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15 February 2016


Todd Juvinall

Good for you being a loyal subscriber. I and Bonnie McGuire as well. The paper has had its up and downs over my lifetime. I too have been attacked many times yet I have never given it an alternate name like the left does. They call it lately the "Tea Party Gazette" simply because they print a letter or column from a person on the right. But that is why we must protect the paper with our subscriptions and praise it when it is doing a good job. The left would shut it down and then what? We all get nothing.

The only criticism I have is the AP environmental stories they reprint. There is no "other side" in those stories so Armageddon is always close. I think Hemig and Hamilton are doing just fine and as the voice of the paper I too think they should print their opinions and not be afraid of "balance".

Todd Juvinall

Some websites are reporting he was found with a pillow over his face.

George Rebane

ToddJ 823am - If you're talking about Scalia, please go to the Scalia post. Here we're talking about The Union.

Todd Juvinall


Claudia Taylor

Hi George,

I, too, sent in an answer to the challenge . . . which wasn't even acknowledged. My results were: 10 conservative, 74 neutral and 23 liberal (some of which were conservative bashing) from a total of 107 evaluated. These were all January opinions, other voices, LTTE, Our View, etc.

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