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22 February 2016


Russ Steele

Young blacks have been instructed in victimology for years by the liberal education establishment and know they deserve all the free stuff that Sanders is promising them. To get their payoff, they know that Sanders has to be elected. "Everyone that votes for me gets a free ice cream cone."

Russ Steele

Anyone think this is happening in California, green NGOs writing CARB regulations? I do!

Attorneys with the Energy & Environment Legal Foundation (E&E) released a report Monday calling the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) a “captured” agency “allowing green pressure groups improper influence.”

“Specifically, Michael Goo, then EPA’s Associate Administrator for the Office of Policy, was tasked with writing the initial memo on EPA’s options to impose these power plant regulations,” E&E Legal reported.

“Mr. Goo shared his draft options secretly, using his private email rather than his official EPA email, with lobbyists and high-level staffers at the Sierra Club, Clean Air Task Force and the Natural Resource Defense Council; also using Goo’s non-official account, these lobbyists in turn told Goo how to draft or alter the policy that was ultimately implemented in the rules,” the report reads.


When environmental driven NGO's have access to the rule writing process liberty loving citizens are the losers and Agenda 21 promoters the winners.


"The robots are coming for jobs that pay $20 an hour or less, White House finds"

So lets make sure we import a bunch more consumers of social services......yeah that'll make everything oh so much better!

Well at least the democrats are importing a reliable voting block....we know how important it is to stay in the game when your philosophy is bankrupt!

Bill Tozer

Ah, those crazy Canooks. Most of them don't believe that humanoids cause climate change. Maybe robots DP....you never know.


Bill Tozer

To make a good pizza, black olives matter. https://www.facebook.com/RowdyConservatives/photos/a.217983685002343.55586.217926015008110/797964230337616/?type=3&theater

By gal is hitting her stride:


Priorities ya know:


Bill Tozer

Oh my, CA is at the forefront of saving the Fish.


First it is Debbie Whatzhername Shultz is being challenged in her district by a fellow Dem. Now McCain is being challenged in his Stare for being a RHINO. Interesting times.
The world has gone mad, stark raving mad!

Don Bessee

It is nice to see the mullahs in iran are spending 0's largess in such wonderful ways. 600k was added to the bounty on the writer of an irrelevant book, Salman Rushdie. Wouldn't want a good fatwah to go to waste. Seems the current maniac mullah wants to be sure the original gangster mullah kakamamie's death sentence is carried out before another psychotic mullah takes over. I guess that's what passes for legacy in iran. Thanks 0 for all that peace you have brought the earth since you got your Peace Prize.

Don Bessee

Chanel 3 opened tonight's broadcast with the significant increase in violent and property crimes in the State Capitol. They also noted that of the top 10 cities with crime increases Nationwide 5 were in CA. They left the impression that no one knows why. No one knows why! How about the 2014 prop 47 that let a bunch of scum bags out of prison and changed things like stealing a gun to misdemeanors. How are they surprised?
Gov. Moonbeam will be advocating for son-of 47 this year.


Jon please take a look at tidesandcurrents.noaa.gov. This website shows the tidal gauges in the US and the world. This hopefully will help you with your fear of sea level rise.


Fish 5:03am.... What is this world coming to when Robots are making more than the federal minimum wage?


Posted by: Mikel | 23 February 2016 at 06:12 AM

Well it would seem that that $15 dollar/hr minimum wage demand isn't going to work out so well.

Bill Tozer

Former President Bill Clinton took a shot at Trump by saying America has always been great. Sure, both of the last Dem presidents can attest to that. Heck, all the Dem status quo favorites would agree.



Only n America. America has been berry berry good to the overlords and enlightened.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 23 February 2016 at 06:45 AM

I love it when you link to Elizabeth Warren pictures.....Fauxcohantas is so white she makes me look like BB King.


"HHS: Immigrants with HIV, STDs now welcome in USA..."

Whew!!!!! This couldn't come soon enough.....now your tax dollars will be used to pay to address the STDs of the entire world!

Gosh darn it if I'd known just how free Obamacare was going to make everything I would have insisted upon it years ago! Sorry!


See the news? The county has thrown in the towel on their "important ridge line" case.
Funny.. Sup.Miller Calls the land owners arrogant? How about the BS "important ridge line" crap? He's pissed that someone had the money to take them on.

Russ Steele

Obama battle cry: ‘Remember the climate!’ Prez orders military to make ‘climate change’ Job One

"It is sheer lunacy. It means bureaucrats and new layers of armed forces bureaucracies will waste time and money, and ignore real weapons and training issues. It means soldiers and sailors must now focus less on real natural and humanitarian disasters, and more on “climate refugee crises” that exist only in computer models, ivory tower studies and White House press releases. It could affect combat readiness and morale, make our warriors less prepared for warfare, and put them at greater risk of injury and death."


George Rebane

RussS 326pm - Further evidence that we have had the first anti-American president in our history.

Todd Juvinall

Good article today.


Frankly I scoff at the notion that Obamacare was simply about graft and cronyism......

"Watchdog Finds Billions in Possible Fraudulent Obamacare Payments..."


...intimidation and control are hiding in there too!

Bill Tozer

I am behind the times. Ok, now we find out that Dr. King's Dream is now considered old school. The Dream is devoid of the intersection of White Power and something else that I can't rightly remember. Segregated dorms? Nah, it was something else.
Be that as it may, I can relate to The White Privilege thang. We were worth less than Africans...by far. No wonder them crazy Irish are hot tempered. Y-T is going to pay and pay and pay for this.

“...the African slave trade was just beginning during this same period,” writes Martin. “It is well recorded that African slaves, not tainted with the stain of the hated Catholic theology and more expensive to purchase, were often treated far better than their Irish counterparts.
During the late 1600s, writes Martin, African slaves were far more expensive than their Irish counterparts - Africans would sell for around 50 sterling while Irish were often no more than 5 sterling."


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 24 February 2016 at 11:07 AM



George Rebane

BillT 1107am - More thanks for that historical perspective Mr Tozer, to which you may want to add a summary of Islam's inauguration of the sub-Sahel slave trade off Africa's east coast during the first millennium.

Bill Tozer

Yes, Fish, good news is coming real slow this morning. Maybe the stage got held up and ain't running on time. Ok, I will stop it. A man can only bear so much after being saddened on the other thread. You need some relief. At least we know why the Irish are drunks and thus will never rule the world. :) Here is something to brighten your day.


George Rebane

Administrivia - Today The Union published my 15feb16 ('Response to Jim Hemig') letter to publisher Mr Hemig. I am grateful.

jon smith

Tozier 2/24 11:07

Martin is a white supremacist nutcase who published this piece in Global Research which espouses such ideas as ISIS is actually a CIA shell unit, vaccines are a depopulation tactic, and that the Bosnian genocide never happened. I suggest you look up the difference between chattel slavery and indentured servant (hint Martin wants you to believe they are one in the same). A chattel slave is enslaved against his will, owned for life and his children are considered property of the slave owner. The "white slaves of Ireland" were indentured servants (many of who paid for a trans Atlantic boat ride by agreeing to be an IS for a certain amount of time). Indentured servants serve for an agreed upon amount of time and their children are not the property of the owner. I could go on and on.

George Rebane

jons 201pm - while you are correct in the de juris case; in the de facto case the functional difference between indentured servants, serfs, and slaves (even unto their offspring) very often was nil. It all depended on the alternatives serfs and indentured servants had available to them under the contract law their government (or liege lord) laid down, and in the broader economy they found themselves trapped. A case in point are my own Estonian ancestors under the successive heels of the Germans, Swedes, and Russians.

Bill Tozer

On jons, the left went ape lib went that story broke. Must have sent an army in to debunk it, lol. I did not even post documents of how tensof thousands of Irish children and "savants" died in transport. They did not feed them funny talkers of English enough to keep 'em alive. Bad business practices.
Glad to see you blow a tire. Sweet. Hey, what does Iran say about the Holocast? Mt J erupts.


"More thanks for that historical perspective Mr Tozer, to which you may want to add a summary of Islam's inauguration of the sub-Sahel slave trade off Africa's east coast during the first millennium."

There was a whole lotta slavery goin' on in a lot of places. It's funny how it always turns from historical inquiry into a victimization contest. It is interesting that the Africa to the US/pre-US slave trade (which is what everyone thinks of as 'slavery') was a fairly small percentage of the human traffic to the New World.

One that I find worth looking into is the quite large slavery traffic (and slavery raids) into what is now Russia. A good place to start is the history of the Crimean Tatars. It not only was quite a big deal, but might be thought of as a prime motivator for the birth of a Russian empire.

George Rebane

drivebyposter 548pm - what you're missing here is that no one today gives a crap about "whole lotta slavery goin' on" from anywhere except sub-sahel Africa - the ancestral source of our black Americans. It is only that narrative involving the slave trade that brought blacks into colonial America that is at issue today. And that narrative paints the America's whites of that time as having invented black enslavement and then going forward as its sole practitioner. It is that indelible original sin that needs to be put in perspective for our times. No one cares that in the 20th century governments enslaved and murdered tens of millions of their own citizens, many times the total number of Negroes brought from Africa over the centuries. Only black lives matter, and then only those killed by non-blacks.

Bill Tozer

Rape, pillage, and taking of slaves. Native Ameticans, the Vikings, the Mongols, the Zuli Tribes, the Incas, Mayans, the Egyptians, the Turks, the Romans, and The Great Society. And that group currently doing the bad thing in NW Africa. Boko Harem or something. Didn't they sing "Nights in White Satin" or was that Knights in White Satin?


"what you're missing here is that no one today gives a crap about "whole lotta slavery goin' on" from anywhere except sub-sahel Africa "

Oh well, I give a crap.

Tales of slavery do provide a useful function, though. Even if a certain amount of it all is hyperbole, you do end up with a belief in a common origin when you are patching together a nation. Romulus/Remus serves the same purpose as a strong belief in a shared grievance, whether the story is 100% true or not doesn't matter (h/t to Walker Connor).

Bill Tozer

In related and timely news:


Bill Tozer

More timely news. New term: "forced labor". Guess that is not slavery.


Russ Steele

San Francisco Values

It’s natural to be unsettled by change, but residents of San Francisco take resistance to change to absurd levels. In 1958, Gavin Elster—the shipping magnate played by Tom Helmore in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo—expressed San Francisco’s deeply engrained ambivalence to change well: “The things that spell San Francisco to me are disappearing fast.” A recent letter to the editor in the San Francisco Chronicle shared the typical modern lament: “Has San Francisco’s economic growth truly made it a more interesting place to live? Or just a place with more shiny but soulless places to spend money?”

Every day, similar hyperbole appears in the press, in social media, and in conversations: San Francisco is becoming a “hollow city” catering to highly paid tech workers. Most job growth has been in the Silicon Valley suburbs an hour or so south, and the “Google buses” ferrying young professionals up and down the peninsula have become symbols of an invasion. Contemporary San Franciscans resent them the way earlier locals resented the influx of Chinese in the 1870s and the gays and lesbians in the 1970s. This time around, it’s the young and well-paid newcomers who threaten the status quo, not the poor or marginalized. We hear that these people aren’t like us, they don’t share our values, and they should go back where they came from.

Paradoxically, in a city famed for new ideas, resistance to change is a cherished San Francisco value.

Read the rest here: http://www.city-journal.org/2016/cjc0219dp.html

Our local lefties have suggested that Nevada County should adopt more San Francisco values as an economic strategy. That should work out well?

Bill Tozer

Russ, good point. Nobody likes Yuppies, not even in tolerate SF by the Bay.

Now, what does this lefty have to say? Quote of the day:
As Noam Chomsky put it: “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”


George Rebane

BillT 1252pm - Coming from the dyed-in-the-wool progressive himself, Chomsky's assertion cum confession is exactly what we have witnessed all these years on RR, Nevada County, and nationwide from the Left. None of them believe in the freedom of expression for the Right and others with whom they disagree, and actively work to silence such voice in all public forums. Thank you Mr Tozer.

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane. This guy uses models, probably like you. Hey, it's only Feb., but....


George Rebane

BillT 209pm - Most interesting Mr Tozer. I wonder what our 'jon' will make of it.

Russ Steele

CA Middle Class Fleeing to Lower-cost States [Trump supporters?]

New data has brought a new urgency to the souring fortunes of California’s middle class.
“Not only are Californians leaving the state in large numbers, but the people heading for the exits are disproportionately middle class working families — the demographic backbone of American society,” the American Interest recently noted.

Looking at labor force categories provides more evidence that California is losing working young professional families,” argued Hoover Institution research fellow Carson Bruno; “while there is a narrative that the rich are fleeing California, the real flight is among the middle-class.”

“Knowing that net out-migrants are more likely to be middle-class working young professional families provides some hints as to why people are leaving California for greener pastures. For one, California is an extraordinarily high cost-of-living state. Whether it is the state’s housing affordability crisis — California’s median home value per square foot is, on average, 2.1 times higher than Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Oregon and Washington’s — California’s very expensive energy costs — the state’s residential electric price is about 1.5 times higher than the competing states — or the Golden State’s oppressive tax burden — California ranks 6th, nationally, in state-local tax burdens — those living in California are hit with a variety of higher bills, which cuts into their bottom line.”


This trend makes recruiting techies to move to Nevada County much harder. If they are going to move, why not just most to another state where the cost of living is lower and the quality of the schools much higher, rather than high-cost Nevada County. CBS Morning News this morning had a segment on the Silicon Prairie, where homes that cost over a million dollars in the Bay Area are $158,000 in Lincoln Nebraska. We lived in Nebraska for five years and found the schools in Nebraska to be much better than in California.

George Rebane

RussS 843pm - You speak of realities that are totally invisible to and denied by the Left, especially the local know-nothings. Expect crickets from Nevada County and Sacramento.

George Boardman

Why would you expect any contrition from the Republican establishment when nobody's holding them responsible for their failures in Congress? As far as I can tell, the so-called angry conservatives are doing nothing to boot them out of office; they seem content to reelect the same accomplish-nothing representatives they have now.

Bill Tozer


I can. Brownless Brown Trout

George Rebane

GeorgeB 207pm - Mr Boardman, I expect establishment Republican contrition for failing to deliver on what they promised re taxes, regs, repeal of toxic legislation and programs, and punishing/eliminating rogue departments of the executive for openers. Such admissions would have lessened the revolt of the conservative base now seeking solace in (loose cannon?) Trump.

But reading between your lines, I suspect that you and I have markedly different views of what constitutes an “accomplish-nothing” legislature and/or its elected members. The common wisdom (shared by those of the Left) holds that a litmus test for a productive legislature consists of its outpouring more programs, laws, regulations, taxes, and other encumbrances on various segments of our citizens. Those like me and mine celebrate totally different behavior by such legislative bodies that range from the federal to our local county supervisors. We see progress for society when they judiciously reduce the contents of both the US and Tax Codes, when they purge and sunset harmful laws and regulations, when they corral and/or eliminate entire areas of government involvement in the private sector, when they rebuild what used to be our ‘justice’ system, …, the list goes on, but does not include new burdensome and costly programs to put paid to their current installment payments on their Washington sinecures.

Given the present state of our debt-ridden Leviathan, we conservetarians are minimalists amidst the throngs screaming ‘More! We want more!’

George Boardman

Re Dr. R's 3 p.m.:

"Accomplish-nothing" refers to the items you mentioned in your first paragraph: taxes, regs, all of things conservatives wanted Congress to accomplish. The fact that so-called angry conservatives aren't throwing the bums out of office tells me they're more bark than bite.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 313pm - First, all Republicans are by no means conservatives (or conservetarians). I take heart that the smaller contingent of conservative Republicans did throw out an historical number of the good ol' boys from both parties and voted in the so-called Tea Partiers who on the whole have stayed the promised course under tremendous pressure from everyone else in the country while being called 'obstructionists' and much worse.

The Dems can point to no equivalent attempt to clean their side of the house. The road to a Dem's victory has been the perennial socialist's promise of 'More'.

Brad Croul

The good thing is that if the Libs won't clean their side of the aisle, the Cons will do it for them by winning their seats!
I believe it is a mischaracterization of those who vote the Lib ticket to assume they are not for tax reform, immigration reform, etc.
As soon as someone wants to simplify the tax code, for example, the tax attorney and accountant lobbies go into battle mode and wine, dine and gift the Congressfolks until they all laugh off the whole idea over brandy and cigars.
A good government should protect the country and provide for the general welfare of its citizens - and I don't mean just put them on welfare rolls. Guns and butter....

Russ Steele

Search Engines the New Mind Control

This is an interesting and disturbing article on how Google is controlling our minds and actions without our knowledge:


Looking ahead to the November 2016 US presidential election, I see clear signs that Google is backing Hillary Clinton. In April 2015, Clinton hired Stephanie Hannon away from Google to be her chief technology officer and, a few months ago, Eric Schmidt, chairman of the holding company that controls Google, set up a semi-secret company – The Groundwork – for the specific purpose of putting Clinton in office. The formation of The Groundwork prompted Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, to dub Google Clinton’s ‘secret weapon’ in her quest for the US presidency.

We now estimate that Hannon’s old friends have the power to drive between 2.6 and 10.4 million votes to Clinton on election day with no one knowing that this is occurring and without leaving a paper trail. They can also help her win the nomination, of course, by influencing undecided voters during the primaries. Swing voters have always been the key to winning elections, and there has never been a more powerful, efficient or inexpensive way to sway them than SEME.

We are living in a world in which a handful of high-tech companies, sometimes working hand-in-hand with governments, are not only monitoring much of our activity, but are also invisibly controlling more and more of what we think, feel, do and say. The technology that now surrounds us is not just a harmless toy; it has also made possible undetectable and untraceable manipulations of entire populations – manipulations that have no precedent in human history and that are currently well beyond the scope of existing regulations and laws. The new hidden persuaders are bigger, bolder and badder than anything Vance Packard ever envisioned. If we choose to ignore this, we do so at our peril.

Add the fact our schools for years have been turning out double dummies incapable of thinking for themselves, creating millions of easy targets for manipulation.

Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes! A black man in a cowboy hat? That is one lonely person, I tell ya.



George Rebane

Administrivia - My 'Response to Jim Hemig' post was updated today with Jo Ann's letter to The Union which was printed in today's newspaper.

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