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05 February 2016



I think every citizen whose franchise has not been suspended or shredded for good cause should vote if they want to.

Don't mind Ms. Senum, she knows the left doesn't have a chance without the young turning out en masse in November, so she's agitating the younglings... Free Stuff is a powerful message and like it or not, the education biz is leaving most college graduates and not-quite-graduates with small fortunes to be paid back in what is best described as a modern involuntary servitude. There's well over a trillion dollars of outstanding student debt, growing every day, that can't be discharged by a bankruptcy judge... the price paid by the takeover of the student loan industry by the Federal Government and expansion of loans.

"Access to higher education" as performed in the last 20 years was by mortgaging student's future at an unprecedented rate and so we're up to our collective kiesters in graduates with basketweaving degrees and not many jobs for basketweavers that pay well enough to retire the loans plus buy a car, house, raise kids, etc. The right needs to figure out how to diffuse those problems. In formulating a strategy, you can assume many if not most were lied to when their college financial aid counselor gave them rosy projections about how it all penciled out.

George Rebane

Gregory 111pm - My own belief is that "every citizen whose franchise has not been suspended or shredded for good cause should be able to vote if they want to" - a slight but perhaps important variation from yours.

Where I have a difference with most (especially liberal) people is about how much society should encourage empty (or even jaundiced) vessels to enter the voting booth. In days of yore, such uncategorical encouragement was more universally eschewed.

rl crabb

If you follow her posts on Facebook, I think you'll find that Reinette's political views can't be lumped into any particular ideology. (For instance, just last week she was defending the rights of those Oregon cowboys.) At least she gets the ball rolling. It's up to others to point out the deficiencies in her reasoning.
That's what our local media is for: to spark discussion. The Union and KVMR reflect a diverse (and sometimes schizophrenic) citizenry here in "Podunk Pines."
Well, except for that ugly little blog that seems to hate everything that doesn't fit into their neat little world. I see they are now trashing Paul and the other volunteer programmers for being too inclusive. Sick puppies.

Todd Juvinall

When I read her article I thought I was reading something from a 12 year old. Don't listen to those who came before you? What the hell is that? We would still be in caves and naked if people followed that advice.

jon smith

crabb 2/5/16 14:58
I hear you. I'm to the left of center on most issues but Reinette invents a category beyond left of left. She is a classic, self absorbed, short-burn activist who tires of whatever she has started when she is no longer the center of attention. She has a flock of devoted followers who are by anyone's definition, losers. Senum has no formal education that I know of and her critical thinking skills are spectacular in their total and absolute deficit. According to Senum the trees around here are dying because of chem trails, smart meters are monitoring your every move, and vaccinations are a form of thought control. She espouses the theory that most of our mass shootings have been arranged by a higher order to cover up international banking scandals and that Sandy Hook never actually happened. I truly believe that she wants no one to listen to their elders because those of us who have been around a while have probably gained enough wisdom to call bullshit on her bullshit.

Russ Steele

Reinette is also a magician, she made $45,000 dollar Federal grant disappear without a ripple of concern by the Federal Agency that issued the grant. The proposed worm farm was to be a self-sustained operation, with worms eating the waste produced by local restaurants and the sale of worms to local fishermen. The proposal's Business Plan was nonsense about how many jobs would be created and several paragraphs of blank paper to be complete after the grant was issued. To my knowledge the worm farm's business plan was never finished, but the $45,000 dollars vanished down a wormhole created by Reinette.

Don Bessee

'down a wormhole' now that's funny.


What??? Worm farm II? Say it ain't so!! I forget how much the first one cost is.
In that business plan,, was selling the worm castings to dope growers covered?

Account Deleted

The main point I find amusing (being charitable) was that grandma and grandpa automatically are in some sort of little political box of a certain small dimension. B Sanders is certainly there as well as the Koch bros and everyone over 60 in between. No matter how the youngins' vote, there will be senior citizens right next to them voting exactly the same.
Drugged out hippies got older, but a lot of them got no wiser, it seems. At the last high school reunion I attended (Sept '14) the political landscape was all over the place.
It can't be pointed out too often that the left loves to scream about the need for 'democracy' but if the volk vote for the wrong kind of democracy, the left wastes no time in overturning the result.

Bill Tozer

To each her own.


jon smith

Russ- Are you serious about the worm farm scam?

Was that associated with APPLE and associated sucking sound of funding going down the drain?

How about dog houses for the homeless?

Or the lights she illegally strung over the street with such grand standing that the city not only took her lights down but also removed the low key porch lights Matteos had tastefully used for years. Collateral damage by her bullheaded and singular vision for the city.

To be fair, the farmers market has been well received. The Boardwalk . . . not so much.


" My own belief is that "every citizen whose franchise has not been suspended or shredded for good cause should be able to vote if they want to" - a slight but perhaps important variation from yours" GR, 2nd from top.

Slight change but insignificant and, I'd argue, more wrong than right. Every citizen with the franchise absolutely can vote. It's the law, a legally enforceable right AND entitlement. My original statement,"I think every citizen whose franchise has not been suspended or shredded for good cause should vote if they want to." remains both true and sufficient. It also implies a subtext... I really don't care too much if they don't want to vote. Their loss, my gain, unless so many drop out that our governments, from town to nation, no longer represent a consent of the people... and to my mind, the risk of that is less than the harm of the misinformed and less than literate following the populist ideologue of their choice because they're being pushed to do it.

I still regret not initiating a minor scandal back in '88 or so... while voting one November, in the booth, behind the curtain, I became aware of a literal moron (either by birth or intoxication) being escorted into the polling place by an activist who was obviously getting out the vote for a distinctly left of center political party. The escort went into the booth with the voter and was directing the actions of the voter... on the order of "vote for that one". The poll workers were less than diligent in getting the miscreant out of there, took several verbal warnings before they left, possibly after the critical vote had been punched.

I'd considered performing a citizen's arrest, having the police summoned and being on the news, but I think Phil Ochs immortal words were at work:

"Oh, look outside the window there a woman being grabbed.
They're dragging her to the bushes and now she's being stabbed.
Maybe we should call the cops and try to stop the pain,
But Monopoly is so much fun, I'd hate to spoil the game.
And it really wouldn't interest anybody outside of a small circle of friends."


Had to hear the tune again, sorry for the minor errors quoting from memory

George Rebane

Gregory 1001am - We disagree again. Your version was the position of the 1965 Voting Rights Act opponents - existing laws were sufficient. My version recognizes that being able to and having the legal right are two separate notions which the 1965 VRA also recognized and sought to force states to correct.

Re the citizen's arrest - you made the right decision. The Left with their ACLU allies would have brought civil suit against you for a number of reasons, probably starting with emotional harm. You would have been in court for years.


We disagree again... the Voting Rights Act was enacted to enforce the rights and entitlements I described and while the remedies arguably went too far it was definitely needed.

"Ohhh, Poll Tax, how I love ya how I love ya, my dear old Poll Tax" -Tom Lehrer, to the tune of Jolson's Swanee

Don Bessee

Had a screen shot sent by one of the dedicated readers from the dark lord of liberal lament land, note to the dark lord, it's madam liar liar pantsuits on fire. LOL ;-)


...and your fantasy about the ACLU is entirely off the mark. I knew a few Libertarian libertarian ACLU activists and I've little doubt the ACLU would have more likely backed me if the perp tried to sue. I just really didn't want to raise a big stink, be on the news and have my life disrupted for hours, days or weeks.

While the ACLU may never take on the rights of Nazis ever again (they lost a lot of members over the march in Skokie, and will lose more if they actually start treating the 2nd as an individual right) they have been on the side of a number of the non-left over the years whose rights were being violated, including both Oliver North and Rush Limbaugh.

George Rebane

Gregory 1043am - "... and your fantasy about the ACLU ..." You sure have a way with words Gregory.


GR-11:17 Thanks George. To quote my undergraduate humanities adviser, "Well, you know how to write," and that was with those damned graphite and clay amalgam core thingies.

The ACLU isn't the enemy.

George Rebane

An admittedly biased view of a biased organization.

Russ Steele

jon smith@ 09:40 AM

Yes, I am serious about the worm farm, I had a copy of the proposal with the business plan. I tossed it when we moved in August. I think some of the money went to fund APPLE and Molly who was the project manager. The APPLE overhead swallowed the $45,000, sustaining Molly in rent and veggie money for about two years. Sustainability works when the government is paying the bills with our tax dollars.

Todd Juvinall

Maybe she bought subscriptions to a food and wine mag for her friends? LOL!

Don Bessee

Russ, Molly who?

Bill Tozer

Vote with your heart young people. Lord only knows how the old guard of the Connect Liberal Thinking has told you how to think for too long. They are yesterday's news and have stirred you in the exact wrong direction. So, how's your life after listening to their crap?? They got theirs and now demand your worship them! Revolt against the shackles of tyranny. It's your future not theirs. Tell them where to stick it, young men and women.



Those are your leaders? Nay, your new feminism is not that kind of feminism. You go and vote for the best person. I know you would never vote for any candidate based on gender. You are smarter than that narrow limited vision. Vote for the best candidate, not some lying enabler just because she has a vigina, or some 1%er who tells you how to vote. I have full confidence you will not be intimidated and I can assure you your opinions are important and I trust your judgement completely. Now, go and put a fork in that old hag Hillary. You can do it! She is the status quo. She is the Establishment. She is what is wrong with your vision of Progressivism. May The Force be with you.

Bill Tozer

If you have any questions, young adults, here is a voter guide to look at, FYI
If you're under 50 you really need to read this. If you’re over 50, you lived through it, so share it with those under 50. Amazing to me how much I had forgotten!

When Bill Clinton was president, he allowed Hillary to assume authority over a health care reform. Even after threats and intimidation, she couldn’t even get a vote in a democratic controlled congress. This fiasco cost the American taxpayers about $13 million in cost for studies, promotion, and other efforts.

Then President Clinton gave Hillary authority over selecting a female attorney general. Her first two selections were Zoe Baird and Kimba Wood – both were forced to withdraw their names from consideration. Next she chose Janet Reno – husband Bill described her selection as “my worst mistake.” Some may not remember that Reno made the decision to gas David Koresh and the Branch Davidian religious sect in Waco, Texas resulting in dozens of deaths of women and children.

Husband Bill allowed Hillary to make recommendations for the head of the Civil Rights Commission. Lani Guanier was her selection. When a little probing led to the discovery of Ms. Guanier’s radical views, her name had to be withdrawn from consideration.

Apparently a slow learner, husband Bill allowed Hillary to make some more recommendations. She chose former law partners Web Hubbel for the Justice Department, Vince Foster for the White House staff, and William Kennedy for the Treasury Department. Her selections went well: Hubbel went to prison, Foster (presumably) committed suicide, and Kennedy was forced to resign.

Many younger votes will have no knowledge of “Travelgate.” Hillary wanted to award unfettered travel contracts to Clinton friend Harry Thompson – and the White House Travel Office refused to comply. She managed to have them reported to the FBI and fired. This ruined their reputations, cost them their jobs, and caused a thirty-six month investigation. Only one employee, Billy Dale was charged with a crime, and that of the enormous crime of mixing personal and White House funds. A jury acquitted him of any crime in less than two hours.

Still not convinced of her ineptness, Hillary was allowed to recommend a close Clinton friend, Craig Livingstone, for the position of Director of White House security. When Livingstone was investigated for the improper access of about 900 FBI files of Clinton enemies (Filegate) and the widespread use of drugs by White House staff, suddenly Hillary and the president denied even knowing Livingstone, and of course, denied knowledge of drug use in the White House.

Following this debacle, the FBI closed its White House Liaison Office after more than thirty years of service to seven presidents.

Next, when women started coming forward with allegations of sexual harassment and rape by Bill Clinton, Hillary was put in charge of the #$%$ eruption” and scandal defense. Some of her more notable decisions in the debacle were:

She urged her husband not to settle the Paula Jones lawsuit. After the Starr investigation they settled with Ms. Jones.

She refused to release the Whitewater documents, which led to the appointment of Ken Starr as Special Prosecutor.

After $80 million dollars of taxpayer money was spent, Starr's investigation led to Monica Lewinsky, which led to Bill lying about and later admitting his affairs.

Hillary’s devious game plan resulted in Bill losing his license to practice law for 'lying under oath' to a grand jury and then his subsequent impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Hillary avoided indictment for perjury and obstruction of justice during the Starr investigation by repeating, “I do not recall,” “I have no recollection,” and “I don’t know” a total of 56 times while under oath.

After leaving the White House, Hillary was forced to return an estimated $200,000 in White House furniture, china, and artwork that she had stolen.

What a swell party – ready for another four or eight year of this type of low-life mess?

Now we are exposed to the destruction of possibly incriminating emails while Hillary was Secretary of State and the “pay to play” schemes of the Clinton Foundation – we have no idea what shoe will fall next.

But to her loyal fans (supporters) - I guess in her own words “what difference does it make?”


blah blah blah. 1998-1999 all over again. LOL. You did forget to tell all those sub-50s reading his blog (he he) about the daily CNN shots of Ken Starr smiling and carrying his morning coffee thermos into his car in the driveway.

way past move-on....only about 18 years.


Caught the clips of hilarity tonight at the Angry White Guy debate. The intros were priceless, gut wrenching funny..as was the trained Myna bird, Marco Rubio. Christie is a roaring asshole and soon to be ex-candidate, but he was spot on with his observation of Young Marco, the phony. :)

Bill Tozer

Oh Jon, it's a matter of character. Oh, that's right, with Hillary character does not matter.
It's about judgement, making the right choices, surrounding yourself as President with the best and brightest and most ethical. They say you can judge a person by the company they keep. While Hillary wants us to judge her on her intentions, the voters will judge her on her actions. All that stolen White House China and artwork mysteriously ended up in a warehouse outside of Little Rock, ROTFLMFUEO! I will cut her slack because she left the White House broke, poor thing.
Hillary is plumb incompetent, a shameless political opportunist, has a long history of making poor choices with her very poor innate judgement, is a war hawk, and .......well, 17% of the potential voters under 30 already know this (or not give a hoot) and they actually like The Establishment candidate and don't care about corruption and Wall Street money in politics and will vote for her. Go Hillary! All 17% of them. 83% will vote for anybody else.

2/3 of the voters 34 and under really really despise her. But you knew that. Hillary knows that. We all know that. Until next summer, you are stuck with Hillary as our nation moves forward without her and maybe without you. Get on board Jon before the train leaves the station. Vote your heart. Live free or die!! Are you Ready for Hillary?


Bill Tozer

Oh Jon, you are right about one thing. Those picks Hillary Rodman Clinton made in the 1990's for Treasury and AG are all water under the bridge. No need to bring up her Senate experience as not one bill submitted by Senator Clinton made it out of committee. She did put her name on other people's bills, though. And her biggest victories which she fought so hard for us for in the Senate (and has the scars to prove it) were passed, after she left the Senate. She didn't even get a chance to vote on her "victories", lol.
But I digress. That is also water under the bridge and yesterday's non news. :)

What I really want to say is it's all none of my business. It a Democrat race to the nomination now and it's up to you guys to sort it out, not me.
All I get to do is just stand back and watch from the peanut gallery. I have no say in the Democrat Party happenings. Besides, I am witnessing daily all the Sanders maniacs calling Hillary a liar and phony and untrustworthy for me. I don't really need to lift a finger...but it is so much fun watching the slow moving derailment. Kids say the darnest things, no?

Bill Tozer

Oh no. Ms. Senum may or may not like this. President William J Clinton is imploring voters to vote with their heads, not their emotions. Apparently the voters can do wrong in the voting booth. What a concept. Wonder if it's based in reality.

"He spoke of the anger among voters that has changed the dynamics of the campaign — and openly worried that it could negatively impact the future of the country if voters vote based on emotion rather than reason."



Jon/Frisch 9:28PM

Yes, the politics of personal destruction made Ken Starr into a caricature so his findings would be dismissed as partisan blather. Machiavelli's Prince was told if his bad acts were reported by those with an axe to grind the people would tend to ignore them... the Clinton machine refinement was that you could always turn an honest actor into a partisan one by relentlessly attacking them (the politics of personal destruction) as, well, as Ken Starr was attacked, a partisan prude attacking Our President. Frisch probably likes to forget that President Clinton (the first and probably only one) was disbarred for perjury in his home state only after the Senate refused to punish Clinton after the impeachment by the House.

Bill Tozer

Vote your heart. My heart feels fear. This is scary. Last speech I heard her give she said any person who is pro-life is an evil doer....5 times. Guess I be an evil doer, but what else is new? That was a few years ago when I listened carefully to her whole speech. I see nothing has changed. At least Madame Secretary Albright can't run for President. She is naturalized. Always a silver lining.


So, I ain't voting for Monica Lewinsky's ex-boyfriend's wife and I ain't voting for this dude either. I be an equal opportunity offender. My heart feels fear and trepidation. . . . . .


Bill Tozer



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