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18 February 2016


Bonnie McGuire

Well, Dr. Rebane, it's pretty obvious that your site is the most popular for some time because of the variety of interesting discussions. There are those who have tried to hijack it for stupid reasoning, but you've survived. Even better, every now and then someone admits how your site changed their thinking for the better.


Ya' gotta love it when one strikes a nerve. Purple boy sure must be peeved.(his sewer of a blog is never heard of.)

Don Bessee

Censorship is alive and well in a dark lord of liberal lament land kind of way. Here is another item that won't make the cut- www.yahoo.com/news/dozens-Iraqi-migrants-return-home-europe-141557049.html The reasons behind the reverse exodus are admitting the truths we already knew. ;-)

Don Bessee

Went to check it out and it seems they want to promote Todd's blog and suppress yours. While Todd's is very entertaining at times, yours has too much reason and fact for them to want it to see the light of day, don't want to confuse the uninformed electorate with reason and facts now do we? We are seeing this pattern more and more in certain quarters in Nevada County. It wont help them, I heard the internet is changing the way we communicate! ;-)

rl crabb

It's not just RR. None of the sites on Voices, including mine, have been updated since yesterday.

Don Bessee

The voices have been silenced!?

George Rebane

Not to worry, I still have links to Bob Crabb's, RussS', and ToddJ's sites, and also NC Voices. No hard feelings from this side. But it sure is fun to watch the efforts of our port side brethren and cistern ;-)


For the first time in nearly 3 years, Ms.Haynes updated her NC Focus blog. She began,

No, I don't live in Nevada County anymore. Yes, many of the posts in this blog are crap. (Whether they were equally so when I posted them, I don't know.) And yes, it's a very effing strange world.

Live and learn.

Bill Tozer

Does that mean "Russ, your house is burning" will or will not be heard again? I am confused. Those were fun days, eh Russ?

Russ Steele


I drew the line when she had my grandkids burning in hell. She could say whatever she want about me, but the family was off limits Once I explained the grandkids mother and father were lawyers, she stopped picking on the grandkids.

I noticed that she still has blogs listed for me and others that are no longer active, a waste of screen space and server capacity. It obvious that she does not check the blogs she lists.

Todd Juvinall

She used to come by CABPRO all the time to engage Martin. After the first time he made sure the door was locked. Then she teamed up with Frisch to harass the office I was told. He too was locked out. What a pair of nuts.


Here is the post she wrote with me as her inspiration, just minutes after she interrupted a conversation with a friend at a local cafe:

It's worth mentioning the author of the paper she claimed had been debunked, Professor Nir Shaviv of the Racah Institute of Physics in Jerulsalem, recently spent his sabbatical year as an IBM Einstein Fellow at Princeton's Institute for Advanced Study, and that particular paper, "Celestial driver of Phanerozoic climate?" (with geochemist Jan Veizer) is nearing 300 citations. One of the more recent is the similarly named "Periodic Signals of the Milky Way Concealed in Terrestrial Sedimentary Basin Fills and in Planetary Magmatism?" by Heinz-Jürgen Brink, Institute of Geophysics, University of Hamburg.


That early Shaviv paper, so confidently dismissed by Ms. Haynes (who says she cannot remember ever having taken a class in physics, all the way back to high school), peppers the Brink paper. Great illustrations that might even give Anna pause.

Bill Tozer

Russ, she would do that sort of thing when her arguments were neither embraced and praised as being pure genius. She really was taken back when it dawned on her that others not only had a different point of view than hers, but did not worship the ground she trod.
If she ever threatened my grandkids or kids, she would have been taken to the hospital with busted legs, arms, and especially every bone in her hands. I would even cut off 4 digits from each hand so the poor thing could wipe herself for the rest of her life with her thumbs. And gladly do the time. But, nobody threatens my loved ones, not no more. :) one misguided soul did a long time ago. Heard he lost his eyesight. It's all a mute point in this age of litigation.
Libs are a sick lot.


I can't resist posting more on Ms. Haynes. I had a pile of papers that underpinned my arguments to her when first we met, to claim that $1 Dollar bet she made with me as she scurried away to make that blog entry linked above.

She was nonplussed by Drs. Shaviv, Svensmark, Friis-Christensen, et al. The one thing she would accept as evidence was, in her words, "graphical proof". Meaning something other than CO2 that was going up in tandem with temperature (as shown by datasets maintained by folks like Phil "why should I give you my data when you'll only be trying to find something wrong with it" Jones of the UAE CRU).

Graphical proof, aka mindless correlation. Not causation. Something any freshman in the physical sciences could sniff out but then Anna was never one for the physical sciences.

I'm not sure what meeting where this happened or by how much I should be flattered, but a friendly acquaintance of mine told me I was fingered as the #1 climate skeptic in the county at a meeting he attended... we were both on the way to somewhere else at the time, I do hope to get more information about this meeting and the one making the claim when next we meet.

Bill Tozer

Concerning the Feb. 20 update, life goes on. We will lick our wounds and somehow manager to get through this, somehow, someway. We must be strong and remember time heals all wounds. It's going to rough sailing, but the sun will shine again. Be brave.


I'm not sure what meeting where this happened or by how much I should be flattered, but a friendly acquaintance of mine told me I was fingered as the #1 climate skeptic in the county at a meeting he attended...


Bill Tozer

Who is paying you? Who put you up to this? Crickets. Hmmm. Just as I thought. It was Mr.Green in in the library with a knife. Busted!


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 21 February 2016 at 11:15 AM

Well, rumor has it that it's the Koch brothers and that I've been dispatched by them to disrupt the tranquility of your quaint little hamlet.

So that's my cover story....

rl crabb

fish 11:19AM - What's the pay like? Do you get benefits? A 401K? Stock options? Hookers?


Posted by: rl crabb | 21 February 2016 at 12:21 PM

Well it's more of an internship at this point....I have high hopes that if I apply myself "Big Dollars" will follow!

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