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14 March 2016


Russ Steele

Glenn Reynolds: Sasha and Malia Obama Wore $20K Dresses to the Canada State Dinner. When teenagers wear dresses that cost more than many Americans make, it’s easy to see why Bernie and Donald are getting traction.


Russ Steele

Tone Deaf Candidate following in Obama's footsteps to the left:

‘We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business’– Hillary Clinton

Click the link and you can watch the video. Note the smile on her face.


Russ Steele

The UK Telegraph explains how the mental acumen of millennials was diminished, why the Democrats are moving left, and our cities are decaying, the American dream is gone erased by an education system controlled by the left.

The US elite abandoned the American dream – Trump is the terrifying result

Where schoolchildren were once taught to love their country and its institutions, now they are imbued with national guilt

There was a time when Americans were taught with considerable rigour about how their government worked, and the sacred principles of their Constitution. It started with a primary school mantra: the government has three branches – the legislature makes the law, the executive enforces the law and the judiciary interprets the law. By the end of high school, it was proper civics, which involved full-blown participation in a political project of your choice – registering voters, lobbying for a Bill, working on a candidate’s campaign.

Alongside this, there was the study of the great documents: the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution (“We the people…”), the Gettysburg Address (“government of the people, by the people, for the people”). All of this was seen as initiation into what you were told unreservedly was the greatest country on earth, created and sustained by the will of its own population. With knowledge came a sense of responsibility.

Well, that isn’t entirely gone. But it is countered relentlessly by what many Trump supporters would see as an urban intellectual elite – and particularly an educational establishment – that is obsessed with national guilt: over slavery, and then segregation, and the treatment of native Americans, and the various excesses of American militarism. However justified that self-criticism, it has tipped over into self-loathing and left a furious electorate feeling that this is no longer the country they called their own.



"Has anyone noticed that the leading centers of decay and dissolution – be they cities, counties, or states - in our country are those which ‘enjoy’ dominant leftwing political leadership, and moreover, have been so blessed for the longest time."

Yes....yes we have. And if I may draw your attention to the following......

LAWS ARE FOR THE LITTLE PEOPLE: Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Gina McCarthy called the Gold King Mine Disaster in Colorado last August an “unfortunate accident.” Actually, the disaster, which polluted drinking water in three states and the Navajo Nation and turned the Animas River yellow for weeks, was anything but an accident.

The disaster was the direct result of EPA incompetence, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation Investigative Group’s Ethan Barton and TheDCNF Energy Group’s Michael Bastasch. The B&B Boys turned up an Aug.7, 2015, email from the Bureau of Land Management’s Brent Lewis to colleagues in which he said he was told by EPA:

“The EPA’s plan was to slowly drain and treat enough mine water in order to access the inner mine working and assess options for controlling its discharge. While removing small portions of the natural plug, the material catastrophically gave-way and released the mine water.”

The core of EPA’s incompetence was they knew the abandoned mine’s millions of gallons of toxic wastewater was under pressure, but they failed to have on hand the proper equipment to contain and direct the resulting flow when they unplugged it. But don’t expect there to be any consequences such as lost jobs for anybody at EPA because that’s not how the federal bureaucracy works.

Even so, this isn’t going to get any better for EPA because Barton and Bastasch have more stories on this massive screwup coming for the next several days. And it appears Rep. Rob Bishop, R-UT, and his staff investigators for the House Committee on Natural Resources have done some deep mining of their own. Stay tuned.

I'm sure the "Irish Fishwife" (no relation) currently running the EPA will somehow wrangle a promotion as a result.

Todd Juvinall

Fish when I saw the Federal Government Parks etc. excluded themselves from the ADA, I knew the country was in deep sh**.


On the Stop Trump Terrorists thread, RL Crabb repeats his "Party of Stupid" characterization... but I think this response needs to be in this "mental acumen of millenials" discussion.

"[I]ndividuals who identify as Republican have slightly higher verbal intelligence than those who identify as Democrat (2–5 IQ points), and that individuals who supported the Republican Party in elections have slightly higher verbal intelligence than those who supported the Democratic Party (2 IQ points). I reconcile these findings with the previous literature by showing that verbal intelligence is correlated with both socially and economically liberal beliefs (β = .10–.32). My findings suggest that higher intelligence among classically liberal Republicans compensates for lower intelligence among socially conservative Republicans".


It was linked by this article by Reason's science editor

In other words, among the young attending good colleges, Republicans are smarter. Not by much, but it's there.

Yes, there are stupid people voting Republican, but the Twit Generation and welfare Democrats aren't the brightest bulbs in the box, either. "Party of Stupid" is a bigoted and false slam that should have no place among members of the local newspaper's Editorial Board.


There have been 121 murders in Chicago so far this year. The propaganda media told me last weekend that Trump and his so called hate speech were the cause of the protester violence. I have not heard word one from any of the major news outlets who is to blame for the 121 murders in Chicago....it must be Trump.


Uh Oh.....lookth like thomebody needths help wif her mortgage thif monthf.



Posted by: Mikel | 15 March 2016 at 06:54 AM

The left isn't concerned with the overall number except when it can be used to justify more taxes collected. They do get worked up about rate....40 killings over a hot July weekend makes for bad press.

Bill Tozer

Fish, Mammy is finding out the private sector is a place where no one is indispensable. At least she still has her professor gig where it is womb to tomb. The private sector can make you feel invalidated at the snap of the fingers with no trigger warning.

Don Bessee

I am sure the family of Ambassador Stevens is just thrilled learn madam liar liar pant suits on fire does not consider him a person. HRC- We did not loose one person in Libya.


Posted by: Bill Tozer | 15 March 2016 at 08:02 AM

She said she didn't want to be, "..... used as a tool for their purposes. I am not a token, mammy, or little brown bobble head".

Mission accomplished Melitha.

rl crabb

Greg 10:25am - Maybe you haven't noticed, but I've been whacking the parties of stupid for the last 40 years or so. That one is dumber than the other will be apparent come November. Take your pick.

Don Bessee

The judge was not amused with the pot growers attorney this morning. First trying to hang their hat on Federal law being mentioned was brushed aside by the judge who noted that weed is still illegal under federal law. The judge also questioned why the other point was not brought up last week at hearing since it could have and wants an explanation on Thursday.

George Rebane

DonB 952am - Mr Bessee, as you are our resident pro-W expert, could you please summarize the status of the proceedings toward the final version of the measure and its placement on the ballot? Thanks much.

In the same vein Ms Patricia Smith, head of the local ASA, is invited to offer her view/interpretation of what is going on with W.

Bill Tozer

Crabb, keep sticking it to Da Man and all his bufoonery. My ox has been gored too many times to recall. A pox on both our houses. Keep that crate of rotten tomatoes at the ready. We deserve it at times.
Quote of the day (non political, or perhaps political).

"It is not a matter of wanting to win. It's a matter of refusing to lose."
Peyton Manning, the guy too old to play.

Don Bessee

Dr. R. The judge stated that the County has complied with her prior ruling. That in conjunction with my previously posted report would clearly indicate that the measure will move forward as is.


See what Moonbeam said if Trump wins? "We will need a wall of our own"... Yup ,, to keep the rest of us from leaving.

Don Bessee

Dr. R. I forgot to mention the TRO (temporary restraining order) was denied.

Bill Tozer

Speaking of the Dem Pary, please tell me why they call themselves the good guys? Sure looks and acts like Mr. Moneybags that is on pictured on every game of Monolopy. Big tent? Transparency? Rigging the game? Putting the fix in? For the little guy? The Party that stands for equality, fairness, and justice for All?????



"Since charters outperform union schools on all counts..."

Not even close, George. Many of the worst schools in this county are charters, including all of the Office of Education charters and the two progressive "Exploratory Learning" charters, the Grass Valley Charter School and it's companion high school, Sierra Academy of Exploratory Learning. My ears were burning at one District Board meeting regarding the continued sharing of the BRHS campus where BR parents and staff were detailing the coming and going at will by the SAEL students who weren't actually required to stay on campus unless they wanted to that day. La de da, la de da.

The one clear exception is the Ghiddoti charter high school, but it has largely hollowed out the academics at NUHS and the county would be better off were it a program within NUHS that didn't shut out students once applications were in; I know one family that moved into the area with a freshman aged kid just after the application deadline... guess they still have a chance for next year but I understand there's not much attrition.

What charters do is give parents an out when the school that ostensibly own their kids are not meeting their kids needs by the parent's judgment, and the parents are the ones that should have that power. However, they need good information about how the schools are doing and the state, the county and the school districts did a horrible job at making that good information accessible while the STAR/API/Similar Schools indexes were operational. A tragedy.

Perhaps the worst school in NorCal is the Yuba River Charter, the very first public Waldorf school in the country. It became the very bottom of its 100 Similar Schools Index when another Waldorf school near the coast was shut down. They take upper middle class students with college educated parents and turn them into below average performers... for this they are getting a brand spanking new building tailored to the mystical underpinnings of the Waldorf pedagogy.

George Rebane

Gregory 657pm - Yes, well perhaps that was too strong of a statement, but there are some remarkable tails in their performance distribution.

Bill Tozer

Walt @ 11:56 am. I have no problem with Moonbeam building a wall, just as long as he starts building it across California's southern border first. Heck, he can even call it The Brown Wall and cover it with plaques bearing his name and a large assortment of corporate logos. Have the labors' unions built it and pay 3 times prevailing wage for all I care. It would save California billions in social service expenditures in both the short and long term.


A different take on "der Trumpenator" with a delicious swipe at that useless tool Schwarzenneger.

"A similar thing nearly happened in 2003, when the left tried its damnedest to convince California voters that Arnold Schwarzenegger was Hitler incarnate. The mainstream press portrayed Ah-nuld as a Nazi-loving rapist whose election would lead to Mexicans being sent to death camps as Einsatzgruppen squads turned Home Depot parking lots into killing fields of machine-gunned drywallers. But the right didn’t bite, and neither did Schwarzenegger, who watched his words, made few if any campaign missteps, and generally ran a clean, G-rated, inoffensive campaign, in which he pledged to be one of those jolly, likable, fiscally frugal Eisenhower Republicans that everyone can feel comfortable with.

And California ended up with one of its worst governors ever—a weak, deceitful, corrupt man of no principles who buckled at the first sign of defeat, freed Latino murderers in exchange for political favors, and left the state in economic shambles. A big-borrowing big spender who, after leaving office, straight-out admitted that his candidacy was a “joke” intended to “freak people out,” and that he ran for office with no idea what he would do if he actually won.

Make no mistake, that would most likely be Trump’s trajectory, too. Like the Austrian bodybuilder, Trump is a wealthy, high-profile loudmouth with no plan to govern and no principles to guide him. The major difference between the campaigns of the two egotistical publicity whores is that in 2003, leftist cries of “he’s a racist Nazi fascist” were met with a resounding “no he isn’t” from Schwarzenegger supporters. Today, those same charges are met by Trump fans with “so what if he is?” I’m not defending that response, but I’ll freely admit I find it fascinating. I chalk it up to fatigue. Too many people on the right are sick and tired of being policed on the issue of race, by the mainstream media, by SJWs in every corner of society, and by the brand protectors in their own party./blockquote>


Bill Tozer

Ah, the morning after. Taking a break for a few hours to celebrate life.




As an example of how far the United States has fallen......we're getting called out, quite legitimately by Piers Morgan.


To paraphrase Jack Nicholson as Batman.....this country needs an enema!


Getting Rope-a-Doped by Sugar Frosted Barry O's.....so easy a "Caveman" could do it!


uires MJ testing

Yes Fish, comparing Trump " make America great again" to The Arnold is appropriate. What was Arnold's call letters? Oh yeah
"I will fix it" One term and out. Back to eating steroids and being a star on the Senior action film circuit.

uires MJ testing

The Repubs really know how to pick em'

Paul Emery

Attribute the two last comments to me. In the meantime Obama continues to soar in the polls. this is before knowledge of Obama's Supreme pick even reached the street. He will likely be an asset in the election supporting whomever the Dems pick.

Sure different than Bush ll who still rarely leaves the reservation except once recently to nail down the coffin lid on his brothers Presidential bid.



Posted by: Paul Emery | 16 March 2016 at 04:49 PM

I wouldn't get my hopes up too high Paul. I imagine President Trump will be much more forceful in changing things than poor old Arnie.

Don Bessee

So PE is mj testing, interesting.

Paul Emery

Thats funny Don. It was in response to one of your posts that that got in my information segment. I don't need no stinkin' tests. By the way how about the Yes on W argumente hiding under the Federal skirts on MJ issues. That view will be a dull thud to those on this blog which are supporters of States rights.

" No cultivation is allowed under federal law, which would make it illegal to grow in Nevada County under Measure W. "

Don Bessee

Weed is illegal in case anyone missed it, 215 is an affirmative defense in criminal court as long as you have a Dr. issued recommendation. Going forward that DR. has to be your recommending physician as defined by O care because of AB266. Decriminalization in CA makes a small possession a misdemeanor but it is and continues to be illegal and still can be a felony in a number of circumstances. That sham argument is just another obfuscation by the growers mouth pieces.
The judge blew that game up at the last hearing where the TRO was denied. There is no civil right to weed says the CA supreme court. Lets stop pretending the state of the law is not what it is in the real world.

Paul Emery


So you support Federal law over States Rights in this matter.

Don Bessee

Come on PE, you are smarter than that.


A brilliant dodge from the Donnie Boy (in honor of St. Pats Day) since he cannot answer it honestly without exposing the mass hypocrisy of the Tea Bag Brigade and their local GOP Colleagues. :)

Don Bessee

Awwww, too much pale ale the 'jon '? The legal facts are not set up to support your carpet bagging pot dealers and drug profiteers lame narrative. Another comic styling from the drug dealer apologists who are the 'jons' hands, still just as funny in a sad car wreck way but no real legislative conversation. Just the facts mam and they do not help you in any way. LOL ;-)


I imagine President Trump will be much more forceful in changing things than poor old Arnie
fish @ 5:03

Hard to say, he strikes me as someone that everyone writes a story for in their head. I rather like Neil deGrasse Tyson's notion that the anti-Trump movement is really anti-Trump supporters. The BLM/La Raza/Occupy/MoveOn/Soros groups simply can't stand to even see a group of working class whites gathered in one spot, they just know they're up to something.

With the possible exception of a sitting (or ex-) VP, I can't say that anybody who takes that office is prepared for it, whether you are a freshman Senator from Illinois or a former 5 star general. Any belief system they have will get sliced and diced by reality pretty quickly.

My working theory is that Trump is largely an unknown and that Hillary is likely to be mentally ill. I'm not saying the latter to punish her for being a bit irritating on stage, but from 20+ years of books written by ex White House and other federal staff. Luckily the system as it stands can deal with somewhat unhinged personalities in the CEO slot.

George Rebane

driveby 653am - Interesting and entertaining analysis.


Posted by: drivebyposter | 17 March 2016 at 06:53 AM

Hard to say, he strikes me as someone that everyone writes a story for in their head.

Perhaps....much like the current chair warmer was every progressives own personal political "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" moment the Trumpenproletariat is likely to be disappointed with what he is likely to accomplish vs. what he's promised. Trump may just win, look around, wonder what all the fuss was about, and go through the motions for four years. I can't imagine him being a two termer.

Schwarzenegger was a guy who needed to be liked so when his ballot proposals for fixing some of Californias budget and pensions woes went down in flames he just crawled back into his shell and worked the late night talk show circuit.

It would have looked better if he had resigned.

Don Bessee

The latest delaying tactics by the growers fell flat in court today, the judge ruled for the County on the measure W issue. It will proceeded to the June ballot as predicted.


Nothing says "and they all left as good friends" like forcing the Swedes to cancel "Earth Hour" due to a spate of sex assaults!


Why are you such a hateful misogynist jon?

Bill Tozer



Bill Toze

Speaking of centers of decay and dissolution:


Russ Steele

Twitter Facial Analysis Reveals Demographics of Presidential Campaign Followers.

An interesting angle is the gender balance of Clinton’s followers. While Clinton enjoys substantial female support among politicians, Wu and co say there is good evidence that her support among average Democratic women has fallen sharply. . . . Trump, however, has an almost identical level of support at 45 percent.”



The interesting observation from Scott Adams is that Hillary will start getting hammered on 'stamina'. Partly due to the maleness of the word and partly because she has obvious (and somewhat secret) health problems. It's not a bad weak spot to start chiseling at. I'll keep an eye out and see if he's right.

She's been darned lucky, given the near universal presence of hand video cameras (ie. smart phones), that she hasn't been caught on video doing one of her near-crazy fits to subordinates that she's famous for. Just one of those would probably be a serious problem.

I wonder how Trump's 'smug face' plays to female voters. They should probably wire up a room full of them and flash his picture up with various poses.

The ability to analyze both individual and groups gets better over time, and the individuals/groups never grow any wiser. It's a recipe for manipulation.

Bill Toze

Vicious rumor (or news story a couple weeks back from some backstage eyewitness just off the podium) from the first two or so Dem debates says Hillary's bathroom break tardiness was not due to the distance to the lavatory and not because it takes longer to change her Depends than the males on the stage. Nope.
They say she was backstage sitting in a chair recovering from a dizzy spell after freshening up. Almost made it back to the podium but needed a chair....but she caught a lucky break by not making it back it on time. Imagine My Gal having a dizzy spell on stage in front of all of God's Green Earth and a host of celestial beings after the commerical break?? Oh my, that would have been unsightly. Looking at her unconscious mug is a sight that makes me cut Billy Bubba much deserved slack..

Fact or fiction? You decide. Either way, she will need to be propped up by late August.

Bill Toze

Opps, forgot lilligetimate sources. So, was it more than My Gal simply blowing up the bathroom during the beak or not? So many questions, so little time.



Hey, why should the Berners get all of the fun?

George Rebane

BillT 302pm - A bit more starch in the pantsuit should handle the shaky legs at the podium Mr Tozer. And perhaps a slower roll on the teleprompter sporting a bigger font with smaller words will also prevent any premature disclosures.

Brad C.

The Toze @ 0302pm - re: dizzy spells - I believe it. I get the spins every time I hop off my bar stool too fast.

Bill Toze

Aha! Proof My Gal one is confused, disoriented, and is suffering loss of cognitive abilitities.


George Rebane

BillT 621pm - Not at all Mr Tozer. She was referring only to people who matter.

And speaking of people who matter, the most important one here is FBI Director Comey who will soon cast his vote. Dr Charles Lipson, the Peter B. Ritzma Professor of Political Science and the founder and director of the Program on International Politicis, Economics and Security at the University of Chicago, gives a succinct summary of Hillary's greater problems here -

Bill Toze

Dr. Rebane @ 1821....

Well, Dr. Rebane, The FBI investigation is interesting, but you fail to see the bigger picture. You, too, must lift your eyes unto the hills from whence cometh your strength. Looks like they are going to take My Gal and pass her around for awhile. What a hussy she is.


Bill Tozer

More of the same, but the last paragraph is a doozie.


Bill Tozer

Holy Smokes, it's all Trump's fault for spreading hate!



Dump oil into the Pacific Ocean.......

Private Sector: Bankruptcy - http://www.vcstar.com/news/local/venoco-files-for-bankruptcy-due-in-part-to-closure-of-pipe-linked-to-refugio-oil-spill-2e5bc594-7739-372626651.html

Dump 3 million gallons of contaminated mine waste into the Animas River.......

Public Sector: - .....promotions.....call for funding increase???? I mean they're certainly deserved what with all the claiming responsibility and all!

"The EPA has taken responsibility for its errors, with McCarthy telling the U.S. Senate Committee on Indian Affairs that “the EPA has and will continue to take responsibility to help ensure that the Gold King Mine release is cleaned up.”

Bill Tozer

Dr. Rebane on 3/19/2006 @ 6:26 in the pm

Mystery solved! Hillary did not misspeak. I misjudged my gal's strong points.


George Rebane

BillT 1053am - Thank you Mr Tozer. Silly me, I should have paid more careful attention ;-)

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