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10 April 2016


rl crabb

For twenty years I've been saying this duopoly is too corrupt to last. Now that both parties have retreated to the farthest corners of their ideologies, the foundation is crumbling. The capitalists and the socialists are equally responsible for upsetting the balance that kept this ship afloat.

Bill Tozer




"Now that both parties have retreated to the farthest corners of their ideologies"

Bizarre. Here I thought the limits on the left are bloodfests like China's Cultural Revolution or Stalin's starving of Ukraine, and I'm not sure what a far Republican excess might be... Sherman's March to the Sea? Nixon v. Khrushchev?

Hillary sure seems to be feeling the Bern. Pass the mineral oil. I'd like to see a fantasy election between Bernie and Barry Goldwater, that would be a fight to watch. Or McGovern v. Cruz.

Cruz is the only ideologue still standing in the GOP primaries, Trump has no discernible ideology from year to year, Kasich is the consummate moderate and it appears none of them will arrive at their convention with enough delegates to stem an open convention. Pass the popcorn.

rl crabb

I wish I had the corner on the crowmeat market. I could be serving it up to all the Cruz haters who are now stuttering out their endorsements to keep the Orange Menace from getting the nomination.The Hillary loyalists are getting testy over the rejection of their girl by the true blue socialistas. Good times for cartoonists.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 351pm - Agreed Bob; you draw 'em and I'll filch 'em ;-)


RL.. Get a load of this.


Who needs to hold a state election, when you can "acquire" all the delegates?
This is what I would expect from LIBS.. Now the GOP has swiped the play book.
To hell with crow.. Vulcher is now on the menu.


And a little more on the CO. dirty tricks.

Don Bessee

Crabbman 351- John Boehner is running for President now? LOL ;-)

Todd Juvinall

The world belongs to those that show up. All the rest of the lemmings wake up when milk gets to five bucks.

Bill Tozer

This leads to Mr. Crabb's opening comment on this thread (on or about 7:15 this morning). I know how the libs in France riot. They break windows and burn cars. I know how riots are conducted in our blighted urban areas. They break windows, loot, and burn buildings.

But, now, this leads us to the question of the day. How o how do conservatives riot? Like, I just cannot visualize the R's on the rampage in full illustrious glory. Heck, I can't even see my kind agreeing on a chant or being told what to do.
Perhaps a dear reader can help a brother out.

Bill Tozer

Mr. Walt @ 4:47 pm

Gotta love it Mr. Walt. They are freaking friggin out and no longer care to hide their shamefull deeds. In the breeze for all the world to see. When Soros gives Cruz and Sheriff John both a quarter of million US greenbacks, life is getting good. Just shows we are in the driver's seat. The cat's meow.
This is just one of those times we buckle up and drive right through it.. No big deal. It's us against the world and we have not even lifted a finger yet on the Shock and Awe counter attack/full frontal assault. Just biding time. They indeed are tossing the kitchen sink at us now and nobody wants The Wall. Funny, The Wall was approved by Congress and the President decades ago and all ready to go. Plus, everytime they mess with or revise our immigration law, The Wall is always in there. Never moved.

Let them all hyperventilate till the cows come home. We shall prevail. We are on a mission and we ain't channeling Elaneor Roosevelt or Chairman Mao. Let Bernie knock Bubba around and watch him keep blowing gaskets day by day. We are the ones playing fair. The Republican insiders would rather get shellacked than lose their prestige and control. All control freaks look the same to me.

When surrounded, life becomes simple and less stressful. You can attack in any direction you choose and hit a Rhino and a socialist pinko bastard. Too easy. Almost time to fire up the mower and knock a few weeds down as we wait for just the right opportunity. :). Weekly pep talk over.

rl crabb

Bill T 10:37 - If things continue on their downward spiral in the EU, maybe some of those right wing parties will get elected and we'll see what they can do.

Todd Juvinall

BillT has a great point. The left is always ready for a protest. Even here they occupy a bridge, try to boot Rush and in the bigger cities burn down their own houses. We on the right must be working I guess since we never do that. So BillT my guess is the libs are on the dole, don't need the work, and are lemmings who goose step to their der Leaders.

George Rebane

rlcrabb 643am - IMHO there is nothing the right wing parties can do at this stage of the game save attempt to slow the descent. Europeans are a brilliant peoples, extremely inventive. We have coddled them now for three generations; they are fat and comfortable but still brilliant enough to game whatever system their newly elected politicians throw at them. They will not give up their comforts without a fight that sadly will destroy the remains of the EU.

Todd Juvinall

The Panama Pares show what people will do to protect their own money. I listened to the PM Cameron this morning on this issue. The Labour Party was accusing him of offshore money and he explained it is all legal. But they kept attacking him. So even a PM knows the value of his hard work being protected from unfair taxation.

Bill Tozer

Kinda on topic:

And the jons of the World say we are the fear mongers? Nah, they are the ones spreading fear. Lock down the campus, be afraid, be very afraid.


Bill Tozer


Now to poke fun at The Man, just to show you libs how to not take yourselves so dabgum seriously.

The Donald's favorite Pink Flyod album: The Wall.


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