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16 February 2016



jeffpelline says:

February 15, 2016 at 8:16 pm

I have some business in Carmichael this month. I think I’ll visit “fish” and find out if he’s as ugly in person as he is online. I suspect he’s the “passive, aggressive” type, hiding behind his computer and throwing out ugly statements anonymously. But in person, he’s more of a wuss. Just sayin’


Kudos.....you corrected your misspelling of "wuss" promptly. And I cross-posted this here in case it was lost over at Todds and because I know you like to lurk at both sites. I'm delighted to meet with you jeffy. You have my e-mail....let me know a day and time convenient for you and we can make the arrangements.

Todd Juvinall

Fish, you may need some Febreeze to stand the stink. LOL!

Bill Tozer

Fish @ 8:16am. I believe that quote you posted is called "projection". Come to think about it, Jon is kinda the passive aggressive type as well. Now time for a cup and a cig., followed by a nice smooth consistent FUE to complete my morning constitutional.

Have a good one.

Bill Tozer

We are already feeling the loss of Justice Antonin Scalia.


Bill Tozer

I have been waiting for this one.

Water versus train

Concerns about the rising costs and delays of California’s bullet train have been growing in recent months. Now, some critics of high-speed rail are proposing a ballot measure that would kill the project and use the money for various water projects in the drought-damaged state. LA Times.

Michael R. Kesti

I have been willing to consider Trump with Cruz and Rubio as my alternates. I agree that Trump harmed himself badly last Saturday and was very much put off so I was thinking about the others when Rubio said something I found unacceptable. He said (paraphrasing here because I cannot be certain of an exact quote) that we must have poverty programs because free enterprise is not possible without them. I'm looking almost exclusively at Cruz now.


Fish 5:30

Wuss is an interesting word... with an uncertain history. When did its use begin? "70's" is all that seems to be certain, with a 1980's use in "Fast Times in Ridgemont High" being one touchstone.

I have a vivid memory of it being in use at my college dorm during the 1974-1975 academic year, especially when beer was involved, and I think we picked it up from the "National Lampoon Radio Hour" that ended in late 1974. Seems something John Belushi (the Radio Hour was heavy with future SNL personnel) would have said.

George Rebane

MichaelK 858am - I believe Rubio's poverty program statement was supposed to convey that a liberal society in which enterprise and capitalism can flourish must have some kind of safety net that involves wealth transfer - i.e. poverty programs - else there will be blood in the gutters. I happen to agree with this worldview. The real questions are what types of transfer payments and how funded. It is there that the Right and Left departed company long ago and are going further apart by the day. The Left's solutions require fundamental transformation of our system of governance that seeks to collapse the Bastiat Triangle of Rights (cf. 'The Law').

Bill Tozer

Is this where the rubber mets the road?


Bill Tozer

I have comparing the Dem candidates for President of the United States of America. Looks like either The Bern or The "It's My Turn" Clinton will get about the same number of votes come Novembef. So, pick your poison.



Now, which progressive is the true progressive?



Looks are deceiving where Trump is concerned. He may have suffered a slight scratch.
Don't forget, the deck was stacked in the GOP's favor. Bush said "he was his own man". Yet trots out big Brother and his Mamma too to draw support. Jeb is no "W".
It on record the Jeb claimed the "war was a mistake". Now back peddles a bit. I guess only when Trump brings it up.

Even today, the polls are in Trump's favor. So I don't see any real damage done.
but plenty to the "jon's" predictions.

Don Bessee

Now Walt, the 'jon' a great record, didn't the 'jon' say measure S would win? ;-)

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 6:01 in the pm.
I am not sure about Trump for once. Going down to W country and sounding like Paul E decrying and/or hyperventilating over the lack of WMDs found and George W Bush's decision to go into Iraq didn't sit well with some...like me. (Actually I disagreed with the post Saddam plan, or lack of plan).
But I suppose all things are on the table during primary season. What you see is what you get with Trump and he isn't in the mood to play nice, albeit those who know the man have plenty of good things to say about his big heart and friendliness.
Three thoughts.
1) South Carolina still has the treasured southern hospitality and civility, so being a loose cannon may not endear him to a wider audience. They may not fully appreciate the "Jersey" brashness
2) I finally read some polls today. His negatives are too high, about 59%. His lead has gone from over 20 to 18 to now 16 in SC. Like Mez Hill, the Big Mo ain't going in the right direction. Just saying.
3). I am still riding that bull Trump into the dirt. I know he takes no crap, but I wish he would get over the Jeb! feud and keep pounding away on illegal immigration, security, the economy, and politicians in the pockets of big money, aka, corruption. I feel Jeb! Is not a threat and Trump loves belittling him. Maybe because Jeb! is the Establishment canadiate with the full backing of the puppeteers and mainstream, Trump goes after him ruthlessly. Maybe he is sending a message to those who hand picked Jeb! and financed him as their boy. I do love straight shooters and his core base ain't going nowhere, no how, no way. Like moi. I do laugh a lot within myself thinking of Trump going after Rodman or Bernard, in due time.
Have you noticed the Clintons (all three of them) have not uttered one bad word against The Donald since he warned them first, then turned his Gatling Gun on Mez Hill and Bubba and opened fire for 15 seconds. That was all it took.
Interesting times. Think Trump will recover and all eyes are on South Carolina from every political angle. If Mez Hill (my gal who prefers women)...if she loses SC, it's all over for her, just like in 2008. If Trump does not stomp his rivals into dust in SC or if it is even within 15 points, then it's a whole new ballgame on the Right.
Got a feeling The Donald will still be standing tall a month from now, but W in my mind is a good guy and a decent man like Romney. That does not mean he didn't make the wrong assumption that democracy would take hold in Raghead Land.
I am not trying to sweep W's big mistake under the carpet. I just was offended by the way Trump went after W to get to his little brother. Well, Trump is out there goring a lot of oxen and that one came too close for me, lol. At least he is an equal opportunity offender, which is why I still am riding the bull in the PC china shop.

Side note. Read an article today about Rodman and shady money dated 3/15/2015, a year ago. Convential wisdom was it would be Scott Walker and Jeb Bush as the last men standing going into the convention against Mez Hill. Bernie was not even mentioned. :)

Bill Tozer

Oh my. Obama is taking on Trump. The Prez must know something about where this is going and it don't look good for my gal or his legacy.

Only two states out of 50 have had their primaries and O feels the need to step in? Seems way to premature, like July or August, not in mid-Febuary. So, this is a verygood sign. Everybody in the Establishment and large political PACs pouring 100s of millions of dollars into stopping The Donald. Even the Prez is trying to take Trump down. Well, well, well. Trump must be doing something right. You can judge a man by his enemies. :).


Congratulations Tozer for finally looking at polls about Trump! I told you about his unfavorables about 4 months ago.

He will never get close to 45% of the American electorate in his favor. No one has a clue about the GOP nomination, but my only prediction going back several months now- is that Trump will never be elected President. Pretty easy prediction then, and easy now.

But best of luck in your quest for an electable GOP candidate! It ain't Ted Cruz! :) LOL.


Rots o ruck finding an electable DEM candidate, "Jon"/Frisch. Hill is stalling and the Bern won't be selling socialism to a majority of the country.

Bill Tozer

I am not surprised that Dr. Rebane has mostly stayed about the fray. Charles K says is not anti-establishment, it's anti-status quo. Brilliant man. That is exactly what I have been struggling to articulate. Not burn it all down per se, but very anti-status quo. To me the status quo has been embodied by seven years of Obama policies.
However, I think Dr. Rebane would agree with Charles K that things can get a whole lot worse. Rebane has witnessed this first hand.


Bill Tozer

Lol. Oh, that Trump is something else. Sweet!



Posted by: Bill Tozer | 17 February 2016 at 08:05 AM

Uh oh......Trump is in trouble now! I just saw ¡Jeb! running to tell on him.

George Rebane

Let me throw something else into the mix. Covered California is going broke. It has been "badly mismanaged" (what did you expect?) and the federal subsidies, the only thing that has kept it afloat, are running out this year. Our liberal readers send crickets every time the obvious fraud and disaster of Obamacare is brought up. Will the Dems really continue to point to that atrocity as an 'accomplishment' of this man?


Posted by: George Rebane | 17 February 2016 at 08:18 AM

Our liberal readers send crickets every time the obvious fraud and disaster of Obamacare is brought up.

Now this isn't really fair George......they have been awfully busy in the "Reason it Failed and We Need Socialized Medicine Excuse Factory".....otherwise I'm sure they would be here arguing their case.


re: CoveredCA

I know quite a few people who have signed up for it, and it all seems to work well enough thus far. Of course people complain about high deductibles, but my guess is that they've never bought policies on the individual market before. It's always been a mess.

When you get down to it, it seems to me that the central problem with health insurance is that people simply won't or can't afford paying $500-$1000 per month per person for a plan with sizable deductibles and rule sets. This would be true regardless of the insurance company vigorish.

I realize that if you get Medicare (which is something on the order of 3/4 subsidized, the other 1/4 coming from your payments through the years), work for a large company or government, or get a gift of free health insurance via a .gov/TRICARE/union retiree plan, this all seems like kind of a remote scrabble coming from the hoi polloi, but for a number of people it really is a life-threatening mess, CoveredCA or not.

George Rebane

drivebyposter 1053am - Am I reading correctly between the lines that you claim/imply that the pre-Obamacare health insurance environment was working in the best manner that free enterprise could muster?



The pre-Obamacare insurance environment (and post) is not even slightly similar to a free enterprise system, so I couldn't tell you.

I'd be willing to examine a more market-based or laissez-faire health environment in order to compare it to a US model. In the final analysis, these systems are so complex that probably the best you can do is to examine existing ones, which typically have taken many decades to evolve.

So, is the cost per person and the health outcomes better in the US than France? Switzerland? Are they more market based? It's hard to argue with results.

Paul Emery

At last a Republican speaking the truth

Donald Trump:

"Obviously, the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake," Trump said. "George Bush made a mistake. We can make mistakes. But that one was a beauty. We should have never been in Iraq. We have destabilized the Middle East."

Todd Juvinall

And even though you and he share BDS you will still never vote for him. What a hoot!

George Rebane

drivebyposter 1116am - Agree on pre-Obamacare market, which makes your 1053am statement of Covered California working "well enough" more than remarkable, as is your comparison of health outcomes which do not compare apples to apples. BTW, none of the EU socialized healthcare systems are sustainable, and no government has a solution other than quietly cutting services and increasing que lengths. In these pages we've circled this barn many times. The munificent benefits of single payer healthcare remains one of the big National Lies.

Paul Emery


I'm voting for Gary Johnson, Libertarian


Regardless the current state of government healthcare........adding more government should resolve the "stickier" issues.


Bill Tozer

Most people get their insurance through employer sponsored healthcare bennies. Something like 85% and of those something over 85% like their plans.. Money maker as well.
It's the individual market that is bleeding red. That where the good and bad horror stories emerge.
First, for the poor and not quite making it to 65 with employment or good health, Covered Cal is a life saver. The 5-6 folks I know that fit that category (54-59 and can't quite afford insurance and can't quite make it to SS at 62) all have been paying cash for Dr.'s visits for years and every Doc has told them "when you turn 65, we will do surgery on your foot, mouth, what have you"
All have signed up for Covered Obamacare solely because it's the law. No other reason. Some meds are the same price paying cash (and saying you are uninsured) as the Covered Obamacare and no paperwork nor driving past 3 RX's to go to the RX that has your approved meds. Go figure.
Each was auto signed up for food stamps when they enrolled in Covered CA via the phone and Internet. 4 went through hoops after hoops and many calls saying "Hey, I don't want food stamps, never asked for them, I don't take welfare, and unenroll me from those food stamps. It's for poor people." Not an easy task. One did take the food stamps and said, "Screw it, I am taking everything they offer."
One did think they could go out and buy an catastrophic policy on the cheap like they used to do." I said "I heard they are not available through CC. I don't know for sure."
Now we are expanding coverage to illegal aliens. No coverage for illegal foreign nationals was how it was sold to the public. Even Senator Clinton said it. I heard it with my own ears on the news when I had TV. Yep, I just rolled my eyes and said "Yah, riggggggggghhhhhhhhttttttttttt."

So, now that it is still bleeding red and young folks cannot afford CC or will not buy it, let's expand the friggin thing. Lib Logic 101.

Bill Tozer

This is how you send a message to your rival. No, it's not Trump this time.



Paul.. That vote is like peeing on the lawn thinking it will stay green.


" your 1053am statement of Covered California working "well enough" more than remarkable, "

What I'm getting at is that the system seems to work about as well as the individual market did before, minus the issues with preexisting conditions (plus the subsidies). No large surprise since it's mostly run by the big players who were in charge prior. I can't say I was surprised with the issues with the bring-up of the state website, no doubt failed DMV (and other) computer projects nationwide might provide a hint there. I can't help but feel that contracting to Indian bodyshops might have something to do with it, but can't say for sure.

The net result is that CoveredCA doesn't seem particularly different than buying insurance online from eHealthInsurance.com

Even given an insurance oligopoly, I'm not seeing much in the way of driving down of medical costs. There are natural monopolies in the drug market, specialists need to make their Mercedes payments, emergency room bill horror stories still abound, GPs still don't make housecalls and make a living via 15 minute office visits. It's all a big mess, and I honestly don't think that the magic of the marketplace is going to provide much here.

Generally, I'd say that the stronger people feel about how to 'fix' the system, the less they really know about it.


"Most people get their insurance through employer sponsored healthcare bennies. Something like 85% and of those something over 85% like their plans.. Money maker as well."

I'm seeing 45%-58% depending on the source. No doubt it depends on exactly how you phrase the question.

George Rebane

drivebyposter 119pm - "... I honestly don't think that the magic of the marketplace is going to provide much here."

The alternative to that "magic" is the morass of government which guarantees a bureaucracy with dysfunctional feedback mechanisms operated by certifiable incompetents. Entrepreneurship and lightly regulated markets have been THE universal blessing to quality of life worldwide. No government can make such claims when they push aside the private sector.

Paul Emery


No, that vote (Gary Johnson) is for someone I feel has the experience and integrity to become President. I cannot in good conscience support a Democrat or Republican.

Bill Tozer

Go ahead and knock yourself out, Paul. It will be one more vote that nobody will ever notice or make a hill of beans worth of difference. The only one whose vote is important to is yourself. Vote your conscience and change the world...when you see that box next to the Trumpster's name, make sure you take your pencil and put a big dark X in that box to cross him off.


Why is it that politicians (and LIBS in particular) forget what they say and have done in the past? They all should know by now that when they speak in public or pass legislation there is a record of that, be it in print, or on tape. Audio AND video. There will always be someone to resurrect those facts. Somehow the elected "smart guy" forgets that real soon.
Try this on for an example of political Alzheimer's.

Wayne Hullett

I had talked myself into being in favor of Trump as the least objectionable candidate who had a chance of being nominated, but I now find that his stance on the use of torture is a deal killer for me. I know that some of our enemies use torture, but I strongly feel that we need to take the moral high ground and stay above that despicable practice.

If the US advocates the use of torture, I think that it will lend legitimacy to the practice, and I think that a "torture arms race" will ensue - with countries researching ways to inflict the most pain possible on humans, and with accompanying medical research on how to keep them alive in order to feel the pain for as long as possible.

Captured Americans will be subject to hideous tortures. Would you want you son or grandson to be in that situation? Or your daughter or granddaughter, as more females go into combat roles. I can even envision citizens (defense workers from highly classified projects?) being kidnapped off the streets and out of their homes and spirited out of the country for torture to extract classified information. And what if they did not have the information sought? What if one of these targets had a name similar to yours, and a van pulls up in front of your house you are taken by mistake?

This is a giant step backwards in a society that strives to become civilized. It is wrong. I feel so strongly that I will (shudder) vote for Sanders or Hilary before I will vote for Trump. I plan to make my thoughts known loud and clear next week in the Nevada caucus.

jon smith

I sincerely doubt America's stance on torture would make one whit of difference to ISIL, North Korea, Iran, or any other of our barbarian enemies. My educated guess is that when push comes to shove, we don't shy away from torture either, but simply do it under a cover of plausible deniability.

George Boardman

Dr. R, I think you're overly pessimistic when you say Trump has reached his zenith and it's all downhill from here. The South Carolina and SEC primaries will be influenced by the yahoos and rednecks who are lapping up everything The Donald dishes out.

Trump's problem is that he's burned so many bridges in the Republican Party that it's going to be difficult to get everybody behind him if he wins the nomination. Texas is a good example: That should be an easy win for a Republican, but it wouldn't surprise me if the Bush and Cruz backers sit on their hands and wallets, and force the party to expend money and manpower it would rather use elsewhere to keep the state in GOP hands.

Don Bessee

So WH, you are saying your top 3 candidates were Trump, Sanders, Clinton in that order?


Trump's problem is that he's burned so many bridges in the Republican Party that it's going to be difficult to get everybody behind him if he wins the nomination.

Yet another reason to like the man!

I don't think he's going to win and I'm not sure he's suited temperamentally to be the Chief Executive of the United States were he to win. But he has likely upset the dynamic such that ¡Jeb! isn't going to get a sniff.

That alone makes the effort valuable and appreciated!


I give you GITMO,, and the handling of the baddest of the bad with soft mittens.
Right down to handling of their (no so)holy book with white gloves.. That sure got us far.
It made us look like pussys. Not even things that sounded like we were doing something harmful. Like recorded screams and electric drills. Nope... No "Barney song" played over and over. Yet we as parents had to endure that torture.( For the love of GOD,,MAKE IT STOP!!)
I'm done with playing "Mr. Nice guy".
When you advertise, and act weak, our enemies will act as such,, and have, and do.
Like leaving your keys in the car in a bad neighborhood , and expecting it to be there in the morning, and getting pissed at the thief. What the hell did you expect?

Thr Repubs have been playing the "Mr. nice guy" for WAY too long, and acting like eunuchs. The LIBS in kind, capitalized on that. Look what it got us. Massive taxation, Regulations that have choked business, right out of business, or leave the country to try and stay in business. And lovely Obummercare. Not to mention a sitting President the Repubs have allowed to play king.
Nope, no more Mr. nice guy. And you wonder why Trump is doing so well.

We have met the enemy,, and it is us.

George Rebane

re WayneH 417pm - Were any evidence available that our practice of torture, no matter how extensive or constrained, would influence cultures that consider us to be vermin, then I too would adopt Dr Hullett's moral high ground. As of now I range from ambivalent to supporting torture on an ad hoc basis and confidential application. No matter what we do, we should never let it be known that 'we tortured the crap out of him and he sang like a bird.'

And when we talk of technology being applied to extracting information from the unwilling, I expect us to use the latest advanced, available, and painless electro/bio/chemical means to distill what is needed from the ragheads.

In no case do I believe that they (Islamists, Russians, Chinese, North Koreans, ...) will limit their applications of torture after having turned their eyes upward toward the suggested moral high ground that we claim to conspicuously occupy.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Boardman, about convential wisdom (cultured from the ole tried and true) I would have to agree with you. But....here comes the but!....but, but...but, we are talking about The Trumpmeister. His campaign in the general will be Himself. His machine, his message, his ground game, his operatatives his way to take the golden ring all hinges on Trump being Trump, not burned bridges or help from the apparatus.
Oh, yes, yahoos and redneck don't need robocalls to turn out the masses to vote. We done already decided. No need to waste money to get our votes.
This is the one and only shot us inbred Duck Dynasty tee shirt wearers got to stop the snobs. We don't play well with others no more. You know the snobs....those that think they are better than you and me and Walt and Fish. Time to show them what a old fireplace red hot poker feels like when shoved up their libhole asses. Cue "Dualing Banjos" all day long, but we are on a mission from God.
Conventional wisdom says we need the Establishment Machine to keep Texas? Haha. That's a knee slapping foot stomping good one. You'll end up horn diddled if you keep listening to convential political wisdom in 2016. We are ready to rumble.
Trump don't need to even make an appearance in Nevada to win. We don't need to kiss babies either. Have the status quo slobber on infants heads. This is bigger than Trump and political machinery. We shot 12 gauge slugs into lawnmowers and politician machines just to show them who is boss.
Might loose Texas without the RNC? Nah, Jeb! and Hucklebee, and Chris, and Rick, and Carly and Ted and MarcoPolo and Dr. Ben and even little Lydsey GrahamCracker and milk before nappy-pooh will be out stumping for The Donald. They promised! They signed "The Oath"! And the RNC ain't going to let Texas or Ohio or South Carolina turn tail and run off. They like to win as well. Everybody flocks to a winner, not so with a mere fighter.
Conventional wisdom in 2016 is not going to bring home the bacon. Lose Texas? Hey, like their bumper stickers down there: Don't Mess with Texas.


..and after capturing all the votes of every angry yahoo and redneck, Trump will never get close to 45% of the general election vote.:)

So enjoy your GOP primary Mr. T, and hope you get as angry as you like :)..its great to be an American, ha? You bitter and angry yahoos are still a decided minority. Me, I'm laughing hysterically ever hour it seems at the latest and never ending Trump/Cruz threats, accusations and posturing!

that is all.

Don Bessee

Heil the 'jon'! 'that is all' We know who does not win at poker. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Ah, it's only Feb, Jon. You make valid points. Can't argue. But never underestimate the enemy, nor a man on a mission. Nor is it wise to take off one's armor before the real battle begins. This current Trump vs Cruz vs the World ain't pretty and sometimes (most often) pretty embarrassing. Just some dirt devils. Wait till the real tornado happens. Shock and Awe after taking the kids on a summer vacation.
At least we will win Texas. Remember the Alamo and all that stuff. Montana is the still big unknown. :). They have been praying for Global Warming up there for years.


Conversely, your side is playing so very nice and so very.....

Don Bessee

Is 0's trip to Cuba an endorsement for commissar Bernie? The socialist loses less to a number of R's than madam liar liar pantsuits on fire. ;-)

Bill Tozer

Dr. [email protected] 08:18 in the am.
Follow up. First part of link seems like there are minor bumps in the road, second part of article seems to get bumpier. Glad Obamacare is saving the average family $2,500, aren't you? The article does not mention the CoveredCalifornia tax on every real estate transaction. More taxes needed to keep it afloat, IMHO.



Now Bill. "This is the one and only shot us inbred Duck Dynasty tee shirt wearers got to stop the snobs" Did you see me with mine? " Happy happy happy" in camo,, and didn't say hello?

Now ease up on "jon". I hear he's running low on crack. He's been all over the board and not right once where Trump is concerned. He enjoys being wrong, and has yet to turn in his homework.
Hillary is reduced to barking like a dog, a coughing up hair balls, And the kinder, gentler Commie Sanders is trying to sell Eunicorn ranches for votes.(Yup,, terrorism he blames on AGW.... Off his meds?)


Now here is a great one.
11:31 a.m. — A caller from McCourtney Road reported an NRA sign that the caller found offensive, and demanded it be taken down.
This isn't on a college campus. You don't have the right to be "not" offended.
You the one bitching "jon"?


Yes Walt, that was me.

Now if you don't mind, please show me your math that leads to a Trump presidency :)...lol.

hint: probably not enough uneducated, angry rednecks to win a general election in America...meaning: must find votes elsewhere.

Paul Emery

Bill T writes:

" It will be one more vote that nobody will ever notice or make a hill of beans worth of difference."

So Bill are saying that you have to vote for a Dem or Repub to make a difference? Are you saying my vote is wasted?

George Rebane

PaulE 941pm - Sounds like we have a bit of B.W. Overstreet's 'Stubborn Ounces' here -

You say the Little efforts that I make
will do no good: they never will prevail
to tip the hovering scale
where Justice hangs in balance.

I don’t think I ever thought they would.
But I am prejudiced beyond debate
in favor of my right to choose which side
shall feel the stubborn ounces of my weight.


hay Walt, not a great day for you, my man! Your boys, the Bundy Clan now facing multiple federal indictments on a variety of charges. Old Cliven and is lawbreaking gang is going to be behind bars for a long, long time. The cherry on top is the new WSJ/NBC national poll showing Ted Cruz surpassing your boy, the very theatric Donald Trump! The host of this blog had impeccable timing, I must say. But in the end, my prediction will hold as well. Its all downhill from here for the loudmouth racist real estate developer. The insane legal threat against Cruz today (which Cruz masterfully thwarted and made The Donny look like a rank amateur ambulance chaser)..on the heels of the very misguide attack on the Bush Clan and the beloved W last weekend...they were the final straw in this long running sideshow.

But I do wish you well going forward :). That is all.


So Bill are saying that you have to vote for a Dem or Repub to make a difference? Are you saying my vote is wasted?

You can argue that in the Great State of California, your vote in a Presidential general is wasted in any case. There was probably some value in building civic mindedness by choosing Coke vs. Pepsi back in the distant past, but as even Robert Putnam finally admitted, those days are waning.

Just imagine the money that could be saved on Nov. 8 2016 by merely doing a high quality poll (a few 1000's of people) in the handful of states that are actually in play.

Bill Tozer

. Yes! I am saying Paul's vote is wasted as well as mine in the General because I live in CA and Paul's vote is essentially none of the above.


"The cherry on top is the new WSJ/NBC national poll showing Ted Cruz surpassing your boy, the very theatric Donald Trump!"

and the 'Quinnipiac' (whatever that is) poll shows Trump going from +9 to +20 over the last two weeks. CBS News shows him unchanged at +17 over the last week.

These numbers are so laughably different that it shows a lack of rigor in the methodology.


More evidence of the obvious and tangible benefits of government run healthcare programs/facilities!


I simply can't understand why the "hard right" won't acknowledge this!


Posted by: drivebyposter | 18 February 2016 at 06:42 AM

These numbers are so laughably different that it shows a lack of rigor in the methodology.

You would think that the data focused technocrat who operates (apparently.....hat tip Greg) the "jon" marionette would have recognized this in a poll presenting such questionable results.


Ah that wacky climate........it just doesn't seem to want to cooperate when forward looking people need to establish another revenue stream!


● “Snow and ice expected to cause chaos for rush hour commuters.”

—Headline, London Independent, yesterday.

● “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past.”

—Headline, London Independent, March 20th, 2000.



jon smith

Hey Walt, I think you are barking at the wrong jon. I'm pro gun and pro waterboard but have largely been MIA from this board as of late. Since you woke me up, I'll add that I respectfully disagree with Mr. Rebane's prediction that the Donald reached his zenith a while back. I'll even stick my skinny neck out and suggest a Trump Clinton election in November and the one with thickest ankles will be our next madam pres.

Bill Tozer

New term in our lexicon. Cankles.. That those ankle brackets used by LE to monitor home detention movements of the convicted who have plus sized ankles. Never heard of the term before and now it is widely used in reference to Mez. Hill. A coincidence?

Bill Tozer

Opps. I stand corrected. Nothing to do with LE or anklets on the ankles. It's when the calf that meets the ankle without any discernible difference between the two.



Still am puzzled why the noun cankles is used so often in this election cycle. The quickest solution is to wear boots you would think.


No Mr. Smith.That's why I always use your Sir name in these here parts. That way there is no confusion. I KNOW your stance on guns.

I think "your neck" has yet to get close to the tree stump. Yup,, WSJ/NBC poll is feel good crap. A poll from way out in Left field. All the Repubs running started emulating Trump when they saw his Alpha male demeanor working. Before that. they were all spinless, apologetic."can't we all just get along" wusses. The moment someone said "you hurt my feelings", the apology game was one.

As for Clinton, the DNC has already rigged the game for her. She has all the superdelegates in her corner. and Sanders gets others ripped out from under him.

Hillary is just too big to jail. She could come out and say SHE offed Vince Foster, and still nothing would happen.

George Boardman

Here's a slogan for all you angry conservatives who are convinced the Republican Party has betrayed you and who are fed-up with the Republican elite, courtesy of a used car dealer in South Carolina who's backing Trump: "We're voting with our middle fingers!"


Todd Juvinall

The Pope has decided that Trump is not a Christian because he is for a wall on the border. The Vatican is surrounded by a wall!! You just can;t make this stuff up.

Regarding the "finger". I recall when Obama and Hillary etal, stole 100's of dealerships from their owners. Even here in our little ton I am told the Dodge dealer was screwed out of the franchise. I think a middle finger is actually in order.


Posted by: George Boardman | 18 February 2016 at 09:22 AM

.....probably better than voting with Pitchforks and Torches.


Ah....the petulant whine of the entitled politician.

"As recently as mid-January, a poll from NBC, The Wall Street Journal and Marist found Clinton with a 33-point lead in South Carolina.

“I don’t get it. I don’t think anyone expected this race to look like this,” said one former Clinton aide who maintains ties with the campaign. “A big loss in New Hampshire, basically a tie going into Nevada. You have to ask yourself, ‘What’s next?’ ”

‘What’s next?’

An indictment?!?

Bill Tozer

Boardman, this is not the time for classiness. Doth ye eye thus in offense? Well, at least you brought up a quote from a used car dealer, gasp! A USED CAR DEALER from South Carolina, gasp!, FROM SOUTH CAROLINA, who's backing Trump, gasp!, BACKING TRUMP. Good one, Mr. Boardman. Classy.

Bill Tozer

Boy, my gal just caught another break. With her rapidly coming apart at the seams health status, my gal will be eligible for home detention. We live in a compassionate society.


I can relate Boardman,, since that's sums up my feelings as well. Welcome to politics " blue collar"style. "We",, are giving D.C. what they have given "us" for years. " yup,, your #1!" Screw the political ruling class. It's time they remember who they work for, and who put them where they are.

Bill Tozer

Oh no! Danger, Will Robinson, danger. The big guns have some out against the citizen Donald J Trump with the old one-two punch. Uppercut followed by the right cross,pun intended. Obama yesterday and the Pope today. That should slow Trumpmania for about 54 hours. Next up, please. We are waiting for your arrows to stick. Keeping trying. Hey, it's only Febuary. Plenty of time.....if you can remain in good health.


Oh Bernie....how could you have known that you were up against the Tracy Flick of the democratic party? Perhaps the most single minded and focused post menopausal women on earth and that the fix was in from the moment you got into the race......?

"In a giant step backwards in eliminating special interests in Washington, the Democratic National Committee overturned a ban introduced by Barack Obama in 2008 restricting donations from federal lobbyists and super PACs. Unfortunately for Bernie Sanders’ supporters—who take pride in the Democratic presidential candidate’s refusal to accept funds from super PACs—the decision disproportionately benefits Hillary Clinton, as she is the only Democratic presidential candidate taking such donations."

No way the establishment democrats were going to let you upset their applecart!



Plucked from todays headlines.....


I'm sure this a great comfort to the person behind you waiting to vote.


Your feel good tweet of the day......

Ed Schultz’s Super PAC To Shut Down After Only $25 In Donations http://goo.gl/DoOa8Z via @JackHeretik

Don Bessee

Iran and putin announce a massive arms deal, almost all of which is at odds with UN arms restrictions that under 0's deal with Iran can be vetoed by any Security Council member. Does anyone think 0 is going to lift a finger to prevent Iran from getting the S-400 anti-air systems, T-90 tanks and long range offensive weapons? All of this in the shadow of the mullahs ICBM efforts that are patently in violation of existing restrictions and we have them calling another impending ICBM test a satellite launch. The problem is the picture shows no significant pay load which makes it a large rocket test that is banned.

Russ Steele

Common Core Math Failing to Prepare College Bound Students

Gov. Brown proposes competition to create new high school math course

Tucked inside Gov. Jerry Brown’s projected 2016-17 budget is a proposal for an unusual state-funded competition to address a long-standing challenge facing high school seniors: getting them better prepared for college-level math.

Brown is proposing spending $3 million for a competition to develop a year-long math course that is closely aligned with the California State University’s expectations for incoming freshmen, and will help students avoid having to take remedial classes when they get there.


The additional high school course would mesh with the Common Core State Standards, which envisage a three-year sequence of math courses but also strongly recommend a fourth year, without specifying what that fourth year courses should be.

CSU faces a persistent challenge of having to provide developmental classes for incoming freshmen. In the most recent CSU freshman class, for example, 25,000 students, or almost half of the incoming class, were required to start their math or English remedial work during the summer before they enrolled through CSU’s Early Start program.


George Rebane

Now here are two much discussed items of progressive progress - DonB's 520pm and RussS' 1002pm - that will spur the Collectives' Cricket Core to respond.


Oooooh.....Democrat on "Democrat" violence shaming!




Sweet, sweet music........

"Byron York: In South Carolina, Bush family, friends gather as end nears"



As I drink my morning coffee I come across this.
LIB logic gets "schooled" by Conservative logic.

Bill Tozer

Walt: https://www.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343.55586.217926015008110/796150003852372/?type=3&theater

Now, why in the hell do the Libbies want us to be more like Europe?? We fought our first war to not be like Europe. Guess they have short attention spans to go along with shit for brains.




Bill Tozer

While all have since made nice, I still find this as my quote of the day:

El Papa just visited Cuba. He hugged and embraced Raúl Castro, a man who has executed priests, harassed religious leaders, and closed Christian schools years ago. Did he call the Castro brothers un-Christian?

Don Bessee

The Union is reporting some phone call and email numbers regarding the BOS measures W meeting last month. Seems they only looked at the time frame in close proximity to the meeting. So they are focused on the growers response to the announcement of the meeting. The window that should be analyzed is the whole year prior to the meeting. That was when the home owners were complaining to the BOS. Thre is no way to quantify how many direct contatcts at events were made by home owners asking for relief.
I had a union reporter say how overwhelming the growers were at the Jan. BOS meeting. I think one need only look at the archived video of the BOS meeting where the BOS put measure S on the ballot. Same public show by the growers and their out of area friends. They lost 2 to 1 in the real world.

George Rebane

BillT 935am - Excellent point Mr Tozer. This pope's political ideology and agenda clearly trump his duties as the current occupant of St Peter's chair.


The question has been answered..." What is the diff between a Democrat and a Socialist?"
Remember that?,, Answer..." Just the letters that make up the words".
Next question.. What's the diff between a Socialist and a Commie pinko? ( I say,, not damned much.)

The dominos are starting to fall. The LIB rags of the net are starting to say Hillary is done.

George Boardman

Hey Walt, what has 28 teeth and an IQ of 96? The first row of supporters at a Trump rally.


Really Boardman? It sure gotta suck reporting that news.. From what I hear, it's more than you have.

Todd Juvinall

Here is how we who have been the subject of headlines see you "journalists".

George W. Bush is seen crossing the Potomac river on foot.
The Washington Post : "President Bush crosses the Potomac River".
The Washington Time : "Bush's conservative approach saves taxpayers a boat".
Mother Jones : "Bush can't swim".


Posted by: Walt | 19 February 2016 at 11:53 AM

From what I hear, it's more than you have.

Now Walt be nice......of course George has a full set! They just sit in a glass on the nightstand at night.

Bill Tozer

Good one Mr. Boardman. Great to see you still can get down with your lower companions and relate on our level.
Oh Walt, Mr. Boardman is just funning with ya. Glad to see Mr. Boardman can recycle jokes decades old. It's like being at Thanksgiving Dinner and old gramps starts saying those old depression era jokes again and we all sit around pretending to listen waiting for the time when we are supposed to laugh in delight like we are hearing it again for the first time.
Oh Fish, Boardman's teeth are like stars. They come out at night. (A real old one).
Oh Todd:
Oh Walt @ 11:15 in the am:


Friggin commie socialist Marxist pinko progressives. Everything they touch turns to shit.
Why can't we all just get along?


Yaaa,,, that was a little 'Trumpish'.. ( someone takes a cheap shot,, and gets one back... With interest.)

So my Pinko Commie comment struck a nerve with Board Georgeman. OK,,, the ball is in your court.. YOU tell me the difference between today's Democrat and a Socialist.(good luck)
Let's see if your "IQ" is higher than mine. ( I done took those tests over the years, and faired ah might well in them there triple digits.) So bring it on book learned smart guy.

Bill Tozer

Oh Walt, I done misjudged ya. I thought you would give our friend (and actually pretty good writer) the ole Southern Used Car Dealer One Finger Salute. But you chose to remain classy. Glad to see one of us take the high road. It's lonely down here. :)
As far as Hillary or Debbie Whatzhername Shultz, you will never get an answer to the repeatedly asked question on national TV, now matter who butters them up before popping the question. "What is the difference between a Democrat and a Socialist?" It ain't going to happen. They just nod their heads in the faux listening mode and smile and say within their themselves, "you'll see, you'll see, you'll see come next January."

Ok, let's see what Shultz actually said in response.


Bill Tozer

Now this is how a smooth operator answers questions.


Bill Tozer

Jon, how could I missed this one?


Seems there is a lot of Clintonese "truthism" in the word truth. I am surprised she didn't quote P. Pilate and retort "What is truth?"

Ok, Trumps negatives are At 58% and Hillary hover around 63%. So, toss them both out of the general for electability. So, who is left??. Come on, take a stab at it. I promise not to hold you accountable or rub your nose in it. Make your best estimate, with or without conventional wisdom. Who verses whom this fall?. What goes your gut tell ya?


I guess Georgeman will get back to me on that question sometime next week.
George may care to think about what it would mean if Col.Sanders got elected, and just by chance the Commie pinkos retake the House. Taxation the likes we have never seen.
You know,, all that free shit he is promising.
The latest out of that Unicorn rancher, is 15 buck minimum wage. So just to be fair, MY pay should reflect my job skill abilities, in relation to what minimum wage is. That should bump me up to about 28 bucks an hour. The same goes for every skilled job. Then the bitch will be everything is too expensive.(I wonder why?)

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