poll

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg – who is considering a third party presidential candidacy this November – gets relatively little support at this early point in the campaign. The latest Economist/YouGov Poll even finds that many Americans – especially Republicans – don’t like him.

While Democrats like Bloomberg, by more than two to one Republicans don’t. Independents with an opinion are moderately negative. But more than four in ten overall – and half of Independents -- don’t yet have an opinion of Bloomberg. Bloomberg has more appeal to liberals than to conservatives – and more like him in his home Northeast than in other regions. But the balance of opinion even in the region where he is best known is not overwhelmingly favorable. 34% in the Northeast are favorable, 31% are not. In all other regions, opinion of Bloomberg is negative.

Again, while many don’t have an opinion of the former Mayor and businessman, those who do are generally uneasy about his ability to handle issues like immigration and terrorism, don’t think he is ready to become Commander-in-Chief, and don’t believe he is honest and trustworthy.

More here including graphics: https://today.yougov.com/news/2016/02/02/little-support-president-bloomberg/


The LIB "new math" is alive and well. Hear "O" sell used cars today?
From bogus unemployment numbers to bogus "jobs available" numbers. Don't count those who haven't worked in a while (the most in modern time) and count the "one" job offering 40 times.( Some head hunter web site posts the same job in 39 other "help wanted" ads)

Now "O" wants to TAX oil.(because it's cheap at the moment...Recall I mentioned this before?... we are used to paying through the butt.)
To "help" massively expensive "green" endeavors. Lets say that "tax" is imposed.. So when oil gets expensive again,(and it will) think that tax on the "cheap" oil will go away?
If so,, I have an oil patch in PV that I will sell ya'....

Yes, LIB math works wonders.

Account Deleted

RS at 10:47 - "While Democrats like Bloomberg, by more than two to one Republicans don’t."
So the Dems like him and so do 1/3 of the Rs.
If that holds on a certain Tuesday in November, he could easily be our next pres, God help us.
College kids and slow thinkers (not always the same) love Bernie, but the Dem ubers won't let him near the ballot box on the Dem ticket. Shrillery has beaten the obvious rap for jail time on different occasions, but this time, it seems she has less help. Can she get elected before they indict her? The best hacks in DC are trying to slow the investigation down. November election, December indictment and January pardon.
Works for her!

Don Bessee

There is fall out from madam liar liar pantsuits on fire's flub of the Goldmand Sachs question has grown legs. Her campaign is actively resisting the release of the transcripts and doing the big deflection spin. The socialists want to know what she said to the big money hedge fund crowd. ;-)

Bill Tozer

I don't think Hillary R. Clinton is a good candidate. I felt that way 8 years ago. In fact, 8 years ago Clinton was a better candidate, but still, not a good candidate. A weak candidate she has been, a weak candidate she is.
The disillusionment is evident. The excitement of having the first female President has long passed. She just is not up to par even for the low standards of running for President. And that was well before Benghazi, Hillary Clinton's war in Libya, and this little item the A-Team is working on.


Former 3rd in charge of the FBI is not someone to be dismissed out of hand.


Russ Steele

According to Obama, our economy is in great shape, but here is a reality check:

Reports from Zerohedge:




Deep “Freight Recession” Hits Railroads, Trucking, Air Freight


After reading these reports do you think that the economy is in the great shape that Obama described?

Bill Tozer

Russ. No, I do not. We are just a bit behind the global crash that is a'coming. When railroad freight, trucking, and air freight takes a dive, we all know that paychecks go with it across the economy..
Alan Greenspan put a lot of weight into how the railroads were doing, not just the number of freight cars but also the weight of the cars. Told him not only how much consuming was going on out there, but what kind of products American were buying. He used freight car weight to see how we were transforming from a manufacturing nation to a service sector information society, but I digress. There are certain sectors that we need to keep an eye on. Inventories is one, rail is another.
Let Obama do his victory laps until the cows come home. After 7 years, he gets all the credit for our fantastic economy. :)

At quick digression into the "Live Free or Die" state of NH. Predicted to be the biggest voter turnout in their primary history. Yes, more Republicans than Democrats are expected to turn out and independents can vote in either Dem or Republican primaries, unlike those registered D or R. The Dem turnout will be below 2008's record, so it looks like the righties are more motivated this time around. Interesting to see who the independents will gravitate to.
I thought gun control was the biggie this year. Oh well, Live Free or Die.


Bill Tozer

Who outside the Northeast would vote for Bloomberg? Another regional lib disguising himself as an independent. Wasn't he the guy who demonized soda, dictated the size of sodas to be sold in NYC, made that silly mandated breast milk law, and for toppers twisted some judges' arms to toss out the 2 term law in NYC? We don't need another control freak micromanaging our lives. Geeze, we have enough of them already. But, that 2 term limit thang is a deal breaker for me. Too tyrannical. Thinking only of himself.
What we need is leaders that have the heart of a servant, not a master. To serve for the benefit of the governed, not to rule over the governed. George Washington had that, Bernie Sanders appears to have that as well, not some power trip. His motivation is to correct the ills he sees ordinary people are subjected to in America, rightly or wrongly. Trump has that heart too, if the reason why he is running is because he is sick and tired of America being pushed around. Neither Washington, Sanders, or Trump appear to want to sit on the Throne for personal power, personal enrichment, and prestige. That's what I mean by a servant's heart. Hillary does not have that and neither goes Bloombery, IMHO.


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