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08 April 2016


George Boardman

Ah yes, Col. Robert Rutherford McCormick, the long-time right wing owner of the Chicago Tribune. In addition to calling FDR a Commie, he was a fierce opponent of American entry into World War II, and he was so sure Harry Truman was going to lose in 1948, he provided the prop for a classic American political picture: A smiling Truman holding up the Tribune with the headline "Dewey Beats Truman."

A piece of trivia: The Tribune started WGN radio and then WGN television. The call letters stand for the Tribune's motto: "World's Greatest Newspaper." (Yah, right.)

George Rebane

GeorgeB 410pm - Now getting back to the message. Mr Boardman, can you relate your remarks to the verity of the message?

George Boardman

Well, it's been 82 years since that cartoon was published and it hasn't happened yet. If Col. McCormick was alive today, he was probably include the Republicans because they have been equally complicit in spending money we don't have. That includes the patron saint of modern conservatism, Ronald Reagan.


Though I'm proud to have never voted for the guy, it's revisionist to blame the Reagan era spending on Reagan. Democratic Speaker Tip O'Neil had a large majority, more than any Republican majority had since the Civil War days, and it's the Speaker that has the power... if they have the votes to make it stick. Tip did. So did Newt.

George Rebane

GeorgeB 901am - According to your lights, what hasn't happened yet?


Hi George, as the GOP is destroying itself, I do not see the way out to avoid the election of a socialist, whether it is Hillary or Bernie. Trump supporters will rebel if he doesn't get the nomination and the anti-Trump GOP will rebel if he wins. With GOP voters split, there does not seem to be a way to avoid the Dem win. Are we doomed? I guess so. I need a way to become an uninformed person like the majority so I can reduce my depression and anxiety, but it is not my way. Very sad.

George Rebane

DrBob 1209pm - Welcome Dr Bob. Yes, sadly your apprehension sports a high likelihood. I address my own depression and anxiety through prayer - specifically that the good Lord will grant Comey the balls to do the right thing and what must be done. Maybe then we'll have two open conventions, each pointing at the other for nominating someone who has not gone through the primaries gauntlet. Recall (what Trump and Sanders seem to forget) our political parties are private organizations and not government agencies. They get to pick their nominees any way they damn well please, and change the rules on the fly if they want.

BTW, so we can tell about what topics we can all get down and 'talk dirty', what's your doctorate in?

Bonnie McGuire

I've seen, heard and read many things during my life. Enough to realize two people can witness something and yet see it differently according to experience and their mental program. Renowned pilot Charles Lindbergh wrote that he attended the Pacific Conference prior to WWII. He didn't like what he heard, because it seemed that the European nations were more concerned with themselves at the expense of America. He was a member of "America First." He thought Russia was the real threat. He had visited Russia and noted that the historic pictorial red revolution display in their museum was (racial) Genecide. His Wartime Journals was an interesting book. President FD Roosevelt didn't like Lindbergh because of his anti-war views. There's more, but who gives a hoot...
What really rings a bell is what Russia's communist leader Khrushchev predicted the eventual conquest of America. He said they'd (socialize) all the nation's around us, and then we'd fall like an over-ripe plum. One by one falling for the world's masters of Pschycology.

Patricia Smith

All of you Republicans can relax about the party splitting in two. The Dems are in just as much turmoil, it's just not getting as much notice. Trust me when I say, that if Hillary wins the nomination, a huge number of Bernie's supporters will simply stay home or vote for a third party so it should even things out on both sides.

George, 12:25 While I agree with your assessment of how the system works, I'm curious if you think it is a fair or democratic process? I believe the system needs to be thrown out entirely and revert to one person, one vote and all the prmaries should be held on the same day just like the General election.

George Rebane

PatriciaS 107pm - Interesting point Patricia. Through what kind of mechanism, short of a constitutional amendment, should the current system "be thrown out entirely", and who should be the thrower?? I hope you realize that under the new system you speak of, there would be no political parties as we know them today.

Bonnie McGuire

Interesting observation Patricia. My study of what our Founders knew and experienced during their creation of the Constitution is this. They were concerned about protecting individuals from unions (or mob) mentality. Organized mentality doesn't protect us from lynch mob mentality. Our Founders were very intelligent and aware of what went on in Europe and history. They hoped it wouldn't be interpreted according to modern (dumb-dumb) interpretation. They wanted people to know the whys of their original interpretation. The marajuana problem is just one little segment of what's been going on....yet, for some reason, it's getting a lot of attention from people who didn't give a damn about what happened to loggers and everyone else. It's ironic. But I believe that God works in mysterious ways to get people's attention. Knowledge of the laws of our constitution that govern America is the first step to understand our Bill of human rights of, by and for we the people...as one nation under God. Beyond that there is no freedom. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Common sense self restraint unless you prefer the State to control your behavior. That's why our Founders wondered if their constitution would endure the process of moral decay.

rl crabb

Part of the rationale for the early small state New Hampshire/Iowa primary system was it gave candidates with little money a chance to meet voters before the big money could drown them out. With the interweb and TV you don't really need those little states anymore, as long as you have a level playing field to begin with. I could see a problem if you have too many candidates though, like the Repubs this year.


Bonnie, can I ask you a question- you as someone who has studied so many points of view in your life, and learned things from so many people. Which progressive ideas that you read over the years do you feel have merit? Just a couple that come to mind out of the hundreds you have surely considered.


Brad C.

Mr. Sauer, along with the Obama-hater echo chambers, got it wrong (on purpose?) with his interpretation of Obama's speech in Argentina.

Obama was encouraging his audience not to flip out over labels such as 'capitalism', 'socialism', 'communism'. Instead, he is saying look programs that people like, such as universal healthcare, military/defense, highway/roads, GI bill, Medicare (or whatever "socialist" program you favor) and look at the benefits of capitalism such as jobs, wealth creation, etc., and take aspects of those systems that seem to work and incorporate them into your society/nation.


Bonnie McGuire

Jon..? I think Social Security for old age retirement was good, because people tend to spend everything and not save. However, years ago I was informed by a Representative that the Social Security was so incredibly rich, earning tremendous interest that they were considering not requiring employers and workers to have to pay anymore. The next thing that happened was that the Lyndon Johnson administration allowed the General Find to borrow from it to finance wars and whatever. Same as Gov Browns administration talked voters into allowing the rich highway fund money to be used in the General Fund for whatever...Whoopee! There would never be enough money for what it was intended. Reminders of how to get around taxation without representation and bankrupt taxpayers.

Bill Tozer

One of the most simple yet provocative statements of the decade. It shows again liberals have no use for debate, no use for disagreement, want a king to rule us and no more wasting time with the balance of powers or democracy or even representative government.



Wow Bonnie, although I appreciate that very qualified tip of hat to Social Security, not sure accepting the benefits of that most universal of American benefits was really going out there too far on a limb! I've seen over the years that you're quite balanced in your views, so that long and diverse set of readings and serious discussions really paid off!

Bill Tozer

Mr. Sauer was spot on.




When I think of all the grandmas out there who scrubbed floors on their knees as young brides and mothers to put shoes on the kids feet and the penance they finally received on Social Security's minimum....and when I think of older Cubans who never worked a day here nor ever before stepped foot on US soil given full SS benefits the moment they touch dry land, it makes me ill. Strike that. It makes me think what the hell is wrong with putting America first?? What the hell?


Tozer, you should read the front page of the Boston Globe tomorrow. The Drumpfian honeymoon is long over. NOT WINNING.


Bill Tozer

Already read it. Now, how do you propose to get Hillary past the voting public? Too big to jail is the best you got? Looks like Bernie is making at run at it. What, 7 in a row now, 8 of the last ten. I forget. The Trumpster is still kicking.....against all odds. My gal is still kicking now as she has DNC Debbie tinkering with the odds again and again. How exciting.

BTW, why are you libs so plumb ignorant? The Kentucky Derby was first run during the Reconstruction ten years after Lee surrendered to Grant. And Kentucy was neutral in the war. Stupid, stupid, stupid liberals.


And you are stuck with the unindicted trasher of national security who is married to the unindicted rapist. Or, you are stuck with Pinko Bernie who spent his honeymoon in the USSR. Oh Bernie, Jon loves you and will ask no questions. Answers are a bad thing to give up.


Oh, the libs kind of America.

Warning to Jon. This one has a bunch of words which go right over your head. No worries. I have low expectations for you.


Who needs Trump when Bernie Hill is the best you got. Two elderly delusional white folks that are yesterday's life long politicians. Gotta get fresh blood in the here. It's for the children.


You can wish for the elderly Drumpf (same age as Hillary) all you want Bill. And I do wish you well.

If you can figure out how to overcome the biggest negatives all across the board, in the history of Presidential campaigning, let us know.

Todd Juvinall

Will "jon" applaud the indictment of Hillary? Nope. Will he support the commie Bernie? Yep. What a hoot!

Bill Tozer

Bernie and the Pope. Where is Hillary?


Bonnie McGuire

Yes Bill Tozer that bothered me too, but I understand what President Carter was trying to do when he made the deal with Castro to open his prison to all those in Cuba's prisons.
Our Govs guilty conscience for abandoning our soldiers during Kennedy's Bay of Pigs battle. I knew of a local solder who hated what Pres did. The solder escaped with the aid of a Cuban who didn't go along with Castro. Pres Carter let Casto empty his prisons hoping some of our soldiers were still alive. The Democrat Senator who wrote the bill to give Cubans Social Security later changed his political view and became more conservative. His party kicked him into oblivion.

Bill Tozer

Thankyou Bonnie for your words. Yes, Cuba is the exception. Another legal but not right issue. Enjoyed the historical prespective. Knew a man that was left behind by MacArthur on some island crawling with Japanese. Luckily he was raised in the woods 20 miles from the nearest neighbor and had no problem providing for the other 4 GIs in his artillery squad by foraging thru the jungle at night. His pappy gave him one bullet a day to go get the family dinner....at 11 years old! I loved that man, but I digress.

Gotta give Castro credit for opening the doors of the Institutions for the Insane and sending them over here. Then he opened the doors for the Criminally Insane and sent them here as well. Not a bad way to to prep for painting the interior walls and freshen the place up. :)


Ah yes, reverting to the old Cold War rhetoric again in 2016. Comforting stuff for the far right wing. Where's Goldwater when you need him?

Bill Tozer

Jon, you are being a jerk. Now, try to be nice and set forth your agruments on something. Try man made global warming again or how Muslims make the best of the best of civilized countries' new arrivals eager to assumlaite. Just trying to help you. Hey, I thought I saw you at a restaurant a few days back having lunch. If it was you, you looked like you could use some sunlight on that ghostly white face. Just saying.

Well, Sauer was right. We lascivious one do not need an overinflated sense of self. We know what we are. The libs, however, think what they say is important and the final word.
Enjoy the Boston Globe this morning? Happen to have a niece who works for the Globe. Not a bad part time job for her. They even flew her down to Dixieland to cover some political event. And she never once took a journalism class, not even a creative writing class, lol. Easy money and little talent involved to be a journalist. Her real job is much more demanding and rewarding. Makes her think. Have a good one and get some sun, paleface.

Todd Juvinall

"jon" has no debating skills. He is what he says he dislikes about Trump. Shooting from the hip, no in depth policies. But when your are uneducated as "jon" is that's all one needs on the street.

Norm Sauer

There are two types of people in this world: people who think the government is looking out for their best interest, and people who think.

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