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22 April 2016


Brad C.

The Weston/Miller response reads like cut and paste from previously generated county communications.

• Uphold the current ban on outdoor cultivation and associated commercial marijuana activities. Indoor cultivation of up to 12 plants at a time would still be permitted in legal, non-residential structures. There is no limit on the size of the plants or the number of crops that can be grown in a year.

Q: Why do we need to put it on the ballot if we already have an ordinance?
My answer: Because they want to set it in "stone" since a voter initiate is much harder to amend or modify (except with another expensive ballot initiative).

• Help reduce the environmental damage from large outdoor grows such as discarding of trash, human waste, illegal use of pesticides, illegal grading, poisoning of wildlife, unauthorized diversion of water from streams and substandard storage of hazardous materials.

Comment: all of the above are problems common to many land uses in the rural neighborhoods. Trash dumps used to be in any convenient ravine on a quiet road. You still see old sofas, etc. on the sides of roads. Only MJ growers perform illegal grading, poison wildlife, leave haz waste lying around the yard?

Measure W is strictly about controlling nuisance, environmental and public safety impacts from outdoor grows. It is not about whether marijuana has medicinal properties or who should have access to it.

Comment: these things are enforceable with ordinances already on the books.

• Reduce neighborhood impacts such as traffic, odor, and criminal activity.

Q: traffic, seriously? When MJ is legal "criminal" won't be criminal.

• Relieve pressure on County social services programs such as mental and behavioral health, adult/child protective services and welfare.

Q: Huh? Maybe concentrate on meth, booze.

• Re-define Nevada County’s legacy as safe and welcoming for families and new businesses.

Comment: Re-define? What is this area, the hillbilly South Central LA?

Brad C.

Regarding ballot initiatives, we also have the Nevada City short term rental initiative, Measure Y, to consider. I think it was put on the ballot for the same reason Measure W was; that is, to make it as difficult as possible for future city councils or citizens to make changes to, what I think is, an overly restrictive proposal.
Like Nevada County and Measure W, Nevada City Council recently adopted a short term rental ordinance. So, why float a ballot initiative?
Measure W and Y are examples of the abuse of the initiative process. However, not all initiatives are that way. Prop. 215 was, I think, about the only way to force the State legislature off their collective ass and get them to start thinking, and doing, something to address the issues regarding Cali's underground MJ economy.


Right on cue......more smug style American liberalism.

VA Gov Gives 200,000 Felons Voting Rights...

'Move to boost Clinton'...

Makes rapists, murderers eligible...


Well of course she's proud.....why wouldn't she be proud of fraud in the service of naked political ambition.


fish, I believe our host would want that one in the old sandbox...


Scattershots – 22apr16

Speaking of the people’s voice, on vox.com Emmett Rensin in his ‘The smug style of American liberalism’ spells out the roots of our country’s polarization most clearly –

Sentence following 3rd para.......

Yet another naked, in your face attempt by the democrat establishment to foist their candidate on the electorate using underhanded unethical methods.

But then you knew that.

Brad C.

You know you cannot positively say which way a felon might vote. Many felons won't vote anyway because they are too busy thinking about themselves which is why they became felons in the first place.


I didn't say it was a good idea Brad. Hillary (and I hope she wins) is such a loathsome candidate she needs all the "Hail Mary" passes they can chuck at her!

Of course that, Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe signed the order comes as no surprise!

George Rebane

BradC 154pm - I'm kind of on the fence about (ex)felons not being able to vote. Since they are back in society, and otherwise (almost) fully franchised, what is the harm they would do voting? Anecdotally, years ago I had such a felon as my IT manager. He was the most knowledgeable and reliable mid-manager ever, and very grateful that I gave him the opportunity to restart his career. I had no problem with him voting were I given the choice. Any thoughts on this?

Brad C.

Dr. R @ 218pm - There are so many ways for a person to become a felon, for example white collar or drug possession/sales felons. They probably could be trusted to cast, at least, a somewhat studied vote for who they thought was the best candidate. The loser/violent types probably wouldn't bother unless you paid them.


Agree. Similar to the mostly apolitical, irresponsible stoners.
90%+ of them will never take the time to register and vote.

Dr. Rebane, appreciate your reasoned response as well. Once the debt to society is paid, they are still American citizens. Obviously McAuliffe has timed his move very astutely. Dat is Politics. Just as the GOP has done by their bogus restrictions and rules on registering and voting. Unfortunately for the GOP, VA is an important swing state.


Just as the GOP has done by their bogus restrictions and rules on registering and voting.

Funny how this wasn't on Team Ds radar when they were in possession of the executive branch and both houses. Since your so wired into democratic politics......MARK THE TAPE....at what point should we expect to have the dead vote again?

Account Deleted

"Just as the GOP has done by their bogus restrictions and rules on registering and voting."
Like - you have to be, like, alive and stuff.
And you have to know, like, a certain day to vote and stuff that's really hard.

Account Deleted

Actually - I'm pretty smug and feel the leftistas are ignorant dolts, but the big difference is that I think I'll leave them to their own devices. Some are actually capable of finding their own food to eat, but most will just self destruct.
As to felons not being able to vote - I believe that was mainly put into place as a deterrent for those who cherished that famous right. Screw up and you lose it.
Trouble is that these days, almost anyone can be found guilty of a felony. In some states, you need a lawyer on speed dial if you want to exercise your 2nd amendment rights.

Don Bessee

Dat the 'jon' is goin all urban on us. ;-)

Anthony Kropotkin

I just rolled back into town after months on the road yesterday. I loved having to pull over for the rain.

I spent a few months in Spain this winter where cannabis is functionally but not completely legal and problems with opioid addiction and drug related crime have gone down since they decriminalized and legalized.

It is amazing this is even still an issue at the local level since the state is taking action on the ballot this fall anyway.

jon smith

Felony is such a vague term any more that broad sweeping rules such as not being able to vote or own a gun in addition to jail time and/or fines are ludicrous. Bombing a federal building, rape, murder, and armed robbery are "true" crimes, but in today's justice system, "soft" crimes such as Illegal streaming of copyrighted material (even without a profit motive) can be prosecuted as felonies with repercussions the same as a true crime. It doesn't make sense to me, but probably does to those like Todd who think an 18 year old who sells a joint to a 17 year old should get the death sentence.

George Rebane

jons 103pm - I agree with your overall assessment. It appears that in the scheme of things all of our reactions to crime have become draconian. In early 19th century England they still hanged children for thievery and poaching (e.g. trapping a rabbit on the lord's estate).

At what age do you think a drug dealer should get the death sentence? (In Singapore they hang 18-year-old dealers.)

Todd Juvinall

China smites them within two weeks.

Brad C.

Mexico considering legalizing possession of up to one oz. MJ,

"We Mexicans know all too well the range and the defects of prohibitionist and punitive policies, and of the so-called war on drugs that has prevailed for 40 years," Pena Nieto said. "Our country has suffered, as few have, the ill effects of organized crime tied to drug trafficking."

"Fortunately, a new consensus is gradually emerging worldwide in favor of reforming drug policies," he said. "A growing number of countries are strenuously combating criminals, but instead of criminalizing consumers, they offer them alternatives and opportunities."

rl crabb

There's more money in coke and it's easier to smuggle.

Patricia Smith

Back to the original intent of this post, the Board has overstepped their authority by placing Measue W on the ballot. They did their job by passing Ord #2405, but they want to create a "lasting legacy" which is not listed in their job description. This is going to cost the County (you) thousands - if not millions - of dollars everytime the State or Fed's change the law or citizens place anther initiative on the ballot.

George Rebane

PatriciaS 927am - I'm not sure that the BoS "overstepped their authority", but your point is well made because no one has given an alternative reason, let alone a more plausible one, for W vs modifying 2405 (hearken back to your own support of Measure S). The voter initiative process seems to be a prevalent California disease, used by legislators of both parties when they want to either 1) duck the political fallout from actually legislating, and/or 2) tie the hands of their successors.

Patricia Smith

George, 9:43am - I don't dislike the voter's initative process, but I think legisltors should only be able to pass laws and leave this option to citizens who want to address issues officials won't. Like the State of Jefferson.

You didn't address the fact that this is going to cost taxpayer's a boat load of money for many years to come and doesn't change anything.

George Rebane

PatriciaS 233pm - au contraire, I have made the same points many times in my concerns about 'why W?'. While you and I may differ on the details of what you firmly believe (about MMJ) and what we both don't know, we do agree on the ordinance vs measure question.

Don Bessee

So pray tell what is wrong with voters petitioning their elected officials to use their legal powers to put an issue before the voters? That is the essence of representative democracy. At least we did not try and run a punitive out of cycle ballot proposition to try and bully the board into doing what you wanted without a vote of the people. You guys had your chance and we have every right to the same opportunity.

I am sure everyone is shocked that the growers are again threatening more losing law suits as revenge as usual. ;-)

jon smith

GR 4/24 2:15

I don't think selling weed (even to a minor) should be a capital offense any more than I think selling alcohol to a minor should be a capital offense. In Singapore they can put you to hard labor for 30 days for chewing gum. We aren't Singapore, or North Korea, or ISIL.

Patricia Smith

Don, 3:36 The differences is that if you wanted this on the ballot, you should have had to do the same hard work we did to gather the signatures to qualify. WHEN THE BOARD DID IT FOR YOU, THEY CIRCUMVENTED THE PROCESS TO FAVOR ONE GROUP OF VOTERS. Ooops I didn't see the cap lock was on, but kinda appropriate. I'm sure you'd be yelling if the show was on the other foot.


Possessing weed should no more be a crime than possessing a gun should be.

Mere possession does not indicate any intent to directly harm anyone else.

Don Bessee

Pattie, that is you and your gangs ongoing failure to understand the real world legal processes that you all too often willfully claim confusion about even with all your shark money grubbing lawyers. The neighborhoods effectivly engaged the system and had their voices herard in an exercise of representative democracy. Sorry you are envious of our success. Elections have consequence, you lost massivly. We engaged our people and earned our place on the ballot over the last year. You all talk about meeting and listening tours. You and the usual suspects NEVER listened to the neighborhoods in the last years. That's why yor are in the postion you are in. NO COMMERCIAL weed is the will of the people. 48 plants in a year is way liberal. You all should be happy with that. Protect our wildlife, our water, our environment and out neighborhoods.

Patricia Smith

Don, that is exctly what we've been doing at venues all over Nevada County. And as far as being confused, we are in good company because now a second Judge has ruled that the County's actions were confusing and ordered five changes to the their text.

We have an issue with indoors cultivation and so should you. Homeowner's in resdential neighborhoods can thank you for allowing indoor grows next to them where the risk of house fires increases threefold. I foresee a return of whole houses being turned into grow sites - a pratice we had managed to curtail. If so, I hope they set up next to you. Since this was your creation, you should experience the full range of problems this policy will cause.

You will never protect the environment or wildlife with a ban. Have you not learned anything from history? Bans do not work - never have and never will. But if the County issued expensive and difficult to get licenses, they would have some real tools to hold these growers responsible. Pull their license and they cannot operate in the system.

Bill Tozer

In other local news of interest:


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